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Can we just take a moment to appreciate how much noise Yang Xiao Long must make whenever she moves.

I mean…. 

New jacket? Zipper.

Boots? Zip ‘em up. 

New sleeve thingies? zIPPERS



And that’s ON TOP of a robo arm, to boot. 
Can you just imagine? Yang Xiao Long, charging into battle, and all her enemies can hear….


This child has an obscene amount of metal on her, even if you don’t count the arm. 


☁ Safe Haven is a magical and peaceful place full of love, trust, safety and happiness. In this little village, there is no harm, force, conflicts, hate, or anything like that. Recover yourself by walking through the beauty of nature and forget your worries for a while. You are safe here. Meet the friendly and understanding villagers and enjoy the harmonic atmosphere. ☁

Current dream address can be found on my blog! Tag me if you post pictures about your visit in Safe Haven or use #acnl safe haven so I can see & reblog them ♥

man I wish I hadn’t gotten into this fandom literally RIGHT before the finale. I haven’t been so invested in a story for years, and I don’t think I’ve ever been as motivated to make fanart. I feel like I just got to know these goofs, and now I already have to say goodbye. 

Well, either way I’m still glad I came. Have some tex-mex-twins for The End

List of deaths in volume 4

(Obviously, this post contains spoilers. Like 90% of everything I post. Be warned.)

After I made a friend watch RWBY and told her nobody would die (I know that’s the cruelest thing I ever did I’m so sorry) and of course people died in volume 3 and it kinda hit her (she’s still fucking mad), I made a list of every death in volume 4 so she can be prepared before she watches it. Left out some grimm. Enjoy.

Every death in volume 4 (that came ot my mind)

  • a whole village… men, women, children, all of them (offscreen)
  • actually more than one village
  • some huntsman 
  • some poor farmboy’s sanity
  • whoever used to wax Mercury’s eyebrows (offscreen)
  • Tyrian’s sanity (offscreen)
  • some other parts of Tyrian
  • Ruby’s cloak (offscreen) 
  • Raven’s chance of ever winning a mother of the year award 
  • Qrow’s liver
  • bumblebee, according to black sun shippers
  • black sun, according to bumblebee shippers
  • peace between black sun shippers and bumblebee shippers
  • the sanity of all renora shippers, but I think they’re okay with it
  • Blake, to some of us
  • Sun, to some of us
  • Yang, to some of us
  • Tai, to some of us
  • the FNDM, to many of us
  • Whitley, to all of us
  • all the respect we had for Jaques Schnee
  • all the hate still left for Weiss Schnee you precious girl 
  • Hanzo aka Ren’s father
  • Ren’s mother
  • our sanity                        
  • Kevin, you will be missed  
It’s nice for him to get a bit of recognition and praise finally. People haven’t really noticed him up until now
—  Nick not being at ALL sarcastic about how nice it must be for Harry to get all the excellent Dunkirk reviews, whilst still making sure he mentions how good the film is and that he cried

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shawn doing a livestream and the fans don't know about y/n and shawn's relationship yet, but y/n accidentally calls him babe from the other room so they have to explain? thanks so much! i love your blog!!!

You wake up from a nap since the jet lag has been kicking your butt. For some reason, Shawn is completely fine, and he didn’t even take a nap. You console yourself with the fact that he’s been doing this for a long time and you haven’t. When you finally gather the strength to get out of bed, you can hear Shawn strumming his guitar from somewhere down the hall. You realize that you’re only in a sports bra, and it’s cold, so you open Shawn’s drawers in search of a long sleeved shirt. Specifically you’re looking for his pink John Mayer Love on the Weekend shirt, but you can’t find it in any of the drawers. You start walking down the hallway, and you call out, “Babe? Where did you put your long sleeved shirts?” You assume he didn’t hear you over his guitar, so as you get closer, you shout, “Babe?” Again just as you enter the living room. Shawn’s back is towards you, but he stops playing and reaches out to grab his phone that you didn’t realize was propped up on the table in front of him. He quickly and almost frantically taps the screen a few times before turning around to look at you with a slightly shocked look on his face.

“What?” You question, not understanding why he just did that with his phone and why he’s looking at you like that.

“I was live streaming on instagram.” Is all he says in response, and immediately your face mirrors his and your eyes get wide. 

“How much did they see, how much did they hear?” You question immediately. It was your choice not to go public with your relationship, but if the fans watching his live stream heard what you said and saw you come out of his bedroom, you might have just involuntarily gone public.

