Why you shouldn’t share the name of your companion!

So! Spirit companions are quite a popular thing in this community. They’re cool friends and are super great in general. Something you may have noticed, though, is that everyone seems to abbreviate their companions’ nicknames. 

Now why is that? 
Abbreviating the name of one’s companion is a safety precaution. As you probably have heard, names hold a lot of power, especially for spirits. When someone has the name of a spirit, that means they can potentially force conjure your spirit.

“What’s force conjuring?” you ask.
Force conjuring is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It where someone basically kidnaps the spirit via conjuring. They call, and the spirit has to show up. It is a very harsh method, so much so, my companions are shuddering with the thought of it. It’s a super not cool thing, but it could happen to your companion if someone decides they are mad at you and want to hurt you via your companion. This is one of the reasons why some spirits may not want to tell you their real name when you meet for the first time. 

So yea, don’t share the name of your companions. Aside from them possibly being uncomfortable with the whole world knowing their name, it can put them in a lot of danger! Be smart and stay safe.

The Wise Man’s Fear - Kingkiller Chronicle : Day Two | Buy-Now!

My name is Kvothe. I have stolen princesses back from sleeping barrow kings. I burned down the town of Trebon. I have spent the night with Felurian and left with both my sanity and my life. I was expelled from the University at a younger age than most people are allowed in. I tread paths by moonlight that others fear to speak of during day. I have talked to Gods, loved women, and written songs that make the minstrels weep. You may have heard of me…  So begins the tale of a hero told from his own point of view—a story unequalled in fantasy literature…

How the boys of 13rw would react to...

….You breaking up with them because of another man

Requested by: Anon



His smile would slowly start to fade, his eyes scrunching up in confusion “Sorry babe, I uh I must not have heard you right. Can you repeat yourself?” He would ask, a nervous chuckle ending his question. He knew what you had said but he just needed to hear it again, he needed to make sure that the knot tying harder in his stomach was there for a reason. After you would repeat yourself everything inside him would break, he would hang his head and cross his arms across his chest “But I thought” he would start, his hand rubbing across his mouth “I thought you loved me.” He would state, glancing up at you to display his glossy eyes “What happened?” But you couldn’t give him an answer, all you said was that you were sorry. He would pull you in for one last hug, one arm tightly around you, the other lightly stroking your hair “I’m sorry too" 


 Rage. Absolute fury would be the first emotion plastered absolutely everywhere on his face and body language. “What do you mean another guy?! Breakup?!!! What are you even talking about?! Who is he?!?!? I want a name and I want it now Y/N!” he would shout, his fists bound tightly at his sides. Monty would never hurt you but he had no problem of hurting this new man in your life “What does he have that I don’t?! I told you I loved you! Hell! You told me you loved me! Was that a lie!? Was all of this a lie?!??!”. It would take hours to get him to calm down and even after he was calm he still would refuse to accept it, accept the fact that this was actually happening and not just the heart wrenching fact that you wanted to breakup but because of another guy?! He would repeat the phrase ‘why’ so much that you thought it was the only thing he could say. He still didn’t think you meant it until you finally walked out and the second that door closed behind you, nothing he did could stop the tears. 


He hadn’t expected it, first it was Jessica then you. He loved you, more than he thought was possible and he thought you felt the same. He would reach up and scratch the back of his head, giving you a very nervous and tight smile “Wow. Okay. That’s news” he would say, trying to lighten the mood and trying to fight the immense pain he was now succumbed to. The two of you would sit in silence for a bit before he would pipe up “May I ask who… or is that odd because honestly I don’t really know how to respond to all of this”. The two of you would talk, you would explain it, say how sorry you were. Alex kept a brave face the entire time and even gave you a hug before you left but you didn’t know that he needed that hug. He needed to hold you one last time, so he held you as tightly as he could, ending with a kiss on the top of your head “I’ll always be here for you" 


You didn’t expect him to get mad, but you didn’t know what to expect to be honest. "How did you expect me to react?! React to you telling me that you don’t love me anymore?! That I’m not good enough for you anymore? But that’s fine, it’s okay. I should have expected this” he sounded so deflated, so utterly broken and enraged. He couldn’t think of who and he tried to stop his mind from wandering “I love you” he murmured, his tender voice caused the both of you to break out in sobs but after he realized that you no longer loved him, at least not like he loved you, he would beg for you to go, he couldn’t handle it anymore, he couldn’t handle seeing you and knowing that he could never hug you, kiss you or be with you anymore. 


