When white people continue to complain about Beyonce’s half-time show as being “racist” or “anti-white,” or yelling ALL LIVES MATTER...


TODAY, it’s more inconspicuous like at the Oscars #oscarssowhite….

AND LET’S NOT FORGET the KKK is still active….


SOOOOO…before you go throwing around such words, haphazardly–educate yourself about what REAL racism, discrimination, and oppression looks like…

…until then….

and just enjoy the show!

Random ass people (who are essentially a bunch of nobodies) coming out the woodworks: You see, the reason why Sleepy Hollow failed is because Nicole just wasn’t cooperating. She was a bear to work with and she held so many people hostage. Like literally hostage. She had us all in a trailer and wouldn’t let us go for hours until we agreed to break her contract so she could leave. She bit someone once. And also she’s the anti-christ. Did I also mention that I am the second cousin twice removed to the person who delivered water to the set one time during the second episode of season one? So I totally know what I’m talking about.. 
Sleepyheads:…. okay. So then why the hell did the storylines suck in general, what was the point of killing off all of the POC, why were there so many loose ends to the story arcs, and why does Fox refuse to promote the show?
Same random ass people: I mean, no one can ever really know. The business works in mysterious ways.


I’m about to go off…

We all saw Yongnam’s pic from his brand new instagram so I’m not gonna post it. But lemme say this, this post annoyed me.

On Yongnam’s photo there are 207 comments & I’m gonna say 2/3 of them involve Yongguk. THAT is annoying. Don’t you sasaengs think he already know he looks like Yongguk? They’re f*ckin identical twins, they know! I’m sure he’s very tired of hearing it. That’s probably one of the reasons he deleted his first IG.

I’m sure it’s annoying to have your brother’s fans all over your shit while you’re out there tryna function. Especially since they both do music & most of the fans on your page trying to follow you for your talents, nah they follow you because you’re someone else’s brother.

Yongnam the chances of you going on tumblr & seeing this are slim but on the off chance you do, I wanna say this. Don’t delete your IG again. I genuinely want to follow you on IG & see how you be livin’.

SASAENGS: Butakahmnida, sikkeuleowo & STAHP! If you won’t listen to Yongnam’s request for privacy, listen to your leader/husband/boyfriend/bias Yongguk. He specifically asked you guys to leave him alone. Just stop. Stop comparing them. Stop saying he’s your “Back-Up Yongguk” nah fck that. You’re fckd up.

I’m done.

Some of y'all are so fucking fake, it make my head hurt.

You get bent out of shape because Dean called Stephanie a ho in kayfabe (which by the way, Jericho did years ago in kayfabe and Dean just brought it back full circle brilliantly. I bet Stephanie was in the fucking room when Dean said it), but will call Eva Marie a bitch and a slut on the regular with no shame.