He puts his guitar down, and stands up. He grabs your hand and leads you back to the couch where he sits next to you. He pulls you close to him, and opens his phone silently. “Whatever happens now, it’s going to be okay, y/n. I promise you that.” He tells you honestly. 

You just take a deep breath trying to compose yourself as Shawn opens up his twitter app. Immediately you can already see all the tweets about the two of you. Some of his fans already knew you, since you and Shawn had been friends for a really long time. However, you’re a very private person, so your instagram is set to private, and even your twitter is private. 

The tweets are basically all the same, everyone is freaking out about you and Shawn being together. At this point, they’re almost positive, but they’re aware that there hasn’t been any confirmation. There is a lot of questions and disappointment regarding how abruptly Shawn ended the lifestream. After you read the tweets on his phone for a few more moments, you finally speak. “I think we should tell them. I mean, they already know already, but we should still tell them now.” 

Shawn nods, silently thinking. After a few more seconds, he says, “You’re sure you want to tell them?” You just nod, and he says, “Should I tweet about it?” 

“I think we should go live on instagram. I mean, that is how they already kind of found out already.” 

He looks at you, searching your face for any signs that you’re not okay with live streaming. Even when he can tell you’re telling the truth, he still says, “Babe, it’s fine if you don’t want to.” knowing how terrified you’ve been about going public with your relationship and how nervous you get in front of a lot of people in person or on camera. 

“I think we should, I’ll be okay.” You tell him. “Lets just keep it short. Answer a few questions, and kind of say that we’re together, but not much more than that.” 

He pulls you closer to himself, resting his chin on the top of your head briefly. “Okay, but if you want to stop it at any time, just squeeze my hand and I’ll end it.” He tells you seriously. 

You nod, and say, “I need a shirt first.”

He laughs, breaking the tension of the moment, and stands up to help you find the shirt you were looking for. He hands you the John Mayer shirt that was still in one of the boxes he hadn’t unpacked yet. You take it, hesitating. “Maybe this is too much all at once. Maybe I should just wear my shirt, where did I put it?” You ask, looking around. 

“Hey, calm down baby.” He tells you kindly. “That shirt looks good on you.”

You do as he says, taking a deep breath in an attempt to calm yourself. And then you say, “I’m ready.” 

He nods, then opens up his instagram app, and sets his phone up again on the table, fixing it so both of you are in the shot. After that he sits back, and looks at you again, “Ready?” He asks with a slight smile, and you smile back. You know that Shawn has wanted to share your relationship with the fans and the world for some time now, but he respected that you weren’t ready, and he wouldn’t ever want to push you. But now that it is finally happening, he’s excited. 

You just nod, and he squeezes your hand one last time, reminding you, “If you want me to turn it off, just let me know and I will.”

“I’m good, Shawn, I’m ready.” You respond, trying to reassure him. 

He nods, and leans forward to start the live video. “Hey guys,” Shawn says, sitting back on the couch so that you’re both in frame. “I want to introduce you guys to y/n, my girlfriend. Most of you figured it out by now, but we just wanted to say hi again, and I’m sorry for leaving so suddenly earlier. I just got startled. She was taking a nap, and I didn’t think she would wake up so soon.” He puts his arm around your shoulder, and holds you close to yourself, as you just smile at the camera briefly and then look away shyly. “We like to keep our private lives private, as you probably already know, but we also wanted to share this with you. So we’ll answer a few questions, but this is definitely going to be very short.

It is short, and some of the questions have you blushing and hiding your face in Shawn’s sweatshirt. He takes those questions, and you answer a few of the others. You’re only answering questions for a little over five minutes before you both decide thats enough. You say goodbye and end the livestream. As soon as you end it, you breathe a sigh of relief, knowing everything is out there now, and Shawn looks over to you with a smile. “Now they know.” He says.

You just nod and bury your face in his chest. “They know.” You mumble back and he chuckles and wraps his arms around you, holding you close. 

After a few minutes of silence, where you both think about what just happened and how unplanned that all was, Shawn asks, “Are you hungry?”

You sit back, looking at him with a smile. “Starving.” You answer before standing up to head into his kitchen with him following behind. 

God I’m crying. 

Why did no one tell me Qrow is Edward?

Actually it was all over the internet but it’s been so long since I watched FMA and I just can’t remember character names for shit. I thought Edward was their father or someone else I don’t remember. 

And I read all the posts about it but I only now realised Edward just called Alphonse a pip squeak on RWBY.

