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What are your favorites hp aus to write/read?

Helloooo! Is this a request for fic recs? Because I’m only too happy to give them ♥

Most of the AUs I read (and many of my favorites) are canon divergent AUs, or ones that otherwise play around with elements of HP canon; the whole whopping two (2) times I’ve written AUs, they’ve been canon divergent, and I think they’re loads of fun to think about in what-if contexts:  if you change this thing, what else happens? How do the characters and the universe re-shuffle themselves and congeal around those alterations?

Some all-time faves:

  • House, by kestrelsan – a Sirius lives AU that I want to crawl into forever
  • City Life, by @holyfant – a Tonks/Ginny AU that’s become sort of a comfort fic for me; I go back to it a lot and I’m always, always struck by the breadth and depth of emotion at its core, and the stunning language. It’s definitely a desert island fic for me
  • Common Woodbrown, by @imochan – a Remus-raising-Harry AU, but more than that, a journey of self-worth and self-discovery that never leaves you. One of the best Remus-centric fics I’ve ever read or ever will
  • lovers alone wear sunlight, by musesfool – another Sirius lives AU and all-around delightful gem of sweetness and love
  • stone by stone i left my only home, by liseuse – Cho/Luna fic where Cho leaves the Wizarding World, but the edges of what’s Muggle and what’s Wizard sort of blur. There’s such a warmth to it that I love, and it captures the post-war atmosphere perfectly:  realistic, but not bleak
  • 73 Aberdeen, by Mici – a friend recced this to me last week and I am PROFOUNDLY fucked up over it!! Sirius gets sorted into Slytherin, is a very different person, still has it bad for Remus, cardiovascular trauma ensues. There’s some great worldbuilding which, combined with the characterizations (Sirius in particular–what would happen if his energy and his love for his friends in canon had been directed elsewhere?) make it one of the most striking things I’ve read in a while; it’s like being punched and then the floor giving out underneath you!!! READ IT PLEASE

I also REALLY love historical AUs, or things that otherwise have a strong sense of time and place in general. As far as actually writing them goes, like, I have vague ideas about a Thatcher-era Sirius/Remus AU and an all-woman Ocean’s 11-ish AU set in the 80s or 90s, but I also have a cowardly streak when it comes to AUs that means I’ll probably never write either. BUT I can at least rec you some faves:

  • virtually anything fluorescentgrey / @yeats-infection has ever written, because picking one is unpossible (but ngl Heart of Darkness and Desperado have special places in my shriveled heart. And Evening Empire); I love the sense of landscape as its own entity in her fic and the ways it reverberates in the characters. Unbelievable prose, too.
  • also anything zambla / @polytony has ever written, but especially Mapmaker, a WWII AU set in Cairo that is one of the most staggeringly, hauntingly evocative/beautiful/absolutely singular things I’ve ever read in fandom. Anything I can say about this one will fall short, please read it and come cry with me
  • Out of Grace, by bluepeony – a non-magic AU set in the 80s, after Sirius and the rest of his friends have drifted apart. It has a defeatist tone that I love, and Remus’s characterization in contrast to Sirius’s–trying so hard to fit where he can’t–was a really refreshing, authentic, super painful take on him
  • The Only Fun in Town, by tigrrmilk / @alwaysalreadyangry – THE BEST newspaper AU, set in the 80s with a grouchy journalist Remus and an easygoing, unassuming sort of Sirius who manages to crush every assumption Remus ever makes of him. Their dynamic is incredible and the whole fic is so cleverly constructed that you can read it ten times, know how it’s going to go, and it’ll still be an instant mood-lifter. I’m in love with it
  • The Boys of Crowhill, by tb_ll57 – this is a WIP and I’m not up to date, but I feel pretty confident reccing it already. It’s more canon divergent and Harry-centric than anything, starting in an orphanage before Hogwarts, and I love the atmosphere and character interaction; the style is like Forster crossed with A. A. Milne, I love it so far!

as always, if you (yes, you, specifically) have any recs at all, PLEASE send them my way! I eat this stuff uuuuup.

