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Fraiser got recognized WWWAAAYYY too much. Like, more than once a season was ridiculous for a talk radio psychiatrist to be recognized. They should have had him have a TV show if he needed to be recognized that often, no?

I swear, I was just thinking about this. I can accept that he was absurdly popular, but still, like you said, it’s radio. I don’t understand why so many people would recognize him before he even said his name, especially the ones who claimed not to listen to his show. People can’t be paying that much attention to bus ads…

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No offense, but you're still missing the point. We don't call the far right Nazis because we think they've read mein kampf and follow the ideology of Adolf Hitler. They're called Nazis because it highlights a parallel between the anti-Jew rhetoric of the historical Nazis which led to the holocaust, and the anti-Muslim rhetoric we see today. Very few self identify as Nazis because it's synonymous with evil. But that doesn't mean they aren't willing to committing a similar crime against muslims.

You’re greatly overestimating their power, doing a comparison that does a great disservice to the victims of the holocaust WHILE empowering those assholes by giving them a spotlight the should have NOT have.

Stop this, these bullshit comparison are only making things worse. 

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“Look, I don’t mean to be rude but this is not as easy as it looks, so I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t distract me.”

okay I couldn’t pick a couple… so I did all the main ones. And I haven’t done one with all the main couples in a long while


She wasn’t answering.

Aric paced back and forth on the bluff, frowning into the dying sunlight.

She should have answered, she should have respnoded, something, she should have done something-

“Dammit Yetter,” he cursed. He hated this impatient worry. Aric glared through his macrobinoculars again and finally saw her slinking across the ravine. He raised his comm again. “Rookie, come on. Answer.”

The tiny figure on the cliff froze.

His comm crackled to life. 

“Look, Sir,, I don’t want to be rude,” she snapped back. “But this isn’t as easy as it looks. So sit back, enjoy the view, and I’d appreciate it if you shut up and stopped distracting me.”


“Darling… you make the stars look dull.” Orannus reached up to tuck a flyaway strand of her hair back behind her ear.

Elara elbowed his hand away, eyes amused. “Orannus…”

“You are a Space Angel… my angel…” His head felt heavy, and he felt back against the pillow.

She pulled her surgerical mask down for a moment. “Dearest, I don’t mean to curt with you, but this procedure is harder than it looks. I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t distract me.”

Orannus waited until she glanced at him, then he winked. “After this… we’re… Elara… am I drugged?”

“Painkillers, Sir, you should be out in a minute.”




Corso followed the yelling down the hallway to the cargo hold.

Carmadda had her mini-menace of an astromech pinned against the wall, soapy rag in one hand. “SHORTY YOU NEED TO BE CLEANED!”

A grimy trail of water started at the cooling tub and zig-zagged to where they were now.

MT-4T had his own idea that he gurgled out.

“No, he’s-” Carmadda looked over her shoulder and whipped her head back around to MT-4T. “Hey Farmboy, listen, I don’t wanna be rude, but giving Shorty a bath isn’t as easy as it looks, so… Can you not distract me, or go put a shirt on if you’re going to help?”

The droid sang something sardonically and received a soapy cloth to the visual sensor.


She leaned against the doorframe to the engine room, smiling softly as she listened to him hum as he worked.

Andronikos was bent over some engine part, headset on and plugged into his datapad, greasy rag hanging from a back pocket and stained undershirt on. His coveralls were tied around his waist.

Yes, part of the reason she was there was to listen to him hum. And enjoy the view.

His tattoos shifted with his muscles as he lifted another panel.

Wenia tried to hide her blush. And failed.

Stars above, she was falling hard for him,

“Hey, Wen.”

She blinked and smiled at him. “Nikky.”

He pulled the headset down around his neck. “Look, I don’t mean to be rude or nothing, but this is not as easy as it looks.” Andronikos frowned down at the engine part and then back up at her. “Can you admire my ass later? I can’t have any distractions right now.”

“I- Yes, of course.” She bit her lip and stepped away.



Andronikos had a teasing glint in his eyes. “I hope I can admire your ass later, too.”

Wenia could feel her face turned bright red. “Don’t think about it, Nikky, it could distract you.”


