haven lounge


Haven Lounge Chair by Revolution Design House

the designer of Portland based Revolution Design House have challenged them self to do their own modern interpretation of the classic lounge chair. The result is this beautiful Haven Lounge Chair called creation. A minimalistic combination of powder coated steel, White Oak wood and Jade colored upholstery. The color of the wool upholstery can be changed the customers desire.


Eco Meets Luxury In $12.5M Las Vegas Mansion

This $12.5 million dollar contemporary is a Mojave Desert oasis that mirrors its sienna surroundings in both its construction and its majesty. Walk through the 13-foot-tall solid teak front door, however, and you’ll see that it’s much more than that.

It’s a 13,255-square-foot bowling alley and lounge, spa and swim retreat, chef’s utopia, and introvert’s haven, all tucked safe and sound under a solar-power-generating zinc wing.


Haven lounged on the couch, watching some boring documentary on TV when her cell phone on the coffee table buzzed. Reaching to pick it up, she smiled at the name that appeared on the screen, and held the device to her ear. “Jakey! What’s up?”