man, i gotta say as much as i like supergirl, i did miss a few episodes.

i am blissfully unaware of how apparently being from daxmite is equivalent to being a grump supporter.

but on the flipside, i am frustratingly confused at all the mon-el hate and kara support on her stance against him when just a few episodes she went so hard for lena luthor even though its so blindingly obvious ( and to everyone but kara i guess ) that lena bathes in evil oil and spritz evil on like she was raised by satan. 

and i bet all the anti mon el people love lena too so i’ll just file that under shit i’ll never understand and why 

Tbh a nonblack person trying to tell me who’s the better rapper between nicki and Remy needs to sit down. Like sit all the way down and stay there. Stay in your lane and worry about why yall all have anti black slurs in each of your languages. And idc for the “We can multitask” clearly yall cant because yall still practicing anti blackness so stay away from our culture and fix yall bullshit.

I’m really not understanding by what non-AA’s mean when they say our voices are heard more than theirs. I’ve talked to a few South Africans and Black British people on Twitter, and the majority of them said that we’re loud about our issues but not others in the diaspora. One woman told me that if we can make people aware of Black Lives Matter and the injustices towards African-Americans, it doesn’t make sense for their voices to remain unheard. And I’m just confused. It sounds to me they’re complaining that African-Americans work too hard to get their voices heard. They are basically saying since we put so much effort into seeking justice for our oppression, we need to put that same energy towards everyone in the diaspora. That is such terrible logic!

 Why would an ethnic group need to carry other ethnicities on their backs? These people are saying the reason why our voices are heard is because of American privilege. First of all, white Americans aren’t helping us. They aren’t the ones telling other black people about our issues. It’s African-Americans. Other black people in the diaspora listen to our issues, and they help us. Now if the issue is that many ethnic groups prioritize African-Americans over their own self-interests, well, that sounds like an intracommunity issue, not white supremacy. That doesn’t sound like it’s white people prioritizing African-Americans over anyone else. That sounds like many non-AA’s project their Eurocentrism and colorism unto a whole ethnic group, and people mistake that as white supremacy and imperialism. If there are people who feel our issues matter more because they look at us as “mixed” or “whiter,” that is definitely a problem with intraracism and not white supremacy telling people we’re more important. That seems self-made to me. 

  African-Americans literally received help from no one and it took being “loud” to finally be heard. So for non-African-Americans to complain we’re “loud” about our issues really need to have several seats and understand why that is. I just don’t understand why many in the diaspora feel African-Americans need to use our voices to talk about what’s going on in their spaces when we really have no grounds to do that. We do so much for our own including others in the diaspora as there is. What do you mean we need to use extra energy to talk about what’s going on in England, Germany, South Africa, Ethiopia, and Nigeria?

Empress Michonne, get these women in formation please

Imma need Empress Michonne to get the rest of the team family queens and princesses in formation. I know they want to F stuff up, but they need a cool head and a plan. Michonne, you need to get back to Alexandria and handle that.

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Princess (cuz she hasn’t made queen status in my mind) Rosita needs to have several seats and stop trying to die.

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Queen Sasha needs to stop following suicidal Rosita.

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Princess Tara needs to tell them about Oceanside. Sometimes you have to be the bad guy.

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Princess Judith just needs to stay the adorable cutie that she is.

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Queen Carol needs to get her shit together and stop trying to run away and hide, (although she did kinda start doing that this week).

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Queen Maggie is preggers at the moment and had her husband brutally murdered in front of her and she has a cooler head than Rosita, come on now. Queen Maggie can help plan from Hilltop, she needs to stay her behind there and finish growing that baby (and keep slapping Gregory around too).

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Once Her Royal Majesty Empress Michonne gets all the women on the same page, things will run a lot smoother, and everyone else will fall in line.

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for fucks sake, if you like killing stalking, sure go ahead but I swear to god these people out here defending Bum for stabbing a girl 12 times, defending a murderer and using his “’‘mental illness”’ as an excuse because “uwu my innocent son, needs to be protected at all costs” like please don’t, at this point he’s just as trashy as Sangwoo and y'all need to have several seats


I’m about to go off…

We all saw Yongnam’s pic from his brand new instagram so I’m not gonna post it. But lemme say this, this post annoyed me.

On Yongnam’s photo there are 207 comments & I’m gonna say 2/3 of them involve Yongguk. THAT is annoying. Don’t you sasaengs think he already know he looks like Yongguk? They’re f*ckin identical twins, they know! I’m sure he’s very tired of hearing it. That’s probably one of the reasons he deleted his first IG.

I’m sure it’s annoying to have your brother’s fans all over your shit while you’re out there tryna function. Especially since they both do music & most of the fans on your page trying to follow you for your talents, nah they follow you because you’re someone else’s brother.

Yongnam the chances of you going on tumblr & seeing this are slim but on the off chance you do, I wanna say this. Don’t delete your IG again. I genuinely want to follow you on IG & see how you be livin’.

SASAENGS: Butakahmnida, sikkeuleowo & STAHP! If you won’t listen to Yongnam’s request for privacy, listen to your leader/husband/boyfriend/bias Yongguk. He specifically asked you guys to leave him alone. Just stop. Stop comparing them. Stop saying he’s your “Back-Up Yongguk” nah fck that. You’re fckd up.

I’m done.

Why is it that the ugliest niggas with tree monster in their DNA find dark skin women unattractive?

First of all, your face is a liability.

