i know we joke about anakin being completely opposed to kylo’s current path but like… this is the dude that thought “dictatorships are cool sometimes” was appropriate first date talk

most force ghost arguments probably begin with something like “well at least he’s trying to bring order to the universe” continue with “the jedi council basically tried to do the same thing obi-wan” and end with yoda trying to die again in order to avoid all the drama

Hux has a mug that simply says ‘ginger nuts’ on it. He bought it for himself, because he thought it was amusing, and more often than not has it perched on his desk as he works through the latest reports that require his attention.

And Kylo… Kylo is supposed to be listening to what the General is saying, but he can’t stop staring at this stupid mug when he first sees it, his cheeks burning as he realises it’s not a homage to Hux’s favourite cookie. He can’t get the thought of Hux’s balls out his head, and certainly can’t look at the guy now that he’s uncomfortably aware of the colour of Hux’s pubes.

He considers submitting a complaint about the wildly inappropriate mug.

Hux can sense Kylo’s discomfort, and, delighted, he takes a drink from the offending mug, ensuring the slogan is visible. The reaction is priceless.

In the end, Kylo leaves, agitated and angry, and Hux’s clear, amused laughter follows him down the hallway.


great tv recommendations: you, me and the apocalypse 
↳ "Yep, it’s judgement day. The actual apocalypse. And where am I? In Slough. Or rather, under Slough. I mean, what the hell are we all gonna do down here? No internet, no radio. God, I hope there’s Boggle.” 

my baby, the son i birthed and raised myself, is 22 years old today !!!!!!!!!!

remember when he was so TINY and he and nail were the TINIEST baby sting

he’s still my small pouty captain ;____;

i’m so proud of him he makes me a proud mother daily

i warm up before my games right here… RIGHT WHERE ALEX AND HIS TINY BUM ONCE STOOD

tiny baby captain alex makes me emo i’m so sorry


Absolutely Not

 Booming came from a large open square of one of the cities, a monster crashing through it as people ran in fear. Their attention turned to the other side of the square as a figure landed from the sky, long white cape flowing in the wind. Saitama stood with his arms folded across his chest, his suit seeming neatly trimmed and more detailed. The crowds running in fear stopped and gathered around the outer edge of the action as they started to cheer.

“Saitama! Saitama! Saitama!”

Little kids dressed in miniature versions of the hero’s uniform clapped with excitement at the sight.

“You can beat him, Saitama!”

Saitama looked around at the cheering crowds as the monster drew closer, a proud smile on the hero’s face.

“Alright, let’s beat this guy, Ge-”

The hero paused and looked around, now noticing something was off. The cheering crowd became muffled white noise as the smile on Saitama’s face started to fade. Something was missing… The monster seemed to grow larger and tower over Saitama, the man’s motivation seeming to drain as the sky darkened.


Saitama perked up as someone landed beside him, turning to look. Genos stood next to him, the cyborg giving an apologetic look.

“My apologies for being late, sensei. Shall we? There’s a sale down the street you may be interested in after.”

The muffled sound of cheering roared back to life, the monster shrinking in size as the sky seemed to brighten.

“Yeah, Let’s go!”


The two heroes ran towards the monster, crowds cheering as they set to fight with burning motivation.


   The noise and image blurred before going silent and black, just the sound of Genos’ voice continuing as Saitama stirred in his sleep. The hero opened his eyes, staring up at the ceiling before looking to the cyborg next to him sitting at the table.

“Are you alright, sensei? You were talking in your sleep. Was it a nightmare?”

Saitama sat up and rubbed his eyes, shaking his head.

“No no….it was actually a really good one.”

Genos tilted his head with a look of curiosity, picking up his notebook and pen from the table.

“May I ask what you dreamed about, sensei?”

Saitama blinked and scratched his neck as he avoided eye contact with the focused cyborg.

“Uh, okay. I guess.”

The hero started to explain what happened in his dream to his companion, pausing as he noticed Genos taking down notes.

“Dude, why are you taking notes?”

Genos looked up from his writing, surprised it wasn’t obvious to his teacher.

“I am taking notes so that when sensei becomes well known it will be just as you dreamed it would be.”

Saitama froze as he stared in silence, his heart thumping in his chest as he could feel his face grow warm.


Genos watched his teacher carefully push the notebook and pen out of his hands, feeling strong arms wrap around his neck as Saitama squeezed him in a secure hug. It took the cyborg by surprise as he smiled and put his own arms around the other hero, Saitama leaning more on him until they fell backwards on the floor.

“Sensei? Did I do something wrong?”

Saitama buried his face in the side of the cyborg’s neck, his words muffled against synthetic skin.

“Absolutely not.”

I don’t think I’ll ever understand why everyone treats Asriel and Flowey basically like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
They’re the same person, one just has the ability to care about others.
They’re not opposites.

Very romantic painting of two idiots romantically trying to murder each other.
(◞ꈍ∇ꈍ)◞⋆* ♡ Happy (early) Valentines Day!


Also, my shipper heart has fall again… another couple of animals of different species to the list. Perfect.
Just warning you… fanart is coming. Lots of it. LOTS OF IT.