Tony had never had a strong relationship, that was until he met you. He loved you, he thought everything was great and that the two of you would grow old together but then why were you saying this? Standing in front of him telling him it’s over, that you found someone else. He would begin to pace, his hands taking turns running through his hair “Uh yeah, yeah okay” he would say after about thirty minutes of silence “You know if he makes you happy” and that’s all he could say before the tears came. His body would shake, very slightly as he avoided eye contact with you at all costs. You would try to talk to him, try to comfort him but he would just shut you out, build up all his walls within the duration of this conversation “I think It would be best…be best if you left” so you did what he thought was best 


He just felt broken. You mentioned the breakup and everything inside of him tensed up but when you said it was because of another man he just couldn’t comprehend it. He couldn’t even speak he just watched you with big eyes, tears falling before he even realized. He wanted to ask who but more than ever he just wanted to ask why, he thought it was all going so well he thought you were happy he thought he made you happy, he thought the two of you were in love. He fought with himself in his mind or and over since he didn’t want to fight with you. “Please” was all he could say but you had made up your mind. You placed a careful kiss on his cheek and whispered the words ‘I’m sorry’ before walking out. 


 You would watch his head tilt to the side because other than that movement he remained perfectly still “What?” He would ask, blinking a bit rapidly as he watched every breath you took but even though he asked you a question, he wasn’t listening to your response, he was in shock. What had happened? What did he do wrong? Who was this bastard? And the second his mind switched from what and why to who that’s when he became angry. Zach didn’t get angry that much but oh he was furious, his heart was broken and there was going to be hell to pay “How could you do this?! I let you in! I trusted you, loved you and now you’re going to leave me?!”. He would shift between emotions, yelling at you then pleading with you and then telling you to leave, so you did.

Thanks for the request anon! I’m really enjoying doing these and if you do too, please request more right here!

anonymous asked:

Have you heard of the song "Carry Me" by Eurielle? I think it is a very fitting Solavellan song

Anon’s song is Carry Me (link!)

While you sleep, dream of me
I’ll be keeping our memories
Living in my heart and soul

You watch over me
Smiling down patiently

Carry me to my love
O’er the sea to the clouds above
Where I know he’s waiting for me

Beautiful Solavellan song. Lavellan piles the soft down pillows from her bed in a pile on the balcony, wrapping herself in a crisp white sheet. She hooks the whistling pot off the crackling fire in the fireplace, the warmth of the handle heating her palm through the heavy cloth. She carries the pot out onto the balcony. She sits and pours the two cups, her small, sad smile is tired. There might be humor there, but it is lost in the pall of her constant resignation. She leans back on the pillows and drinks her tea. The other cup steams into the cold night. The snow starts falling, sparse and slow. Her cheeks are cool, but she does not shiver. The tea heats her belly. She watches the snow melt on her legs; she does not feel warm but she keeps seeing evidence like this, that she is living, warm, and real. She cannot see the pale moon, but she knows it is there. She cannot see her love, but she knows he stands, a distant sentinel, at the edge of all her dreams; she pours his tea, and waits, and sleeps.

My personal favorite Eurielle song for Solavellan, and my Solas/Pangara dynamic in particular, is (link!) Hate Me, because nobody is allowed to be happy. :)

He says ‘save me, save me.’
She says ‘maybe, maybe…’

She starts to turn away when he says,

“Hate me,
Break me,
Let me feel as hurt as you.
Push me,
Crush me,
But promise me you’ll never let us go.”

stainedglassthreads  asked:

Two somewhat-silly-somewhat-tragic questions related to each other. One, have you heard of Zombietale/Zombie-Frisk, and if you have, how would the cast of Axetale react to a second infection from a certain undead somewhat familiar human?

Azul—With disdain, I imagine. Adding an actual zombie virus to the mix is like pouring gasoline on a block of dynamite, and then throwing it into a volcano.

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Every time you mention Trogolia, I just think of Trogdor from Homestar Runner. Have you heard of it?

Trogdor was a MAN!

I mean, he was a DRAGON MAN!

…Or maybe he was just a DRAGON!


Cat Fight

Requested by Anon. Hope you like it. Thanks for requesting Doll.

