Phanfics vs irl

Do you ever think about how if a lot of real things DnP have done over the past couple of years had been written in a phanfic, people would have dismissed it as unrealistic? Like, if someone had written a fic about Phil receiving a solo award but calling Dan up on stage to share it with him I would have thought it was a really cute idea, but too soppy and cliché for them, and yet here we are…

Imagine Dan bugging you to make you talk to him again after a tif.

“Looks good. Do you think I can have a bite?” You look at Dan like he had lost his mind.

 "Are you done being a dick?“ Dan didn’t reply but rather went to grab his own plate. 

"That’s what I thought. Even though I’m mad I still love you.” Dan rolled his eyes as he sat beside you.

 "I know.“

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why does dan actively try to make himself shorter than phil like it’s giving me chest pains

like okay obviously dan is taller than phil as can be shown below


^^like all right what is it with these 2 and baking that makes dan want to be 6 inches shorter

honestly like even while they’re sitting down?

(^^ that doesn’t even look comfortable???)

^^okay like i know we’ve all seen this pic but have you SEEN it??

again with the baking JESUS

ok like honestly that’s enough i’m so done with him i hope u suffered through dan wanting to be shorter than phil again because i sure did


As it seems to be exploding again, we need to have a serious talk, lets get a few things straight.

PHIL OWNS COPYRIGHT to that video which is why when it gets removed it’s done by him and IT WILL get removed.. and if you think you’ll get a sweet message from him asking you to remove it GUESS AGAIN.


I don’t care if you think it’s real or not …DAN AND PHIL HAVE ASKED US NOT TO POST IT.. HOW HARD IS THAT TO UNDERSTAND.

It WILL NOT make people like you more, it WILL NOT make Phil or Dan notice you, IT IS NOT  OK to post it bc you think it’s cute and sweet and you think evrybody needs to see it,  IT IS NOT OK TO POST IT OR LINK TO IT ON ANY KIND OF MEDIA, TUMBLR, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE..


this goes to all of you selfish immature little children who can not understand it is not meant to be seen...GROW THE HELL UP AND STOP BEING AN ATTENTION SEEKER.

Never Again

REQUEST: Can you write a smut imagine where you and Dan are caught having sex? Maybe by one of his parents or something and y/n gets extremely embarrassed.

After laying down and getting comfortable in your boyfriend’s old bed at his parents house, you grab the pillow and breathe in its scent, which still smells like Dan despite the months since he’d been there. “Almost done!” he calls from the bathroom across the hall, where he is brushing his teeth. You’re at his parents for Christmas and after a few celebratory glasses of wine and opening presents, you’re ready to snuggle up to your love and go to bed.

Dan, however, seems to have other plans. As soon as he crawls into the bed, one of his hands slides into the waistband of your pajama pants and the other snakes up around your front to cup your breast. “Dan!” you hiss, wiggling out of his arms. “Your parents are in the other room!”

He merely chuckles and pulls you back against him. “Babe there is no way they’ll know! They have the tv on, they won’t hear anything, and they never come in here when the door is closed. They think we’re going to sleep, they wouldn’t wake us up.”

“Are you sure?” you ask, scanning his features. He seems completely sure of himself.

Pulling you even closer, he presses his lips to yours, slipping his tongue inside your mouth. You moan quietly as you feel his hard bulge pressed against your crotch. “Positive,” he breathes, rolling over so he’s on top of you and grind his crotch into yours.

You nod eagerly, now just as in the mood as he is. “Okay, but be quick. It still makes me nervous to be in the other room from your parents.”

“Ssh don’t talk about them,” he whispers, pulling his sweatpants and boxers down to his knees. You follow suit, pushing your bottoms down as well, and grabbing onto Dan’s shoulders as he pushes into you. You bite your lip to keep from moaning aloud as Dan thrusts in and out of you. “Oh God,” he whispers, leaning down to pepper sensual kisses on your neck and shoulder. You take a fistful of his hair in your hand and pull him up to meet his lips.

You’re so into the moment that you don’t even notice the door open until the sound of Dan’s mother’s voice reaches your ears.

“Do you guys need extra blankets? OH God I’m so sorry!” She yelps, shutting the door immediately as soon as she realizes what’s going on.

Dan pulls out of you immediately and you both pull the duvet up to your shoulders in a panick. “Dan what the fuck!” you say, hitting him in the shoulder. “I feel like I could die I am so embarrassed your parents are going to hate me.” You cover up your face in your hands,

‘I’m sorry I’m so sorry!” he says, pulling you to his chest and stroking your hair to comfort you. “They won’t hate you don’t worry. We’re both adults we’ve been together for four years they know it happens it’s a part of life. They love you this isn’t going to change anything.” He pauses for a breath and pulls back to look at you. He sees the blush in your cheeks and knows by the look in your eyes that you aren’t mad at him, just horrendously embarrassed. He kisses the top of your head to reassure you. “She’s never come in here before I swear I’m so sorry baby.”

You wrap your arms around his waist and rest your head against his chest. “It’s okay. But we are never having sex at your parents house again.”

He sighs. “I know. I figured.” He laughs silently for a moment before yelling. “Sorry mum!”

