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In which I headcanon that “bracing shower” is a euphemism for touching yourself.  Rated E.  Spoilers for 6x18.

Killian stomped up the stairs, a pleasant tingle in his fingers and toes that made him feel heavy and tingly.

“Tingly,” he whispered to himself, shaking his head, and his hand for good measure.  He grabbed a hold of the railing when he nearly slipped on the landing, socks sliding on the slick wooden floors.

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Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love all these rookie groups and I'm excited for this generation of kpop but It's honestly so cringey when fans call rookie groups "Legends" or "Kings and Queens". Like I know you can call your favs whatever you want but it's just honestly cringey calling them that when they haven't done anything spectacular yet. Let's wait about 5 years and then see if the title fits.

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Believer by Imagine Dragons

First digital art I’ve done in about 3+ years, I think. Still figuring out a bunch of things (it took me over an hour to even set up my tablet at all and actually get drawing), but here’s a test sketch of Lyn!



Ok, so this isn't perfect and there’s some stuff I want to change but I’m pretty happy with out it turned out. I woke up this morning and decided I really wanted the train in the drawing but I couldn’t find anything that showed the train in front of Hogwarts (I probably didn’t look hard enough) so I just put it where I thought it looked best. So although it doesn’t match the real Hogwarts perfectly it’s close enough for me.

I have been on a little bullet journal hiatus this summer which is mostly why I haven't been posting much. I still love bullet journaling but I just had no reason to make spreads and to plan out time that didn't need planning if that makes sense (In better words I didn’t do anything this summer that required me to plan it out as ~intensely~ as I would in a bullet journal). But since I start school tomorrow I decided it was time to start again and what better way to start off a new school year than with a Harry Potter Spread! I haven’t done the monthly overview or the weekly spreads yet since I spent 3 hours on this page but I should have time tomorrow to do them and I am very excited.

I know lots of people have started school already but I hope everyone has a successful year and I look forward to seeing all of your posts and being able to interact with you all in the future! So feel free to message me at any time (If I haven’t answered your message I’m sorry I haven’t been on Tumblr but I will after I post this) and happy studying!

I like how people are paying attention to nu'est now that they’re on produce 101 but where were y'all the past five years when they were having comebacks? were you buying their songs? were you watching the mvs and voting on music shows? I hate pledis for how they didn’t promote them and focused only on seventeen, but you can’t place all the blame on them when you didn’t do shit to help nu'est either

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After working in retail for over a year the one thing that annoys me the most is oddly enough other retail workers. Like I get it, it's not the easiest or most pleasant job in the world but do you really have to take it out on the customers who are genuinely confused and have questions or haven't done anything wrong? Like there's no need to be rude to people and I feel like a lot of people don't get this. Sure rude customers are a thing but you're not making life easier by being an ass


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Hi there! I just wanted to know if you found any fics about Tim’s breaking/recovery. Cause I'm still looking and I haven't found anything. And I'm honestly at the point where I'm gonna write it myself!!!!! Just wanted to know if you've found anything and say hi ^-^

On one hand I am genuinely puzzled how people keep finding that post even though it’s three years old, but on the other hand people keep giving me wonderful quality recommendations and it’s amazing. Lemme see if I can list them all in one place:

The Green Knight

If That Mockingbird Don’t Sing

Lost in Jest

Contending with Shadows

Returning Robin

A Community about it on ff

The Stolen Child

Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum (Let Justice be Done Though the Heavens Fall)

The Boy, Wondering

Thanks for @astrologista, @meanestaidman, @anothertublruser1992, and @sarahfreakinsarah for recommending things!!

As is always true, please talk to me about Tim Drake or the Batfamily in general. Please.

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i feel such a fake lesbian... i'm already on my twenties and i've never even flirted with another woman and i've only had one real crush on a girl (when i was 17, years ago) and... i know i shouldn't compare myself to others but i feel like everyone else has dated and kissed women and i'm just here, talking about my attraction to women even tho i haven't really done anything for it... i'd like to have a gf one day but i don't even know where to start and if anyone would want me. i'm so lonely :(

This is a worry I hear all the time when talking to lesbians or looking at lesbian-centric blogs. It’s something we need to discuss more, and now that “lesbian loneliness” has become a popular term, I think more lesbians have been reflecting on and expressing their own experiences.

The fact of the matter is, lesbians comprise a very small percentage of the population. So even if an experience is common among us, it might feel like an isolated occurrence. Lesbians everywhere are afraid they’re doing lesbianism wrong, somehow. They came out too late or they haven’t had a girlfriend or they’ve had sexual experiences with men in the past before realizing they’re gay and now they feel wrong because they’ve never had experiences with women. They feel they’ll never find a girlfriend, let alone a wife. It all seems like a nice fantasy that’ll never really happen.

Many of us feel this way. So what do we do about it?

As one important step, we really do need to talk more, for our own sake and for the sake of lesbians who need to hear that others feel the same. Not having kissed another woman by age 25 is not unusual. Not having a real relationship with a woman until your 30s is not unusual. Feeling like you’ll never find someone is absolutely not unusual.

Relationships are placed on such rigid timelines in our society, especially for women, and this affects us lesbians because it’s just harder for us to meet potential partners and have different relationship experiences until we’ve found the woman we want to be with the rest of our life. We’re told to get married in our 20s, and you’ll see many straight and bi women married in this time frame (though in general, there’s a trend towards later marriage overall), but a lesbian might not even realize she’s a lesbian until this time.

