haven't seen kids in too long

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Do you think svtfoe producers left the very ploty episodes to the last part of season 2? Because I haven't seen too much plot, just the normal continuity

SVTFOE is a weird show: as far as I know, american networks want easily re-airable episodes, making even plot driven show be, like, 3:1 for silly plots - important plots. Especially when they have 11 minutes long segments. And yet almost every episode, in Star Vs The Forces of Evil, introduces something new to the lore, to the world, and to the characters, making them enjoyable even when seen out of order, casually, by kids looking for something colored and flashy to watch on TV, but not as understandable. So I think that the writers are making the most out of what they have: a majority of episodes with a plot on their own, always adding something, big as revelations about Glossaryck and magic, or small as some foreshadowing during a disco party, and then a minority of important episodes that push things forward super fast (such as Storm the Castle, Is Mystery, Into the Wand, Bon Bon…)