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I freaking hate the hypocrisy of some chris cc fans, how I haven't seen a single mention about Will being in Chris's insta story but Darren gets hate if Mia so much as mentions him, what is up with that? Why everyone always give chris and his assistant the pass and hate on darren so much? Thats something that i hate of the cc fandom the insane passes at chris and the insane standard towards darren

You know. It’s against my better judgment that I’m answering this. But I’m currently waiting for my nephews therapy to finish and have a few minutes and honestly this is something I have really wanted to say for awhile.

Chris does not get a pass. Chris is not treated differently. Chris is at this time, equally responsible. I have said that over and over. As a matter of fact, the only complaints I am seeing today are about the PR antics and use of Ashley at the show.

Chris has done everything in his power to equalize the crime and has gone to extraordinary lengths to shoulder as much of the blame as Darren. Something I have recognized and discussed. And I have called Chris out multiple times.

I still think the hardest move to swallow from both camps was the dedication. Even if the words spoke volumes. I hate how he has taken strides to integrate Will with his family,to a much larger extent than she has been integrated in Darren’s. I hate how he handles Klaine.

No one has ever said he was perfect.

But anon. These two situations are polar opposite. Completely different. Chris has full control over his PR life. He uses Chill to boost miarren. And to protect the person that is the most important presence in his life.

On Darren. I rarely call him out personally. But yes. We do talk about his shitty team and his vile beard who have used and manipulated him for years. Further, simply, Darren is way more visible. For every 20 stunts, we get one from chris. So there’s way more to talk about.

Further. Most of my posts on Darren are out if concern.

I think your view is wholly and completely wrong. Ad it’s funny. Something I noticed. After the frattish stunts a few weeks ago. I got grief for always calling out Darren. After I called out Chris for his handling of the Klaine question. I got grief for calling out Chris. Both times saying I treat the parties differently. It’s like I can’t win no matter what I do.

I am here. I am present. I am very vocal. And I call out each of them when and if I feel it’s necessary.

Sure everyone has a favorite. They may be a few who call one out and not the other. But most at this point agree. Chris and Darren are partners in crime who share the guilt. Make no mistake.