Dear friends and followers who plan on not voting.
Donald Tump is a scary lying delusional racist abusive bully woman-hater who wants nationwide stop and frisk, to build a wall, more law and order in the “hellish” black and brown communities, etc. etc. etc. He is pushing a racist agenda in a way that is riling up his supporters and making them feel justified to be more violent. It has been horrifying seeing what, as a candidate, his bullshit inspires. Imagine how empowered the everyday racist citizens will feel if this man wins?! Maybe you don’t want to be involved in the politics. I get that. But maybe you can please just vote for his supporters to lose. Because his supporters horrify me. The blatantly racist ignorant ones horrify me as do the ones who are subtly racist enough to willingly to ignore his blatant racism. Some of you have heard the story about how when I was 19 neo-nazis stalked me and threatened to rape and kill me and when I got away they murdered my friend. This shit is no joke. Some of you think these racists are all talk. It’s actually fucking VERY REAL. And it’s terrifying. THEY WANT US DEAD OR ENSLAVED and Donald Trump fuels their fire. I am not asking you to like Hilary. I don’t. But maybe let’s do what it takes to keep the guy who is backed by the KKK, the NRA, and the NYPD out of office.

Grandpa Kimya

  • Vintage Creepy is the best kind of creepy.
  • Nothing beats Victorian houses with peeling paint and scuffed wood floors with leaves.
  • Nothing beats crows that are nestled in twisted trees above cream colored VWs.
  • Nothing beats girls with Twiggy eyelashes, and colorful shift dresses, standing among eroded tombstones.
  • Nothing beats harmless Sixties-pop tunes playing ominously from dark rooms.
  • Nothing beats that stuff.

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Have you heard about Amandla Stenberg to play in the adaptation of The darkest minds by alex bracken? I think it's AMAZING. We really need more diversity. I hope even the RQ movie will have this kind of representation too!

I’m so excited for that adaptation!! And yes, I hope (if the RQ movie ever gets that far), our casting follows suit!

Nochang - Ignorance is bliss

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You didn’t realize how much you despised the sound of your chiming phone until you heard it again. Without having to take a look you could already guess what the content of that new message was. Despite knowing what was ahead of you, you still took the phone into your hands and tapped onto the new message to read it. There was still a small, tiny glimmer of hope that you were wrong. However, the simple and emotionless apology validated your suspicions.

“I can’t make it today. I’m sorry.”

That was it. Not even an excuse or an attempt to explain why he cancelled again for the thousandth time. Closing your eyes you let out a long sigh, trying to suppress the urge to throw your phone against the wall.

Again, you got ready for nothing. Again, you put on make up for nothing. Again you dressed up for nothing. All the excitement you felt before, thinking you were finally able to see him again was entirely gone.

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I agree with everything you said about Sasusaku's arguments, what naruhina arguments you hate?

All of them. NH be like:

1. “How could you dislike her?”

Me: What’s so shocking about people disliking an ecchi character? If I wanted to fap to a ecchi chick, I’d read ecchi.

2. “She’s so shy and sweet”

Me: She’s a shy creepy stalker. She’s also a selfish thirsty privileged bitch who cared about nothing but the dude she’s infatuated with.

3. “At least she’s better than Sakura”

Me: First, have you heard of low standards is a crime? Second, she’s not better than Sakura, she and Sakura are pretty much exactly the same character; selfish, men crazy, devoid of purpose outside being a love interest and fangirl, constantly ruined the series with their obnoxious fangirl moments. Third, your fandom are really spineless and pathetic if you have to use the lowest denominator to defend Hinata. 

4. “Hinata deserves Naruto”

Me: She doesn’t deserve shit. 

First you can’t deserve a person. Second she did nothing to help Naruto, your arguments about her being there for naruto are outright lies. Naruto said he’s lonely, he had no one until Iruka and Sasuke. Unless you think Naruto was lying about him being lonely, or he just completely forgot Hinata was ever there, your augments are a pile shit.

5. “But she’s the only one who admired Naruto”

Me: Do you think if you make a shrine for zayn malik in your room and kiss his poster goodnight every day, and it’d count as “being there for him”? And you could walk up to him and say “I deserve you, I’m your first ever fangirl”? Do you people even live in the real world?

6. Hinata deserves to get what she wants/happiness/the spotlight”

Me: Exactly what has she done to deserve it? She’s neither a kind person nor has done anything that hugely benefited humanity. Being in the friendzoned is hardly the most heart wrenching tragedy. Unless you’re adopting the fedora’s entitlement mentality, I really don’t get why she deserves to get what she wants or happiness. Everyone is free to pursue happiness, but no one deserves it, it’s not a right/entitlement. She’s a boring secondary character, her characterization is lazy, one dimensional, and why would we want to put one of the worst and dullest bits of the series in the spotlight? Anyone else in K11 and Taka would’ve been more worthy of “spotlight” than her.

7. “She’s the perfect woman”

We’re not talking about your sexual fantasy, we’re judging her character in the context of the story. She’s a ninja in a fucked up and abusive place for children. She’s a key member of a clan which subjected half of its people. But apparently according to some of you, she should be judged as a girl in an otome game. Some of you are so transparent with your sexist agenda without even realizing it, it’s sad. You’re basically admitting all you care about a female character is does she fit your requirements of a ideal woman in my wish fulfilment. This is like me saying “this male character is a great character cos he thinks about his crush all day, does nothing but perfecting his confession letter and love poems, oh he also watches her sleep. He’s the perfect man”. 

