haven't even watched this movie yet


EXO; Kingsman!AU

You are about to embark on the most dangerous job interview in the world. Teamwork is paramount here at Kingsman. We’re here to enhance your skills and test you to the limit.

I’m  not   really  familiar  with  actors  since  I  only  really  watch  spn   &   shows / movies  from  the  80s ,   so  if  you  could  rec  a  peter  pevensie  fc  it  would  make  my  year  tbh.

6 Movies I Can Watch Anytime

I was tagged by @dubiousruffian and I’m going to be legit with you guys. I’m even going to include the EMBARRASSING movie likes.

  1. The Maltese Falcon
  2. Beauty & the Beast - my 90s VHS so they don’t ruin it by adding in shit from the musical, I want it pure and unscathed, thank you.
  3. The Bodyguard - like I said. Embarrassment included.
  4. Frost/Nixon
  5. Love Letters
  6. Labyrinth

And I tag @ofbrokenheartsandtwistedminds, @landsmanwashere, @moxiered, @ariannenymerosmartell, @whyndancer, @catladyofthecanals

*me after watching Furious 7*

Friend: “How are you?”

Me: “The words haven’t even been invented yet.”

Teacher: “Why didn’t you write your paper?”

Me: “The words haven’t even been invented yet.”

*friend falls down on the street*

Me: “The street always wins.”



Suicide Squad Movie Clip - Hurt You Really Bad


I think given anybody’s upbringing whether it’s good or bad or difficult or privilege, everybody wants to be seen and heard and like understood and gotten. So when I make a video, even if it’s stupid, even if it’s like trivial, I think the basis of anybody making content and sharing it is wanting the other person on the receiving it to be like, “I get you, I see you’’ [x]