There was a very large amount of grunting coming from the cargo hold.

Vanyke cautiously looked in, not entirely sure what she would find, and not entirely sure if it was something she’d want to find.

Pierce was lifting weights, a pair of enormous ones on the weight bar. It was almost too much for him.

He grunted again as he lifted them up.

Vanyke slowly sidled up to him, making it obvious that she was staring at his bare chest, his sweat-coated arms, the loose exercise shorts he wore.

“M’Lord, I’m not trying to be… rude,” he growled. Pierce lifted the weights again. “But I don’t need no distractions. Don’t have any fancy force powers, so this is harder than it looks.”

“Is it, now?” She pointedly looked at his shorts.

“Nyke,” he grunted.

She straddled his hips. “Lieutenant, I thought you needed someone to spot you.”

“You volunteering?”

Vanyke stayed silent and met his gaze as he kept lifting. “Shall I make it harder for you?”

“Do your worst, M’Lord. I can handle it.”

Vanyke force-flicked the cargo hold door shut and locked it.


“Bloody hell!”

Arcann tried to hide his amused smile.

Fiika still saw it. “This isn’t funny! I need to look the part of a pirate. You’re lucky, you’ve got a mask.” She turned back to the mirror and raised the bright green stick again.

And promptly messed up the line.

“This blasted- You stop that.”

He was still in the doorway. “I did nothing.”

“Look, Arcann, I don’t mean fro this to be rude, but this is not as easy as it looks, so I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t distract me by standing there and watching.” Fiika shooed him out of the ‘fresher.

“You find me distracting?” he asked coyly as he walked backwards.

There was a time and place for that conversation, and ten minutes before they went back undercover was not it.

Fiika poked him with the eyeliner, making a neon spot on his cheek. “Now it’s not you. It’s the make-up.” She shut the fresher door in his face.

Random prompt starters

- “Alright who pressed the self destruct button? ”
- “I can soundly assure you he’s 90% dead.”
- “Does anyone have a spare blowtorch.”
- “If we’re about to die right now I want you the know…”
- “So I may have used poison instead of sugar.”
- “What if I kissed you right now?”
- “You know what I changed my mind I’m not having kids.”
- “I probably should have though about the consequences of selling my soul first.”
- “There’s a perfectly good reason for all of these kittens.”
- “Don’t act like you’ve never seen a dead person talking before.”
- “Put your hands somewhere useful.”
- “So I’m either in hell or the heaters been left on for too long.”
- “I told you this would be a bad idea.”

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: Any Pro-Lifer who argues that they just want to ‘save babies’ but makes an exception in rape cases is lying.

If they were truly against abortion because they believe that a fetus is entitled to full rights, enough to deny the bodily autonomy of the person carrying it; if they truly believe that the fetus has a soul and is a baby or however they say it: then they wouldn’t make exceptions for rape. 

A pregnancy created through sexual assault would not make that fetus less human. It wouldn’t make it “not a baby.” Being conceived through rape wouldn’t make that fetus not have a soul. Either a fetus has a soul, is a human, is a precious baby, or it isn’t. 

What the “rape exception” means is that they want to control women. That women who have consensual sex should be punished, should “have consequences” for having consensual sex, for not being “responsible” enough when they have sex. It says “You are a woman who had consensual sex, and to punish you we will take control of your body away from you.” They HATE that women can have sex for recreation, and want to take that away from us. 

You see that bullshit argument? You call them on it. Don’t let the point go. If they make an exception for rape- ask them why. Make them explain the logic. (They know how fucking awful it sounds when they don’t make an exception for rape too. There’s no moral high ground for them there.) 

I loved Extremis even more because the TARDIS didn’t translate Italian even though it should have and I should have realised something was off because the TARDIS should have been able to translate EVERY language or near enough in the universe but for it not to translate Italian made it seem more real and that something was definitely up.

Oh Moffat, you clever man.

Sunday Morning

Summary: A young man and a young woman run into one another on a Sunday morning at a coffee shop, both of them heartbroken, and rediscover what it means to love and be loved. Bucky x Reader 

 Author’s Note: I’ve been working on this one for a bit. It’s basically the feel-good romance no one ever expected me to write (me included) 

 Words: ~2900

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Bucky used to love Sunday mornings. They were meant for sleeping in, for curling against the soft, tender body that slept next to him.

