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What's going on with the Siamdang drama? I decided to skip since I've been burned by SSH dramas before, so I have no idea what's been going on.

Hoo boy,  So, pretty much:

1.  SBS thought they had a guaranteed hit on their hands with Lee Young Ae’s big comeback drama.  Up until shortly before it aired, it was always meant to be a weekend drama, and while it got pushed back once or twice, the earlier possible slots were for the weekend.  Then someone went “hey, we have a guaranteed, no chance of failure drama, why are we making it a weekend drama instead of primetime?”  So they moved it to the Wednesday/Thursday slot without taking into account that, well, it was meant to be a WEEKEND drama, and not only do weekend dramas have a different vibe from primetime dramas, but viewers also have different expectations.  If it had been a weekend show, there would have still been some problems, but I do believe that it would had had the ratings-or close to-that it was expected to have.

2.  Even though Lee Young Ae apparently didn’t want to rely on nostalgia too much, SBS really really did, and played up the nostalgia in marketting, and in the show itself.  On paper, it makes PERFECT sense why she’d go with it.  It’s set in the same time period as Dae Jang Geum and the characters are familiar but not identical, it featured a character who rarely (never?) appears in sageuks, a romance between a couple in their late 30s, and a rather unusual and somewhat original spin on things.  It isn’t the first series to combine modern and  historical parts (and it should be noted that filming finished long before Goblin or Chicago Typewriter, which also feature reincarnation and historical and modern timelines, were ever announced) but it’s still an uncommon approach.  Unfortunately, SBS opted too much for the nostalgia.  Nods and homages to LYA’s previous iconic works are natural and expected, but SBS decided that people who liked LYA in an early 2000s drama wanted to watch her in an early 2000s drama in 2017.  Personally speaking, while there were some not-great sageuk parts early on, it worked for me.  It didn’t work for a lot of people because…well, even if you liked something 14 years ago you don’t WANT something that hasn’t progressed in those 14 years.

3.  The series was hyped as a sageuk with bits of modern plot, and marketing really built up the nostalgia.  In reality, the series was always meant to be roughly evenly split between the modern and historical plotlines.  Unsurprisingly, when fans got something VERY different from what they’d been promised (the first episode was mostly modern parts, the second was half modern, half snippets from different points in the sageuk plotline) they reacted pretty loudly.  SBS reacted by being SBS and making drastic edits.  It should be noted that the ratings didn’t fall below what’s normally considered decent until AFTER the major edits took place.  Most of the editing was removing large chunks of the modern parts.  Unfortunately, it was constructed for the two plotlines to feed into and support each other.  The sageuk plotline was perfectly decent on its own, but was obviously lacking something, and that something was the bulk of the complementary plotline in the present.  As a result, while we’ll likely get resolution for the sageuk plotline, they cut so much from the modern plotline that I don’t see how they can fully resolve and explain everything in the final episode.

4.  I’m not completely up to speed on this part, but it was apparently also expected to do well internationally, like Moon Lovers did, but the China ban pretty much killed that.

5.  It’s SBS doing a sageuk?  I mean, don’t get me wrong, more often than not,  sageuk that doesn’t get stellar ratings sails through SBS unscathed.  But then…well, they pretty much did the same thing to Moon Lovers with the heavy edits that made things a mess and did more harm than good, but at least they didn’t do so many edits that they dumped 2 entire episodes worth of plot.  Then there’s poor Ja Myung Go, which had the misfortune of competing with Queen Seon Deok (and another really popular drama that QSD replaced early in its run, tough I forget that drama’s name) to which it bore some similarities.  The ratings Ja Myung Go pulled in were low, but not actually terrible, but it was meant to be 50 episodes and they cut it to 39.  IMO, having to condense the last 20 episodes into 9 episodes (and I can’t recall if they even had that much forewarning) pretty much ruined it.  I loved that show despite not caring for the male lead at all, or being very invested in the romance, until the final handful of episodes, which I thought went downhill fast, and the ending pretty much ruined it for me.  (Tragic is one thing, but I thought that went OTT with the tragedy, and actively ignored Ja Myung’s agency to have the tragedy, but that’s another rant.)  SBS seems a little more trigger happy and panicky if their really hyped dramas don’t immediately perform as expected, and both Saimdang and Moon Lovers probably would have fared better in ratings if someone hadn’t hit the panic button and sent the editing department into a frenzy.

I mean, I’ve spent half the run of the show going “MBC wouldn’t have done this to us.”  (I mean, in general, MBC seems more willing to stick with sageuks and let them do their thing even when they only have average ratings.)  Sure, we would have had even more Dae Jang Geum shoutouts, but at least they would have given the show a proper chance.

6.  I honestly have no idea if this is a factor, and I touched on it in a post last week, but Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People has been…not a sleeper hit, but it’s a show pulling in good ratings and a lot of acclaim despite relatively little promotion.   MBC kinda threw it out there and it took off was better than the overlapping and way more hyped sageuks from SBS and KBS.  But Rebel is, IMO, a truly revolutionary and progressive show in a lot of ways.  Even if you don’t see it as revolutionary or progressive, there’s no denying that it deals with and addresses things other sageuks usually don’t, and is very different from what we’re used to in a lot of ways.  At the same time, you have Saimdang relying on tried and true tropes for the sageuk, and steadily losing a lot of what set it apart thanks to SBS edits.  A lot of people I know (as in, all of them that I can think of) who initially watched Saimdang but couldn’t get into it DO watch and love Rebel.  Whether or not this holds true for Korean viewers, I don’t know.

