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tbh I should’ve done this earlier oh well

anywayyy.. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH <333. I never thought I’d see mah blog reach this number haha. But yeah, I really appreciate you guys enjoying the spontaneous and weird posts I make about youtubers. People irl don’t really notice mah art since I’m a shy introvert af that’s why I love tumblr so much. annnd I LOVE YOU GUYS. 

Virtual hugs for everyone (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Wie oft lässt man sich verletzen? War es nicht extra, dann eher öfter. Tut die Person es allerdings ohne es zu bereuen, ohne zu verstehen wie weh sie einem tut und sich auch nicht dafür interessiert, wie oft lässt man sich von dieser Person noch verletzen, bevor man geht?
—  Einweiteresgebrochenesherz

to the anon (& whoever else) who wanted the mass effect 3 mod rec list -



The most fascinating thing I’ve learned in anthropology is that the happiest subsistence pattern was actually foraging and the reason agricultural societies are always bashing foraging societies as “savage” and “primitive” is because in ye olden days they didn’t want people to wake up one day and think “hm I could eat only bland grains and work in the dirt all day or I could sing songs and chill in the woods and eat a delicious variety of foods” and just walk out and leave