Stabbing the spears

It’s 2am my time and I’m sure most people are asleep, but hey it’s Evangelion meta time!

In this, I’m going to be going into detail talking about a couple points relating to Unit 13 stabbing herself during the climax of 3.0 and Kaworu’s involvement with doing do. 

All of this is theory, so please feel free to respond in kind.

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I wanted to make something for Pembrokewcorgi after reading one of his earlier posts.  Hope you’ll feel better soon.

ok but you know what tumblr needs?? lists. bc i if i could say, put all my randl peeps on a list and put all my bttf peeps on a list and all my aro/ace peeps on a list, etc, and then only view posts from the ppl on a list at a time, that would make being multifandom literally 10000% easier omg

anonymous asked:

I'm not reading that interview cuz I can't stand bc but I'm guessing it went something like t: you're great b:you're great too! t:your relationship is real b: so was yours! t: were friends right? b: yup!! 😒

I haven’t read it yet either but I’m pretty much guessing that’s what it’s gonna be too. But with a helluva lot more pomposity. I’m betting it’s drowning in it.

textured hair is honestly the worst because I don’t??? Have any haircuts??? That work??? Like I want short hair but all the haircuts that I like require naturally straight and thin hair and I instead have super thick curly hair and honestly I’m so???? Annoyed?? Fuck u dad this is ur fault

here’s a summation of the past, like, 30 hours and also what’s up today

  • him late (rude boi)
  • fun to be college
  • tight pants tight pants
  • gay???????? gay for boys
  • him late AGAIN
  • gotta go doctor
  • what is sleep
  • suffering
  • bringing 3 energy drinks to class because i do not give a fuck

zevran’s lover/qp waking up early enough to surprise him before he put relaxers in his hair and catching a rare sight of tight, sleep missed curls made even curlier from being in braids all night

zevran grumbling sleepily when he’s convinced to leave them out for a day and his hair, when crimped and brushed and tended to, turning into a cloud of gold around laughing, crinkled eyes

zevran’s hair losing a foot of length with its curl and looking far shorter than it really is