Decorative Papers, found by the community from the Mechanical Curator Collection by The British Library
Via Flickr:
From: www.flickr.com/photos/britishlibrary/tags/decorativepapers A selection of decorative papers, surfaced by the fantastic work of people who have been tagging these by hand! Please tag any similar portraits you find with “decorative papers”! Visit our blog for more information on our 1 Million public domain Flickr Commons upload.

chasmiller3 asked:

Dear David, I found on a web search an image of the old engraving image of the BANK OF ENGLAND [North and West Front of the Bank of England, from Lothbury - To Sir John Soane, Esq. The Architect this plate is respectfully inscribed] I'm looking for a high-res version. I serve as the Exec Director for Sir John Soane's Museum Foundation, which supports the museum in London. I'd like to use the image on small reply card for a mailing. 212-223-2012

I have a John Soane board on Pinterest that has an image that appears identical to the one you mention. This image comes from a book in the British Library, and it appears the Library offers a higher quality version of it. I hope this helps you.

If you click the Visit button (or click on the image), you will find the information you need.

So unfortunately all of the tickets to Buckingham Palace during the rest of my time here in the UK have sold out, so I won’t be able to go inside. I’ve decided instead to go visit the outside, and then go to the National Gallery and British Library instead, which I’ll be doing this weekend.

Peckham Library: a pioneer of social architecture

Peckham Library: a pioneer of social architecture

Quick trip to Peckham, a district in south-east London, just to have a look at the local library. Is it weird? Maybe…but I’ve heard about this building at University and now that I live in London I thought that it deserved a visit, even because we are talking about a Stirling Prize winner (in 2000), the Oscar of British Architecture.

The Stirling Prize is awarded to “the architects of the…

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Spare Rib Archive at The British Library

Click here to visit The British Library’s new archive of Spare Rib Magazine.

Spare Rib was a prominent magazine for the British women’s liberation movement. The British Library have been compiling physical copies of the magazine for a few years, and recently digitised them, having to undergo an elaborate copyright process in which they had to ask permission from every single contributor - many of whom submitted their contributions anonymously or under pseudonyms.

Some very interesting art to be found inside the magazines, often collage/deconstructions of pre-existing works.