“Smile” quick-take:

  • Bill’s hot
  • 12′s hot
  • i am a Bisexual and i am severely compromised right now
  • also why do i always forget that 12 thinks they’re hot like canonically they are very convinced they’re successfully portraying a Handsome Earth Man
  • C A L A T R A V A. shit those buildings look good. the director/DP/editor/etc really used the locations well
  • DW looks so nice now like it’s full on a decent TV show that understands where to put a camera
  • “blow it up, get into trouble, that is a standard sequence" i love Bill. like she’s smart and clever and genre-savvy but with a ‘yeah, and then what?’ approach when the Dr does the Dr-y things. the whole bit with the map, like
  • they stole the box w/o knowing how to work it have i mentioned today how much i love juvenile delinquent Theta and how all Drs are basically that same dumb hopeful asshole who can’t sit still
  • 12 is now kinda the 12 of my heart, and the 12&Bill dynamic is glorious but also p much how i predicted it - i got the 12/Nardole relationship wrong tho but i am Here For It
  • another fairly thin plot as vehicle to explore character dynamics but it’s got more meat on its bones than “The Pilot” did. i’m fine with that, i don’t really watch this show for the plots. the Emojibots work better in motion than in promotional images, i can say that much
  • 2nd act is weaker than the first one but i get why it happened how it did
  • Next Time On: “have you ever killed anyone?” lmao. short answer: heck yeah, long answer: once when they were young they drowned a boy in the river because he was bullying their friend/partner/?? and from then on it’s been complicated but there has been a genocide or two
  • i love this fuckin show