haven't read a good book in so long

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Hello! You've probably been asked this before, but what are some book recommendations? I finally have time to read this summer and want to absorb as much good literature as I can, but I don't wanna just go straight to the classics or "Top 50 books of all time" kinda lists. I've found my taste is similar to yours, so if you could give me any place to start, I'd very much appreciate it. Thank you!

I don’t read a ton of books to be honest. :P But I have some favs.

Good Omens is my go-to, favorite book of all time, so start there if you haven’t already. I also really loved The Golem and the Jinni, The Goblin Emperor and The Discworld Series. Or for something a bit weightier/darker you could try Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell or House of Leaves. :) Hopefully one of those intrigues you.

i just finished reading “The Hate U Give” by Angie Thomas and i’m honestly shocked, my stomach is in knots and i’m quite emotional, but it was SUCH a good read and i really recommend it!! the novel “follows a protagonist drawn to activism after she witnesses the police shooting of her unarmed friend” and it touches upon online activism, blm, and other really relevant topics with what’s going on in america rn!!!! it’s easy to find a link online and can be downloaded as an ebook, but it’d be a good book to purchase and lend to friends !!!

I have the week off work! Here are my big plans!

• catch up on fic! so many lovely people putting out that good content but I haven’t had time/energy for a while cos work has been hectic. My Marked For Later is like 7-8 pages, honestly. How do yall do it?

• read a book or two. I’ve been struggling to concentrate on anything longer than 5k for a while now but yesterday I read Never Let Me Go in one sitting so off to a good start.

• watch Inception. It’s really ridiculous that I’ve never seen it.

• watch more Silicon Valley, get drawn further into a black hole of feelings.

• finish at least one WIP. Ideally I’d like to get 2 chapters down of the long one I’ve got planned out - and maybe start publishing, except idk, if the story goes a slightly different way than I planned in later chapters or I get a cool idea I want to put in I’d like to be able to go back and fiddle with early chapters? Or possibly this is the reason why I never publish anything long and I should just be more disciplined and stick to one idea?? Again, how do yall do this.

• finally get my framed k.ylux art delivered, tomorrow, after the debacle with those fucking pirates at ParcelForce 😡 It will be worth the wait. Got to try to hang it straight too.

• go see Wonder Woman

• get finishing touches for Baby cosplay for 9worlds. A low maintenance/low cost cosplay is the best I can do for £/energy reasons, but this should be fun.


Exolvo - Carrows, Cries, and Curses

Some day, I will write a happy Exolvo fic.

Today is not that day.

counterpunches is also super responsible for this, so, you know, blame her.

Rating: T

Harry Potter does not return.

It’s astounding, really, how large a space such a small boy takes up, and how suddenly empty the Gryffindor table looks without his presence, and the two so often found near him.

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Have you read the afterlife fic? It's 333k long or something like that. Read it in three days. That's even more words than Stephen kings IT which took me 3 WEEKS

no i have not read that it. haahah yeah like good fic flies by regardless of the length. i remember like i finished escapade in like 4 hours cause it was so engrossing.

@people who get pissy when mcu doesn’t follow comic book canon to the letter, have you considered the following alternatives:

- Petting a dog

- Looking at the clouds

- Eating some toast

- Going back to your comics and being happy about interesting, alternative storylines instead of acting like you’re somehow superior to people who haven’t read them

- Taking a nap

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hi!! i don't know if your tbr list is way too long but i have a book rec for you! the engelsfors trilogy is really really good. it takes place in sweden and i thought that might interest you since you wanted to learn swedish. the trilogy is a fantasy trilogy about teenage girl, and deals with lesbophobia, fat shaming, alienation etc :)

i’ve actually read it!! but it was before i came out and i don’t remember much so i think a reread is way overdue :’)

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ahh please help me! i've fallen headfirst into les mis fanfiction and i haven't even seen the movie and i only read the book once but the fic for this fandom is SO GOOD and theres SO MUCH and i really love your fics and was hoping you could direct me to some of your favorites/fandom staples? i noticed enjolras/grantaire seems to be the most popular pairing and i like them a lot but i am slowly disintegrating over courfeyrac/combeferre, i am a shivering heap on the floor, i do not know what to DO

Friend, I am sorry this took so long, I have been busy trying to save my academic career. 