You pulled up to your house after work to see your bestfriend coming out the door. She wasnt there when you left. You tried to stay calm.
“What are you doing here”? You asked her geting out of the car.
“I was just here to see my man”. She giggled
“Happys the only one here, so why you here bitch”. You started to get mad
“I told you” “Why are you jealous”?
With her smart mouth you lost control and slapped her. She grabbed her face then went after you. Pulling your hair, you went for her throat.
“You fucking bitch I’m going to kill you”. You screamed
Happy must have heard you yelling. The door burst opened and Happy jumped in. Trying to defuse the situation. He grabbed you by the waist and dragged you off her.
“What the hell Y/N” Happy trying to calm you down
“Let me go you cheating fucker”. You pushed him off
“What are you talking about”?
“You fucking my best friend”. “And you your a fucking slut”. You said pointing to her
“Y/N you have it all wrong Baby”.
“Oh I do?, tell me your the only one here and shes walking out of my house with out me here”.
“Y/N, Juice was here and I came over to see him”. Your friend spoke up holding her face.
“Little Girl she’s telling the truth, I would never cheat on you and you should know that”.
“Y/N i would never do that, I mean yeah Happys hot but hes yours and I know not to touch things that are not mine”.
“I’m calling Juice and seeing if its true alright”.
You called Juice and he said he would be over to explain everything.
Not to long after Juice showed up.
“Y/N I promise, they are not fucking”. “I’m the one that is fucking her”. He smiled
“JUICE”.Your friend screamed an punched his shoulder.
“What”? She rolled her eyes.
You calmed down and thought. Happy had every chance to cheat. Croweaters everywhere. The porn business and you knew that she wouldnt betray you like that.
“OK I believe you three”. You said as you went to hug your friend
“Thanks for trusting me”.
“I always will”.
You walked over to Happy, kissed and hugged him.
“I told you I would never cheat on you”. “I want you to trust me”.
“I do Happy I really do”.
You looked over and saw her and Juice laughing. They did make a cute couple.
“Come on girl I’ll get you an ice pack”.
“I need wine”. She laughed
As you two walked inside. Happy and Juice looked at each out and shook their heads.
“After a cat fight they can go on like nothing happened”.
“I know, we did good with these women”. They hi fived.
“Do you think we should tell Y/N that we are moving in with yall for a while until we get our own place”?
“Nah, let them be for now”. “I want popcorn and a beer when she comes after you”. Happy held his stomach as he laughed walking in the house.
“You wont let her hurt me will you Hap, Happy”? Juice ran inside.

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mad-boggart  asked:

hey hey :D have you heard "I'm serious" by DAY6? I found it by accident and I love it X'D

YUP!!! I LOVE THAT SONG IT’S SO FLUFFY!!!! I love Day6 they’re super cool as a group!!! :3 AND HONESTLY I GOT INSPIRED BY THIS SONG TO WRITE MY NEXT ONE SHOT!! (I’ve started a few but never finished lately…BUT RELISTENING TO IT IS MOTIVATING ME :3 AND IT’S FOR MERLE!!!)

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Have you ever heard of a Manga/Anime called Gangsta by Kohske?

No, I haven’t read much manga… Is that grammatically correct? I haven’t read many mangas. I haven’t consumed too many of the mangai.

in-languages-i-wander  asked:

hi, i saw your 'women in combat' series and really liked it :) and because of that I have a question, have you heard about emilia plater? she was a young polish woman that fought in the november 1830 uprising (against the russian empire). and since she is an important and well-known figure in polish history i was wondering if you would like to include her in this series as well?

I hadn’t heard of her! I’ll do some research on her and put her on the list.  Right now the series (as I did it, with the longer biographies on the side) is on indefinite hiatus, because they each took at least a day to research and write, and I just don’t have a day to spare each week for work that doesn’t pay. But I do still draw portraits of folks with much shorter descriptions, and am always looking for subjects (and if there’s ever a book or something for the warrior women, Ive got a running tally of folks to add).  Thanks!

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do you like to read a lot? a book i read that always makes me feel like a better person in a better world is Anne of Green Gables lmfao its like an old baby book but things are truly lovely and soft in that book and its just like the different funny experiences this weird girl Anne gets herself into, i think it makes one feel truly safe to be reading that book. also have you heard Fleetwood Mac's Dreams Take 2? its like Dreams but eerier and sleepier. These r just some nice things i think <3

i love reading!!! my fav books are probably the first fifteen lives of harry august, touch, and the humans, but im reading louis therouxs autobiography atm!! i used to love anne of green gables when i was younger but tbh i was more of a little house of the prairie girl there was more action.. no i havent thank u i’ll go listen!!!!