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Pregnant Plo?! Where is this Pregnant Plo Koon? I would very much like to see it please!

It’s a personal headcanon of mine, and i haven’t drawn art of it, but I should.

Plo is effectively an organ donor, and was contacted by the Kel-Dor homeworld when they found he was a match for another male with a damaged brood pouch.  So the couple fertilized like normal, but Plo acted as a surrogate “womb” for them, and was pregnant for a HILARIOUS seven months before giving birth to a healthy baby girl.  Pictures taken during that time are hysterical, and Mace had a running joke that he was the father.

Wolffe comes across the pictures and spends 10 minutes making the neural equivalent of the dial-up noise because WHAT, before awkwardly asking if Kel-Dor are an endangered species.

anyway sorry i haven’t been on it’s just uni is so tiring and i’m very busy and my brain has also decided to go into breakdown mode so literally all the plans i had seem impossible and i can barely organise myself and i’m running on empty and i’ve just needed to get away from here for a bit cause everything got too heavy and i’m sorry i haven’t been posting art i’ll try and get some posted sometime this week even if it’s just the stuff i’m working on for uni cause fanart is deffs on the backburner and idk uni stuff + mental health stuff + family stuff + this website being a hell hole lately = ???? 

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I've seen that you also like Brooklyn99, and i was wandering if you ever have doodled something. I like your style so much, but i had a break from tumblr for two years so i don't remember if you ever did something about the series. :)

Aw thanks! I do really love the show and the characters but I haven’t done any art for it, no. I should really fix that.

Here’s a little Holt doodle

edit: now available as a sticker


Adventures in speedpainting: The Grey Havens

@feanope, this is for you! thank you for the prompt, i had a lot fun painting these. I’ll do Eregion too, soon-ish! 

- the Grey havens are one of the oldest elvish settlements in Eriador, with many little towns and hamlets tucked away in the many bays around the Gulf of Lune. The central port is the most easily accessed, as it is built on the mouth of the river Lune, and all westward roads run to it. 

- there are always more elves living here than anyone realises.

- white sails are only used for ships that are sailing West to Valinor. The sails of the ships and boats used in daily life are brightly coloured or patterned, each one unique. 

- there is a LOT of pohutakawa growing around the Havens. The red flowers at the height of summer turn the coastline red. 

- the Grey Havens get their name from the weather, it is nearly always overcast or raining. Fine days are a rarity, and always welcomed.