I mean, I’m biased.  People who follow me who don’t watch kdramas, or even those who do but don’t watched Rebel, are probably sick and tired of me talking about it.  Someone out there probably isn’t reading this post purely because I post so many walls of text about the show that they have every possible version of the title plugged into tumblrsavior.  Unless it goes south in the last few episodes, I’m going to say that Rebel is probably one of the best shows I’ve watched in the last few years, while Saimdang is pretty much my most anticipated drama of the last two years. Aside from the first few episodes, Saimdang did not live up to my expectations, though I do still like it for the show it is.

End rant.  Sorry, you probably didn’t expect a reply anywhere near this long, but ti’s one of the things that gets me going these days.  My friends in Line have put up with a lot of this from me lately.

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My boyfriend wants me to Cosplay for him but hasnt put the time/money into helping. I haven't really gotten anywhere with it. I have no extra money to really save up - damn you student debit. He has given me a list of cosplays he wants. A few examples are Arcade Sona, Officer Caitlyn from LoL, Princess Peach & Alexstrasza from WoW. He is complaining that weve been together for 4 years now & I still havent done any cosplaying for him. Im also plus sized and dont know where to start. Help! =/

Hi Anon,

I don’t know you personally nor am a familiar with the details of your relationship but I do have a few questions I think you should ask yourself:

First, what do you want to do? Not what your boyfriend wants you to do but what do you personally want to do?

Second, are these characters you even want to cosplay?

Cosplaying is a personal investment both of time and resources. The costumes on this list aren’t easy, whip together in a weekend costumes. Even using all my trips and trick you are also going to spend at the very least $100 on each of them and a lot more is some cases. There has got to be passion or at the very least interest before making the investment. Otherwise you will not have a very enjoyable time making them and you will resent it the whole time.

Kudos for making the adult decisions to put paying off student debit before costuming!  It’s ok to splurge every once in a while and do something fun but having massive debit hanging over your head all the time is stressful. There may be something more important in your life you want on splurge on. If cosplay isn’t it that’s ok.

Ok, here is the part where I’m going to way overstep my boundaries and make a lot of assumptions but also try to give some helpful advise.

I’m going to assume he doesn’t cosplay himself since you said “cosplaying for him” instead of “with him”. The “for him” part brings up another question: is he asking you to dress up to fulfill his sexual fantasies? I’m not judging role playing in the bedroom, whatever you are into is fine. The reason I’m asking is because I want you to ask yourself a few question “If he is asking me to cosplay to fulfill his sexual fantasy, then what is he doing to reciprocate?” and the follow up “If he is asking for me to invest literally hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours into completing this list is he going to do/willing to do/has done  something similar for me?” If the answer is “yes”  then I wouldn’t think it’s out of line to go through with making a costume and dressing up as long as you are comfortable doing it. If the answer is “no” then I’m sorry but your boyfriend is grade A douche bag who isn’t respecting your personal and responsible choice to prioritizing bills over something as silly as cosplay and ignoring  your sexual needs in the process!  

BTW the proper etiquette for asking for the fulfillment of a sexual fantasy is as followed: If Partner A wants Partner B to wear something special and Partner B is down for it then Partner A provides it or Partner B acquires it for a special occasion  as a surprise or as a present (i.e. a birthday, anniversary etc). However, if Partner B fulfills a sexual fantasy for Partner A then Partner A should be willing to do the same the next time around as long as it doesn’t make them uncomfortable.

Honestly, the reciprocation rule applies to just about anything in life, not just bedroom activities.

Let me tell you a quick story. After college I was working 2 jobs to pay the bill. I had a grand total of 1 day off a week. Most of which I spent sleeping since I normally worked 15 hours the day before. That’s 4 days off in a month. One of those days went to laundry and cleaning, one went to family events (birthdays usually), One went to a social activity, and the last was a “me” day. There was this guy I hung out with who kind of liked me and we would spend some time together. He could not for the life of himself figure out why I wouldn’t give him more time. I tried to explain that I worked all the time. He would acutely pout about it! I think one time he suggested I should work less and mentally I was like “What the heck! Are the bills just going to pay themselves?” That’s when I decided he wasn’t the right guy for me. He didn’t understand how precious that one “me” day was to my mental and physical well being.  

I think you are in the same position I was. There is a guy who doesn’t understand why you have prioritized things the way you have. And he wants something you can’t give right now: for me it was time for you it is time/money. If he wants this bad enough then he should be willing to help make the time and money happen. 

Next time he brings it up say “Hey, guess what ______ ( insert holiday, special occasion, birthday of your choice) is just around the corner. I’m super swamped right now and can’t make this myself. How about you pay to have it commissioned and I’ll wear it?” If he doesn’t like that options then tell him “ Unless you help make it happen it’s not going to happen anytime soon”.

Also, when you mentioned” He is complaining that we’ve been together for 4 years now & I still haven’t done any cosplaying for him”. That makes it sound like he thinks he is “owed” something. The time you’ve been together entitles  him to something. Honey, that’s not good (I’m southern, I promise I’m not using “Honey” patronizingly. We use it to mean we are serious and we care). I’ve been there before and it wasn’t a sign of the relationship being health.  If he has the attitude of “ I’ve put in my time so I deserve this” that a terrible way of looking at the relationship and it shows a lack of concern for  fulfilling a partner physical and emotional needs. 

I’ll just say if you really want to cosplay one of these characters go for it! your body shape shouldn’t factor into how much fun you have dressing up. Guess what? I’m plus size too! Cosplaying had helped me develop self confidence, get over stage fright, as well as refine my public speaking skills. If you want to do it I’ll be more then happy to help! Pick one of the characters and send me another message and I’ll help you figure out a way to make it within your budget as well as develop something you think flatters you figure!

Ok, I’ve said my piece and I apologizes if I overstepped my boundaries or totally miss read the situation. If none of this applies to you just ignore it. Hopefully someone else reading this might take away some wisdom.

Lastly, love your body and more importantly love yourself for who you are.