I don’t mind people using her for their own romantic and sexual fantasy, that’s all she’s good for anyway. But the thing is it’s quite obvious some people are forcing their view on how a woman should be by glorifying this ecchi stereotype. Tbh all it does is making me want to see female characters shattering male characters’ fragile ego just for the laughs.

8. “Neji died to protect Hinata and Naruto’s love”

Me: First, are you asking people to hate your fandom?? Do you think people who like Neji give a flying fuck about Hinata’s teenage lust? In case you haven’t noticed, we hate her character, she and her thirst aint even worth the toilet papers I wipe my ass with, let alone Neji’s life. You’re just making us hate her more.

Second, Neji died cos Kishimoto killed him. Neji died cos Kishimoto couldn’t think of another way to remind Naruto Hinata’s existence except killing someone in her clan. It’s not like Neji had free will and could object when kishi asked him if he wanted to be a cupid. 

Edit: I forgot the almighty “internalized misogyny” argument. I hate Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuuga equally, I’m not a misogynist :P

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There’s no question the Swiss are master machinists, creating some of the best knives, tools, and watches for everyday carry. Some brands you may recognize more than most–especially for pocket multitools–but here’s one you may not have heard of before. Established in 1904, Swiza’s been making tools and everyday equipment for 112 years. The Swiza D04 is one of their signature multitools, and from its silhouette alone, you know this isn’t your usual Swiss knife.

The handle’s ergonomic shape gives you a sure grip with a soft touch, allowing you to wield its five folding tools with comfort. Its main 2.95" blade deploys with a nail nick slot and is made from an alloy of chrome and molybdenum to give it extra durability. A hardened, stainless steel awl lets you pierce leather or score and indent materials. Cans are no problem with the D04’s opener, which also includes a No. 1 flathead screwdriver on its tip. There’s a bottle opener on its other end, pulling double duty with a No. 3 flathead screwdriver. And on its back, a No. 1 Phillips screwdriver covers the last of your driving needs. The D04 also comes with a pair of tweezers with beveled tips for more delicate tasks.

Add a touch of Swiss-made comfort to your everyday tasks and pick up the Swiza D04 from the Amazon link below.

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Heya folks, here’s the scoop on what’s going on with little ol’ mod.

Ask Blogs

Firstly, I’m not going to be starting a new ask blog for the foreseeable future. Doesn’t mean I won’t, just that I currently have no plans to.

However! If you like my work, you can hop over to Ask Heart and Violet, co-modded by myself and Whatsapokemon! You may have heard of it, I have a fondness of my grumpy little adventure bat. Especially since I was working on Fuse on a weekly basis, that’s where most of my time went. Now, I can put more time into that project, make some better updates! So that’ll practically be my running ask blog, but with a looser timetable so I don’t absorb myself in posting every Tuesday! Once every two weeks is the current plan, at least.

Other Blogs

Secondly, any and all of my other work will be over on my mod blog. But that’s going to be changed a bit. Currently, I have it as a side blog. So I’ll be turning that one into an art-only blog while I have a new blog as a main where I’ll post art, talk about things, all the sorts of stuff I do right now. Because I need to do this, if you were following me before and don’t want to miss out on my ramblings, be sure to re-follow!

On the plus side of this, I’ll also be hopefully delving into some new projects, so if you like my work, definitely be sure to check out the links below! I’m still going to be very pony related so that’s not going anywhere. (Although I may dip into anthro pony artwork as well, it’s good practice)

And that’s it, I think! See below on where to get in touch if you have questions (about Fuse or otherwise) or just want to see what I’m up to.

Also the possibility of commissions being opened if you’re into that sort of thing…? Maybe!

@phoenixswift (Mod blog, text posts, everything else about me)

@phoenixswift-art (My art only)

Again! Thank you to everyone for this amazing experience! I was never expecting to hit a number over 4,000 for followers! And I couldn’t have done it without you!


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have you ever heard of a weeb? they are magnificent creatures

Nice try but I searched on Google.com and all I found were more cartoons and pictures of men that look somewhat similar to Soos. You won’t pull the wool over my eyes.

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It's not Disney or anything, but have you heard of this French movie called Zarafa? It's really wonderful. Wonderful animation, perfect POC characters, and if you want to watch it, I'd suggest English subs since there are English dubs, but the French one is the only version to find online.

Yeah I’ve heard of it, someone actually recommended it to me but I have’t got around to seeing it yet… *adds to my ever-growing watchlist* thanks anon!

The fool says that there is no such thing as a best album, since taste is subjective. “Ah,” says the wise man, “But have you heard Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs?”

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Have you ever heard of a razor blade and tattoo ink style SNP? Cause that's my method.... I've never tried the traditional way(needle and ink)

Oh boy. If if I’m thinking of the same thing you’re talking about (basically you slice a design in your skin with a razor and rub tattoo ink in it), then I would suggest that you maybe try the needle and ink method for more of the safety and health reasons since the method your talking about is technically a scar that healed with ink inside.