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derpypatato  asked:

Do you have any tips for a newly starting RPG player?

- Picking a game
Look into Quickstarts and Beginner Boxes until you find something you like. You can get a few different QuickStart PDFs from DrivethruRPG for free.
- Don’t be afraid to get into character
Everyone is there to play make believe and it’s far better when everyone throws themselves into character than when people are trying to maintain a facade of cool detachment while playing. Good role playing will often get you some bonus xp from the GM too.
- Keep notes or better yet, a journal
A little notebook will help you keep NPC’s in order, keep related information together and help you get back into the game easier at the start of each session. The GM can check out player notes when they may have forgotten something or draw on the opinions expressed within for new ideas.
- Drop your hang ups
The games table needs to be a safe place for everyone and people who game come from many different groups. Make your gaming group a welcoming one, diversity benefits us all by giving us a larger pool of experiences to draw upon. Gaming is not solely the domain of white male geeks many believe it to be.
- Game forums
A super handy resource many people overlook even though it’s more accessible than ever is the Internet. I am currently running a Star Wars game and started off with a published adventure, I went to Fantasy Flight Games forums and found out what other people did to add to the game and came away with a few great ideas.
- Think of the story like a movie or book series
Foreshadowing, red herrings, Chekhov’s gun, pay attention to everything (this is where notes can come in handy) and remember to pump NPC’s for information. The person who wrote the adventure put everything there for a reason.
- Have a good idea of WHO you are playing
Don’t think of your character as “Level one, Human, Fighter.” Work with the GM to give them a personality and background that is interesting and try to consider things from that perspective. Most classes gain their abilities through training, where did you get yours? Did you always intend to make your way as an adventurer? Do you have family? A goal? How has your past challenged your world-view? How was your outlook on life coloured by your training? The character development memes on tumblr are handy for this, the ask memes can be too if you answer them in character.
- Avoid cliches and negative tropes
The best example I can think of for this is called a Fishmalk… In Vampire: The Masquerade there is a clan of Vampires called Malkavians who, because of their vampire blood all gain a “derangement” which is basically a mental illness they have to deal with which many players read and instantly thought “I am going to play my Malkavian as a wacky vampire version of Bugs Bunny, only with less restraint and ability to reason, I shall also make them carry a bloody teddy bear wherever they go, wear bunny ears and pyjamas to every social event and run about hitting NPC’s in the face with fish.” When they should have been thinking more Dexter Morgan or Annie Wilkes who are viewed as mostly normal if somewhat odd by people who don’t directly experience the manifestation of their mental illnesses.
- Be mindful of lore
Work with your GM or players to craft characters that fit the setting, reserve character ideas that don’t fit for other games. Most game worlds are developed enough to find something you will enjoy.
- Don’t Powergame or Minmax
That is to say, don’t make character build decisions based on what will get you a bigger attack die more HP or access to a lightsaber if it’s not right for your character. You’re there to play a person not a mathematical construct.
- GM’s may want to provide “player packets”
Maps, a brief history, local legends, news and rumours and a rundown of the local power structure, slang specific to the setting and a glossary of terms are all things that could be handy for a player to know, presented in a little folder that contains their character sheet can help them have needed information at hand instead of forcing you to go digging through notes when they have more general questions about the setting.
- Finding a group
Many company websites have forums containing a group finder thread. Game shops may have advertisements for gaming groups posted about and some stores like Haven for Heroes in Port Jervis NY will let you play in store.
- Engage your fellow players not just your GM
If you are in a group with the other people at the table don’t only be talking to your GM. If you think your character would discuss things with another character at the table talk about it, you can often get bonus points out of your GM for good roleplaying ;)
- Dealing with conflict
Be cool headed and wait to talk it over with the GM or offending party and the GM when there is a break. If things don’t go your way don’t be a broody grump about it, try to move on. If things do go your way, don’t be a gloating jerk either, he only thing worse than a poor loser is a bad winner.

afrodisios  asked:

Have you ever seen the phone application called STONE Metaphysical crystals, illuminated. By Jack Flintermann ? It looks like something you would love. I would send you photos but obviously you can't in an ask. You can find it on the itunes store!

