We’re off to WONDERLAND to see taylorswift kill it on the stage in Baton Rouge. We can’t wait to have a great time and massive dance party while taylor kills us with her singing and dancing. Ps. Taylor if you see crazy dancing in the Tiger Plaza it is probably us and we learned all of our moves from you so you should totally join in:)

PMMM Has Not Died Out. More is coming!

Just look at what i stumbled upon! 

Cute Official Homura!


Sayaka and her best friends!

The ever-so-charming Mami and her cute buttler(ess) Sayaka!

And of course the main heroine.

Yes, even a rookie fan can tell this is Hanokage’s drawing.

Also, Homura was getting jealous at the fact that madoka and kyubey were having a great time together.

So in short, Madoka Magica is still continuing. We really are going to get a sequel, considering the fact that even their main drawer still into it. These are all new.

Now be happy everyone! :D

I badly need for this or something like it to happen in canon.

I can be patient.

NSV: I’m feeling GOOD!

I slept like a baby and it took me ages to finally wake up, but now that I’m going (and working from home today) I am feeling seriously great. I didn’t have much time this morning while the boy made breakfast, but I busted out a 10 minute ab video quick and then ate a delicious omelet loaded with veggies, feta, and chicken sausage. I just LOVE when he makes omelets, even though I judge the amount of oil needed. 

Yesterday I was feeling sick because I was so hungry and didn’t plan well enough. My friend/coach was meeting me for coffee and said she’d bring me a sample of vegan strawberry Shakeology to try. I was like, “MAKE IT FOR ME OMG?” It was seriously so good and just what I needed to get me through to dinner. I’m nerdishly excited for my package to arrive… Just a few more days.

Lots to do today though since I work and then nanny, but I’m going to make it a good one! Hoping I can do a workout video once the kiddos are asleep and get some adulting done (bills, grad school stuff, blah). Have a good day!!

  • me when I realize I have some time off:oh boy, what a great opportunity for me to get everything done. I'll just make a list of all the chores I need to do over the next few days and be a mature adult and do them!
  • me 3 days later:confused about what day it is, can't get out of bed, still hasn't done the dishes

Hannibal is definitely one of those shows where I’m like

yeah please don’t let the fandom scare you away like it’s not perfect but it IS a damn good show esp. artistically and now we’re moving into more and more well-known territory and I know they’ll handle it well and please don’t let the scary girls who want to lick Hannibal’s face and draw him all precious poison this all for you

Happy Friday! (I’m calling it early) Time to fire up the grill and enjoy my first truly “free” extended weekend in what feels like forever.

Finally completed my 4th consecutive semester of pre-req courses so I can apply to DPT programs. Finished this semester with a 3.9 and have a 3.7 overall (tying my Masters GPA) since going back. I’ve also accumulated 130 hours of clinical observation so far in addition to working, parenting, etc. Needless to say, that’s why I’ve been so busy.

Now to crush the GRE and write some killer essays. But I can start that next week. For now, I’m going to relax and enjoy some much needed time off. Hope you all have a great weekend as well!

why do people look down on young adult fiction so much?? like why be such a downer and try to drag people down who enjoy it?? like i’m having a great time with my strong heroines, cringey love triangles and fantasy universes like let me live

taylorswift I hope you are having a great time in my awesome state! My non-Tumblr friends and I will be in general admission tonight. The lines on my cap and the 89 on the shirt are painted with glow in the dark paint. Even if you don’t see me tonight, I will Shake It Off, because it will be such an honor to see you in concert/person for the first time ever! Love you and thank you!

you know what i recently decided i honestly don’t care about t*mples or t*me impala like. i enjoy listening to them if they come on shuffle or whatever and they make good music but i literally don’t have time for bands that don’t put on great live shows and generally a lot of psych revival is too boring to produce exciting gigs LMAO not trying to piss anyone off but in the words of enrique iglesias i’m tired of being sorry 

Graduating from Class E like
  • Karasuma:You have proven to be great assassins, but now it is time to focus on your future.
  • Me:So, Sensei, can I like keep your number? You know, for whenever I need you?
  • Karasuma:If you ever need my help, my number will be opened.
  • Me:Oh, that is a huge relief. I might hit you up in a few years, for you know, "business" or to "catch up". *Winks*

Since the beginning of the year, the Internet Archive has been making a large amount of DOS-based games and programs run in the browser, much like our Console Living Room and Internet Arcade collections. Many thousands of people have stopped by and tried out these programs, enjoying such classics as Llamatron 2112 or Dangerous Dave. With countless examples of DOS programs going back spanning 30 years, there’s lots of great software to try out and experiment with. Here’s a great place to start.

If you want to just try out the software, we’re done here. Go into our stacks and have a great time!

Otherwise, read on!

anonymous asked:

Hello. I am a black woman with natural hair and planning on visiting India alone for 1 month. My mother is begging me not to go and hell even my friends are trying to tell me not to. Do you have any word of advice?

awwe :( I understand where they’re coming from but you will have a great time, India is a beautiful country! 

 As for advice I can try my best

  • make sure you get all your necessary vaccination and medication! you can even visit a specialist that tells you important health info and gives you your shots and pills! 
  • try to stay away from the street food (even tho its amazing as hell). dont eat it on the regular like that’s the fastest way to get sick :/ 
  • its hot - its very hot so try to pack breathable clothing 
  • you will get ripped off a lot when buying things from vendors because they know tourists are naive so try to bargain! 

ugh im so sorry my advice is pretty useless I always go with family to visit family so I’ve never been alone. I would really suggest maybe connecting with someone in an area you’re visiting like even though tumblr? just so you have a contact that can help you translate and travel with!  If you want to come off anon I can even connect you with my cousins if youre visiting punjab lmao! if youre visiting very touristy areas like Agra, or even modern cities like New Delhi or Mumbai you will be tots fine! best of luck, stay safe love and have fun! 

I was just more curious as to the general practice of bringing a friend and not a date along to a wedding. Especially when said friend doesn’t know anyone at these festivities. Seemed odd to me.

lafix answered your question“On Weddings & +1s”
Go with no expectations and see what unfolds. Being seen having fun and not caring if anything happens is attractive.

Oh, I plan on having fun at this wedding! It’s going to be a great time! This is the same couple made me the spokesperson to define Cards Against Humanity terms to their parents after Thanksgiving dinner one year. They still rave about that night. Hoping to make some more memorable stories like that tomorrow night!

ungracefulme replied to your post“On Weddings & +1s”
I would think either is fine as long as you’re both on the same page.

You mean some people prefer direct communication?! Who would’ve thought that was a good idea. (sarcasm)

jjflow replied to your post“On Weddings & +1s”
I was a +1 to a wedding with my friend John. He’s gay so I’m fairly sure he had no ulterior motives. And I would/have brought a friend as a +1. Esp if I wouldn’t know many people at the wedding. I don’t think it’s weird, so you must just be a pig ;)

Wait, do you get invited to weddings where you don’t know many people? I’m pretty sure I’ve known at least two tables worth of people at weddings I’ve attended (where I was the primary invitee.)

suburbanreport answered your question“On Weddings & +1s”
The fact of the matter is if you are going to hook up with someone you meet at the wedding, it will be easier if you are flying solo. OR WILL IT?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I think it’s funny that you think I have any sort of game. My superpower is messing up a sure thing.