Secondly, your breath smells like a decomposed body.

Thirdly, you can’t hold a conversation and rotate the same five words for responses.

Lastly, you broke and ain’t got a pot to piss in.

And you have the audacity to have standards! Stfu and have several fuckin seats.

Kai: I dont like comments about my ski-

Suho: uhm…. Firstable…. Please do not try me, I’m really not the one. Why are you always the first to pop off on here spewing the fake knowledge you think you have?????? Lmfao have several seats bc being fake woke really isn’t cute.


First of all. It don’t matter how many adaptions their are of death note don’t change the fact that their not White. Second, why do you equate America to whiteness? Do Asian Americans not exist? Second off, white folks are not Indigenous to the Americas so don’t act like America equates y'all pasty asses.
Third, white folks always complain when people color turn white characters into brown or black ones. Y'all have a fit when we cosplay as these so called “white” characters. So don’t come at me with that bullshit of why it shouldn’t matter.
So it matter only when it’s “white” characters. Bitch bye.
And good acting? How the fuck do you know when you only give opportunities to mediocre ass white people? Who else got to audition?
Finally, ever fucking show out here is 99% white, and anytime we write stories for us with characters that look like us, y'all get hurt feelings bc you can’t have that too.
You racist ass, parasitic, greedy ass, self centered, white supremacist, whinny little bitches, need to have several seats. I’m done. Fucking look up white washed you ignorant Cabbage Patch built ass %%%.

you: i like blacknut

me: uhm…. Firstable…. Please do not try me, I’m really not the one. Why are you always the first to pop off on here spewing the fake knowledge you think you have?????? Lmfao have several seats bc being fake woke really isn’t cute. 

Splenda stays worried about whatever the Ichiruki fandom is doing and actually has the gall to advise it on how it should and should not conduct itself. Why can’t she just ship her OTP and leave us alone? Why do I always hear that she’s prattling on and on about what we do?

IH is our NOTP. It’s not some unheard of thing that we would judge the ship and maybe even, I don’t know, hate it. This is normal behavior.

If people want to burn their merchandise that they spent their money on it’s their business. Why can’t she find some business of her own and get out of ours? Why is she policing IR fan-fiction and fanart when she ships IH? What the fuck kind of sense does that make? None at all.

I have never had the displeasure of being subjected to such a despicable fan in all of my years of watching anime and reading manga. I have never seen a canon pairing so on the defense all the damn time. Kubo validated IH in his own half-assed little way.

Regardless of the fact that I feel he stupidly allowed a ‘BROTP’ to outshine the canon end-pairings, IH is still canon so all we can do is enjoy IR and bend the end of Bleach and the overall story itself to our will. Why is she concerned about how we will to do those things though?

How does Ichigo and Rukia committing adultery invalidate 686? There are people in the IR fandom who don’t like IR stories/art featuring adultery and what do they do? They move around. They find content they do like. They may voice their disdain but it is never rude and they do not bash the authors and artists. They accept that it is a depiction, an interpretation, the exercise of creative license. Why is IH forgetting that this is fiction? Specifically, Splenda.

She makes a fucking life out of worrying about her NOTP and its fandom. It is her pathetic goal to discredit the IR fandom when she herself constantly vagues, harasses IR properly tagged and untagged posts, and exhausts time that she could be spending minding her own fucking business. I just do not get it. It’s insanity to be honest and obsession. And the insult is after she’s done all of this and garners a response from those she’s harassed, she blocks them. But earlier she was big and bad and using all of her senseless nerve to insult people and harass their content, but instead of just staying in her own lane and finding the will to stop stalking, she blocks. Well, why the fuck did you even bother in the first damn place if you’re a frightened ass coward? Girl, have several seats.

And for the record, I’m not vagueing about her. She blocked my ass too 😂😂😂.

I’m just tired of this. People are always saying just respect others but she’s insulting an entire fandom of real people on their feelings concerning FICTIONAL CHARACTERS.

I’m also not saying that IR doesn’t have its own bad apples. Let the record also show that I don’t fuck with them. They can kick rocks with no shoes on right along with Splenda.

The overall point I hope I’m making is just MIND YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS AND SHIP YOUR SHIP. IR stuff wouldn’t bother you in the least bit if you blacklisted it and STOPPED LOOKING FOR IT.

This is the last thing I’m going to say about this. Maybe. Y'all know me 😂😂😂. It’s just that all the time we spend worrying about our NOTPs fandoms is time we can spend creating something for our OTP.

I will always shit on Orihime. I have never liked her but if the IH fandom think she’s queen then goddamn it she can be their queen and Rukia will remain mine. It’s not hard and it’s free to stay in your own damn lane. Honestly.

When white people continue to complain about Beyonce’s half-time show as being “racist” or “anti-white,” or yelling ALL LIVES MATTER...


TODAY, it’s more inconspicuous like at the Oscars #oscarssowhite….

AND LET’S NOT FORGET the KKK is still active….


SOOOOO…before you go throwing around such words, haphazardly–educate yourself about what REAL racism, discrimination, and oppression looks like…

…until then….

and just enjoy the show!

my mutuals: *say somethin negative towards themselves as if they aren’t angels on earth and a blessing to us all*

me: uhm…. Firstable…. Please do not try me, I’m really not the one. Why are you always the first to pop off on here spewing the fake knowledge you think you have?????? Lmfao have several seats bc being fake woke really isn’t cute.