Estate “let her know” (i love the song & vid. it’s a great road trip song if UR w/some1 who makes you feel warm & fuzzy)

Better (& cheaper) than dinner & a movie!

If you’re planning a date w/someone who has expressed their love of the great outdoors, don’t plan the typical “dinner & movie” date.

Plan something different & stand out from the pack! Show them that you listen & plan accordingly.

Not only will you earn extra credit points, but you’ll 1) have a better opportunity to talk & get to know your date and 2) increase your chances for a second date.

Thinking outside the box & originality wins every time!


ready for some wicked #mojo? ladies, if you’re a little shy, use #halloween to your advantage! dress up & give him a little something he can feel. surprise him with a private show or go big & take him to a cool karaoke spot & lay it on thick!


Sparkle (HQ) Giving Him Something He Can Feel (by vouluweb)