haven lounge


Eco Meets Luxury In $12.5M Las Vegas Mansion

This $12.5 million dollar contemporary is a Mojave Desert oasis that mirrors its sienna surroundings in both its construction and its majesty. Walk through the 13-foot-tall solid teak front door, however, and you’ll see that it’s much more than that.

It’s a 13,255-square-foot bowling alley and lounge, spa and swim retreat, chef’s utopia, and introvert’s haven, all tucked safe and sound under a solar-power-generating zinc wing.

One day, one rhyme- Day 515

Knock knock. “Hello! What a surprise,
Do come inside, but shut your eyes.
Ignore the hallway and the weeds,
And pesky dandelion seeds.
Sorry the house is such a mess,
I’ve been busy, I must confess
I haven’t mowed the lounge room yet”:
Using grass instead of carpet.