Fic Rec bc Fuck my Essay

No one asked me to do this but since I have writer’s block and I have been reading a few amazing fics, I thought I might do this.

*Clears throat* Prepare for ramble.

Keeping Count by sadisticsiren

Ramble: really fucking adorable af. the story telling it was amazingly charming, I really really loved the simplicity of it and how it was so damn easy to picture the entire scene of said story in so short words. It was a fucking delight to read and re read bc I re read every fic I rec to remember the feelings they make me feel. I loved this one so much.

shake what’s left of me by memesofbees

Ramble: honestly? most of the stories written by this author are fucking amazing and adorable and I love it when Lance calls Keith baby and dude, you all know me and I love smitten shit and these boys right here are so damn far gone with each other. also, it’s one of AFTER KEITHS VLOG so like, tears? fluff? comfort? bring it the fuck ON. ps. ALSO I loved the part where Keith goes like ‘NOPE’ all cracking voice bc that’s literally me and I saw myself and it was really funny.

don’t gain a single thing by memesofbees

Ramble: again, love this author. angry Lance confronting Keith after that stunt? emotional angry argument with yelling that hides their fear and sadness? fucking tears when tho u r still mad as hell and how fucking Keith just fucking crumbles and then they fucking visit Red? I just, damn man. roller coaster right there, gimme hurt boys and then comfort them GOOD, FUCK YEAH.

Keith’s Type by AmbitiousSkychild

Ramble: I’m sure you have heard of this one but I just HAD to put it because it was REALLY FUCKING WELL DONE AND AMAZING. The fucking outline of the story and how it slowly clicked with the show’s event was fucking genius and it was so fucking pleaseant because it was so damn satisfing to see that they are not each other’s first crushes, they had feelings before they even met 

Even more than that, seeing Lance’s pov and how he slowly comes to terms with his feelings and how he confesses but not really and then Keith does but not really and they are in this weird dancing that you KNOW ITS GONNA EXPLODE and then it DOES and you are like *whispers* aw yeah bring on the yelling and angry confession with tears and bla bla. AMAZING fic, loved it, treasure it, huge victory.

call me names by  memesofbees

Ramble: look, when you find a good author, you read all of their stuff bc you KNOW they are going to be a dman good blast. THIS RIGHT HERE has to be one of my fucking faves before it’s so damn simple but the stories it carries are so damn endearing and enjoyable.

I never thought reading a dictionary was going to be anything but that! I so damn enjoyed it and loved it and the way it got an actual story, a kind of plot in there, somehow idk? amazing skills right there, it was amazing and heartbreaking (bc ya know, ofc someone has to get hurt) so yeah, def one of my faves.

i’m right here by  memesofbees

Ramble: ok so NSFW RIGHT HERE, but I just HAD TO PUT IT bc its so damn emotional and heavy with feelings and you can really FEEL (woah there, not that kind) the love they have for each other and it’s really damn beautiful and I really loved reading that bc it made me giddily. 

color of boom by memesofbees

Ramble: Also NSFW lmao, sorry, BUT IT WAS SO DAMN GOOD AND SO DAMN CHARMING AND AGAIN. AGAIN WITH THE DAMN SMITTEN BOYS AND DUDE IM SUCH A WEAK GAL FOR SMITTEN ESTABLISHED BOYS IN LOVE UGH. It’s about keith’s birthday and it was so damn loving and precious and funny and I just love seeing Keith happy man, I lvoe love love that. 

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I don't know how far into the Super Best Friends in-jokes you are, but have you heard the legendary tale of Woolie turning down a threesome so he can go buy Marvel VS Capcom?

I mean, on one hand, same, threesomes are really not all they are made out to be, but on the other hand, excuse me?

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have you heard of or seen the aardwolf? it's the cutest thing! it's part of the hyena family and the size of a fox. i just thought to inform you of something incredibly cute.


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Have you heard of this new movie called Rampage, it's a monster movie in which a chemical affects the genes of gorilla, a wolf, and a crocodile, making them super huge and aggressive. The gorilla remind me a lot of your monkey drawing and the other creatures reminded me of your beast drawings. It looks awesome!!!

>starring Dwayne Johnson

well, i’ll be watching it

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My love for you is like diarrhea, it just won't stop You remind me of my pinky toe- small cute and I'll probably bang you on my kitchen table ;3 Have you heard of this new workout everyone is dying to do? It's intense, hot, and will leave you sore in the best way. It's called me. :P Damn I know you're not an angel cause you're hotter than hell. Every time you get in the shower I feel like I'm playing Pokemon. I just wanna Pikachu

Oh my God. 😂😂😂
-Mel (the Slytherin)


wait amanda have you heard the story of the verifiably fake renoir that donald trump has in one of his private jets that he continues to insist is an original

oh trust me it’s one of my favorite stories of 2017 


This is a little mixed book rec of Glbt literature (m/m). “Mixed” meaning whereas some are YA novels (YA), others are adult fiction or simply erotica (they contain explicit sex scenes). Also, it’s a mix of fantasy/ sc-fi and historical lit. 

