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Hi I love your writing so so much and I love this blog a bunch, just wanted to let you know that <3 could I also request a lucaya fic/one shot where Lucas stays home sick (with a bad cold/flu or something) from school and Riley doesn't visit him after school because germs so maya decides to show up at his house to take care of him since his mom's out of town. Also can it be pre-dating lucaya? Like they both have feelings for one another but haven't done anything to initiate it yet? Thanks xx

I really liked this story, it was a lot of fun to write. I don’t usually write sick fics, but I’m proud of how this turned out. Here’s a link to the poem referenced at the end of the story.

“Where’s Ranger Rick?” Maya asked, arm draped over the edge of Lucas’ empty desk. At the sound of Lucas’ name, Riley perked up, just then noticing his absence.

“Yeah, Dad, where is he?” Riley asked, expectantly. Mr. Matthews was shuffling his notes - he actually prepared for these little life lessons? - and without looking up, he answered the girls.

“He went home sick. Didn’t look too good either.” Maya sat up straighter, sliding her arm off his desk and back onto her own, her eyebrows furrowed.

“But he was fine at lunch.”

“Guess not.” Maya glanced at Riley, but she was scribbling something in her notebook, a frown playing at her lips. Maya leaned over.

“His parents are out of town, though, right?” She whispered. Riley pursed her lips and nodded, an idea flickering and dying in her eyes.

“I can’t get sick. We’re going to Uncle Shawn’s this weekend.” But then, who would take care of Lucas? Knowing him, he probably could barely function on his own when he was healthy, let alone sick. Mr. Matthews started to ramble on about the Black Plague and while he usually was the only teacher who was able to capture her attention, today she couldn’t focus. She just kept thinking about Lucas. How sick was her? Did he have a fever or the flu or both?

As the day dragged on, Maya couldn’t keep Lucas off the brain, which made her shoot Riley a few guilty glances, because she knew – she knew – she wasn’t supposed to like him.

But Riley couldn’t get sick, and Farkle wouldn’t even think to go and Zay has dance class every Wednesday and he’s sooner die than miss a lesson. So, when Maya took the subway home with Riley that day, she went a couple stops further after grabbing stuff from her apartment.

She finally made her way to the doorstep of Lucas’ house after walking three blocks - it was in a seriously inconvenient place - and she just managed to ring the doorbell without the pot and the box she brought toppling it over.

After almost a minute, the door swung open. Lucas stood there a minute, cocooned in a plush, grey blanket, looking like death itself.

After it was clear he wasn’t going to say anything, Maya tried to break the silence. “I brought soup,” she offered. Lucas furrowed his eyebrows like he was trying to concentrate on something.

“You’ll get sick,” he managed, finally.

“Nah,” she grinned. “I’ve got an immune system of steel.” He drew in a hesitant breath, like he wanted to argue but he seemed to exhausted to put up much of a struggle, so he let her come in, collapsing onto his couch as soon as she set the things she’d brought down. Maya had only been to his house once before, when they had their muffin project the year before. It still felt sorta familiar. It had that same oaky smell that she was so taken by the first time around.

She stepped into his kitchen and called out, “Can I use a bowl?” He grunted, and Maya assumed that meant yes. She poured some soup out for him, careful not to spill and steadily carried the dish, brimming to the top with broth, out to him.

“I trust I don’t have to feed it to you?” He laughed at that, as he reluctantly pulled himself into a sitting position. He took a sip as Maya slid into the armchair a couple feet away from the sofa Lucas laid upon.

“You made this?” He asked, notes of impression in his voice.

“Actually, I ran to Topanga’s. I can’t cook anything besides Kraft mac and cheese,” and after a beat, “ So what’s wrong with ya, Huckleberry? You dying or what?”

“You know when you sleep wrong and your neck is all sore the next day?” Maya pursed her lips and nodded. “Well, my entire body feels like that.”

“You got a fever?”

“99.5” Maya frowned.

“Well, that’s not too bad. I brought some ibuprofen in case you didn’t have any.”

