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Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna with their first child, Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna, 1896.

The imperial couple were utterly delighted with their daughter. The Romanov family was typically overrun with sons (Alexander II and Tsarina Maria Alexandrovna had six sons and only one surviving daughter) so girls were often doted on, if not outright spoiled. Tsarina Alexandra was intent on breastfeeding baby Olga herself, a practice which was still growing in popularity among upper class mothers. Olga remained in her mother’s private apartments for several weeks until she was established in the upstairs nursery, but then received constant visits from her parents. The young Tsar thoroughly enjoyed fatherhood. In his diary entries from Olga’s first months Nicholas talks of bathing, dressing, and helping to feed his daughter. Such was the their attachment to their first baby that when the time came for the Tsar and Tsarina to make a state visit to France and England in 1896 they insisted on taking Olga with them and had a nursery set up for the infant Grand Duchess in the imperial train. 

If there is an obvious answer to my question, then by all means ignore me, but I have been wondering about this question of mine for a while now. 

When Mori-san and Fukuzawa are underneath the work of an ability holder, who practically makes the two connected in terms of body symptoms (basically what I’m referring to is the incident when Fyodor states, either Mori-san or Fukuzawa will die if the other isn’t killed, because of the effects of someone’s ability), I was wondering during the events of chapter 50, how in the world, where the two of them able to fight one another in the abandoned mansion without taking effect to that ability users power? 

Maybe I was reading hard enough (Is that a thing..?), but I really don’t understand how either one of them able to fight at the moment, when the two are still underneath the effect of that ability holders power. Does it have something to do with Natsume-sensei’s sudden appearance and his abilities effect..? I don’t know, but if you could explain to me what you think, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks once again for translating the series, would know what to do without your time and patient to translate the chapters for the fandom. Really appreciate your dedication. 

To be honest, it isn’t clear how the two of them are battle-ready.  I think they’re relying on the willpower-is-everything trope, where the two of them just plain want it bad enough to overcome the symptoms of their infection for a brief period of time.  Both men desperately want to save their city and their subordinates, and each is confident the pain isn’t bad enough to deter the other from movement.  It looks like the worst of the symptoms isn’t all-out pain, it’s fever and fatigue, most of which you can kind of ignore (the dizziness would be the worst bit when it comes to fighting).

Which in turn makes me wonder if it wouldn’t have been much funnier to have two middle aged men limping around a room trying to whack each other with sticks while chugging Dayquil and cramming fifteen cough drops into their mouths.  At least if they have the same exact symptoms we know it’s a fair fight.