haven't seen this posted

I just realised that Annabeth Chase has:

  • Been at Percy’s funeral, only to see him walk back into camp
  • Been by the coffin of her dead cousin, only to see Magnus walk in
  • Mourned Leo’s death, only for Leo to return…

Anyone else seeing a pattern here?

I had a few moments and thought I would share some of my favourite moments from the comic book that I haven’t seen shared yet:

It is canon that Hunk can sing:

Pining Keith is real:

When the creepy aliens are checking them out, Keith grabs Pidge’s hand: I am not sure who he thinks needs protection here. Pidge or himself. Ha. (Maybe it’s just perspective. Let me have this.)

Lance’s pet names for Keith:

(sings* Friends are friends, pals are pals and buddies sleep together…wait, do I show my age with this ditty? Is that still a thing?)

Lance insecurities:

Welp. Poor Lance. 

And last but not least, foreshadowing?