I wanted to make something for Pembrokewcorgi after reading one of his earlier posts.  Hope you’ll feel better soon.

ever wanted to slowly scratch the skin off your body piece by piece and then run into a brick wall?

that sounds really nice right now

Why do people - especially my friends - have such a great time trying; and usually succeeding; to make me feel so shit about myself?
Today, my ‘best friend’ of 13 years, decided to get two photos of me; one, when I’m posed, stood in front of a window - so the lighting is pretty perfect, full face of fresh makeup, hair has just been styled.
The other, I was caught very off guard, I had very minimal makeup, I’d just been on a hot coach for a few hours, my hair wasn’t properly styled, and I was in a very badly lit area.
So, of course, she took it upon herself to get those two photos and put them beside each other, she then decided to show a bunch of people the comparison, and as she was, she kept saying: “how can that (makeup, posed) be THAT (no makeup, not posed)?”.
I don’t know why it’s upset me so much, but it truly has, she knows how much I struggle with my confidence, and she just keeps trying to destroy what I do have.


“You’re waiting for a train, a train that will take you far away. You know where you hope this train will take you, but you don’t know for sure. But it doesn’t matter.” - Inception (2010)



[Image: Four screencaps from the Star Trek: TNG episode Time’s Arrow, showing Picard reclining in a chair, Picard, Troi and Crusher sitting around, Data and Crusher looking unimpressed, and Troi reorienting the book La Forge is holding. They are all wearing old-fashioned clothes. Caps from Trekcore.]

Important Observations about Picard’s Fake Theatre Troupe in Time’s Arrow:

* Picard looks magnificent with his sleeves rolled up

* Bev and Deanna are clearly super-uncomfortable in their constricting 19th-century clothes. I’d love to know if the actresses cooked that up themselves.

* Even to further their cause, Beverly cannot bring herself to act even close to genuinely impressed by Mrs Carmichael’s acting.

* Deanna turning Geordi’s book the right way up is one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

In conclusion Time’s Arrow is great but why wasn’t there an entire two-parter just about their fake theatre troupe shenanigans?!

You would think that I would come up with an excuse for not being around but that kind of life is for bitches with something to hide. All I can say was that I woke up on Saturday and my bed was so comfortable that I decided to stay there for a very much extended weekend. Obviously I have great timing since the world apparently glitched while I was gone. 

I’m just glad it wasn’t my fault this time. Sorry to the unlucky people who are going to have to explain all this to the teachers but you fucked up. Fake tears always help though.

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Act II tonight! *inserts gif of Papa Hollis breathing into the bag* I hope that's you'll have a great time! *hands you a cookie* Have a great day/night :)

All the hype!

I hope you have a great night too! <3

i found a pair of dudes playing through mother 3 and im not very far into their play so far, but theyre both just like. completely enamoured with it and constantly saying “i love this. this is great. im having such a good time” its super cute and im happy for them

Red Wings exchanging hand slaps after preseason goals

It appears as though it won’t be hugs, fist bumps, or even low fives for the Detroit Red Wings. They’re bringing back good ol’ fashioned, and often difficult to execute, hand slaps.

In their 5-1 preseason win over the Boston Bruins on Wednesday, Red Wings players were removing their gloves after goals, uncomfortably exchanging high fives, and just generally having a good time.

We’re sure someone will take great offence to this.

ok i have three friends who follow me and who are in their first year of college and having a hard time and i’m sure there are other followers feeling the same way so like

@ the people who go to my school and know me: you are always free to text me and i’ll go get coffee with you or you can come to my house and eat non-dining-hall food. or like i’ll come give you a hug or something 

and then @literally anyone who is in college or in high school and not having a great time…

  • always feel free to rant to me about school being hard. i agree, and i support you.
  • if you’re in a class you think i can help you with (classical physics & math mostly), i will help you as much as i can

i love you. school is hard, going to a new school is hard, settling into college is crazy because everything is new and you’re trying to find your friends and you’re trying to pursue your interests when you may not be sure what those interests are. you might change your major, you might change it twice, that’s absolutely ok. you might be really actually in over your head and need to drop a class – that’s absolutely 100% ok and might be good for you. you might feel like all these new people you’ve been thrown into classes with know more than you, but they don’t really matter and you will catch up and you are already so intelligent.

i just feel that this is necessary because going to college is a pretty crazy transition and i hate to see my friends stressed out and having breakdowns. and like, that’s gonna happen, but i’m here to help if you want.

Predator Plants are having a great week it seems. Its time for them to get a revival card that can be used every turn, for the low low cost of 800LP!! Get it now!!
(Or just later in the Fusion Enforcers Booster SP)

SPFE-JP011 Predator Planter
Continuous Spell Card
This card’s controller pays 800 LP during each of their Standby Phases. Or if LP isn’t paid, destroy this card.
(1) Once per turn: You can Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower “Predator Plant” monster from your hand or Graveyard, but its effects are negated.

Translated by The Organization
Source: OCG Official Twitter