They’d had five years of Sunday mornings, of her soft sighs in his ear as she stirred from her sleep, bright green eyes blinking sleepily up at him as he kissed her plush, pink lips. Five years of Sunday mornings, of making coffee in a pair of boxers; of her arms wrapping around him from behind, a soft cheek against his bare back. Five years of Sunday mornings, of sitting at the breakfast bar in their pajamas, her thumb wiping jelly off the corners of his mouth.

Five years of Sunday mornings, wasted.

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Older brother Namjoon+ rest of BTS scolds you PT.9

BTS x Reader

Genre: Angst

Namjoon’s Sister AU

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I heard a thump and my first reaction was to, of course, look up. I saw Y/N lying there on the floor, only a foot away from where I was sat. I don’t think I’ve ever got up so quickly in my life. I rushed straight to her side and picked her up in an instant. I felt how damp her clothes were, and also how warm her body was in my arms. She had a fever, she must have caught a cold from being out in the rain.

I opened the door to her apartment and carried her in, through the doors of her room and placed her on top of her bed. She was completely soaked from head to toe, and I couldn’t have her sleep in that. But I couldn’t possibly change her clothes for her. I knew Y/N’s neighbour was a middle aged lady, so I decided to knock on her door and ask if she could change Y/N, and she was more than happy to help.

After she had left I walked into Y/N’s room and saw that she was sleeping peacefully, but her lips were pale and her face was completely drained of colour. I walked out of the room and got a wet towel, wringing it out I walked back into her room and placed it on her forehead. Somewhat hoping for a miracle that it helps. I felt horrid, I did this to her. All of this is my fault, she’s sick because of me. If only I did better, then non of this would have happened, right? I should have protected her like I knew she would have wanted me to. I know she wants us all to, but we didn’t. At first, we were all so close, we took care of her and she took care of us, she always smiled. But as time went by and the fame got bigger, the more distant to her we all became. We didn’t even know that she was suffering, and we did nothing to help but instead we made it worse for her. Much worse. I felt guilty as I took one last look at her and left her room, leaving the door ajar.

I walked into her kitchen, it’s been a while since I’ve stopped by and actually visited her. Everything was placed neatly, so tidy and clean as usual. Until I started to rummage through her refrigerator and cupboards, looking for ingredients to make her something to eat for when she wakes up. I’m a horrible cook, I already knew that but I was always told to take medication with food and Y/N has to take medication so for her sake, I will attempt at cooking at try not to burn the whole apartment complex down.

Y/N’s p.o.v

I was woken up by the sounds of crashing and banging in my kitchen. I opened my eyes and saw that the room was still spinning. I realised that there was a wet towel on my forehead, I was no longer in my wet clothes and I was tucked into bed. Who in the world changed me out of my clothes? My head was still hurting, to the point I had no strength. There could be a pervert or a thief in my house right now and I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it, and it scared me to know that someone was in my house right now and I was completely weak. 

When I gathered up enough strength, I slowly got up. Holding a pair of sharp tweezers I made my way towards the kitchen. I saw the back of someone wearing a black hoodie, some blue ripped jeans and white socks. He was holding a knife and was hammering it against my countertop. 

“Who are you and what are you doing in my apartment?” I shouted, holding my tweezers out in front of me, as if they could do any damage. By the time I could get close enough to jab the person with my tweezers, they could have thrown the knife at me. 

The man turned around still holding the knife in his hand. I was shocked to see the person standing in front of me. “Joonie?”

Who thought it was someone else? lolol ~ PT.10 anyone?

First words [One-shot]



This little one-shot was inspired on two things:

-My relationship with my sister

-The manga “Shugo Chara”. For those who know the manga, it’s based from the chapter when the guardians go to Yaya’s house.


I tried to adjust Blueprint’s story to PaperJam’s story. So, since (according to his description) he lived with Ink until a certain age, he met Blueprint before the others. I also tried to make him the most canonically possible, but adjusting his personality to the story.


