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Jungkook One Shot Recs

Since the last fic rec post i made went down pretty well, i thought i may as well make another but this time for one shots. Just a quick disclaimer, this is only a few of the one shots i love (honestly if i listed all of them we’d be here all day). Hope you enjoy! Masterlist

Tinder 2.0 by @tayegi 

Photographs by @helloblamebts

Beneficial by @jiminables

Get Under the Car by @deerguk

The Boyfriend Shirt by @taehyugme

Sweeter than Sugar by @jungkxook

Orange Tulips by @kainks

Blue Orchids by @inktae

Lost Stars by @tahyungs

Killer Kiss by @an-exotic-writer

Officer Jeon by @park-jimeme

It’s a War Zone by @chokemejimin / @the95liner


there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco


“What say you?”

For @hysterekial, who asked me to post this separately, but I wasn’t really happy with that one, so I made a new set, including one with the same crop. 

@altoanimator mentioned the idea of a toddler Chell running through Aperture a little while ago so why not.

She comin for you GLaDOS watch out!

The Reveal

Marinette and Adrien started dating without knowing that the other was Ladybug or Chat Noir.  So that’s all fine and dandy except that the other keeps disappearing during Akuma attacks and occasionally at night (i.e. during patrols and stuff) and so they’re upset that the other is disregarding their safety but they can’t bring it up because they might argue the fact that they aren’t around either and they can’t exactly explain that.

So after a lot of venting, Alya and Nino (who are totally married at this point and have like fifty children) have had enough and push Marinette and Adrien into a room with them and bring up the subject and sit back to make sure they work it out.  This leads to a massive argument with things thrown and yelling, culminating with:

Adrien: Fine!  You really want to know where I go?

Marinette: Yes!  That’s literally what I’ve been saying!

Adrien: I’m fucking Chat Noir, okay?  That’s why I have to leave!

Marinette: …

Alya: …

Nino: …

Plagg: *facepalms*

Tikki: *facepalms*

Marinette: …What?

Adrien: You heard me.  That’s why I leave in the middle of the night, and why I disappear and–


Adrien: …

Marinette:  What the hell, Adrien?  We’re ENGAGED!  If you wanted to end this, you should have said something.

Adrien:  What are you talking about?

Marinette: I can’t do this.  I can’t be with you if you’re cheating on me.  We’re done.

Adrien: Who said I was cheating on you?  I’m not cheating on you!  I love you, Marinette!

Nino: What are YOU talking about?  You just told her you’re sleeping with Chat Noir.

Adrien: No I didn’t!  That’s not what I said!

Marinette: …

Alya: …

Nino: …

Alya: That IS what you said?  You literally said you’re fucking Chat Noir.

Adrien: …

Adrien: Shit.

Adrien: That’s not what I meant.

Adrien: …

Adrien: Plagg!  Claws out!

Marinette: …

Alya: …

Nino: …

Adrien: Tada?

Marinette: …

Alya: …

Nino: So what you’re saying is you’re cheating on Marinette with yourself?

Dream Eater is an RPG Maker horror fantasy game. You play a young nameless child living with your mother and attending school. You are quiet and shy, and friends are few, but you survive every day.

At night, though…At night, you dream of another world, home to strange magic and stranger creatures. The dreams begin without reason or warning when a voice starts speaking to you in your sleep, taking you to the dream world and it’s strange inhabitants. But there’s a catch: The dream world is dying, consumed by a nightmare, and you must find an escape before you are devoured.

More broadly - Dream Eater is an RPG maker game dealing with depression and anxiety by telling the story of a child’s dreams. The game takes inspiration from the likes of Sunless Sea, Witch’s House and Undertale, with a heavy focus on the story and characters. It will contain themes of depression, anxiety, death, suicide, swearing, and implied gore, so take warning if you’re sensitive to any of these topics.

The majority of the game will take place in the Dream World, split up by short and occasional periods spent in the waking world. The main focus on the game will be on the characters you meet along the way and how you interact with them. More can be learned about them here.

If you to learn more or just follow the development, you can find more of my weird ramblings here.

(And now here’s some more screens and stuff:

In Love With Night

I wrote this for @thelastpilot‘s month-long Spooky ML AU event, which sounds like it’s going to be tons of fun so everyone should participate!

Summary: Necromancer Rose tries out a new spell on her ghost friend Juleka. 1100 words.

Rose Lavillant didn’t get along with other necromancers very well, which was unusual because as a rule she got along swimmingly with everybody. She was starting to suspect it was because of her roommate-not that other necromancers didn’t have summons, of course, but for the most part they didn’t keep them around after their usefulness had been exhausted. The injustice of this bothered Rose, in a way that she found difficult to articulate.

Rose arrived home one afternoon to find her roommate sitting on-well, hovering over-the living room couch and glaring at a book on the coffee table.

“Rose!” she said, relieved. “Come turn this page for me? I’ve been trying to blow it over,” and here an unnatural wind picked up in the room, fluttering the curtains and ruffling the pages of the book as Juleka demonstrated, “but the next two pages are stuck together.”

