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((So… remember this artwork I super shyly posted? Relating to this rp? I mentioned I had some other drawings and few said they’d be interested in seeing! …Well, this is me finally getting up the nerve to post them. XD Months later. Derp.))

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  • <p> <b></b> Ok so now that I've posted a bunch of stuff time for explanations. So..uh real life stuff game up and for awhile now I haven't had the time nor energy to tend to my memes, which is indeed sad but hey im back now. ANYWAY WTF 178K NOTES ON BIG BIRD WTF HAPPENED OMG HOW (also bad explanation I know but WHATEVER) Also one more thing last thing I promise HOLY SHIT WTF 40,000 FOLLOWERS IM LITERALLY DYING! SOMEBODY CALL AN AMBULANCE <p/></p>

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Hey how are you? I haven't seen you post in awhile

OMG HELLO ^-^ I was actually just about to post something!! 

haha but it’s because I’ve been trying to organize my social media and such, then recently my laptop died, so now I’m on a new one!! Now I can make more content ;w; thank you for checking up on me~~ 

we both lied about what we wished for and i had to look up the definition of complacent. and this was not the way i daydreamed about telling you. no, that dream involved a balcony and an empty pack of cigarettes.
and no one knows you like i do. let’s pretend i never said that, even if it’s true. because nobody knows me like you, and that’s what scares me the most.
you used to love that i had a way with words, used to love reading sticky notes with poems i’d written happy. i don’t think that’s changed. you’re still here, reading what i have to say, aren’t you?

“Can you believe this?” The mermaid asked, facing the storefront of the town’s small pet shop. Her eyes were narrowed at the aquarium displayed inside, feeling personally offended by the fish’s living conditions. “Look at all the fish they have in that glass prison. Can you imagine being stuck in such a small space with so many people for your entire life? It’s awful. Maybe I should buy them all and set them free.”

Faces [34/34]

Fandom: Pitch Perfect

Pairing: Beca Mitchell / Chloe Beale

Word count chapter: 7,909

Disclaimer: Pitch Perfect and the characters do not belong to me, unfortunately.

Summary: The one where Beca is even grumpier than normal and Chloe wants Beca to join The Bellas. They make a deal that Chloe is way too excited about.

Chapter Summary: “Some people are born flight risks. It is no shortcoming of yours that they cannot keep their feet on the ground. It is not your fault that they cannot seem to stand in place. They are not leaving you; they are just leaving.” -Trista Mateer

A/N: I feel like I should say a few words, since this is the final chapter, but I’m just not a woman of many words. (Which is ironic, because I write shit..)

Enjoy one last time, my buddies!

Read at ff.net and ao3.org !