As you may know, English is not my first language. I deeply apologise if there are any Errors in the story. I checked it lots of times and hope there’s not a single Error ovo



*Ink!Sans belongs to @comyet

*PaperJam/PJ belongs to @7goodangel (I’m sorry if I didn’t make PJ’s personality too well. I tried to stick the “a jerk on the outside but a big child inside” part and this was what I got. Sorry ;u;)

Secondary characters

*Gradient belongs to @askcomboclub

*Moku belongs to  @6agentgg9

*Palette belongs to  @angexci 

And last, but not least

*Blueprint belongs to, well, me! 

Hope you guys like it!


This will be narrated from PaperJam’s perspective.


I never was good with new people. And I wasn’t very happy when you came.

One day, Ink just came “home” with a baby, claiming that it was my “new brother”. I didn’t understand what was he saying with that, and then he showed you to me, my new little brother.

I wasn’t happy with this. I didn’t want a brother. I mean, Ink couldn’t even take care of me, why would he want to have another one? To let them here alone and forgotten with me? Wow, good plan, dad. However, he told me that you only would be staying with us for a day so I could get to know you, since bonding with brothers was very important and blah blah blah…

We spend a few hours talking about you and how you came to life. Apparently, you were just an accident, but not a bad one. And since he created you, you were my brother. Well, step-brother, because Blueberry was the other one that created you. I couldn’t help but feel a little bit jealous… you were going to have caring parents and a better life than mine. What if Ink actually forgot entirely about me?

Yeah, the idea of having a brother was becoming less and less “exciting” to me.

But then, just before I started to think more things like that (which I thought was very rare for me), Ink suddenly had to go (I wasn’t surprised, with his work of protecting AUs and all; he barely had time to be here), cutting our conversation just when I actually started to enjoy it. Ink stood from the sofa and was about to open a portal when he realised something important:

Who was going to take care of you?

He told me that Blueberry and… Honey… I think, were with the other versions of them and he couldn’t take you to wherever they were. So, he had only one option… that I didn’t like, at all.

Why I had to take care of you?! I didn’t ask him for a brother and I didn’t know how to take care of a baby. I was five years old! I was starting to learn how to write and read! I remember arguing with him for a while, until I had to accept.

But not without asking something in return, of course.

In the end, he went to do whatever he needed and I was left alone with you. An awkward atmosphere formed where we were, since you found my face very interesting and kept your eyes on me for a really long time. I tried my best to ignore you, but you were too much persisting and even threw me some mini bones at me to gain my attention.

What a smart baby, huh? Well, we were magic skeleton monsters after all. But it was becoming annoying.

“What do you want?” I asked you and you only looked at me and babbled something. I instantly felt stupid, remembering that Ink told me you haven’t said your first word yet. how would you even tell me what you needed? You kept looking at me and then, surprisingly, your stomach made a noise.

Right… now I had to feed you.

Making something for you was horrible. I mean, we were in the Anti-Void and only had some snacks since we didn’t really need to eat, but being you a recently made creation, obviously needed to consume something, even if you had your HP full. Eventually, I found some milk and gave it to you, ending getting milk on my face and shirt because you apparently didn’t know how to drink it.

That was enough for me.

Usually, I’m not a person that gets mad easily. However, I did get mad that time. I stood abruptly from my seat and went to clean my face, leaving you alone on the sofa. Ink told me to not leave you, but I didn’t care. I wanted to be alone and so I did. I went to my bedroom (well, it’s not a real bedroom… just a bed that Ink made for me) and stayed here for a few hours. Maybe three or four…

It wasn’t until I heard a soft sound that I didn’t get up from my bed. And when I did, I instantly paled: You were lying on the floor crying softly. Your soft cries barely reaching my non-existent ears. And it wasn’t the worst. No, no.

You were blushing and sweating a lot. Were you sick? In that moment I didn’t know.

Quickly, I went to your side and picked you up, checking if you had hurt yourself from the fall. Luckily you didn’t have any bruises, but your skull was very hot. Now you were sick? And I was alone.


How you could get sick so easily and fast? I didn’t understand that at all! Was that the real reason of why Ink brought you here? So he could watch over you while Blueberry and Honey were busy? If that was the reason, he was very irresponsibly by leaving you with me: a child, taking care of another child!

