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uhh, you still doing that facial expressions meme? Can I have a 4A Ink, a 5A ink, a 4C Blueberry and a 5D Freshy? if not, can I at least have a comic where Ink goes "SCREW YOU" Blueberry gets very offended, and Fresh ends up screaming his non-existant ass off?

I…. might have kinda ran with that idea…..

I mean, this was the best situation I could imagine them to have these reactions. Or just a random idea.

@daydreamlvs thank you! :) 💕

Wow that’s a lot of love for my little Miki! 💕 However, I’m not sure I will share her just yet. She’s currently not in her final form, I edited her face as a toddler because I feel like the cutest toddlers make the ugliest adults and vice versa? So yeah, I cheated, basically. Aging the current Miki toddler up is not going to give the “real” adult Miki, although they are alike.

And as the 2nd anon pointed out, I’m probably going to do a little bit like blarffy ; uploading the family at the end of a generation. I will definitely share Miki but I ask you to wait until the start of gen 4? Sowry. 

I have one more thing to take care of in my story until I age the toddlers up so I’m not going to drag it out too long. I want to try the Parenthood gp with them tho. I can’t waiiiiiiiit. 





Paul Amos and Victoria Atkin answer fan questions. It’s 2 hours worth here! :)

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