I picked the titles randomly and tried for some which I haven’t seen mentioned around here a thousand times already - though I simply couldn’t refrain from putting TGGTVAV on this list xP

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee - You may have heard of this one before, and I can only highly recommend it to you, should you not have read it yet. Adventure, pirates, love, and more, set in Europe in the early 18th century - mix it all up with the most adorable, wonderful characters and lots of sass, and what else could you ask for? Just read it! P.S: there will be a follow-up, which is narrated by Monty’s sister Felicity. (YA)

Timekeeper by Tara Sim (Timekeeper Trilogy, vol. 1) - Steampunk (or rather clockpunk?), an interesting take on magic and time, spirits, and two very adorable boys. (YA)

The Lightning-Struck Heart by TJ Klune (Tales of Verania, vol. 1) - You need something funny, really funny, something you should better not read in public because you might just crack up? Then look no further. This is one of the most hilarious books I’ve read in years. Though some jokes may be a bit too long, just as there are some scenes which have no purpose other than to deliver a joke - it’s funny, so who cares! This is a hilarious fantasy tale full of sassy, snarky, sarcastic remarks, witty banter, incompetent villains, sex-obsessed dragons (well all the characters are kind of sex-obsessed, to be honest),  a hornless gay unicorn, and lots of sex puns. 

Gatekeeper by Rayne Auster - Fantasy, a prophecy, a world in chaos, betrayal… the usual stuff.

Frost Fair by Erastes - Historical, set in London 1814 during the great Frost Fair on the completely frozen Thames.

Transgressions by Erastes - Historical, set in 1642 England during the Civil War. Some trigger warning is due here as there is quite the mention of physical and mental abuse. I’ve read this book years ago and can’t recall if there were any explicit scenes or if it was just mentioned. Also contains some Bdsm.

Vassily the Beautiful by Angel Martinez - Sci-Fi, warnings: drug use and abuse; genetically enhanced humans; beautiful prose; interesting characters; and with a touch of good old Cinderella.

Proxy by Alex London (Proxy, vol.1) - Dystopia; diverse characters, lots of action, technology and what could go wrong, plus let’s really hope society never comes down to this - though we might be close enough… (YA)

The Culling by Steven dos Santos (The Torch Keeper, vol.1) - Dystopia, fast-paced action, thrilling, oftentimes heartbreaking and simply cruel - really, poor babies ;A; (YA)

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I b e g you-can we please get another chapter of the Queen Regent Elia Martell and Rhaegar at the wall-fic?😭❤️✨❤️ Pretty please?

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

It’s as she’s poring over the latest granary reports that her door bursts open—something that might have surprised her under normal circumstances, had she not been expecting this exact entrance for days now.

“Have you heard what they’re calling her?” exclaims Arthur, barely waiting until the door is closed to start in on his tirade.

Elia doesn’t look up from the reports. “Yes, Arthur, I’ve heard. I really don’t see the problem. She’s good at arms, that should make you proud.”

“She’s going by Mariah Morningstar.”

“A nice bit of alliteration, don’t you think? Rhaenys came up with it, I believe.”


With a sigh, she sets aside the papers and turns to him. He looks about two minutes away from having an apoplexy. “All right, perhaps it’s a bit on the nose,” she allows. “But she’s four-and-ten, we should be grateful she’s not sneaking off with stableboys.”

On the nose?” he asks. “She may as well announce it to the world.”

Elia rolls her eyes. “Honestly, Arthur. We may never have confessed who her father is, but everyone at court has figured it out. She looks just like you, and we’ve shared a bed for over twenty years now. It’s not exactly a secret.”

“She’s too much like your brother.”

“She’s as stubborn as me and as dedicated as you. Maybe Oberyn enables her, but we’ve got only ourselves to blame for the rest.”

He slumps down on the bed, as tightly strung as a bow.

“Oh, relax. You’re going to get wrinkles.” With a sly smile, she abandons her reports entirely and climbs onto the bed. Slowly sliding his shirt over his head, she murmurs, “I know a few ways to help with that.”

“I’m not going to let this go, you know,” he warns, even as he flips her to her back and begins unlacing her gown.

“Yes, you are,” she laughs. “You will let our little girl have her nickname and you will continue training her just like you always have.”

He tosses her gown aside and mutters, “Maybe I won’t.”

“Then Rhaenys and Oberyn will take up the mantle.” She reaches up and gently cups his cheek. “It’s just a name, my love.”