I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t use magic to help you, I couldn’t ask Ink for help, I couldn’t open a portal and find Blueberry… I couldn’t do anything. And I was scared.

What if something happened? What if you started to feel worse? What if…

What if you died?

Those thoughts were swirling in my head, making me fell worst and worst. I didn’t want you to die.

Come on! You had a great life ahead! You would have a caring family and friends and maybe… maybe we would have been friends! I should have watched you. Maybe if I haven’t left you alone…

I couldn’t help to feel guilty, even knowing that it wasn’t my fault that got sick. In that moment, I didn´t cared about anything, just you.

It was in that moment when Ink decided that he should go home, and so he did. He came to the Anti-Void and found me on the sofa, hugging you like it was the last time I’d see you and honestly, that’s what I thought. He rushed to my side, worryingly asking what was wrong. I wasted no time and explained him what happened, apologising for being a bad brother and almost crying

Almost, ok?

What I wasn’t expecting was that Ink just took you and, with a quick spell, healed you. I mean, I knew magic were fast and efficient but, that was just too fast. When I asked him why, he explained that you were having some problems with your soul.

You see, brother (and also you, reader), Ink told me you were created without a soul, since you were just a magic drawing. So, he made an artificial one for you with the same paint he used to create you. Apparently, he didn’t want you to become like some “evil flower”.

Your soul was like your eyes: a blue diamond. And that soul was filled with Prussian blue paint that could give you the emotions you needed. It seemed like your body wasn’t used to having it yet and would make you sick from time to time. I didn’t quite understand that, but I was relieved when he said you would be fine.

The rest of the day was peaceful. Ink and I talked about random things while you slept. It was… nice, being with them like we were a family. That’s what we are, right? Yeah, right.

Eventually it was time to bring you back home. Ink said that you won’t be coming anytime soon because he wanted to protect you from dangerous people (aka, Error). It kind of made me sad, not being able to talk you again for a long time, but… it had to be done, hadn’t it? Ink made a portal back to Underswap and gave me time to say goodbye to you. After that, he started to walk to the portal, stopping when you started to squirm under his grasp.

Curious, I walked to the portal. You immediately looked at me and gave me a huge simile, saying (or trying to say) something that made us look at you in surprise:

My name. Yes, my name!

It was kind of babbled and wasn’t my full name but… It was your very first word. And it wasn’t “dad” or “mom”… no, it was “PJ”

You didn’t have idea of how happy you made me that day. The day when I found you, disliked you and then liked you and accepted the idea that we were brothers. And, in the bottom of my soul, I hoped to see you again.

Maybe having a little brother wouldn’t be that bad, right?


I hope you liked it! It was an idea I had for while uvu and really needed to make it. We now know more about Print and PJ’s relationship. I won’t say PJ likes him because he’s not my character and don’t want to say incorrect things (since he isn’t one to make friends). So, I only will say that Blueprint’s first words made him very happy.

I’m sorry if it looks rushed, but this isn’t a story. It just PaperJam talking with Blueprint and telling him the story (with some people spying on them(?))

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Who would you was the most important gay icon right now and why?

The ones who aren’t icons *yet*. There are so many LGBTQ+ icons that could have been/should have been, but were not supported & thus never became the icons that the world needed them to be. That’s why I want to be my best self, to always be growing & becoming a better person, so that maybe I can encourage those who are looking up to me within the community to be their better selves. I don’t have all the answers, I don’t always get it right, but hopefully if I try my best, I can encourage those who view me as a role model to try their best.

Chosen Family: Stories of Queer Resilience” is a chance for me to show LGBTQ+ people a varied showcase of queer stories that can inspire them or show them that they belong & are valid.

If one young LGBTQ+ person watches the series & feels encouraged to be unapologetically themselves, then goes on to do big incredible amazing things… I can’t explain how lucky I’d feel.

To me, the most important LGBTQ+ icons are the ones I might be able to help feel worthy of stepping up & becoming the icons they were meant to be.


(…also Cupcakke…)


Jesper shook his head. “I had a gift. You should have have let me use it.” 

Colm banged his fist against the table. “It’s not a gift. It’s a curse. It would have killed you the same way it killed your mother.” 

