4am weird talk/dan's video review


“Life of Dan”

like life of pablo? no? i’m stupid and should never speak again? ok… BUT

/listen my friend/
this video. was simultaneously. absolutely amazing. and absolutely horrifying.
i think that this was a great thing for dan to do and he literally couldn’t have done better, this is some hotttt fine shit he’s got, but listen.
i think that this rap, not only did it cover literally everything in the /entire. fUCKING. DAN UNIVERSE./ but it also was… so?… real? about it?
dan, are you actually okay? i’m worried.
and then there’s what this has done to the fandom.
i think it was cause there was toooo much real being shot at us like a machine gun, but what the ever loving fluff happened to us?
even me, who has never, at all, made a big deal about the little hints of random things in there videos. i really just pretend to see a lot of it because i know that i can be emotionless sometimes.
it has been /hours/ and i still can’t stop thinking about this video
this video
literally has woken me up in the middle of the night (or that was my sister doing the nasty, lord help me, the cringe is real)
it was just “toooo fast” and way more real than anyone was expecting.

bottom line is
i’m not sure whether to
1) give dan an internet hug
2) punch dan
3) let dan punch me
4) cry on dan
5) cry with dan
6) jump off a building into traffic while the world burns


I have done it….. I have made a blog to collect all the Archer Dans……. For posterity……. 

@archerdanarchives has been born

I have a queue of over 50 archer dans that you guys have submitted to me that will post 4 times a day, and i will continue to add more as they are sent my way. from now on, there are 2 ways to submit to archerdanarchives:

I just wanted to say again thank you so much for taking the time to draw these fun archer dans, it has made me so happy honestly to see the stuff you guys send my way, and i assure you i am showin everyone at the CN digital office these dank memes and they’re loving it so KEEP EM COMING

god blESS

  • also if you didnt get the memo on what this whole archer dan thing is about then check out this and this for an explanation, get skronked

anonymous asked:

Can you do S, please?


Dan can go again and again and again until he’s having dry orgasms and crying. By the time he’s done he’s aching everywhere and trembling. It hurts but that just makes it better. Even when he can’t cum again and he’s a mess of sweat and tears and cum he’ll let Phil continue to slam into him.

Phil lasts a lot longer than dan but he can only cum once or twice. He also doesn’t recover nearly as face but it works out. Phil cums the first time and then sucks Dan off or rims him until he’s ready to go again.

Black holes and Revelations (Startlight)

I finally got this done! Thank you guys for being so patient with this. I know I said I’d have this up for the 200 follower milestone but since then we got 30+ followers! :D

This was a lot of fun to write but it also hurt to write. It gets angsty so be ready

Thanks again to the lovely @koalizama for proofreading this <3 

You can read it on ao3 here!:http://archiveofourown.org/works/7546355

Enjoy guys and thank you again. I love you all <3

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lwom  asked:

Actor -- probably sure you've done this before, lol, but Dan Stevens 😈 😈 😈

Put an actor/actress in my ask box! 

I was also asked by  @thematthewreview. Thank you!

I may have done this….I can’t remember….so let’s do it again!!

  • First thing I saw them in:  First thing i know i saw him in was 2007Miss Marple’s Nemesis. But i didn’t remember that until I imdb’d him while watching  S1 Downton….haha.

  • Favorite work of theirs: I could say almost anything here…but come on…this is my favorite
  • Least favorite work: I have never disliked any performance of Dan’s…..but I’m not a fan of  Vamps or Dracula. 

  • Actor I’d love for them to play against in a movie: I need them in a movie together…. rom-com, period drama, modern romance, a remake of How to Steal a Million….I’m not particular…
  • Would I rather marry/be best friends with/get adopted by them: thoughts to the contrary side as we’re both happily married…lol…I’ll go with best friends. Late night talks and binge watching tv shows while he gossips all the good stuff about DA…

I’m out…

Playlist tag-thing

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rules: put your mp3 player, itunes, spotify, etc. on shuffle and then list the first ten songs that come up and tag ten buds. no skipping.

1. Breaking up My Bones- Vinyl Theatre
2. Foe (through the trees)- Dan Smith
3. If  You Say So- Vinyl Theatre
4. The Good, the Bad, and the Dirty- Panic! At the Disco
5. Breathe Life- Jack Garratt
6. The City- Madeon
7. Slowtown- twenty one pilots
8. Fools- Troye Sivan
9. Bloody Shirt (Bastille remix)- To Kill A King
10. Hurricane- Panic! At the Disco

I tag: @streetstobastille, @theyplaypompeii, @mountainsandgalaxies, and @wowiehowell