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Smoke and Mirrors | A Tarkin/Krennic fanmix [LISTEN]

‘The interruption of stability will be brief and illuminating.
Are we of like minds now, Director?’

- Rogue One, Alexander Freed

Five things Sophie Devereaux would never do 

1. sleep with the mark 

Sophie has a certain way of doing things. She likes the long con. She likes to get inside a mark’s head, find out whatever it is they want most, and use it to exploit them. 

But more than that, she just plain has standards

Anyone can use sex to get what they want; Sophie Devereaux isn’t just anyone, thank you very much. It’s the art of the con she likes. Emphasis on the art

But she has had a very long career, and before she was an artist, she was a hundred other women, and all of them had their own choices to make. 

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