*clears throat*

happy happy birthday to this actual ball of sunshine / the human embodiment of happiness! I can’t thank him enough for saving countless of lives, including mine, through his videos. On his birthday, I only wish him the best of luck in life and to keep doing what makes him happy. I want him to realize how lovely he is, and today, I would like to take time and just appreciate all the things he has done. He has achieved so much, and he deserves it. I have never seen anyone so nice and caring like Philip Michael Lester. His videos and Dan’s are my only resource of happiness when I feel like I am the most useless person in the world, and once again, I can’t thank them enough. Happy Birthday, Phil! You truly are amazing. ♥♥♥ xx amazingphil


recently, there’s been a bit of drama in the phandom. people have been pressuring dan to make a “coming out” video and when demon phannies found out what the actual vid was, they were disappointed. and i’m very disappointed i need to write about this.

my opinion ~

 we need more positivity and support right now because it’s not looking too good. people are making the assumption that “it’s gonna be 2012 all over again” but I don’t want that to happen. we need to stand with dan and phil and show them we care, love, support them for everything they have done for us. dan worked really hard on editing and making us laugh in that isg9 video. but all you demon phannies are disappointed that its not what you wanted the vid to be about??

on twitter, there has been a couple hashtags #thankyoudanfor and #weloveyoudan . dan saw one of them and appreciated our kindness. we need to continue this kindness so this phandom can stay strong together and not fall apart. so just spread positivity and dont be too harsh on dan. we need to respect who THEY are and what THEY want to upload. they respect us, so we need to respect them too.

i loved dan’s new video, it was hilarious. it made me really happy after the long day i had. :)

what’s your opinion?

Every Night...

*glances at clock*

Clock Reads: 10:00 p.m.

Me: I’ve got time. *continues reading phanfiction*

~…what feels like a minute later…~

*glances at clock again*

Clock Reads: 4:28 a.m.


Clock: Haha, you have to get up in 2 hours. Enjoy school tomorrow. 

Fandom Follow Train

I’ve done one of these before and made a few friends so why not try it again?

Reblog/Like if you:
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-Write stories of fanfiction (same thing)
-Breathe or Blink
- I like The hunger games
-Want friends
-Also suck at staying on topic

I want to follow some more blogs and maybe make more friends? I dunno.


Thank you for such a great show. It was so surreal being able to see the guys who have saved my life. I still can’t believe it happened. Thank you Dan and Phil for everything you’ve done. I’m forever grateful that I was able to see you guys in person, even if I wasn’t able to meet you. I appreciate all the hard effort you put into the show. Thank you once again.

house of memories - phan smut

 i saw a comment on the audio of “house of memories” by panic! at the disco that said something along the lines of “imagine singer!dan writing this song about phil and their breakup back in 2012.” and i wanted to make that a reality. so here it is. 

warnings: angsty af. also it’s smut. duh. ((sorry to my family for writing this sin but it needed to be done))

genre: once again, angsty af. smutty af. enjoy you sinning fuckers. see you in hell. basically dan and phil fucking in a tour bus and a very sexually frustrated phil. 

word count: 1886

excerpt: I had no intentions of crawling back to him that night. I just did, on my hands and knees in the most vulnerable of states.

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phan imagine 69:

Imagine their first show at the book tour and they’re both nervous as hell and it’s right before they go out so they’re about to turn the mics on and Phil just looks over at Dan and grabs his hand and is like, “wait don’t turn them on.” and just kisses Dan, really slowly and softly just like their first kiss and Dan is like taken a back a little. And then they kiss a few times and are like “Ready?” and Dan just goes “Ready.” and Phil repeats it because he’s nervous too and is like. “Ready?” and Dan goes “Ready.” and then Phil kisses him again and they’re starting to delay everything bc of how long they’ve stood there kissing and asking each other if they’re ready and Dan goes, “You should have done this before..” 

happy birthday @amazingphil !!!!

i hope you have a wonderful birthday, and to celebrate this occasion, i asked people to send me words and phrases that come to mind when they think of you. these are just a few of the numerous amazing words.

also, some messages from other phandom members :)

“Phil, along with Dan, has made me realize many things that i wouldn’t have realized if i was just left to live. He’s made me happier, brighter, more knowledgeable and i can’t ever say thank you to him for this & other things he’s done for me and many other people” - @phanshaircuts

“Happy Birthday, Phil! I hope you have a wonderful year, thank you for making me smile again! I hope this year brings you the best times of your life!” - @dilisinlove

“thank you so much for constantly making my days brighter” - @petrichordan

“Thank you for being such a wonderful person and brightening up the days my demons try to get to me. Happy Birthday Phil.” - @dianalunaknight

“Whenever I’m sad, lonely, or feeling just generally down (which is quite often), I turn on Phil’s videos. He just brings a smile to my face every time. Hearing him being so cheerful and happy and unapologetically himself makes me a little happier, and I wish there was something I could do to repay him for all the times he’s lifted me out of sadness without even realizing it.” - anonymous 

thank you to all the wonderful people that sent me words and messages :)

°~A Conversation I Had With A Friend Today~°
  • <p> <b>Friend:</b> I know you're asexual, but if you were given the choice, would you have sex with Dan or Phil<p/><b>Me:</b> *Dan and Phil<p/><b>Friend:</b> Right, Dan and Phil.<p/><b>Me:</b> Yeah, definitely. I'm not sexually attracted to Doritos, but if you offer me a bowl, I'm most definitely going to eat them.<p/><b>Friend:</b> *dies laughing*<p/></p>