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What do you think about skinwalkers? They seem to be coming up again, specifically the Skinwalker Ranch case.

they arent at all the business of cryptozoologists, especially white ones. they are a part of a living culture that has and is facing physical and cultural genocide for hundreds of years. calling skinwalkers (or other creatures belonging to any american indian cultures) “cryptids” and writing creepypastas and shit about is ripping them from the culture they belong to and twisting them beyond recognition. cultural appropriation isnt harmless, it’s a method of wiping out a culture.

as far as skinwalker ranch goes, the phenomena in the area would be interesting if it didnt strike me so intensely as a hoax. i mean first of all, the alleged paranormal activity there has almost nothing to do with  even a bastardized cryptozoological version of the skinwalkers, its mostly ufos. so i get the impression that element was tacked on. a quick look through the official site gives little more compelling than some blurry photos of foxes and coyotes and some vague lights in the sky. basically everything about it screams ‘tourist trap’ lmao…

i know ive seen posts about this particular issue with skinwalkers  in the past, but i havent been able to find them so if anyone wants to add on commentary or link one they know of it would be hugely appreciated. also, im white so if anything ive said is out of line, incorrect etc please tell me and i will change/delete it.

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As heartbreaking as keep it small was, I find it super canon-compliant? Like this is maybe the most in-character Holsom thing I've read, which makes my heart ache since it's such a sad fic hshdbds

DUDE RIGHT!?!? I just looked through all the tweets and this is the hc I came up with. I think he is so in love. WHY ELSE WOULD HE BE SO ANNOYED when ransom was having sex in the middle of the day??? WHY ELSE would bitty say he needed a pie?? WHY ELSE would he know how much ransom calls March?? WHY ELSE?!?!

Holster, making me sad 2kforrrever


[ whenever the tables turn in a dpoe trial ]

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Donation prompt. A few days after their fight with Flynnt and Neon, Weiss catches Flynnt playing a song on his trumpet. She decides to apologize for his fathers Dust shop.

A/N: Oohhh my first time ever writing Flynt! Thanks for this idea and for your donation!

This little prompt ignores canon timeline, as the events of canon took place within the course of one or two days, whereas this takes place several days afterward.



It had been two days since Yang had taken down Flynt and Neon in the tournament, with the help of Weiss’ assist. 

Presently, it was a leisure hour, with not too much going on in between matches. 

Weiss had opted to go out for some fresh air and to clear her mind a bit. She’d been cooped up in the infirmary for the past few days recovering from her burns and aura depletion. She’d reassured her teammates that she’d be fine to wander around on her own for a bit, and had then taken her leave. 

Now, she was trying to enjoy the festival atmosphere around the fairgrounds, intending only to go for a short walk before heading back. 

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Another day, another post building up BP at the expense of Natasha. “He was the only one to change his mind and consider the situation!”

…no he wasn’t.

He got a wonderful and complete character arc, yes, but please stop erasing Natasha’s decisions and the anguish she went through, too. She was at that UN summit meeting, she talked to both sides, all of these people that she had to fight were her friends and you could SEE that in the way she interacted with Steve and Clint, and she made her choices based on how she viewed the terrain. BP is great and wonderful and I love him and I’m excited for his movie and I want like 50 of them. I love seeing him built up, but please stop erasing Natasha’s storyline the way even the filmmakers tried to do.

i just woke up from a nap and honestly its embarrassing how often my dreams are about disneyland or disney world