This is the finished sketch version of that sketch I had scanned and posted a day or two ago. Couldn’t manage to finish the whole thing properly tonight, got too caught up in the sketch itself, but eh, I have time to finish this some other time.

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YOU'RE THE CUTEST!!! you're so nice you're so caring I wanna hug u forever!!! <3 oh no schoool, I haven't started yet but when that kind of thing happened to me I'd sleep for like 3 hours and then work bc I found out doing homework/assignments in the middle of the night after some sleep worked well for me. you'll do great just relax and I'm glad you're happy. and you made me smile :') next request.. ashton distracting you from your homework ehehe x L :)

I’m usually best at doing school stuff right in the morning when I wake up, which is bad because I never can do assignments then because I always have lessons :((( 

okay ashton distracting you from homework. well I interpret ashton to be a needy little shit all the time. Like he would alwaayysss need to be holding your hand or sitting next to you and even when he’s in another country he would just call you at ridiculous hours of the night and you’d be like ugh hate you but at the same time love you so much 

and like I have a picture in my head now that he would be back from tour and you’d both have the night together and you were both cross legged on your bed, but you literally had like one small paragraph left to write of an English essay due tomorrow so you would explain to him like if you just leave me for 15 mins, then i can get this done, and then the rest of the night is ours. and he would agree and all that shit and you’d open up your laptop, and open up the file but then you’d look to your left and ashton is still just sitting there staring at you. and you’re like…. dude. so he’s like ‘what,’ and you’re like ‘i just need 15 minutes babe,’ and he’d be like, ‘oh yeah I know, but I’m not leaving, I’ll be quiet,’ and in your head you’re like ah fkn hell ashton but you just go along with it bc you wanna get this thing done. 

so you’d get like heaps into it pretty quickly, your hands would be smashing onto the keyboard and your eyes like blaring into the screen while you typed but then you’d suddenly be reminded of ashtons existence cause he would lie down really fkn close to the computer screen, so his face would just be like right next to it watching you and you’d be thinking like what the fuck ash and he’d just smile stupidly so you’d end up trying to continue working but your eyes would keep flicking over to him with his stupid head directly beside the document 

and then after a while he’d actually like take both of his own hands and softly grab onto one of yours when it was mid way tapping a key and he’d like just bring it over in front of him and start playing with your fingers aimlessly and you’d be like, ‘ashton, i actually need that hand to work with,’ and he’d be all like, ‘oh sorry, baby, didn’t realise,’ and you’d be thinking like are you actually fucked up but you’d just shake your head and continue

but then a minute or so later, he would mindlessly start rubbing his finger up and down your thigh and you would force your brain to ignore it but then he would be tugging on a loose thread on your pants and then he’d be tucking your shirt back into the seem of your shorts properly and flattening it and he would start bloody rolling around on the bed like a child and before you know it, he’s actually like sitting behind you and attempting to give your shoulders a massage and he’s sO CUTE BUT SO DAMN DISTRACTING AND YOU’D JUST HAVE TO TRY AND BE CALM but you’d accidently say it incredibly stern like, ‘ashton, I need you to piss off please.’ 

and his mouth would open to speak but then he’d just like sink down and pout a little bit and you wanted to apologise straight away but you just thought you’d do it later so he would just sort of slump and lay down behind you and fiddle really silently with his fingers and you could finally get the essay finished thank ggggggooooooooddddddd

but then poor ashton omg, so when you shut down the laptop and like put it on the floor you’d turn around and him all mopey and you’d just crawl on top of him and talk all gently, ‘I wasn’t trying to be mean, ash, you’re just super annoying sometimes,’ and you’d lean down and give him a kiss and for a moment when he didn’t react immediately you’d be like oh fuck i’ve actually made him upset but then he’d grab your hips and pull you in towards him and you could hear and feel the vibrates of him giggling in the kiss and ah it’d all be good.