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I wish we could connect with Mark easier

I just feel really frustrated lately with the communication between the community and Mark.
I feel like he’s been really quiet lately and with all these Host speculation going around it’s still like silence from Mark.
I wish he would let us know more, if he is working on something he could hype it up, get people more excited, if he’s not then he could tell people not to get their hopes up instead of dragging us along on false hopes.
I love Mark I really do but after that speech about keeping promises what promises has he kept?
Schedules. No
Individual ego videos? no
The pole dancing video he said after the tour? Still haven't’ gotten that.
And then he just goes silent on our front and barely says anything it’s almost… insulting? Frustrating. It’s like he doesn’t care anymore just get the videos out, don’t interact with people just do your job.
I know he could be busy but it’s been like this for a while and nothing has change and I just feel disconnected and some times just upset and hopeless.
Like he’s tugging at my chain and giving me and the community false lies.
I doubt he’ll see this he’s never on tumblr anymore.
And I don’t hate Mark I love him, he’s a great guy but I guess im just let down.

Edit: since i’ve been alot of asks about the same thing i’ll just put my answers in here.
Yes is know Mark is human, yes i know he’s not perfect and doesn’t bend to our every whim. Yes i know he deserves breaks
Yes I know that the pole dancing video is delayed because of Tyler’s surgery
Yes I know Mark doesn’t need to make ego videos or any videos for us and that we should enjoy what we got.
Yes I know Mark is busy.

What im saying is Mark says he’ll take critique and right now im critiquing him because i’m a little worried about how things are going right now.
Mark seems to fall into these sort of lulls every once in a while where he disconnects and sort of falls off for a while, this is usually when people start to chime in the tag ‘oh mark has changed somethings wrong’ and then rumors go around which don’t start rumors in the community please.
So when he’s in these lulls it usually takes something to kick him back into gear, whether it be his friends, an event or one of us telling him that they think something is up.
And what I think is up is mostly one thing and that’s communication.
It’s been lacking in the community for a long while and it seems to be getting worse.
I know Mark has millions of fans in his community but even just liking a few pictures or updating us on stuff helps us feel not so distant with him.
I think it would be nice if Mark would update us on stuff, like something every once in a while, just so we know he’s watching instead of this big silence he’s giving us which makes people think he doesn’t care which i know is far from the truth but it kinda makes it seem that way when you talk so much about how you love your community and then you just cut yourself from talking or interacting.
The communication can be minimal or it can be great, Mark’s busy he could just send a tweet or a vlog or something.
He could hype up videos  like if he was going to do an ego video, he could dispel rumors before they get too big (which has happened in the community a couple of times)
He could just say hi or something, anything would be nice at this point.
So my main focus here is that, Mark’s communication with the community 

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Well I mean even if no one in the world enjoyed my blog except me that would still be 1 person who wanted this “dumbass blog” (nice casual ableism btw) but my 1300+ followers might suggest otherwise. Nice try though. Do enjoy your day.