“Thanks,” he said, grabbing the bottle and downing two pills. There was a beat of silence as Lucas looked at her. He opened his mouth but no sound came out, and he just barely shook his head, like he was deciding against something. But Maya was paying attention and - though she hated to admit it - she could read him pretty well.


“Nothing, it’s just - um - why isn’t Riley here?” Maya’s face didn’t so much as twitch, but her heart clambered up into her throat, and she made sure to swallow it back down before she spoke again.

“Sorry, Ranger Rick. I guess you’re stuck with me, instead,” she said, forcing her voice to sound casual.

“No!” Lucas said, frantically backpedaling. “It’s not that. I just didn’t think you’d want to come on your own.”

“Oh,” Maya said, a bit puzzled. “Well, I know what it’s like when you’re really sick and there’s no one there to take care of you.”

Lucas looked down at his hands and Maya, uncomfortable at his sudden silence, tried to change the topic.

“So, wanna watch a movie?” She asked, grabbing the three DVD’s she had brought. Lucas reached inside the box, too, grabbing a thick book and studying the cover.

“I didn’t know you were into poetry, Maya.” She blushed a little at that, unsure whether it was a compliment.

“I’m not, really,” she said, taking the book in her hands and running her finger down the worn spine. “This is my Billy Collins collection. I don’t know, a lot of the other poems I read sort of, um, went over my head. But Riley showed me this poet and I can understand it, and it’s still meaningful.” She paused. “I just brought it in case you had a headache and you wanted to read instead.”

Maya dismissed the odd gleam in his eyes as she spoke, because it was Riley he liked and not her. If there was anything different about the way he was looking at her, then it was just her imagination.

“Um, what movies did you bring?” He asked, after a long silence.

“Right, uh, I brought ‘Hercules,’ ‘Rent,’ and ‘An Affair to Remember.’ We don’t really have the largest collection, so I brought what I thought would work.” Lucas smiled, warmly.

“‘Hercules’ is my favorite Disney movie, but I’ve seen it about ten times, so what about that last one?” He said, grabbing ‘An Affair to Remember.’

“It’s a romance,” Maya warned.

“So?” Lucas said, raising his eyebrows. Maya popped the movie in, and she soon found herself caught up in the story, and though she’d already seen it, the climax tore at her.

The saddest love stories have to be the ones of bad timing, she thought, grimly.

When the movie finished, Maya clicked off the TV and turned to Lucas, eager to see his reaction, only to find him lightly snoring. Maya chuckled as she cleared away the mess she made. She grabbed a pen, so she could leave him a note, but she didn’t have anything to write on. So, Maya flipped to a random page in her Billy Collins collection and pulled out a random poem. She scrawled out a note at the bottom.

Soup’s in the fridge. Feel better, huckleberry.


Had she known the poem was titled, “Love,” she would have given her left arm to pick any other. But had also known the look on Lucas’ face as he read it, she wouldn’t have changed it for the world.

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Hey-ya! I love your write ups but haven't anything deep to ask, so here's an easy question because I can't decide. First movie, Hiccup disarms himself in front of Hookfang. After he takes off his helmet, Hookfang markedly moves his head. I wrote it off as a snort, partly because I don't think Hiccup saw it, but it just struck me as similar to Toothless's gesture for Hiccup to toss his knife. Which would be interesting, expected from Toothless but maybe not a Nightmare. Thoughts? Yea or nay?

It is an interesting parallel you draw. It makes sense to look at these moments together because of their similarities. Hiccup pulls out a knife and drops it pointedly to prove to a dragon he is not a threat. In the Kill Ring moment, he also throws away his shield and helmet to convey his message.

I think that Toothless and Hookfang are doing different actions in some respects. I do not believe the gesture you mention of Hookfang has the same intent as Toothless’ gesture for Hiccup to drop the knife. While Toothless is making an indicative gesture - a command - for Hiccup to do something more, Hookfang’s head movement is to look and study what Hiccup has just done.

However, while there is a difference in these gestures’ intent, there still are some cool similarities to talk about, and you bringing up these parallel moments has made me think about this in new ways!