i haven’t heard of it, actually!! but i’m so glad you’ve enlightened me to its existence; i’’d love to have more magickal apps. :,) thank you so much for sharing!  ✨ 💖

anonymous asked:

This is the bra girl with the 2 for $130. Bras. When you're a 36 L cup. You have to buy everything boobs related from out of the country cause they do not make above a K cup here in Texas and I haven't found a store here in the states that has an online catalog with bras my size. I would pay over $180 for ONE custom made bra here. So 2 for $130 REALLY comfy bras vs. $180 for ONE comfy bra.

$180???! jesus

OH HAHAHAAHA i was supposed to have breakfast this morning at denny’s with 2 of my cousins and their friend but i cancelled bc i wasn’t up to it like i haven’t stored enough energy to be around family yet but i had a dream last night that i had dinner with them instead and i just sat there in silence bc i was socially exhausted around them hahaha

Hey guys! I know I haven’t been active lately. I got a new job and have been busy with it.

I have some exciting news tho! I am going to be opening a witchy Etsy store!! I haven’t decided on a name yet but it’s the only thing I really have left to do!!!

Any name suggestions? And what kind of products would you guys like to see??

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does reikos hair do any power stuff or does it just look like that? would her hero suit factor in something that generated light? does artificial light work but to a lesser degree? in that case would something like a UV light work better? does reflecting/refracting light play any part in her powers?

Reiko in general glows very faintly but her hair doesn’t have anything to do with it. It’s basically just anime genetics and it actually used to be so much more vibrant as a child. I haven’t worked on her suit at all yet but I would imagine it would have a solar panel aspect to it. Any light works, yeah! She almost always has a flashlight on hand in cases where she doesn’t have any stored.

 I haven’t thought of that actually! It sounds super interesting and maybe I can try and think of a way of incorporating it! ;;;

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What's your opinion on pineapples on pizza?

ahh I’ve only tried it once tbh and I didn’t like it. but it was also homemade pizza so maybe the canned pineapples were too sweet?? idk I just remember not liking the spicy + sweet combo!! 

I have always wanted to try hawaiian pizza (that’s what we call pizza with pineapple on top) but they always have ham on it and I don’t eat ham ://

but like…homemade pizza is my mom’s Thing (like all her friends always want her to make pizza for potlucks) so I haven’t tried store bought pizza with  pineapples - dunno if that’ll make a difference??

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is dead mountain that nonfiction book about those hikers who died under weird unexplained circumstances bc i've been meaning to read that it sounds creepy af

yeah it is!!!! It’s really well done and it was only $2 on the iBook store I haven’t finished it yet but I’m loving so far it’s like the unsolved mystery I find the most fascinating and most of the media about it in English is trying 2 prove a yeti was responsible so….. It is v nice to read something about it that doesn’t involve yetis bc I am v anti the yeti theory

@4111111 idk where you live but I managed to get by on thrift stores when I lived in a small town with a pop. of 500. That was where my mom bought all my clothes growing up. Back then there was kind of a stigma against it, but I don’t think there is so much nowadays. If you live in a small town I would recommend looking for independent charity shops in your surrounding areas.

In fact I’ve often found that I get some great stuff in rinky-dink small towns since the stores haven’t been raided by hipsters and re-sellers!

ahri726  asked:

Say Mushi have you tried to play FNaF you know survive for 5 longs nights at a restaurant filled of OP animatronics

I have not played it. The closest I’ve seen of it was the toys in stores. I haven’t heard too much about it honestly, so I don’t know if I should look into it or not?

Have a great day/night!! :)

Apple can delete all your music

Imagine the horror: You sign up for Apple Music. You whip out the credit card and hand over  your digits. The next morning, you open up your iTunes library — the haven in which you’ve stored  years and years of music — and it’s all gone.

That’s exactly what happened to James Pinkstone, who shared this horror story on his company’s blog. Pinkstone says he lost 122 gigabytes of music. When he called to complain, an Apple representative explained to him: “The software is functioning as intended.”

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