So much for the truth. Jesper strode to the door. If he didn’t get shut of this place, he was going to jump right out of his skin. “I’m dying anyway, Da. I’m just doing it slow.”

okay, let’s think about this. obviously this is a bad situation and the girl squad is definitely making a big mistake here, but let’s not forget we know a lot of things about Sana that the girls don’t. we have the benefit of being in Sana’s head, in Sana’s room, in Sana’s most secret and hidden moments and we shouldn’t forget that, I think.

for the girls it went like this. Sana’s been pushing for the bus to happen, not accepting their, okay, maybe we don’t have the money, and telling them she’ll fix it. and she did, by joining forces with the pepsi max and taking on the role as bus boss, a decision Sana made without consulting any of her friends. the girls told her multiple times that they weren’t sure about forming a group with the pepsi max gang, that they didn’t trust them, didn’t want them in their home and thought they were toxic, to which Sana replied that she didn’t understand their negativity and couldn’t they at least try. which the girls then did. they met up with them for parties and picknicks in the park. Sana was invited to all of them, and she only went to one, the syng party. after said party Sana writes the buss group a message that she’s no longer in, not telling this to any of her friends in person but making a public Facebook post instead. Sana makes it very clear that she does now in fact judge people who want to be Russ and that she’s not impressed. the girls ask her about this, try to confront her and get her back on the bus, all to which Sana says no. the girls have no idea that Sara was planning on kicking Sana off the bus, or those horrible things the pepsi max gang has said about Sana, they just know all of a sudden their friend, who’s been very passionate about being Russ is now off the bus for no obvious reason and judging them for still wanting to do it. on top of that, she’s been shutting Noora out, who’s been trying to get her to talk on multiple occasions, even going as far as telling her, just because you think a boy is cute, doesn’t mean anyone else does, seemingly out of nowhere. and then all of a sudden, for no reason that the girls can think of at all, Sana ends up making a hate account for the girl she asked her friends to give a chance. 

now I’m not excusing any of the girls. they should have asked. they should have paid more attention. they shouldn’t have settled for Sana brushing them off. they should have been there for her today and been more interested. they should have seen what was happening. I’m just trying to show that there’s a chance for the girls to make up for this still, since this isn’t just them being cruel for the sake of being cruel, they’re genuinely confused, and that can be fixed. this can still be fixed.

I feel like I failed us. I should have fought harder. I should have given you better reasons for you to stay. Maybe there was one reason that would have been enough but I listed a dozen others instead. Ultimately though, the choice was yours and I couldn’t force you to stay…not that that erases the guilt that is picking away at my heart.

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Hey Darling!! I was just wondering if you would ever write something in Stiles's perspective about Derek's death....LOL I'm sorry for the Angsty askXDXD

Derek is dead.

It goes around in his head as he drives from Quantico to Washington.

Derek is dead. Derek is dead. Derek god damn Hale is god damn dead.

Stiles racks his brains for the last time he saw Derek; for a memory he can focus on instead of the god damn road leading him to Derek’s body.

It was June. Five months ago. When he first moved in to Quantico, Derek came down from Washington and they walked along the river, exchanging stories. Derek had been in New York, finally settling the Hale estate with a lawyer so far removed from Beacon Hills he felt that he could trust them. He’d been wearing a lilac t-shirt that Stiles couldn’t stop staring at him in, couldn’t stop wanting to pluck at the sleeve, touch Derek on the arm, brush his fingers against Derek’s. The two of them had nearly died together a dozen times, and Stiles still hadn’t been able to bring himself to touch him.

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Another thing I’d like an explanation for…

OK, like this moment, that is often used as proof Shiro is a better leader than Keith, where Shiro is all acting like some wise authority figure trying to teach Keith some lesson about teamwork and leadership. 

And it’s just super funny to me.. (specially after season 2)

Cuz like…

Once again, Keith is actually right. He maybe doesn’t know how to express himself in a calmer nicer manner. But he is 100% right in what he’s saying.

And Shiro is making a horrible terrible leadership decision (again).

Because Shiro should have stopped Pidge, not Keith. He should have tried to calm her down, not Keith.

