A witch’s dream come true

I was twenty years old when I moved out of my mother’s home. My best friend and I got an apartment in an old apartment building. We shared a one bedroom flat with wood floors and 12 foot ceilings. The landlord let us paint the inside whatever color we wanted. We were two very excited witches. I brought my familiar. A funny gray cat named Yoda obsessed with stealing jewelry. The first thing we brought to the apartment was a huge, healthy plant. We set it in one of the giant windows. Our first night we performed a house blessing spell. We banged pot and pans and shouted and giggled our instructions. It worked beautifully. Our neighbor recognized us as witches immediately and and welcomed us. We got a fish. My familiar ate it. That was the only bad thing that ever happened there. On Christmas we celebrated Yule and gave each other witchy gifts, decorating our Yule tree with stars and moons. Sundays we would sleep in and stretch out in sun beams that streamed in through the giant windows. It was our haven for a coven of two. We were blissfully happy there.