Mod: Does anyone remember Iris First or Lady of Corruption? Well older Origin Iris has similar powers and more to boot as well more kick to them compared to the other Iris. Also this piece is Griffith vs Iris and she about call on some proxies from the lighter side of things. Who do you think will win?


I would like to speak to you of Haven—the village in the Frostbacks, close to the Temple of Sacred Ashes. It was home to the Disciples of Andraste, as they called themselves. After the Hero of Ferelden discovered the Temple of Sacred Ashes…what remained of the cult moved on, and Haven was abandoned to the ice and the snow.


Solas and Fenris!

AKA: My elfboys from DA2 and DA:I. What is with the circles behind them, you ask? Please see second image (which are all official DA art/concepts) for an explanation! It’s like, a recurring theme almost? I dunno. That’s my explanation and I’m sticking to it. xD