haven meme

Imagine a UNIT era modern day AU where the Doctor discovers Facebook:

  • He immediately sends friend requests to everyone at UNIT. The Brigadier doesn’t really understand social media (he only uses it to keep up with family stuff) but he’s very good at clicking the delete button. The Doctor is undeterred and continues to send him friend requests.
  • One day the Brigadier has to tell him exasperatedly, “Doctor, you can’t publicly list your education as ‘Time Lord Academy’.”
  • On another occasion he has to tell him to take down the picture he posted of the First Doctor that was captioned, “And here’s me in my younger days.” “I suppose this means you’ll want me remove that photograph taken during the Omega incident that said, ‘Hanging out with myself’,” the Doctor sighs.
  • The Doctor tries to sound cool on the internet but doesn’t because he keeps using memes that haven’t been invented yet. No one has any idea what he’s talking about and internet-savvy Jo is perpetually embarrassed.
  • The Master (under a paper-thin alias) stalks the Doctor’s page and likes all his posts in the hope that the Doctor will send him a friend request and he can have the satisfaction of declining it. The Doctor ignores him, but he does get a friend request from Sergeant Benton. Somehow the thought of declining that isn’t quite as satisfying.
  • “No, Doctor,” the Brigadier groans one morning when he sees his Facebook feed, “you cannot post… selfies… with a Dalek.” “Well if you don’t like mine, “ the Doctor replies, “just wait until you see Jo’s.”

ya lit meme: six locations
[1/6] Middle Earth

“But to Sam the evening deepened to darkness as he stood at the Haven; and as he looked at the grey sea he saw only a shadow in the waters that was soon lost in the West. There he stood far into the night, hearing only the sigh and murmur of the waves on the shores of Middle-Earth, and the sound of them sank deep into his heart.”


Get to know me MEME - [2/10] Favorite TV Couples: NATHAN WUORNOS / AUDREY PARKER

“How could I ever do that? I will think about you every minute of every hour of every day, and that’s why I’ll be okay. After everything you’ve done for the people of this town, for me, Parker… You’ll be with me every time I feel something. You’ll be with me and all the people of this town whose pain you’ve taken away. With me and all the people who are free to live and grow without fear. When the sun finally shines down on Haven again. You’ll be with me and all the families that we put back together. And the ones in the world who suffered with Troubles too. You’ll be with me when Haven returns to the world and becomes the town we both know it can be. Every person that we gave hope, faith that something good could happen for all of us. You’ll be with me and every person who’s happy now, at peace, because of you, Audrey. I’ll never forget you. You will always be with me, and no matter what happens, I will always love you.”