Basically read everything theladyragnell, samyazaz, idiopath-fic-smile (especially In Defiance of Geometry if you have even the slightest interest in Combeferre/Enjolras/Grantaire, TRUST ME ON THIS)

For fandom classics, uh:

How the Future’s Done - Enjolras accidentally adopts a cat and falls in love with Grantaire.

Gnomon - Enjolras is a terrorist (of sorts) and Grantaire is his shadow/partner. 

Let Me Count The Ways - 10 Things I Hate About You AU.

the quiet truth - E/R fake boyfriends. 

NSFW - Enjolras is a pornstar.

Hacker AU - casual sex turns into feelings everywhere. I just reread this the other day and ugh ugh ugh so good still.

Here are some other fics I also enjoy a lot: 

dust off your highest hopes - Theatre AU where Enjolras is the artistic director of the ABC Theatre Collective and Grantaire is a theatre marketing genius who helps them to stage sell-out shows. 

secret agent man - undercover fake husbands oh god.

After the End - dystopian AU which I have been rec'ing left, right and centre these few days.

Good Intentions - 95K of A+++ HP AU.

The Five Year Plan - Enjolras loses his memory of the past five years and doesn’t remember that Grantaire is his boyfriend, among other things.

casual affair - Enjolras and Grantaire are strangers who have casual sex. A lot. With feelings, even. 

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there's so many recommendations I don't know where to start! I need something new so I'd love a shorter list of books (preferably contemporary NA) of what you think is the best- out of the one's i've read some I haven't found good :( i trust your judgement as members of the fizzle force!

Hi there, lovely! Sorry for taking too long to reply, it’s been kind of a hectic time for all of us. 

Anyway, sure thing! We love New Adult books a lot and it’s super hard to try and pick a few favorites, but here’s what we’d rec:

Hope this helps!

Fizzle Reads family

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You've read the HTTYD book series? Are they worth reading? Do you like them better than the movies because I've heard they're vastly different. I'm curious because this is the first time I really love a movie series and I'm afraid to read the novels because I love the films so much, hahaha.

Oh the books will not disappoint! Technically I’ve never read them haha, I listen to the audiobooks because David Tennant narrates them (and I can work on art at the same time) and he’s hugely entertaining and funny as he lets out his performer side, and that alone is definitely worth at least one listen. I believe people have uploaded the audiobooks on Youtube, but I would strongly recommend supporting the writer and narrator by buying the books/audiobooks if you can!

Going from the movies to the books was a little weird at first considering how they’re so different, but Cressida Cowell does a really great job giving each of the characters really vibrant and distinctive personalities (and Tennant unique voices) so you soon stop comparing them to the movie version and enjoy them as they are. Hiccup is really enjoyable in the books because he’s even more deadpan and snarky and out-of-place than in the movies.

At first I hugely preferred the movies because of their darker and more serious nature—not that there’s anything wrong with quirky, humorous children’s books! It’s just not something I can sink my teeth deep into—but then the drama of second half of the book series has really amped up and evolved to a point where it’s even darker and sadder than the movies imo, so if you’re going to read up to that point, be warned. Each of the books in first half of the series reads more standalone while the second half actually feels like one long YA fantasy novel that’s been split up into different books.

So yeah, I would definitely recommend in giving the books a shot if you like the movies. My favorite books that I’ve listened to so far are 2 How to Be a Pirate, 4 How to Cheat a Dragon’s Curse, 7 How to Ride a Dragon’s Storm, 8 How to Break a Dragon’s Heart, and 9 How to Steal a Dragon’s Sword. Ummm that is a lot of favorites haha but these books are really quite good!