OMFG YOU HAD A MUG!? …I wonder if I can ask my sis if I can get a mug for my birthday coming up in a few weeks…. Here’s the link if you’re interested. 

Look up @taylordraws for the miracle of her artwork. Shit I really want it…

scrubbenyan asked:

Great art :3 but how do I reach that level? I started drawing cartoons a bit more but I'm worried I can't doodle good (╥﹏╥)

Hey thank you! I’m stoked you like my stuff. :)
I have got a few notes saying things like this. Some of them have more self deprecation than others but the message is the same for the most part.

Art is not a competition guys. You are not bad at this!
I don’t know why you are being so hard on yourselves. Your ideas are awesome. YOU are unique and individual. Therefore, so is your work and that’s what makes it great. Down to your smallest silliest doodles.

Think about that when you are making art. Whenever you are drawing/painting/making that is you reveling in expression. This is you being uniquely YOU. Learn to love that. The more you love to do something the more you do it. The more you do it the more you improve.
I have practiced a lot and I have studied a lot. I do both because it is fun for me. I just really love painting. You are looking at what hundreds(thousands?) of pictures of practice over the span of years does to someone. I am not new to this and I am still very far from where I want to be. Just the same as you.
No matter what people think this stuff is not a natural occurrence. Literally anyone can do what I do. Anyone can get to this point and go way past it. It is just time and willingness to put fourth the effort.
Studying helps. References help. The internet has got you covered on that. Talking down about yourself to take away your own motivation does not help.

Just try your hardest when drawing and remember try new things. Don’t have a comfort zone when it comes to ability. Stop worrying about how it’s going to look and just try it.
It’s not going to look how you want in the beginning. Hell, it’s not going to look how you want 6 years down the line either but other people won’t know that.
Your doodles are good. Trust me when I say your doodles are good. You are just scratching the surface. If you keep it up every day you will be drawing in ways you would never believe you could in no time.

Long weekend of no internet coming up, but LOOK WHAT I GOT FROM THE LIBRARY. FINALLY.

I literally ran around the library for an hour and a half looking for these stupid books because the online catalog said they were on-shelf under Wendig and Miller and they were NOT because my library has a Star Wars section. I did not know there was a Star Wars section and freaked out a lot and bothered a couple of librarians BUT IT ALL PAID OFF.

I wanted to get Lost Stars too but couldn’t get a hold of it. Next time.

Anyway, opinions on the books? No spoilers, just reactions! Thanks guys!

May Ashla keep your destiny.

ok but what if rey is both a skywalker and a kenobi? 

i mean, for the kenobi thing to work in the first place we’d need for him to suddenly have a kid or a brother or sister or w/e anyway

and what’s stopping that mystery sibling from being a lady and her and luke getting together? like i know it’d be a little stupid to be actually true but????

puppetmaster55 asked:





some thoughts:

  • I think a lot of jedi are probably gay, for the same reason that monastic lifestyles have historically appealed to gay people in real life: it’s a culturally acceptable route out of compulsory heterosexuality, and religious asceticism appeals to people who have been taught to view their desires as inherently evil.
  • obi wan kenobi’s defining characteristic is his extreme dedication to the jedi code. even when we first see him, as a teenager, he is very serious and conscientious, not at all like the rebellious teenage anakin. and I think that discipline is rooted in self-hatred, in a need to control  the parts of himself that he thinks are evil (so, his gay feelings) and channel them toward a productive end.
  • obi-wan is just a kid when qui-gon jinn dies; he’s not really ready to become a jedi master, much less to train someone not much younger than himself. dealing with the twin burdens of loss and responsibility only makes obi-wan hold himself to higher standards of emotional discipline, and punish himself more harshly when those standards aren’t met.
  • because of their closeness in age, his relationship with anakin is always in danger of slipping into a friendship, which is part of why he he is so outwardly strict and disciplined with him.
  • so, as @finndamerons suggested, when obi-wan finally tells anakin that he loves him, he’s admitting to a personal failure. not only has he failed to make his padawan a good man, he has broken the extremely rigid code by which he lives. he has fallen in love.
  • (anakin doesn’t feel the same way–compare anakin’s “you’re the closest thing I have to a father” to obi-wan’s “you were my brother, anakin.” obi-wan knows this, and it only confirms his belief that he is fundamentally unloveable) 
  • the only way to make up for this double failure is to devote the rest of his life to the protection of anakin’s son.
  • and when luke turns out to be gay, obi-wan knows that the only way to protect him is to get him away from tatooine and into a place where he can find other people like him. this is why he decides to train luke as a jedi.
  • and once he is assured that he has done his penance, and that luke has friends and is going to be okay in a way that he never was, obi-wan is content to die at the hands of the man who used to love.
  • obi-wan kenobi is a literal and figurative ghost at the edges of this family saga, invested but never involved, part of the story and excluded from it. he can’t be a skywalker, but without his love and devotion the skywalkers would not exist.

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Graduation night ficlet

The best thing about graduation: it happens.

The second best thing about graduation: no curfew. He’d had to go home to change, and his parents had caterers in, but after opening a few cards and saying ‘hi’ and 'thanks’ and 'nice to see you’ to all of his parents’ coworkers and everybody he’d known since he was little, his dad and Carole had stood at the front door, arm-in-arm and beaming, while Kurt, Blaine and Finn had climbed into a car and sped off into the night, music thumping and tires squealing and Rachel yelling.

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