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Zelda ask Link if he has ever kissed anyone? believing she inst alone on the prospect Link admits yeah he has, Zelda worries cause shes never had a first kiss and blurts it out Links like what you but your so beautiful and amazing! (not sure if for log or random story :/ or which zelink pair )

Sorry for the very late answer, I’ve been trying to make up a nice story for this prompt! Have some OoT Zelink!


‘Have you ever kissed anyone?’, the young Princess blurted out to her escort, who stopped right on his tracks on the way to the courtyard.

‘Zelda, why are you asking me this?’, Link asked her, redness creeping up his face, ‘It’s so out of nowhere’.

The actual question rounding in Link’s head was how do I explain you I gave my first kiss to you, but in another timeline?

‘You are not answering my question’. His lack of an prompt answer upset her. Is he hiding something from me?

‘I have kissed a girl! She was really cool and brave, but she had to hide away’, Link tried to describe the Princess’ alter ego, ‘She reminded me of you’.

Zelda’s eyes widened, as she tried her best to contain a pout.

But of course he has, Zelda! He stayed in Termina for quite some time… and he is quite reserved about what happened there. You have a serious disadvantage: you are fifteen, and you have never kissed anyone!

But an idea popped in her head.

‘Prove it’.


‘Your story sounds suspicious’, she noted, ‘Besides me, you lack female friends’.

‘Malon is my friend!’

‘She is too good for you’, she teased.

‘You say that because you haven’t kissed anyone’, he retorted with a snicker. ‘Ok, I’ll show you’.

And, quickly, taking advantage of her distraction, he held her face and kissed her, just like he did in his most heroic days, but still with the feeling of excitement of kissing her for the first time.

Zelda remained silent, still tasting him on her lips, skin covered in goosebumps.

She never doubted him ever again.

Of Fears and Insecurity

Summary: The first time she caught a glimpse of him, he was being praised by her father and somehow, that made it all the more worse. – Zelda, Link and a little bit of insecurity. Oneshot.

Relationship: Link & Zelda (BOTW)

FFNET Link: x

Notes: Have some zelink first meeting before calamity ganon strikes because why not? This is also crossposted on fanfiction.net, if you wanted that kind of format.

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Botw!ZeLink: A Knight’s Hidden Love (WIP)


by me, Nathalie Michelle L. (AKA Michie) @xxhinaangelxx


😆 More ZeLink from Breath of the Wild…? Yes, yes there is 😅. Here’s my new unfinished botw!ZeLink art work! Hope you all like how this is coming along 😆💖!

@botwriter Here’s more ZeLink for you as a welcome home present to you! Hope you are doing well in your new apartment! 👍😄💖 And good luck on your “Rewritten” story! Hope this brings another smile and happiness to you!

To ZeLink shippers: I hope you all happiness and for more zelink fanart from me to you guys 😆💖! Gagh! These two are just too much for my shippy heart 😭💖💕💕💕! Hope you will all like the end results of this unfinished piece 😊.