haven ducari

What's Past is the Past | Camen

Camp woke up standing. It was odd to wake in such an awkward position, and he almost fell. Stumbling backward, he couldn’t remember anything, really. He remembered talking to Haven, her telling him about the ghosts and kissing her, but after that everything just screamed: cold! He glanced around the room, Haven seemed to be in a similar state. “Haven?” He called across the room. “What just happened?”

Tomorrow Never Knows || Haven and Vera

Between the guilt and the adrenaline, Haven was in a sort of shock. She ended up on the floor with the medical kit in her shaking hands. When Camp appeared beside her, she heard what he said and she felt the brief pressure of his lips against hers; but she barely managed to nod in response. She tore the collar of her shirt and shifted the material just enough to examine the cut on her chest. Jamie’s ax really could have done a lot worse but even a slight injury would require some attention. Haven couldn’t risk any sort of infection, especially not during the Games. She was about to ask for Vera’s help when she heard it. That was definitely Camp’s voice and it was coming from the store beside them- crying for help. Haven pulled herself into a standing position and braced herself to run. In a matter of seconds, she moved to stand outside the store, frozen with sudden horror and powerless to help, especially when he begged her not to follow.

The robots based on the Quell tributes were easily the most sickening aspect of any Games that Haven could remember. It was almost as if the Gamemakers knew about the tribute’s ghosts- or if they knew exactly how to torture her. She’d known all along that Camp was going to die but that didn’t make the reality any less painful or the sight any less horrifying. As soon as she understood that the robots were confined to the store they were in, Haven felt both heartache and relief. There was no hope of getting to Camp- if he was even still alive -without inevitably being slaughtered herself; but from right outside, she was safe. Safe enough to collapse on the ground beside the door, staring powerlessly at the scene and letting the tears and trembling take over until she finally remembered that the Games would go on even if she didn’t want to and that she had another ally to worry about.


/ Open // Taken // Reserved /

| Tribute- Haven Ducari. | District- 5 | Age- 16 | Face Claim- Taissa Farmiga |

Ever since she witnessed her sister’s death, Haven has been seeing shapes and figures that she swears are ghosts. There are the occasional voices but, for the most part, they leave her alone. In the Training Center, however, Haven finds herself surrounded by the images and memories of dead tributes from years and years ago. They want peace and they want revenge but Haven can’t help the ghosts. She can’t even be sure they actually exist. The only thing she knows for sure is that she’s about to become one of them. She rarely sets aside her fears and delusions long enough to acknowledge reality but when she does, she is friendly and surprisingly capable.

| Weakness- dazed, unstable and afraid, long-ranged weapons || Strengths- basic survival skills, trustworthy. || Ideal weapon- Chain whip. |

In All My Dreams, I Drown || Haven and Vera

When Haven woke a few hours later, she sat up with a contented sigh. Even on the hard, dusty floor, sleeping had done a lot of good. It couldn’t ease the fear or the pain but it had been a temporary escape from them: a chance to shut off her mind and recharge her energy. The sound of flowing water was almost soothing but the fountain reminded her of something else. She and Vera were almost out of water now. It was time to find out whether or not they could drink from this supply. She had some idea how to test it but she’d need a sample first. Sighing, she stood up and retrieved an empty water bottle. She removed the cap and held the container under one of the water taps, only to be shocked in the process.

The pressure and the amount of water flowing into the top of the fountain seemed to triple and it was no longer draining from the bottom. It was then that Haven understood. The room hadn’t seemed like a trap when they entered, but it had really just been waiting to be triggered. Haven subconsciously dropped the bottle into the fountain itself as she stepped back in silent horror. “VERA!” She screamed, finally regaining some of her senses. The other girl seemed to wake with a similar display of shock but Haven wasn’t looking. She picked up what she could carry, knowing that water would ruin their dry food supply and that anything left behind would be lost forever. The water was flowing out of the fountain now. It covered most of the floor, coming up to her ankles by the time she turned back to check on Vera and desperately snapped, “We have to go!”