He kisses her palm. “You’re right, I just…”

“It’s not a sin to worry about your child,” she says, “but it is a sin to leave your queen wanting.”

His frown turns into a smirk. “I can fix that.”

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I was wondering if you have had experience with the gods fighting over you. I was praying to all of them looking for help, asking for a patron god or goddess just someone to help me and I had a dream last night and all I can remember is hearing someone say Loki and Odin are fighting over who gets her, her being me. Have you heard of this happening before or have any advice on what I should do?

I know it seems silly and egoistic to believe that gods would care enough to bicker over individual devotees, or bother with us at all. But at the same time, I have had a similar experience, and read about it from other pagans.

Maybe there are still few enough devotees at this point that the gods are pretty desperate for anyone they can get? Maybe they’re just using us as pawns in larger interpersonal conflicts? Maybe it’s some kind of allegorical act for our benefit? In any case, I’m convinced there’s some larger motivation. It seems highly unlikely that we’re all the super special Chosen One.

Now, remember that Loki and Odin are blood brothers, and people jokingly call the “two man con” outside of an American Gods context for a reason. It could be that they’re actually working together to manipulate you. Or not. You can never really be sure with those two.

So be prepared for the possibility that you may have a choice to make. If you have a preference for one or the other, or both, voice it. And if you’d really rather not worship either, express that too. We have free will, and our choices in these matters are generally respected.

I assume you’ve done at least some reading, since you managed to find this blog. But if you’re totally new to the Norse gods, then I’d recommend reading up on them to see what you’re getting into. We have a Loki reading list, and here’s a link to one for Odin that shouldn’t have any folkish stuff.

- Mod E


Sketch Dump #6

1. I don’t know if you guys have ever heard of the musical Be More Chill, by if you haven’t you SHOULD!! It’s so amazing and I love it!

2. Also I can’t find the post now but there’s a post that says Rick takes Morty out for ice cream when he gets his braces tightened and that’s good cause getting braces tightened hurts like FUCK.

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Hey, have you guys heard anything about a taakitz week?

I’m actually planning one myself! It’s in the works; I’ve just been waffling between late December, the anniversary of Kravitz’ introduction to the show, or mid-spring, the anniversary of Taako tentacle-ing his dick. (There have a been a lot of events all scheduled together this month, so I’m not sure.) I welcome input, advice, and co-mods!

—Bright @xerxesians

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Have you heard of Rhythm Doctor? Even if you don't like rhythm games I'd say give the soundtrack a listen, I think you'd like it. The dev follows you on twitter which made me curious.

ooo, that name sounds kinda familiar, but I don’t think I’ve played it before!

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Make a threesome with Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers and reader and don't make them gay also don't forget to tag me lol

Why, hello there, I’m great thanks for asking! May I write a fic that involves Bucky, Steve and reader? Yes, I may. Could I write a fic that involves Bucky, Steve and reader? Yes, I could. But I won’t, and here’s why: a) because I don’t take requests. If I did, it would be expressly indicated in my bio and b) there are three things ya got - 1. Me; 2. Fucked; 3. Up.

Bruh, have you ever heard of common courtesy?! Like damn, you can’t - actually you DON’T - just two-step into my asks, without invitation btw, and just demand me to write something for you…BRUH!! A simple ‘Hi’ would’ve sufficed, hell, I would’ve actually declined in a civil manner if you hadn’t just grabbed me by the pussy and started firing demands! Like, bruuuuhh!! 

Also, “don’t make them gay’? WHAT A WOW! Not “could you please have Steve and Bucky take turns?”, “would you mind if it was just Steve fucking her pussy and she’s giving Bucky head and vice versa?”, not even “do you write slash?” waiting for me to respond and then further clarifying your request?? My bisexual self is just a TAD bit bothered by the fact that you, perhaps, couldn’t have worded this a little better. Y’know, that common courtesy thing again? So you don’t come across as inconsiderate, straight up rude aaand, oh, I don’t know, offensive?? 


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Have you ever read the fanfic Aeternus Amor Meus by Felicity Dream? It's probably one of the best fanfics that I've read in a long time, and it's an America x Rome pairing. (I know, kind of a crackish pairing, but bear with me here.) It's an absolutely amazingly fanfic. But anyway, back on track, have you ever read or heard of it? If you haven't I'd strongly recommend reading it! (Sorry for bugging you with this long ask lol.)

Lol, it’s okay. No, I haven’t heard of it, but now I’m intrigued. No worries, though. I’m always open to asks :)

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Have you ever heard the songs "Stars" or "Famous" at all? (they're country songs, so maybe not) I feel like they're perfect Supercorp/Lena Luthor songs. There's a few others in the same album that also fit SG imo

i can get down with some country for sure, who sings them?