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So it’s rumoured that this is the potential next album cover… what do you guys think? It’s definitely different and I was expecting more Young & Sick Art but we’ll have to see.

Also if no one has realised yet I believe the photos of the Roman numerals that have been posted on Twitter and Instagram are a countdown for the release of the album.


That’s if… it is the countdown for the new album :/ Anyway I’m super excited for whatever it is.

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So if you took Jyn and Cassian and aged one or both up to the actual age of their actor, how would that have effected the story and their relationship? (Age gap?)

I’ve thought about this quite a deal, actually, because when I watch the movie I see Jyn and Cassian as Diego and Felicity’s ages when they filmed it (so around 31 and 35 when they filmed) instead of as 23 and 26, which is what they are suppose to be.

While the story would remain the same, being younger or older seems to give them a different layer of tragedy depending on which way you look at it.

If they are their canon ages, the tragedy lies in how their lives were cut short and how they had spent those years pretty much just fighting and surviving. What could they have done if they had lived longer? That is the question.

If they are aged up to Diego and Felicity’s ages, then the tragedy is about how much longer they have been fighting, and all the trauma that goes with it the time in between. Can you imagine a Cassian who has been doing the terrible things in the name of the rebellion for another decade? How hollow would he be? What things would have have done in that time that he regretted? Who else would he have cared for and loved and lost? And Jyn–Jyn would have been wandering all that time scraping by, abandoned by everyone she loved and who once loved her for not 7 years but 17 years. She would not have seen her father for 25 years. Would most of her memories have slipped away? She wouldn’t have met her “found” family in Cassian, Chirrut, Baze, and Bodhi (and okay, K2SO, too) until then.

I think for me, Jyn and Cassian have to be close in age, whatever the age is, because for all the ways they are different, at the root of who they are, they are very similar. They’re mirrors of one another, and that includes how long they’ve fought, how long they have been alone.

And as for their relationship with each other, for Jyn and Cassian to not meet until they were in their thirties? Something about that makes me sad, that they would have lived so long and not had the chance to meet that person that made them feel that way until then, and then only to have the opportunity ripped away. Better to have had the chance than not, but to have gone all that time–it’s even more bittersweet.

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You're going to get a billion of these, I bet, but James Flint! You write him with such a careful hand but every shade of his character is just perfect, so I'm curious what you keep in mind when getting him down on paper!

OH BOY thank you so much! i don’t even know if i’m doing this meme right. i knew this was coming and @reluming also asked for this and now i feel unbelievable pressure hahaha. i hope i’m doing my boy right :|

James Flint:

– He had a very mild religious upbringing. They celebrated holidays just to appease the neighbors, rarely went to church, and he had only read parts of the Bible, mostly in later life. Flint is self-aware enough that, given his history and his personality, this is probably for the best. The last thing he needs is Eternal Judgement.

– As a boy, he’d been helping his grandfather load his fishing boat when a Navy vessel had stopped at the Padstow docks for an emergency resupply. An officer had approached Flint, all of 13, to ask for directions, and had walked away, likely thinking Flint a simpleton with the way he’d answered (or more specifically, hadn’t). He couldn’t help it. The man had large, bright brown eyes and a straight, important nose, and stubble coating a sharp jaw and prominent Adam’s apple. His perfect Navy hat had sat atop long blond hair, tied neatly back even after days at sea. His broad shoulders had only been emphasized by his starched blue uniform, the brass buttons shining all the way down his chest, and he’d walked down the dock with a proud sailor swagger that kept Flint watching even as he disappeared into the town. Flint’s newfound teenage lust had mixed with his understandable ignorance, and so, as he’d continued to think of the officer days later, he had found himself overcome with the fierce desire to join His Majesty’s Royal Navy.

– The first time he’d killed a man, he’d only lit a fuse on a cannon, sending one ball after another rocking into an enemy ship. All he’d felt at the time was fear for his own life. The first kill that he’d ever felt guilty over was Gates. The first kill he’d ever felt real pleasure over was Thomas’s father. Every other death and injury had been just another means to an end, that rarely, if ever, gave him pause.

