haven't draw him in ages

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That's kinda funny that I used to follow you only for HP (and for YOU'RE gorgeous style, that also an important point) because now I have more feelings for Remington than for any other character, honestly.

Thank you! :D


Some doodles I did during these 2 weeks, some of them posted on twitter :p

From top to bottom :
-Skyler Shepard, my new Shepard ; he’s gonna be an almost full renegade :p
-Ariadne Shepard, my first Shepard, I love her deeply ; full Paragon
-Anna Trevelyan, Xalynir’s sister, second child of the Trevelyans
-Astyne Trevelyan, Xalynir’s mother
-Nelnar Tabris, my second Warden - 20 y.o during the Blight, 31 during Inquisition
-So’rem Lavellan, belongs to @bogatyris and his smirky attitude, as always

(you can ask questions about them if you want :) )


so i’m whipped with Poe Dameron (and Kylo Ren (and a certain Assassin -cry-))

SO I THOUGHT, HEY. LET’S DRAW HIM IN FIRST ORDER TIE FIGHTER UNIFORM. cries everywhere because he lookssogoodinblackit’ssin

and I had the mightiest need to draw this babycakeangelface so i did.. which is the very top drawing.. then I was like MAYBE I’LL INK IT

but then it lead to like.. KILL ME NOW LET’S COLOUR IT

and then i coloured it but then i was like.. kill me.. just kill me.. because i love him so much! -cries an ocean-

so yea. Poe Dameron for you guys uvu;;

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Poe Dameron©Star Wars

‘Retaliation went against the code of the river, and there could be only one punishment. Exile. His whole world falling apart around him, the boy watched helplessly as the barques of his folk sailed away without him, leaving him with nothing, alone for the first time in his life.’

Did I mention I love TF’s new lore? I really love TF’s new lore.

Some Captain sketches because I haven’t drawn this goof properly in ages. Mainly his hair and face structure has been messing me up, but I’m sorta getting the hang of it maybe. I should have another aosltg out real soon!