Like Qrow doesn’t sound like Edward at all? Vic Mignogna doesn’t talk in his Qrow voice all the time? 

It’s five in the morning I probably should go to bed. 

I’m fucking crying. 


A/N: I am in love with space so I want to write a story about the Draco finding the reader in the astronomy tower because reader couldnโ€™t sleep so they decided to just look at the stars and see how many the could name! Hope you guys enjoy! Btw, looking through, I didnโ€™t use gender specific pronouns for reader! So it works for everyone! REQUESTS ARE OPEN

Originally posted by dramione-feltson-forever

Pairing:Draco x Reader


Warning:Kissing (Is that a warning)

Word count: 577ย 


You sneak through the quiet, empty corridors. The plush blanket wrapped around your shoulders flowing behind you like a cape. The stresses of sixth year classes were becoming overwhelming. You decided you should escape to your safe haven. You finally reach the Astronomy Tower and lean against the railing. You shut your eyes and enjoy the feeling of the peaceful atmosphere. You take a deep inhale of the cold, crisp air and listen to the soft cooing of the owls flying around the castle.

You look up at the clear sky, stars scattered everywhere. The thin, pale band of the milky way stretches across the sky. The bright, pale colors contrasting with the deep, dark colors of the night sky.

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I wish you would right a fic where we learn if Marinette's plan of trying to pass Chat Noir off as Adrien Agreste worked... Or not ;)

Hahaha very sneaky, anon. Trying to get me to continue this particular drabble, eh?

“Sorry Nino,” Marinette says, a little breathlessly, “but may I steal Adrien for a second?”

“Sure thing!” Nino says brightly—a little too brightly, in Adrien’s opinion—and gives Marinette a wink. “Steal Adrien for however many seconds you want.”

Nino,” Adrien hisses, but Nino only gives him a thumbs up sign as Marinette pulls him farther down the hall.

To be honest, Adrien usually loves it when Marinette pulls him anywhere, but, so far, that’s only happened when he’s Chat Noir. She’s never done that when he’s Adrien, and she’s never held his arm so tightly before, either.

“Marinette, is everything—“

“You were Chat Noir.”


Adrien struggles to keep his face as confused as a civilian-who-is-not-Chat-Noir should as Marinette’s eyes dart to their classroom behind him where everyone’s preparing for this year’s Career Day.

“This is going to be so weird,” she says, “and I’m sorry, but— You see there was this really strange day a couple of months ago when my mother almost caught Chat Noir in my room, so I had to think of something really quick, and the only thing I could think of was to convince them that he was actually you but in a Halloween costume and they believed it and fed him croissants and this super secret macaron that Papa made and today my parents were asking if you were going to be here so they can give you another secret macaron to try and I just— I just need you to play along…?”

Adrien blinks. Then, before he can stop it, the breath he’s been holding leaves his lungs in a relieved whoosh. He recovers quickly, though, and puts on the face of an amused friend who just sighed in endeared exasperation at his occasionally awkward classmate.

“So,” he begins, with an Adrien Agreste smile and a raised eyebrow. “Your parents think I was in your room, dressed as Chat Noir.”

“Yes,” Marinette answers, eyes darting to the classroom again. She’s unconsciously doing the nervous version of her butt wiggle, and Adrien fights to keep his eyes on her face.

“And that I’ve been fed this secret macaron.”

“Yes.” Marinette is biting her lower lip, now. Adrien fights to keep his gaze above her cheekbones.

“What’s Chat Noir doing in your room in the first—“

“That’s beside the point!” Marinette exclaims, her eyes aflame and her cheeks so tantalisingly red that Adrien had to clench his fists to keep from taking her face in his hands and kissing her senseless.

No, he absolutely cannot kiss her, because, presently, he’s Adrien, the clueless, innocent classmate with copious amounts of self-control KEEP IT TOGETHER, AGRESTE.

“I’m sorry,” Marinette blurts out, probably thinking that his sudden tension is because of her outburst. “I know I’m basically asking you to lie for me, but… I really need your help.”

The combination of her words and her face—with her eyebrows arched so perfectly in a plea, her eyes wide and shining, and her lips curved in an adorable pout—packed such a powerful punch that anyone would have said yes, even if they weren’t already wrapped around her little finger.

If he was Chat Noir, mysterious boyfriend, he’d have pulled her by the waist and murmured on her lips, “Whatever my Princess desires.”

But since he’s currently only Adrien, kind and available friend, the most he can do is gently take one of Marinette’s hands and kiss the air above it.

“Anything for you, Marinette.”

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