When white people continue to complain about Beyonce’s half-time show as being “racist” or “anti-white,” or yelling ALL LIVES MATTER...


TODAY, it’s more inconspicuous like at the Oscars #oscarssowhite….

AND LET’S NOT FORGET the KKK is still active….


SOOOOO…before you go throwing around such words, haphazardly–educate yourself about what REAL racism, discrimination, and oppression looks like…

…until then….

and just enjoy the show!

My issue with this Chrisette Michelle thing is the bitch hasn’t even said anything. All it says is that she is performing. She hasn’t even said nothing victim-blaming or tried justifying it by coon antics, and “black” Twitter and Facebook want to take her to the stake. Girl, Kodac Black can literally skin a dark-skinned black woman alive and say it’s to make her “prettier,” and y’all still say, “Well he’s just immature and so are his fans.” Some of the fans of Chrisette Michelle are also fans of Lil’ Wayne and Kodac Black. So the idea that Chrisette Michelle is for a “mature” and “non-rap” fanbase is simply not true. And if you’re going to drag her and put such high standards onto her due to her black womanhood, Imma need you to have several seats if you’re still blaring College Dropout. 

I'm not the one

a lot of these privileged white people think they can just talk to a person of color any which way they feel. Ya’ll need to know your place. Cause I will gladly put you in it before i tell you to have several seats. Value your life and watch your tone and how you speak to me or others in my presence. you are no better than me, superior than me, or more worthy than me. and i do not fear any of you.



I’m about to go off…

We all saw Yongnam’s pic from his brand new instagram so I’m not gonna post it. But lemme say this, this post annoyed me.

On Yongnam’s photo there are 207 comments & I’m gonna say 2/3 of them involve Yongguk. THAT is annoying. Don’t you sasaengs think he already know he looks like Yongguk? They’re f*ckin identical twins, they know! I’m sure he’s very tired of hearing it. That’s probably one of the reasons he deleted his first IG.

I’m sure it’s annoying to have your brother’s fans all over your shit while you’re out there tryna function. Especially since they both do music & most of the fans on your page trying to follow you for your talents, nah they follow you because you’re someone else’s brother.

Yongnam the chances of you going on tumblr & seeing this are slim but on the off chance you do, I wanna say this. Don’t delete your IG again. I genuinely want to follow you on IG & see how you be livin’.

SASAENGS: Butakahmnida, sikkeuleowo & STAHP! If you won’t listen to Yongnam’s request for privacy, listen to your leader/husband/boyfriend/bias Yongguk. He specifically asked you guys to leave him alone. Just stop. Stop comparing them. Stop saying he’s your “Back-Up Yongguk” nah fck that. You’re fckd up.

I’m done.

You know what else is large?

The gap of minutes played between this 2 vs. top 10 teams. So please have several seats. 

Also excuse my hand writing. Bye 

Yes. Let’s pretend it’s black men who invented the concept of “slut-shaming” as an ex porn-actress who worked in an industry where white men fire black porn-actresses for refusing to do porn scenes with them, but allows said ex porn-actress to deny doing scenes with black male actors. An industry that called cis black men’s genitals “monster” and always portray the black actresses as willing participants of sleeping with nasty, fetishistic white men. An industry ran by white men who call the female characters“sluts” or “ebony.” No, Jenna Jameson, you can have several seats.

Exo reaction to seeing a ghost

Sehun: I can’t believe that we have to go through this shit!

Kai: Aww grow some balls … wait I forgot you don’t have any

Sehun: Why you little bit-

Tao: Guys let’s please just hurry up and get this over with

Baekhyun: Why the rush we have all the time in the world

Luhan:*glaring at Baekhyun*

Baekhyun:*hugging xiumin*

Xiumin:*rolls his eyes*

Luhan: Hey guys did you hear that somebody died in this house?

Sehun: Uh duh bitch that’s why its called a haunted house…..peasant

Luhan: I know that you dumbass ….I mean do you know what really happened in this house

Sehun: No and I could care less

Luhan: So anyways here’s what happened

Chanyeol: Wait how do you know what happened?

Luhan: I just do alright

Chanyeol: Yeah but how?

Luhan: Chanyeol please take your big ass ears and have several seats alright thank you

Chanyeol:*sliently sits down*

Sehun: ha ha peasants

Luhan: So anyways one night a guy brought his friends and his side hoe to this house….

Tao: Why?

Luhan: Because they were rebellious and shit and breaking into houses was the shit don’t ask me why but anyways they were planning to drink so they did and-

Sehun: BORING!!! This just sounds stupid and your obviously making up this story to scare a certain someone its predictable what’s going to happen..

Luhan: Oh really then what happens

Sehun: Side hoe messes with the wrong hoe and ends up getting their ass killed so moral of the story is to not be a big booty hoe

Chanyeol: What the?

Luhan: Well I just ….I um

Sehun: Big booty hoe is Baekhyun , angry hoe is Luhan and hoes boyfriend is Xiumin problem solved

Tao: aww you’re so smart sehun

Sehun: baby I know

Baekhyun: Did this bitch just call me a hoe?

Luhan: Stop lying!

Xiumin: Since when were we dating?

Luhan: umm we’ve been dating xiumin don’t act stupid

Xiumin: umm I’m not and you and your delusional ass need to go to Church

Luhan: Xiumin don’t lie you know you can’t resist this

Sehun: you thirsty ass hating ass jealous ass delusional ass hoe do we need to go to therapy

Kai: shhh guys did you hear that?

Chanyeol: I heard it too

Baekhyun: I hear it too xiumin I’m scared hold me

Xiumin: Just hold onto me Baekhyun

Luhan: Chanyeol I’m scared!

Chanyeol: So?

Luhan: So aren’t you going to protect me?

Chanyeol: ummm sure?

Luhan: isn’t he dreamy

Baekhyun: Xiumin you’re my hero

Xiumin: yeah yeah whatever

Luhan: Can we please sacrifice Baekhyun?

Baekhyun: *gasps*

Luhan: Why did kyungsoo have to get arrested out of all times why did it have to be today?


Baekhyun: Xiumin are you going to let him speak to me that way?

Xiumin: Luhan that wasn’t very nice ….apologize to Baekhyun

Luhan: It doesn’t deserve an apology

Baekhyun: Oh so I’m an “it” now?

Luhan: yes you are!

Kai: Guys I hear it again

Tao: Maybe we should get out of here!

Chanyeol: maybe Tao’s right!

Sehun: No we’ve gotten dragged into this stupid house and we are not about to leave because we are winners not quitters right Tao?!


Sehun: Tao?

Tao:*took his ass and left*

Kai: Ha your boyfriend just left you!

Sehun: No he didn’t you stupid peasant he would never leave me behind

Tao:*sounds of a car driving off in the distance*

Sehun: That bitch

iseejapan016  asked:

What if I give you a ghetto attitude? Like I'm not a ghetto girl, but if you want me to be I will and there nothing you can do about it, shit you probably couldn't handle me, daddy.😈 But what would you do? Negan. Not a damn thing but have several fucking seats. 😙❤❤❤

*looks at you and raises an eyebrow* wouldn’t be that fuckin’ hard to get you calmed down, baby. Showin’ me attitude only makes me fuckin’ want you ten times more, so go ahead and do it *smirks* I’ll just make you fuckin’ pay for it later *winks* at the end of the fuckin’ day, you’re still callin’ me daddy. - Negan