To begin with, the manner in which Hookfang and Toothless initially regard Hiccup’s knife and war gear is very similar.

Looking at Toothless’ body language, he is incredibly tense because he believes Hiccup could be a threat to him. He stares directly at Hiccup with a suspicious, fierce frown. He arches his back, pulls his head down, spreads his feet in a defensive stance, and stares intently at the human. When Hiccup pulls out his knife, Toothless immediately reacts with a snarl.

Hookfang demonstrates similar body language in the Kill Ring. Unlike Toothless, he cannot retreat. His species is more aggressive anyhow, so it makes sense that, instead of hiding back, Hookfang prowls forward. However, so much remains the same: that lowered head, the arched back, the tensely-held posture, the carefully held feet. 

It makes sense for Toothless and Hookfang to have similar reactions to Hiccup holding Viking war gear. These dragons are very familiar with the Hairy Hooligan tribe and how they have fought - and killed - dragons. The dragons have learned to defend themselves against humans. Toothless and Hookfang know not to trust Hiccup, a Viking boy; they are going to be tense, growling, suspicious the boy will enact violence.

So Hiccup tries to demonstrate trustworthiness by dropping his knife. However, with either dragon, dropping the knife is not quite enough to earn their trust. Toothless is dissatisfied because the knife remains close at Hiccup’s feet, and thus gestures with his head for the young man to move the blade further away. He remains crouched, ready to defend himself, the entire time… until Hiccup has placated him by throwing the knife into the lake.

Now when Hiccup drops the knife and shield in the Kill Ring, it’s not enough for Hookfang either. The dragon continues to advance threateningly.

Hiccup needs to take another action to prove his trust. Toothless needed not just a dropped knife, but a knife thrown in a lake. Hookfang does not need just a dropped knife and shield, but also… the helmet.

Here is the helmet moment you mentioned.

Hookfang’s head does indeed pivot as soon as the helmet is thrown. You compare whether or not Hookfang’s movement parallels Toothless’ gesture for Hiccup to throw the knife away. I am going to take a different interpretation. Hookfang is not gesturing toward the helmet or making any indication that Hiccup should do something more with the helmet. The expression in his face says something else. What is happening is that Hookfang is processing what Hiccup just did.

This moment is not parallel to Hiccup dropping the knife and Toothless wanting Hiccup to do something more. Instead, this moment is parallel to the moment Hiccup drops the knife in the lake. It’s the second action Hiccup takes to demonstrate he is trustworthy. Here, Hiccup has not just dropped his blade and shield, but he’s also cast away his helmet. Hookfang looks at Hiccup critically, and if you notice, his eyes widen. 

The widened eyes show that Hookfang is looking at Hiccup with surprise, with new interest, and markedly less hostility. Hiccup’s actions are winning Hookfang over, and he’s seeing that Hiccup is not a dangerous enemy after all.

It’s the same sort of calculating gesture Toothless does when he stares at the knife in the lake.

Both of the dragons have come to a new understanding about Hiccup, a positive understanding: he’s not dangerous, he’s not an enemy. The dragons’ minds have been opened up to the human.

And as soon as Hiccup does this second action, both dragons are willing to trust him - at least to some extent. Toothless prowls forward to eat the fish from Hiccup’s hand. Hookfang allows Hiccup’s hand to hover over his snout; had Stoick not interrupted the interaction, Hiccup very well could have touched the dragon.

These moments are really cool parallels!

Now supposing Hookfang had gestured to Hiccup like Toothless did, I don’t think that would be too odd. I don’t think it has anything to do with Hookfang being a Monstrous Nightmare and Toothless being a Night Fury. Hookfang has gestured with his head in various moments throughout the franchise and done other actions similar to what Toothless does in the first HTTYD movie. Had Hookfang gestured with his head, it would not have been too surprising, given as he is in a similar situation to Toothless. And even though I don’t think he’s gesturing, I do think he’s reacting in a similar way, too, and you bringing this up has made me realize it. This is pretty cool.