Cuz wtf are they gonna do without a pilot for the green lion??? 

Like yeah ok, Keith is acting harsh and impulsive, but Pidge is acting even more impulsive and irresponsible and selfish and also kinda stupid. She IS putting the entire team and the universe in danger. And Shiro is there just letting her do that being all “Well, if you dun wanna be here, we can’t force you, guess the universe will just have to be fucking destroyed, I just hope they kept my seat in Galra prison warm for me”.

And yeah obviously Pidge is not someone who can be forced to do anything, that’s why Keith’s way would have never worked, but isn’t Shiro supposed to know how to deal with rebellious teens who listen to no one? What happened to “patience yields focus”? Does it only work on Keith?? Why couldn’t he calm Pidge down?

Like No Shiro, what you’re doing is not how a team works!

He should have talked to her aside and said “You cant leave, we need you, I understand what you’re going through, but lets do this together, lets look for your family together. Your mother is still on earth, think about protecting her too. Matt and your dad are my friends also and I want to find them just as much as you do (which is a lie btw, cuz he seriously never seems to be too invested in looking for his former teammates for some reason??) We all want you to find your family aswell, but we all have to work together, for the sake of all our families. Patience yields focus yada yada”

I think Pidge would listen to logic..(if it’s like not said in the way Keith was saying it)

And the funniest thing is that not only does Shiro puts Voltron and the universe in danger by just letting Pidge go.

But he is also sending Pidge, on her own, with no lion, with no weapon, to go and get her family from some prison Galra ship out there in space somewhere. LIKE ??????SHIRO WTF MAN???

And you call him Space Dad..

As if any self respecting father would ever say anything other than “over my dead body” to something like this.

Like, “Shhh Keith, let her do this, this is gonna be interesting”

(And you can say maybe he was doing that thing where parents tell kids like “yeah go ahead run away from home” when they throw a tantrum, cuz they know the kid won’t actually do that. But thing is, I dun think this is like a reverse psychology thing where Pidge would understand what she’s doing is stupid once she’s sitting in the pod and decides to stay, I feel like she was really leaving to get her family. 

And you know, maybe she was a bit upset the rest just let her go by herself to do that, because seriously it’s not like they were doing anything super important there…. They were having a party and watching an Arusian play!! Maybe that’s exactly why Pidge decided to leave, because she felt like no one really cared..)

Also, Pidge is like starting a mutiny there, there are some stuff you can’t let even one person do even if it’s kinda ok, because then it would start this thing of “oh if they can do it why cant i” and then you’ll have a problem.

Shiro should have shut that BS down on the spot. (In a nicer way than Keith tried to, BUT ATLEAST KEITH TRIED)

And obviously not Keith or Shiro are dealing very good with this situation, but by all means Shiro should have sided with Keith on this one, and just explained him in a softer manner.

Again, for me, leader point goes to Keith in this case, not Shiro.

Who’s all like “Yeah sure Pidge go on go get ur brother and dad from a guarded Galra prison by yourself we just gonna wait around and hope Zarkon doesn’t attack us because we can’t form Voltron, no problem.”

Sendak fucking saved them!  

And you know what else is funny? When Keith tries to do the exact same shit in season two, Shiro is immediately “YOU GO BACK HERE RIGHT NOW YOU’RE PUTTING US ALL IN DANGER”

And yeah Allura left too, but he never really gives Allura shit about it after that…


“I need you to get focused.
When you and Allura ran off, it put us all in jeopardy.
If you’re going to be a leader, you’ve got to get your head on straight.”

I dunno if I was Keith I’d be like “EXCUSE ME?! umm didn’t you like let Pidge totally LEAVE the team that one time?? And then got mad at me for trying to stop her?? What happened to “if you don’t wanna be here I can’t force you”? It’s kinda hard to get focused when I have no idea what the hell you want from me, Shiro..”

And then Shiro would just break down in tears and be all “YOU’RE RIGHT. I have no fucking idea what I’m doing please help me, Keith. I dun want to lead Voltron anymore!!! I never wanted this!!! I just want to leave myself, but you all keep looking at me with those admiring eyes and I caaaaaaant, just please never leave me again, who will keep cleaning up my mess after me if you leave???”