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What are you expecting from the rest of this season? Especially with Charlie's role in the myth, and do you think that Sam is going to fail to save Dean and that will break their codependency? I know you think Destiel is going to go canon but do you think it's going to be at textual at all this year? Sorry for so many questions, but you are one of my faves <3

This is the point in the season where all the plotlines start coming together and making sense as a whole. Usually one is more time-sensitive and gets dealt with at the season finale, while one or two others provide the Big Twist Ending to set up conflict for the next season.

So we’ve got the Mark of Cain, Rowena’s seduction of Sam (regardless of whether it’s sexual, it IS a seduction… to the dark side, if you will) and her desire to have Crowley dead, and Metatron getting the demon tablet.

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a villain whose motivation is just that they are done with people’s shit

the hero bursts through their door with their heroic proclamation and the villain just turns around and starts ranting about all the annoying shit they’ve had to endure from friends and random citizens and how they’d finally had enough and decided to just be a villain because holy crap people suck

and instead of attacking or making some dumb quoteable statement the hero just plops down on the nearest chair and goes “yeah dude i’m with you”

instead of having a legendary battle they just whinge together for several hours  and realise they relate to each other a lot and have lots in common

and the conflict is resolved because the hero’s understanding restores the villain’s faith in finding good people who are compatible with their personality

they become best friends and everyone lives happily ever after the end

really feelin that (fake) engagement AU aesthetic so consider the following:

  • i hate commitment but my dad’s dying wish is to see me get married and you’re an old family friend i ran into at the airport on my way to visit him so hey let’s get engaged
  • we’re only engaged to get our parents off our backs and you’re in love with somebody else so feel free to hook up with them idc i’m not jealous (yes i am)
  • i proposed to you as a joke but my mom (who’s been wanting me to settle down) thought it was serious and we’re kind of going along with it until we can break it to her gently
  • our parents are forcing us into an arranged marriage and we hate each other but now i’m in love with you and i don’t think it’s mutual
  • we were both drunk when you proposed to me and i accidentally posted about it across social media so now we’re hungover and trying to figure out this mess bc we’re not even dating
  • you need a plus-one for your brother’s wedding so i’m going as a favor but there’s been a misunderstanding and now your whole family thinks we’re engaged
  • you broke off your engagement with your long-time boyfriend/girlfriend who you were supposed to bring home to meet your family so now you need me to pretend to be them
Cigarettes and Drunken Conversations

Summary: Head Students happen upon a drunken Padfoot. 

Sirius was the first Marauder Lily ever said I love you to.

It was the second month of term, and Lily and James were on rounds when they found Sirius slumped against a wall, alternating between taking drags from a cigarette and gulps from a bottle of firewhiskey.

“Heyyy,” he grinned when he saw them and waved the cigarette in the air in greeting. “It’s my frien—my fr—my people are here!”

“Merlin, mate, get up,” James groaned. He glanced over at Lily nervously, apologetically, but her face was carefully blank. She was staring down at Sirius, one hand on her hip.

“No,” Sirius slurred. “Like it here.”

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30 Days of Drabbles - Day 25

Pairing: Key x Reader
Wordcount: 999
In which morning runs are supposed to be peaceful.

 The boy has his face pressed into the dirt, grass shielding the majority of his face, but you can make out smudged eyeliner and mud across his high cheek bones. You think his hair was blond, but right now it looks like a first grade girl had a bit too much leeway with some hair chalk because there are greens and oranges splayed along the bouffant waves. Every inch of visible skin, which is more than you’d rather behold, is coated in blue sparkles and pink paint.

He’s missing a shoe.

Your gut says to be on your way. You’ve only made it half way through your run and if you stop now then… Well, nothing bad will happen, exactly. You’ll be cranky because now your time’s messed up and you’ll be behind schedule for the rest of the morning, but you won’t die or anything.

However, if you leave, there’s more of that probability for this boy.

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“You know, they say Capone saw ghosts here-practically drove him insane. And if this place can scare Scarface, it’s gotta be bad, right?”

Eastern State Penitentiary is one of the most notoriously haunted buildings in the nation. A radical concept by the Quakers in the nineteenth century, the methods used there in the hopes of rehabilitating murderers and thieves-the iron gag, ‘Eye of God’ skylights, and ice cold baths-were nothing short of inhumane. Most unnerving of all was the policy of total and complete isolation; hoods were placed on prisoners’ heads when being transported to their cells, and they were forbidden from speaking to one another. If any place has restless spirits hanging around, it’s the dilapidated prison. 

Odd things have been happening since the penitentiary was shut down in the 1970s to continue its life as a historical landmark, but lately the activity has become more startling and even injurious. Amateur sleuth Nancy Drew has been called in to debunk the hauntings and put the staff at ease. But be wary: God may not be the only one watching.

Join Nancy Drew in her next case: the Price of Penitence. 

The Heart of a Man

“Are you not interested in men?”

Nanaba pursed her lips, lifting the tricorn hat from her hair and dropping it onto her desk. “I’m interested in the concept of men,” she told the man in her bathtub, frowning when he cocked his head at her, giving his golden fin a little swish and splattering sea water on her floor, “It just that I haven’t found a man worth being interested in.”


“Men don’t want me,” came her flat response, running her fingers through her hair and shaking it out from its imprisonment beneath the hat.


Ugh. This creature was ridiculous, a never ending slew of questions from the fish man she had unwillingly acquired so many months ago.

“Mike, I—I don’t know. They want beautiful women,” she settled on, pulling her coat from her shoulders and tossing it onto her bed, “weak women. They want women with big—“ she waved her hands at her chest, her modest breasts making a small swell under her linen shirt, but seemingly dwarfed under the image of the wenches bulging bosoms at port.

Mike lifted himself up, resting his forearms on the lip of the copper basin, “I’ve never seen those before,” he admitted, “our ladies have bodies much like my own just…smaller, and softer.”

Nanaba threw him a warning glance, “you’re not likely to ever see them either,” she told him, shutting down the flirtatious grin her tossed her way.

“Well I think you’re very beautiful,” he said sinking down into the water and resting his head on his crossed arms, “because you’re very strong.”

She paused, her heart skipping a beat as she stared at him, trying to find the teasing and jest in his voice that he always sported for her, but it wasn’t there. His eyes were solemn, serious for the first time, and when she felt heat in her cheeks, she brushed it off, bending down to undo her bootstraps.

“You’re just a fish,” she snapped, “what do you know about women.”

“A fish, maybe,” he agreed, “but I still heave the eyes and the heart of a man.”


I climbed Arran’s highest mountain today. (I was going to go on a nice gentle walk through some glens, but the glens were locked).

And then there was an unexpected temperature drop, the visibility went down to zero, and I seriously wondered whether I would ever get off Arran’s highest mountain, but… details.

ETA: oh, it FINALLY posted? I tried to send this at like 8 last night.

[Prays to Andraste that possessed!Sebastian does not become a thing]