• me reading chapter 82 of re:.............omg intense but
  • me reading chapter 82 of re:what about suzuya?
  • me reading chapter 83 of re:the washuus... arima-san... o_o
  • me reading chapter 83 of re:um, but what about suzuya?
  • me reading chapter 84 of re:damn everything is heating up
  • me reading chapter 84 of re:..........ok, but... what about suzuya????
  • me reading chapter 85 of re:arima-san... he planned it all along...
  • me reading chapter 85 of re:..........suzuya???????
  • me reading chapter 86 of re:that's one hell of a shoe-drop right there.
  • me reading chapter 86 of re:would it KILL YOU to give us ONE PANEL of suzuya i mean...

The Doctor: “This feels wrong on so many levels!”

“How did I even get pulled into his body-?? I-I can’t talk or anything, he’s still controlling his body!”

“I must be able to just see through his eyes!”


~*Got a Question?*~

well now that we know the ages of the paladins (shiro being 25 and pidge being 14 and the rest being late teens)

i would like to draw attention to the last episode of the first season. they all got tossed willy nilly out of a worm hole, and likely were separated (at least some of them)

now if anyone has read or watched any sci-fi film/book… time mix ups, delays, or sped up time, can be a thing. 

so what if it seems like a few months for one paladin is years for another!

i say this cos it would be so cool to see them all meet up after their time differences, some haven’t changed at all while others have had hard months of struggle or years of isolation trying to get back to the castle.

so what if Pidge returns and she gotten older, grown her hair, but has been alone so long with just her and her lions thoughts, that she has forgotten how close she was with her friends, become colder somewhat and they have to get her to come out of her shell. They could finally find her family and rescue them (maybe shes now the same age as her brother!) and she finally returns to the old curious fun loving Pidge that we know.

i just have to say this. i adore Rinch fanfiction so freaking much i literally have tears in my eyes rn. such talented writers giving us incredible stories to read for free, such astonishing, breath taking, such perfect stories. i’m really crying now

He came to collect on an assassination and got pissy… It was Leisure Day, whatever… she took the kill…

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit… be cool dude, be cool… You do NOT want her pissed at you… I know that look man!

I tried to tell you… just be cool… take it like a man…

Seriously? You’re gonna try to argue with her? Fuckin’ rebel without a clue. I know how you died, you argued with your wife… I’m out…

I love you baby…

I’ll teach that bitch…. logs on to porn sites with her email address … password fills in automatically… fuck…

*sizzle*spit*pssssssst*  computer breaks… 

…gotta admit I’m impressed…

okay so me and @monochrome-damaged-nights are planning on writing a story with entirely agender aroace characters, is there anyone out there whod be interested in that ?

Rhink AU: The Hunger Games | (x)
Rhett and Link, two victors from the previous games, are forced to become tributes once again for the 3rd Quarter Quell. What started as a reluctant alliance soon turns to them developing feelings for each other. But they of all people know-
There can be only one victor.

…okay, Imma call it there even though I’d meant to get much further in the next chapter. Just over 7k words, and this means the next chapter of Offline will, in all probability, come out on Tuesday next week. (or rather, it will DEFINITELY come out BY Tuesday and there’s a small chance it’ll come out before that.)

A/N: Heeere’s Alison! I love her, I made her when I was in middle school and she’s gone through so much development. I hope that you love her too! (Requests are open; send me a prompt and I’ll see if I can write it!)

Alexander was sitting at his usual table with his group of friends, able to claim it before anyone else did. They were having their usual conversations, filled with boisterous laughter and sarcastic comments. Every now and then Alexander would feel comfortable signing to them, and more likely than not they’d stare at him with amused confusion before he realized his mistake and typed up the conversation on his phone. He loved his friends, and he was grateful that they were trying to learn his language, but he wished he had someone like Eliza with him at all times. That way, he could just carry a casual conversation without having to type or write anything.

Peggy passed by, having a conversation with a girl who was shorter than her, when she noticed Alexander. “Oh, hey! That’s my friend, Alex. You want to meet him?” Her friend shook her head, but was dragged over against her will. John looked over as the two approached, the new girl weakly pulling away in an attempt to escape. “Alex!” Peggy squealed with delight, waving joyously at him. Alex waved back. Finally, someone who could sign, even if it was just a little bit. At least she knew more than the boys did.

Who is that? Alex asked, pointing to Peggy’s friend, who was trying to sneak away. She caught Alex signing in her peripheral and froze, staring at him with wide eyes. Peggy laughed and patted her on the back, nodding her head with an encouraging smile. She hesitantly raised her hands, glancing around at everyone before signing quickly.

My name is Alison. What’s your name? She clasped her hands together shyly, her cheeks burning a bright red. Alex’s friends’ eyes blew wide and they all looked at Alex, who shared the same surprised look.

Are you deaf? he asked, signing at the same speed he signed to Eliza.

