Journey to Haven Theory!!!

We know that Haven Academy is located in the kingdom of Mistral, home of Teams ABRN and SSSN (Yay!). Mistral is located on the east end of the Remnant and shares the name with the mistral wind, a strong and cold wind that blows through the Rhone Valley. We know from the topographical representation of Remnant Mistral is located in a mountainy area of the world. But Qrow states that he ventured in the swamps west of Mistral. The geography of this place is still up in the air, but there’s something more concrete to dissect. The culture and people!!!

Back in Volume 2, when Ozpin gave his speech to the contenders of the Vytal Festival Tournament, we saw the uniforms of the students of Haven. It looks somewhat militaristic in comparison to Beacon’s uniforms. They don’t have open shirts that reveal lace bows or ties, nor do the female students wear pants like Atlas Academy students. A more prominent accessory is the white armband. This form of armband is known as a brassard. Typically, they are somewhat affiliated with military, but not directly military itself.

When it comes to Mistral’s international representation, they are the color blue. As seen in the first World of Remnant for volume three. The blue guy over Mistral has a specific weapon can be seen as one of two things. Either it’s a handful of daggers or a handful of crystals. Hmm, where have we seen crystals before? Oh yeah! Cinder Fall!! People from Mistral might be pretty adept to the usage of dust or ranged tactics. But there’s more to this blue color. Amity Colosseum was built out of a combined effort of the four kingdoms. Mistral’s portion is the blue piece constructed of arches that serves as the entrance. Mistral may be known for architecture, and that would look pretty sweet with the possible mountain location of Haven.

But I think the most important part about Mistral is the people that we see coming from there. Aside from people like Cinder, we have a majority of Team SSSN and, presumably, all of Team ABRN. Mistral seems to take a lot from the eastern world. Nadir has an Arabic name, Japanese surname and Middle Eastern appearance. Arslan has a Turkish name and what I think is a Tai Chi fighting. Bolin has a Chinese first name and Japanese surname. And Sage’s surname is Hindu. Even Reese and Neptune have tanned skin and Greco-Roman names that allude to the Mediterranean area.

The feel of Mistral seems to pull from Southern Asia fighting, Middle Eastern appearance and Greco-Roman architecture. That mix would lead to an exciting fourth volume to look forward to whenever Team RNJR reaches Mistral.


                                   «Move on?
                                   How could I ever do that?
                                   I will think about you every minute of every hour of                                                                                    every day,
                                   and that’s why I’ll be okay.
                                   After everything you’ve done for the people of this town,
                                   for me, Parker…
                                   You’ll be with me
                                   every time I feel something.
                                   You’ll be with me and all the people
                                   whose pain you’ve taken away.
                                   With me and all the people of this town
                                   who are free to live
                                   and love
                                   and grow
                                  without fear.
                                   When the sun finally shines down on Haven again.
                                   You’ll be with me and all the families that we put back                                                                               together.
                                    And the ones out in the world who suffered with Troubles                                                                         too.
                                    You’ll be with me when Haven returns to the world
                                    and becomes the town we both know it can be.
                                    Every person that we gave hope,
                                    faith that something good could happen
                                    for all of us.
                                    You’ll be with me and every person who’s happy now,
                                    at peace,
                                    because of you, Audrey.
                                    I’ll never forget you.
                                    You will always be with me,
                                    and no matter what happens,
                                    I will always love you. »