“Of course,” Rose said, walking over immediately. “Oh! You’re reading Romeo and Juliet!” Rose sighed dreamily, putting a hand to her heart. “Star-crossed lovers who would do anything to be together despite all the odds-so romantic! It’s my favorite.”

“I know, that’s why I picked it.”

“Oh, and this is my favorite scene-I must have cried on this page, that’s why the pages are stuck.”

Juleka grinned. “That sounds just like you,” she said.

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it’s not like you to go on the run, shizu-chan. about now… the sharper minds at awakusu-kai must be starting to doubt you’re the culprit behind this. does that mean you’ve acquired some calm for once? or that you’ve grown as a person? although in your case, that wouldn’t be growth. it’s regression. since you’re superhuman, there’d be no point in you growing as a human, would there? there’s nothing left for you other than showing off your power.
          now then, shall we begin?

anonymous asked:

im aro too! so i wanted to ask, how did you find out you were aro?

ahh it’s great to see other aro ppl!! 

basically i started dating my best friend because i wasn’t sure how i’m feeling about them and i wanted to try things out?? and while we were with eachother i realized that i didn’t really like the romantic stuff, my feelings weren’t the same as theirs and i felt just rly uncomfortable the whole time
so,, at that point i already knew about aro from tumblr so i thought “maybe that’s me” and just started reading everything i could find about it until i eventually decided that it fits me


This started out as me & @ciara-clycone talking about @loverofpiggies ‘s gaster going around collecting sans, to a sans & dadster gathering,

into “what would other Papyrus react to Underfell!Papyrus being a mean dude to UF!Sans”

because by far he’s the only one I know who is mean to his sans. And because we all know all Papyrus is part of Sans Protection Squad

—— also sorry the camera quality is pretty crappy and so does the doodle

[Sans Protection Squad] | [Underfell!Paps has feels] | [No don’t go there] | [He went there] | [BOOOM!!] | [Run Little Red Sans]

On vampires & bloodsucking

What I think a lot of people maybe don’t consider is that, historically speaking, vampires have almost always been an intrinsically sexual thing in literature. Sucking blood is a metaphor for sex. Dracula was largely about Victorian era sexuality, particularly female sexuality and homosexuality (Bram Stoker was close friends with Oscar Wilde, and started writing the book right after his trial). At the time, people thought blood was the same as sperm (No, really). Naturally, fangs penetrating a person’s neck is a metaphor for sexual penetration.

This is one of the reasons why Ferid was so fucking creepy from the very beginning; he wanted to suck children’s blood directly. Even if you’re not actively aware of the implications of sucking blood, you probably still thought that was creepy as fuck.

This is also why the scene where Mika sucks Yuu’s blood feels so significant (at least to many people). From a literary standpoint, it’s basically a loss-of-virginity scene, and the position they are in during it only makes it more obvious, as well as some of the dialogue afterward.

For over a hundred years, vampire stories have often been used as a vehicle to talk about pretty much any kind of sex that society disapproves of, particularly in stories where the vampires don’t want to drink blood.
Once you start thinking about Mika’s story from that perspective, you will probably find that a lot of aspects of it are consistent with history.

I’m quite surprised that so few people in the mikayuu fandom are discussing this actively. If someone else has already made these points, I apologize.

“We work out at the same gym and you always look super legit but I know you sing Hannah Montana in the shower and you know I know” au (x)

Dean and Blue Eyes have this unspoken agreement.

They hadn’t originally. When Dean had started at the weird hippy gym Sam had bought the membership for—great birthday surprise, my ass—their relationship consisted solely of checking each other out while running or whatever. Mostly, it was Dean doing the checking out, because Blue Eyes is legit. He gets in, runs for an hour, gets gorgeously sweaty and breathless before hunkering down in a corner of the farthest studio and doing a half hour of yoga. Sometimes he’ll do weights and floor exercises, but he likes yoga. A lot.

Blue Eyes is bendy, athletic, and with his sweat-soaked hair and criminally glistening body, Dean is convinced he’s some sort of gladiator sent forward in time. Seriously, the guy’s sweat even smells awesome; not to mention the fact that he wears big t-shirts and short running shorts that ride up just so when he bends into downward dog.

Truth be told, even with sprinting for fifteen minutes and spending forty-five in the weight room, the guy makes Dean feel like a couch potato. Which kinda sucks, but obviously Dean is doing something right, because there are times when he’ll turn around to find Blue Eyes looking right at him. It’s like the guy has no shame, which is more hot than weird because he eyes Dean like he’s a tasty snack or a really difficult puzzle or something. And even though Dean tries not to, he always ends up blushing and looking away first, at which point Blue Eyes turns his intensity to working every muscle in his body like the god Dean knows he is.

That was how it was for a while… and then The Shower Incident happened.

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Okay, I’m sorry, but if your hating on Maks and Peta for posting a picture together after it’s been obvious they’ve been back together for a while, I have no respect for you. You claim to be his fan, but as soon as he is with someone other then who you want him to be with, you start bashing him and her. Celebrities don’t owe it to you to date who you want them to date, they’re going to date who they’re happy with.


aqua’s story - castle of dreams

“A pure heart filled with light… It’s strange, The Master taught me darkness needs to be destroyed. But how, if not with light?”