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Phichit Chulanont   Ice and Fire

I was talking with @victuurimaker a while ago and we agreed that it’s always great to have new content about this precious cinnamon roll, so here you go~

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hiii I love and appreciate your blog ❤️!! I was wondering if you can do a hc where both jimin and jungkook are popular but hang out w diff people but they have a thing for eachother they just haven't made it official and everyone just knows they're pining for eachother and ship them sm!! can you maybe do suuper nice and angelic jimin while jungkook is all sports and stuff <3 happy ending please 💞

thank youuu ofc i will do my best! i hope you don’t mind, but i’m gonna take some liberties with this and make it into a social media thing! where they both run popular youtube channels and they both like each other and all their fans and friends think they’re cute and ship them lmao. i may be inspired by jo’s social media/vlogger au ( @shyjimins thanks ily) PS - this might be really long, i’m having fun. update: it’s so fucking long i sorry.

+ “TAEHYUNG HOLY SHIT!!” jungkook called out. “dude i’m right here why are you yelling??” taehyung said. jungkook turned his laptop screen around showing taehyung what he was so excited about. 

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ik this isn't really a quote or anything but i'm new to the fandom and i was wondering if u had any fic recs (ps love ur blog) xx

Thank you!

Here’s a few of my favorites! These are all karmagisa and for that I’m sorry, but they’re the only pairing I’ve read fics for:




http://archiveofourown.org/works/3293639 (this one made me cry a little)

http://archiveofourown.org/works/6215914 (haven’t actually read this one but I’m a fan of the author)


And a few of my own, which are unfortunately mostly incomplete since I’m lazy and short on ideas:




Hope you enjoy them! Lemme know what you think!