And none of this is unusual. It’s lonely and it hurts, of course, but it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with us or we’re “behind.” The truth is, there’s nothing to catch up to. We need to live at our own pace and believe that it’s the right pace for us.

And when you’re feeling hopeless, remember that countless lesbians who have also felt they’ll never find someone to love have done just that. If any of those lucky lesbians want to share their stories, they’re more than welcome to! Reply and let us know if you also felt like anon did, and how you feel now that you’re in a happy relationship.

-Mod Noel

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This is why I'm not a family person:

1) They talk to you like you’re nothing
2) Nothing’s ever good enough
3) You always get compared to other siblings
4) They don’t leave you alone
5) They insult you
6) They shout and take there mood out on you
7) They don’t listen
8) It’s always your fault
9)They make you feel like shit instantly
10) They make you do things you don’t want to do!

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hi pear, this is my first night of asking entry! my question/problem is: i really want to write, and i participated in nano last year, but as a teenager I just don't feel that i've had enough experience to write about. I know I can write about being a teenager, but I feel that I'm very limited there as well. I haven't done much in the way of anything romantic, and all the other flashy, exciting stuff that befalls teenagers in books I've read has never happened to me. 1/2

But on the other hand, I worry if I write about my own specific experience, I’ll end up writing a “self insert” type novel. I’m not expecting a definitive solution or answer because I don’t think there is one, but some advice would be really appreciated! Sorry for the long ask, and thank you.

Welcome, friend! Glad to have you here, and thanks for sending in!

Take heart! You are certainly not alone in your fears. In fact, those fears plague us for very much longer than we expect them to. Even once we’ve had experiences to draw on, we still struggle thinking about all the things we don’t know, don’t have enough knowledge of or experience with in order to write something that feels right and real. You’re in excellent company. Take courage from that.

That courage is going to take you far, because if you want to keep writing, if you want to grow and explore subjects, you’re going to have to put that courage to good use and dive in. Whether it’s research and reading firsthand accounts of situations you want to explore, or asking folks out there for their experiences to draw on, you’ll have to jump in to things sometimes without all the information you think you’re going to need.

One place where we get experiences is from reading and watching other sources of storytelling. Not every detective story is written by a detective, but they are written by people who love mystery and love solving things, that have learned what kinds of things give people away. Fantasy stories draw on other fantasy stories, and tales of the supernatural are often fed by other supernatural stories. Read and watch the kinds of stories you’re most interested in telling, keeping a keen eye on what kinds of things about those stories you enjoy most. How do they reveal things, and what kinds of depictions are common in that genre? What do you love about it? Is it the mood, or the themes, the personalities of the characters, or the depiction of the world? Dissect what you love–find out how it ticks–and then imitate the hell out of it.

You won’t learn without doing, and you can’t do without steeling that courage and writing badly, and I mean horrifically. Don’t worry about it. At 16, you have so much time to practice and learn and grow, and most importantly, to fail. If you achieve great things right now, you’re a miracle. If you don’t, if you write self-indulgent twaddle until you’re 34, you’re normal. Write always for yourself first. It’s there you’ll find the passion for subjects and peoples and types of stories that you want to hear and see and read. You have to write those–the ones you care about–above all else. Writing is about putting yourself in other people’s shoes, and more importantly, drawing other people into those shoes, too. Whether they’re your own shoes or someone you’ve never met doesn’t matter. Write it with heart to the best of your abilities, without fear, and what turns out will either be great or not. What it is doesn’t matter. What you tried is what counts. You can always learn about what you messed up later; after all, that’s what school and the internet, and libraries and archives, and critiques and editing is all about. It doesn’t have to be perfect for a very, very long time. Forever, in fact. Listen to what your imagination and your heart is telling you to pursue, because that’s the stuff that’s worth it.

A couple of posts that might also be helpful:
In Defense of Mary Sues & Take the Adventure

Good luck, my writer. I have faith in you. Now you learn what faith in yourself feels like. It may take 40 years to know what that is. Trust that it will come.

kenhina headcanons (pt.1)

1. Kenma doesn’t have a problem with Tsukki but there was one incident where he overheard Tsukki shade Hinata for no particular reason and later that day he roasted the fuck out of Tsukki and Nekoma’s team was hype bc when does Kenma ever trash talk, but it’s mostly him being annoyed that someone said something negative about his friend. 

2. They are cuddlers… or at least Hinata is. At the training camp many pictures were taken of them all tangled up and sleeping together. At first they tried to get the others to delete the photos, but too many had been taken by too many people. 

3. After Kenma graduates he goes to more of Karasuno’s games than Nekoma’s just to watch Hinata play. Lev will not shut up about it. 

4. Kenma doesn’t laugh out loud very often. Hinata takes this as a challenge. He is constantly sending anything he thinks is funny to him with the follow up text: “did you laugh?” Hinata’s reaction to his answer is usually more likely to make him smile than anything he gets sent.

5. Hinata frequently asks Kuroo for pictures of Kenma before they met. Kuroo is always happy to oblige with cute and embarrassing photos. Hinata’s phone background is now a picture of Kenma from when he was a first year. He also has a folder of smol Kenma. 

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A little bit of Guild Wars 2 for a change. My norn necromancer Sigurd with his raven pet companion.