– A part of him is always waiting to die. It’s a part of him that wants to. But an equally greater part of himself wants to outlive the whole damn world, to be the last one left alive in this fucking ungrateful place. He wants to live a long and miserable life just because civilization itself doesn’t deem him worthy of it. Society sees him as a creature, undeserving to breath air, to taste food, to walk upright on his own two feet. To them, he will and should be put down by his own evilness, by his own deeds, and he wants nothing more to prove to them that one can live because of these deeds. One can thrive. He knows one of these impulses will win out in the end, but he honestly has no idea which one.

– The first time he’d seen Silver – properly saw him, stood before him in daylight – the thought had flittered through his mind that his mouth would look great around his cock. The thought had flashed through his mind like lightning, so quickly he wasn’t even sure it had happened, and mostly he was about to forget about it. As long as he could drown out the roll of thunder he heard in his heart and his stomach and lower still, whenever he looked at Silver’s lips.

– He sometimes idly thinks how much better his life would be if he could love women the way he loved men. Not because he felt shame any longer in who he was, but because every woman he knew was so much better than every man. Better than himself. Granted, he knew more men than women, but on average, men were violent, hateful, stupid people, responsible for all the suffering he had ever endured. Miranda, Eleanor, Madi – all had carried themselves with unwavering strength and intelligence, had elevated themselves in some fashion by will alone, and had maintained as much rationality as possible. He envied them, and he had loved them easily. While the love he felt for Thomas, for Silver, was hard, in every sense of the word, and Flint is a hard man, for all of his immeasurable softness.

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I absolutely love your artwork and look forward to seeing them each time you post. Sometimes I'm afraid I miss a post so I come back to check! (o´ω`o) What are your favorite things about the WT fanbase and how does it reflect in your artwork? (ノ^_^)ノ

Hi there! Thanks so much for checking this blog for new art! :) I really appreciate it~ Feel free to check my twitter too for progress updates..I’ll usually announce it there if I have an update planned for the day and I do post the finished artwork over there too! (Pardon my silly tweets tho~ XD)

You asked a great question…I think my favorite things about the WidowTracer fanbase are that the people who are part of it are very friendly, supportive, and are so appreciative of Widow and Tracer as characters. The WT fans, writers, and artists I’ve met are very positive and welcoming to talk to. Even with a language barrier, they make en effort to share their work and new info as well as chat excitedly about WT! Some fan creators are insanely talented but they’re so humble & down-to-earth! One of the main aspects of WidowTracer is about ‘a connection between unlikely people’..and I can see that in the fans who make a sincere effort to connect and support each other!

In my experience so far (and I hope it stays this way), the WT fanbase is actually the most peaceful one I’ve ever been a part of…I feel that all the criticisms about WT are happening outside. In the WT fanbase, everyone is just really enthusiastic about all the different sides of Widow and Tracer’s dynamic. Everyone is focused on creating new work about these characters and also appreciating/being inspired by each other’s unique perspectives on them. I might have mentioned before that Widowtracer is a pairing that can fit into almost any genre: action, adventure, suspense, romance, angst, fluff, comedy, erotica - and it’s exciting that each creator contributes something new to the mix! The WT fans who are responding to the work just have so much enthusiasm and their feedback definitely spark new ideas for creators to work on!

People may say that WT is “over” or “dying/dead” but it’s not true…The fans who continue to stick with WT are still thriving and still have so many ideas to share! imho, this is the happiest outcome for a fanbase…just pure inspiration, creativity, enthusiasm, and positive motivation to share work that makes people feel and think. We want to know more about Widow and Tracer’s characters, and no matter what happens in canon - we want more stories about them, all kinds of stories about them! - that’s what we’re passionate about..and I think this is what reflects in my work and the work of other creators in the Widowtracer fanbase. :)

That Widowtracer passion is what makes us feel Alive! And we hope it makes you feel alive too~ ^^

Here’s the thing: we don’t owe the AOS writers gratitude for finally doing a decent thing after three years of retcons, character bashing, victim blaming, gaslighting and insulting fans. This was more like the absolute minimum they had to do if they wanted part of Ward fans back as watchers.

Also I should document that today is my second night of sleeping on the couch. It’s cause I’m too scare to sleep in my room. My sis saw a centipede yesterday and then, POOF, it was gone like magic. And I’m afraid it will come on my bed again. I don’t want to wake up to this nightmare next to my face again. No, thanks. Couch it is. And bedtime it is. GOOOOOODDDD NIGHT.

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