haven't uploaded one in a while so

Taemin artwork: You were dewdrops and fairytales; I the hand, ever trying to capture it.
Something I made in Febuary while I was sick; mechanical pencil & cotton ball.

This Messed Up, Wonderful World Exists for Me
This Messed Up, Wonderful World Exists for Me

Chara LOVEs you all

it’s been about a month but here’s some more Cool Cloud songs for y’all. this song isn’t actually completely in PDX, but it is part of the Cool Medley so it counts. I probably should’ve given this to Flowey, but I’ve got plans for that guy anyway

this one will probably be uploaded to Soundcloud sometime tomorrow bc I put this in my drafts and I’m putting it up it from my phone

ust: half-a-head


I love these two far too much so I wanted to do a little edit with them. I had a lot of fun with this, might do more quick ones for the other OW heroes in the future c:

Also?? Tumblr’s video player can go sit on a cactus, it never wants to work so I have to upload to other sites >:[

Song is Jamie Berry - Out of My Mind