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Welp everyone this is what I did for Towel Day! Pleasant animated pixel draws of the main cast of the series. I haven’t made animated gifs for a LONG time and this was fun to do. (Also I am aware that they’re all moving at different rates from each other, that was intentional.) The designs are based on a cross between the TV show, the movies, general popular headcanons on what these characters should look like, and just how I randomly decided to draw them.

If you want to use these like as one of those pictures on the background of your blog or something, absolutely go right ahead. The only thing I ask is that if someone asks you where they came from, just please don’t say you made them.

Under the cut there’s links to still versions of these as well as links to where I decided to post them individually because I could.

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rogue is by far one of my top favorite x-men character in the comics and ever since the 1992 brilliant animated series I haven’t gotten 1 (one) decent rogue representation in the midia whats up with that!!!!!!!

Safe Haven AU

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: My Safe Haven is not 100% the same as the Nicholas Sparks one. I changed a few things. I took out the dead wife as a friend because that just kinda didn’t make sense to me in this. Just a heads up.

A/N: Let me know if you want to be tagged.

You watched the seagulls fly overhead, the waves crashing in the shore as you gaze out into the water, the murmur of voices gathering on the bus pulls your attention. Looking back, you watch the bus board and start, ready to pull away, this was your last chance to go. You sigh, chewing your bottom lip knowing you were staying, something about the water and small town made you feel safe. Safer than you’d felt in a long time, shuddering as the memory rippled in the back of your mind.

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New doodle of Elane. It’s been a while, but I wasn’t happy with the previous ones. One of the biggest comments I got was that people thought she should be tanner. So I tried tanning her up. Without her hair drawn, she looked super tan, but now that I’ve added her hair…she looks less so. Still, she’s darker than she was. My ability to make things fun and glow-y is the same as my ability to draw hair, non existent. So please excuse the shotty hair painting.

Some redoodles to be done soon along with some ACOTAR stuff.

The thing about being second is that you start thinking, “atleast I’m not 3rd…” “atleast I placed anyway…” & that’s where you end up staying in a situation that gives you less than you give… less than you deserve…
Maybe wanting to be special for once is selfish… But so is giving someone your all & having them not return atleast half of it…
No one deserves to be second, not even for a second, no one deserves to be second guessing or experiencing secondhand love… especially to someone they put first…
No one talks about how they’d rather a consolation prize or participation medal instead…
How 2nd place sounds like “in absence of” & when is 1st place ever not there?
How sometimes you think you are 2nd when you aren’t even an option… how they are still the only person you’d choose… how 2nd place is a sugar-coated “you lose”…
Isn’t it funny how the back-up plan has your back more… because I mean… why do they even need a back-up plan anyway?
But in all the discussions of second place, we forget to talk about entering the race knowing we won’t win but still expecting to anyway…
—  Atleast you tried

Haven’t posted in a while. Did some quick doodles. Not thrilled with any of them, I fell out of practice or hit a art wall or something. Nothing was turning out like I wanted and these are the sad results.

1. Evangeline and Elane. Gotta say that Evangeline’s POV chapter surprised me. I thought for sure it was going to be one of the boys, but I have enjoyed her chapters so far. More than I did Cameron’s. Cameron is one of my fav characters, but I can’t get into her head. I know now that the character description for Elane was “flawless skin” and when I wrote it down for reference later I read “pale skin”. So now I want to edit it. I tried some different styles for Evangeline. Not particularly fond of either, but eventually I’ll find something I like.

2. Morrey and Cameron. I originally drew it with the braid style I had in my first sketch of Cameron but as I was reading it, it mentioned Morrey braided her hair into two braids. Could just mean he fixed 2 of her braids, but I took it to mean he rebraided her hair into 2 braids. Those braids could have been made of multiple braids…but that’s too much work for my poor hands to draw right now.

3. Ella! Couldn’t find much about her online, and I couldn’t remember any descriptions from the book aside from the blue hair, so I just went with what I thought she might look like. I may rework and release a different version later.

Anyway, almost done with the book. More later.

Class & Torchwood thoughts

So I was thinking about the similarities between Class and Torchwood, especially the general premise.  I mean, both have:

  • Some sort of rift from which alien life comes from
    • Both shows note that the rift is where the scum of the universe comes through
  • A team consisting of:
    • Adorable alien male (Charlie, Jack)
    • Strong, capable human female (April, Gwen)
    • Super smart human female (Tanya, Toshiko)
    • Human male who is more of an outsider to the group.  Also serves as love interest for Adorable alien male (Matteusz, Ianto)
    • Other male that has relationship with Strong, capable human female (Ram, Owen)
      • Side note: April is also similar to Owen in that she becomes the “king,” much like Owen did.
  • Seem to have recurring alien foes
    • Shadowkin, Weevils (I don’t know this one for sure, since I haven’t finished the series)
    • Plus, as mentioned before, a character has become “king” of both these species.

Perhaps that’s the reason why I felt nearly instant attachment to these characters. Interestingly, the people I felt the most attached to the fastest were the ones that emulate my favorite Torchwood characters (Charlie/Jack, Matteusz/Ianto, Tanya/Toshiko). The others took slightly longer for full attachment to form.

Quill is probably the biggest outlier, because she doesn’t really fit with any of the Torchwood characters. I thought about maybe pairing her with Suzie, but that didn’t work well in my eyes. In my opinion, Quill is what helps separate this show from Torchwood.

I’m definitely not saying this is inherently a bad thing!  In fact, it’s great for us Torchwood lovers! I suspect that the show creators did this on purpose to get us attached to the characters faster by making them seem familiar. However, I would really love to see Class break out of the Torchwood mold it’s clearly originated from. I’m hoping to see that in the last 3 episodes of the season.

Also, one thing that gives me hope that Class will become it’s own true show is that it seemed to get through two seasons of Torchwood (in terms of similar events) in five episodes. (The king thing and the key relationships)

I really hope this won’t become like Torchwood and crash and burn. I’d hate to see that happen again.

Hope you enjoyed my ramblings!