Aerith Thalassor

  • Graduated from the Academy early after making a class presentation on her professors’ spending habits, sexual vagrancies and their poolside holiday photos
  • Works as chief communications officer on her ship as well as an Ambassador for the alliance
  • Also gathers data for herself, her ship, the alliance and her government
  • By data she actually means secrets and confidential information
  • Data is used variously for brokering peace between nations, making beneficial matches between lovelorn heirs and basically getting people to do what she wants
  • Knows about that thing you bought last week that you don’t want to tell people about
  • Judges you for it
  • Is surprisingly not a people person and prefers to be on her own when not working
  • Has a large list of people who would consider her a friend
  • The list isn’t reciprocal
  • There is information in her notebooks that could bring down several governments and cause at least two inter-planetary wars
  • Has been offered enormous sums for her data but hasn’t given in to the temptation
  • Yet

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!!! I vocally stim by repeating cat meows! It feels even better when I can match them perfectly omg!! I'm questioning if I'm autistic because I'm recognised (not diagnosed) as ADD but I do echolalia all the time and I match a lot more with autistic symptoms... My partner is autistic and they often joke that I seem so much like them as well so *waves arms in confusion* ??????? (sorry for rambling ^^;; feel free to ignore)

this has been here foreveeeeer but i’ve thought about it almost like everyday because i do that too!!!!!!!!! its actually so much fun and i’ve learned to perfectly mimic my cats meow to the point where my mom cant tell which one of us is meowing lol anyways i feel less alone now thank you for sharing :)))))

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Nickname: J-dog, jordan, burr, snart

Gender: demi girl i guess

Height: 5′10″

Hogwarts House: i think hufflepuff my friend said ravenclaw tho

Fave color: Pastels!

Fictional Character I’d like as a sibling: idk someone kind and sweet and doesn’t rude

Number of blankets I sleep with: 4, 2 are small and one is a sheet pretty much

Dream Vacation: depends, who im with is what matters

What I’m currently wearing: pusheen pajama pants and t-shirt

When I made this blog: 2 years ago!

Do you get asks on a regular basis: sometime

Aesthetic: pastels and stuff like that

Star sign: pisces

Time right now: 4:30 pm

Last thing I googled: Eevee

Fave music artist: Hayley Kiyoko & Charisma.com

Song suck in your head: dont have one right now

Do you have any other blogs: saved urls but no actual blog

Why did you chose your url: was reading desolate era and fiendgod is a race in it

Pokemon team: instinct

Favorite characters: D.va from overwatch and Wally from pokemon

Dream job: counselor or author

Following: 338

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Final Fantasy XV is coming out very soon! What better way to celebrate than to give back to the people who made it all possible? So for #FFXVweek: FFXV Staff Appreciation Day, I’m putting together this fun project to say thank you to the team. This is something EVERYONE can take part in, whether you’re an artist, cosplayer, or simply a just fan!

Together we will be making a beautiful 22"x 28" poster featuring YOUR art/photos/messages for the FFXV team to say thank you for making Final Fantasy XV. As of right now, the poster can hold up to 56 canvases (rough idea of what it’ll look like, not actual size), if more than 56 submissions are received, the canvases will be slightly resized to fit more.

Each fan is given a space of a 800x800 pixel canvas that will go on the poster. On the canvas, show your thanks to the Final Fantasy XV team in whatever way you wish!

Fanart, photos (ex: cosplay, you with your merch, you crying over your preorder), a message in English or Japanese (please don’t write really small, the space you’re given on the poster is a little over 2″ all around).
- Some great ideas: fanart - include a team member in your art with one of the chocobros, cosplay - hold up a “thank you” sign or make a heart symbol with you hands. Get creative! Content created must be your own. Please no edits of screencaps/official art.

Add your signature/username (preferably your Twitter handle) to bottom right corner of your canvas.

Here’s the formatted template for the project, please use it to ensure the size is correct: PSD or JPEG
- Save as JPEG (Preferred resolution: 300 dpi/ppi)

E-mail: ffxvfanproject@gmail.com or private message: @verryfinny on Tumblr. If done by e-mail, please include the username of your Tumblr and/or Twitter.

Reblog this post to let other fans know about the project! Tell your friends who are on other social medias as well.

Here’s an image you can use to promote the #FFXVFanProject on other social medias. Be sure to link back to this post!

Deadline: Saturday, November 26th at 11:59pm CT

I know I haven’t been around much the past few days, but for those of you wondering, the movie went really well.  We’re nearly out of all of the boxes except books, I have ordered a couch that will cost money (rather than getting one handed down for free, which has always been my source of furniture before), the internet is up, and the cats are speaking to us again.

Oh, and also, big news:


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Finally managed to figure out a hat which fits my head =-3 I have to keep telling myself its for Halloween and not a convention though fdhsfhdsfjkh -flails-

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