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For the E/R prompts: Grantaire asks Enjolras if he's ever been kissed, and Enjolras declines to answer. But Grantaire keeps goading him...

A spiritual sequel to the handcuffed together ficlet, because why not.

Grantaire made a show of stretching and getting as comfortable as he could against the stone wall without pulling on the chain that connected his hand to Enjolras’. “Come, we haven’t aught else to do to pass the time. It isn’t safe to talk politics or wise to talk art - what better subject than ourselves, when that’s all we have for the moment?”

Enjolras remained stubbornly silent.

“Very well,” said Grantaire gamely, “I’ll start. My first was pretty Mariette, when I was all of sixteen. I fancied myself in love.”

Enjolras’ stomach clenched with a familiar ache. Stupid to feel so over a story a decade old, and a man he had no claim on. He said nothing.

Grantaire continued, oblivious. “I begged and pleaded and brought her flowers I found in the field, and she gave me a laugh and a kiss for my troubles. Told me I wasn’t half so ugly as the other girls said. She’d kiss any boy who made her laugh, but one oughtn’t hold that against her - not when it’s it’s how I got that kiss myself.”

He sounded a little wistful, softer than his usual brash self. “Back then, I thought it was the worst thing in the world to be in love without being loved in return! But faith, it isn’t so bad. I needn’t have broken my own heart over it - though I recovered fast enough, never fear.” This last was said with a note of cheer that rang false, as though Grantaire regretted something he had said - or something he hadn’t.

Enjolras said nothing. There was nothing for him to say.

Grantaire, as ever, talked enough for two men. “If you won’t tell me of your first kiss, I will fabricate a tale of my own. Her name was Marianne and you adored her from afar, though her father was a wicked baron. He-”

“Hush,” said Enjolras, more gently than he might have in the past. He sought out Grantaire’s chained hand with his own and twined their fingers together. He brought their hands together to his lips, and kissed Grantaire’s softly.

He had meant for the kiss to be light and chaste, as a parent kissing a child or comrade greeting comrade in the street. Grantaire’s hand was warm and solid and surprisingly real against his lips, and he tarried a moment longer than he should have, letting his lips rest against Grantaire’s skin. He was reminded, absurdly, of the Romances he had so loved as a child about noble knights defending their people, and riding off to fight monsters with only a kiss on the hand of their lady love to wish them on their way.

But Enjolras was no child to dream so, and Grantaire was no gentle lady to give him a favor for courage in the fight ahead. He dropped Grataire’s hand abruptly, trusting to the dark light of the cell to hide the faint flush on his face.

“There,” he said, when he could trust himself to speak. He was pleased to hear his own voice come out cool and even, dispassionate and disinterested as he himself was not. “Now you need not imagine; you have seen it for yourself and there is nothing more to tell.”

Grantaire was silent at last, looking gratifying stunned.

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can this prompt (otpprompts(.)tumblr(.)com/post/154067244034/imagine-your-otp-meeting-like-this-person-a-is) be the continuation of your aoki neighbor!au please??

It took me forever to find the original. LOL

I know this is… super late. But Happy Aoki Day?!? :D Here is the actual link to see the prompt lol. Sorta used it as a general guideline and changed it a bit.

Aokise is always for @limitlessmonster

Kise almost regrets leaving his phone on the end table beside the door.


He’d rather not have to call his sister and listen to her laugh in his ear when he tells her how he not only locked himself out of his house when he went to grab the newspaper, but also got caught in the door when it slammed itself on the belt of his robe. He doesn’t need a lecture about going outside half naked as well as one about his lack of observational skills.

He’d rather not have to call her… but he’d rather not be stuck outside, trapped by his own front door either.

When he gives another tug on the belt, another failure, he kicks at he door in frustration and regrets being pretentious enough to buy a robe where he belt doesn’t detach. He hopes that Kiyoko from across the street will be leaving for her morning run soon. She has a thing for Kise and hasn’t been discouraged by his endless rejections and apologies. She’d help him in a heartbeat.

In fact, Kise would be okay with any neighbor coming out their door to help. As long as it’s anyone but–

“What the hell do we have here?”

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I'm a girl about 250 lbs and I haven't been to the gym in bout a year. I am so scared to go back, I feel like everyone is going to be staring.

Dear anon - I totally understand that fear. :)  I was so intimidated by going to a gym at 450# ! Let me assure you, it’s not as bad as you think. 

I answered a similar anon question about a month ago, so I am going to bring parts of that reply here.

One answer you might get from our community is ignore your fears, focus on your journey. That is totally correct and at some point you will get where you can do that. It sounds like you aren’t there yet… frankly this is something I am still struggling with, though I am 90% over it. 

So, let me share what I have learned on this topic so far. 

  • People are not nearly as concerned with the fat guy / girl exercising as we think they are. We are carrying around lots of baggage. We were teased, bullied, beat up and worse. So is it any wonder we expect this to continue? The truth is, most people working out are only concerned with doing their own thing. 
  • There is a group of people that do care about the fat girl / guy working out and if you are open to it they will become a critical tool for you. Awhile back I wrote an open apology to fit people. I did this because I came to the realization I had a prejudice against them. I expected them to look down on me and treat me like the bullies of my youth. The reality is, most fit people got that way by working very hard. When they see you working very hard, they appreciate it and want to support you. I can’t tell you the number of people that have come out of the woodwork to support me. Lifelong friends who now exercise with me, Bike shop mechanics who brought me behind the desk to show me how to care for my bike, trail runners who gave me high fives, tumblr friends that send me notes of encouragement. I have seen this at both my gyms, at every bike event, literally everywhere. Sure, there are jerks in the fitness community, just like anywhere in life, but they truly seem to be the exception. 
  • There will come a time where you are comfortable enough in your own skin and in your journey that this will matter less and less to you. It has taken me over two years but I am finally getting there. I own my gym. I am there more than most and no one works harder
  • One other trick I use… If I ever get down on myself for running slow, or not being as agile as others…. I remind myself that Mr 180# next to me could not compete with me on a level playing field. I know that if I strapped 170 pounds of extra weight on him, I would out perform him at any physical task. :)
  • Depending on your comfort level and experience, you may want to get the help of a trainer as you get started at the gym. Your gym may have that as part of the deal, but if not, it might be worth paying a trainer. Even 1 or 2 sessions with a professional can teach you the basics and improve your confidence.

In any case, congrats on deciding to take your journey to the next level. Feel free and reach back to me on anon or introduce yourself and I’d love to compare notes as you get back into it. 

Here are a couple of other posts that might be of help. 


Serendipity: Chapter 3

Chapter 1 | Masterpost | Chapter 2

Short chapter. Next one is pretty long, so once I clean it up a bit and make sure it’s ship shape I’ll post it :)

About Serendipity (Aka Dadcup AU): Hiccup and Astrid got pregnant at 18. Except Hiccup never knew, because, for certain reasons, Astrid broke things off and never told him. Fast forward eleven years, Hiccup and Astrid reunite, and Astrid breaks the news that he has a daughter. Now Astrid’s stuck with having to deal with her choices, and her life is getting turned upside down.

She grabbed her bags and coat from the bin once she cleared the scanner and slipped on her shoes. She looked for signs that indicated where her gate was as she walked down the long, wide, busy corridor, and turned her phone on.

There was a text waiting for her from Hiccup.

Are you at the airport? Call me. Please.

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