No, I’m a selective mute, she explained, glancing at Peggy, who just rubbed her back. I’ve always had a really bad stutter, so I found that it was easier to resort to sign than to go to speech therapy. I’ve been taking a class recently, but I think I’m gonna drop it soon. I don’t like it. She averted her gaze, holding her arms.

Alex waved to get her attention again. It’s okay to use sign language. I went deaf later in my life, so I know how to speak, I just don’t know if I’m using the correct enunciation. I hear that speech therapy is a pain in the ass.

Alison giggled. It is! It’s a huge waste of time, and the speech therapists are so against the deaf community. It’s a little embarrassing to go there. I only go because, as a hearing person, I think I should hold some kind of speaking skill.

Alexander rolled his eyes. Says who? If it’s easier for you to sign, just keep signing. There are a lot of accepting people out there, like Eliza! Have you met Eliza yet?

Alison nodded her head. Of course! She has been so helpful, she makes me feel accepted. She’s been asking me to join the ASL club for a while now, but I feel like I don’t belong…

Are you kidding me? It’d be awesome if you joined us!

She beamed, looking at Peggy, who was wearing a matching grin. “See? I told you! Now are you going to join?” She knuckled her hair. Alison giggled, pushing her off to fix her hair. Once she was done, she nodded her head. Peggy wrapped her in an embrace.

Alison scrambled to push her off. I just remembered that we have to go to class! The two frantically nodded in a silent pact and hurried off, waving to the boys. “B-b-bye A-Al-Alex!” Alison called before running out the union hall doors with Peggy.

John nudged Alex to get his attention. “Guess you’ve made a new friend, huh?” he asked with a grin. Alex nodded with excitement, glancing to the last spot Alison had been. He looked back at John, who was chuckling. “She was cute. You thinking of going after her?” Alex rolled his eyes. Please. As if he didn’t already have someone in mind…

anonymous asked:

are you stilll doing The Best Years Of Your Life story?

I don’t intend to abandon it, but it’s not at the front of the queue. :T

          ROSALIE  LILLIAN  HALE  was  born  to  a  middle  -  class  family  .  her  father  a  banker  &.  her  mother  a  housewife  ,  the  two  were  nothing  more  than  mere  SOCIAL  CLIMBERS  .  being  blessed  with  such  a  beautiful  daughter  ,  they  decided  she  was  the  ticket  they  needed  to  reach  their  SOCIAL  ASPIRATION  .  both  parents  were  quick  to  enlist  rosalie  into  every  club  ,  sport  ,  &.  social  event  the  town  had  to  offer  .  this  resulted  in  what  can  only  be  perceived  by  the  couple  as  the  PERFECT  DAUGHTER  . rosalie  hale  quickly  became  EVERYTHING  her  parent’s  could  ever  dream  of  .     

          THIS  FADED  EVENTUALLY  however  &.  the  couple  quickly  sought  out  to  find  the  perfect  product  to  further  ESCALATE  their  social  standing  .  this  lead  to  them  turning  to  A D O P T I O N  ,  seeing  it  as  the  perfect  choice  to  bring  them  praise  .  after  all  ,  who  could  resist  a  family  that  gave  an  ORPHAN  a  home  ?  it  was  this  quick  choice  that  brought  jasper  ( @retributicn )  into  rosalie’s  life  ,  giving  her  the  BROTHER  she  never  quite  wanted  .  over  the  years  ,  both  rosalie  &.  jasper  begun  to  bond  .   rosalie  now  sees  jasper  as  one  of  the  only  GOOD  choices  her  parents  have  ever  made  .   the  pair  are  now  THICK  AS  THIEVES  ,  one  not  being  found  without  the  other  close  behind  .  

           FAST  FOWARD  &.  rosalie  hale  is  still  the  perfect  daughter  .  honor  roll  student  ,  captain  of  the  cheer  squad  ,  most  popular  face  of  the  high  school  ,  her  social  level  is  HIGHER  than  ever  .  more  often  than  not  she  can  be  found  with  her  bright  blonde  hair  whipped  into  a  ponytail  ,  skirt  twirling  &.  makeup perfect  .  her  life  is  the  picture  of  PERFECT  &.  everything  she  could  have  ever  asked  for  .  


I was listening to All the Way Jacksepticeye Songify Remix by Schmoyoho and I got a ton of ideas running through my head. This was one of them. This is a landscape of one of the cities in a story I’m writing. I dunno why this was one of the things that came into my head but it did. Feel free to ask questions about the related story if ya want. Hope you enjoy :).

Update: I had to teach myself to use watercolours last December so if anyone has any advice on using watercolour that would be amazing.

Current Status: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

someday i will come up with a tag for Charon Walken that isnt demeaning to his character but today is not that day

this is a PSA to all Pokémon GO players:

please get off your phones while speaking to retail workers.

having someone interrupt you mid-sentence to hold a finger in your face, and scream “WAIT my egg is hatching” is beyond rude. this is the 4th incident like this today i can’t believe i have to say this.

have some common sense and be a decent human being, don’t make us look bad. thanks.