Girls Trip is the Movie I Never Thought I Needed to Watch

Watching the movie Girls Trip was amazing. Yes, it was hilarious and truly one of the best movies I’ve seen in a LONG time but it was also beautifully made. To see 4 beautiful Black women come together on a movie screen to portray having a great time and enjoying one another’s company was so refreshing to see. To see 4 beautiful Black women portray a sisterhood and go through rough times but STILL keep their friendship first was too much for words. To watch these 4 beautiful Black women be successful in life was the icing on the cake.

People don’t understand how much of a big deal this is. People only think Black actors/actresses can be on movies if they’re playing slaves, are from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, speak in Ebonics all the time, are drug dealers, etc. so to see Black women portray a different side of Black livelihood is the most beautiful thing in the world. These type of movies are almost always reserved for White casts so yes, I got emotional after this movie was over.

So thank you Kenya Barris, Tracy Oliver, and Erica Rivinoja for writing it.

Thank you William Packer for producing it.

Thank you William D. Lee for producing and directing it.

And thank you to Tiffany Haddish, Regina Hall, Queen Latifah, and Jada Pinkett Smith for making the characters come to life and making it soooo relatable to millions of young women around the world.

This movie deserves all the praises in the world for not only being extremely hilarious and fun to watch but for breaking down barriers and proving to Hollywood that Black people are multi-dimensional in all formats!

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I follow someone who went to the @ midnight show live and I wanna ask them how the McElroy Boys looked whenever Chris made a Not Great joke, cause I watched the episode and I noticed that a lot of the time that Chris made a joke that didn't line up with the boys' humor, they didn't show the boys' reactions to it, but they don't have anon on and I'm too nervous to ask. I'm just so curious though cause the times they DID put the camera on the boys during one of those jokes, I could Tell, ya know?

they couldn’t edit away too much because travis was constantly making some good faces at gd everything, but yeah i mean i kinda noticed too and granted that might have been them just wanting to focus on chris makin the jokes (and would have only switched if they reacted good, which they prob didn’t) but the boy did have some tight lips and it was very different from how they lost it at their own jokes (which was, extremely cute and good because every time justin had to hide his face i gained a life) 

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Okay i know I keep barging in but in regards to the Lady and the Tramp Kidge AU, puppy Lady would cry and give literal puppy eyes to be with Jim Dear and Darling. What is Pidge also gave her own puppy dog eyes and crocodile tears to get Keith to give in to something she wants and how can Keith say no (Pidge is persistent)? Using those feminine wiles and charms to her advantage. ;D (Sorry for being annoying but I'm on board with this AU).

Don’t worry, it’s fine, you’re not annoying, not at all, I’m actually having a great time reading and talking about this AU since you first mentioned it, I’m trying to re imagine Keith & Pidge as Lady and Tramp in human forms, what clothes they would wear, how their hairstyles looks, which background characters can be taken from Voltron, i must say I could play with this whole day, that’s how amazing your idea and suggestions are!

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did space tony become nature/dryad tony?

no!!!!!! space prince tony is still alive and well adventuring between the stars and having a great time. nature/dryad tony (a good summary of this aesthetic!!) is a Whole New Brand of tony who was born at like 1am this morning he is a brand new boy he holds plants With Drama And Grace and i love him

It’s so scary when you find out that people in your own community are abusive. I was having such a great time last night hanging out with my partner and metamour and some mutual friends, when I ended up getting caught up in a conversation with someone who said he was polyamorous. Being new to poly this was really exciting to me so I couldn’t wait to introduce him to my people, but then my partner came up and whispered in my ear that the person I was talking to was a known abuser who sexually assaulted one of his coworkers. We ended up leaving early because of that guy and we told his date about what we knew but ugh I’m still having gross feelings about it.

[TRANS] 2017.07.26 SONE JAPAN Sooyoung blog post:

Hello SONE JAPAN! It’s Sooyoung.

The suffocating hot days are continuing~! Everyone, do you not have summer heat fatigue??

I was really happy to see you all after a long time at Osaka the other day! 
The Tokyo SMT concert is soon waiting~. I want to see you all again soon!

The other day, I went to see my sister’s musical!!
It was very fun, and I’ll send that enjoyment to you all with a picture ^^

I get excited now just thinking about having a great time again at SMTOWN tomorrow!

Everyone, let’s meet at Tokyo~♪

Translation by RedSunsetXIII

Original Japanese:
SONE JAPANのみなさん、こんにちは!スヨンです。






Kumayama’s voice actor sounds like he’s having a great time tbh

“For an essential charge, I’ll show it to them” has this genuine air of smarmy humor about it, like the VA thinks it’s as funny as the character does

Today’s Walking Photo: Okay, you guys. I really did walk today, despite still having a cold and cough and the weather being hot and everything. But it was one of those very rare barren days when I just saw nothing worth photographing. Maybe I was off my game, because I do feel pretty meh after the weekend’s long sleep-deprived road trip.

Anyway, this situation forced me to look into the back catalog, and I quickly landed on this shot from Friday. As mentioned in my post from that night, the band played at an outdoor venue surrounded by food carts; during a break I got to sit and have a bite to eat with my niece and her boyfriend who’d come out to hear the band. We were having a great time chatting and eating, and then suddenly I felt a warm presence on my right thigh – this beautiful doggo had just sidled over to me under the picnic table and rested his big ol’ head on my leg! The photo was taken with my iPhone, and due to the bright evening sunlight I couldn’t see what I was shooting at all. I like how it came out!

The fella must’ve known I’m an unrequited dog lover and wanted to give me some momentary validation and comfort.

he lost the game but he won something better (❁´▽`❁)

happy birthday @kisecchinosedai!!!!!! i hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of happiness and loveeee ♥ ♥ ♥