Off-Limits Part 5

Off-Limits Part5

Bucky Barnes

Warnings: Swearing, SMUT, unprotected sex

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Now, there’s only a few things that Bucky decides he isn’t exactly great at. He has no fucking clue how to use a cellphone, for one. And he really doesn’t understand that hair-grease went out of style a long time ago, so styling his long hair is just an absolute wreck now.

Finally, and possibly the most important one, Bucky truly cannot grasp the concept that he cannot do certain things at certain times.

Even in the 40′s, Bucky was notorious for committing different acts during inopportune times.

In Bucky’s eyes, every time is a great time to have Y/N pinned to the hallway wall with his fingers lodged up her dress and his mouth encasing her neck. He can’t see why anyone would think differently.

At least, right now is an absolutely prime moment for him to pleasure her.

There’s a chance someone will walk by and see, or even hear what’s going on; but Bucky brushes the thought aside when he hears Y/N whimpering when his fingers brush by her clit.

“Buck..” She moans breathlessly, her fingers gripping into his shoulder blades. “Just fuck me already.” She huffs, growing far too wound up to go without his cock pounding into her.

And she doesn’t have to tell Bucky twice.

In an instant he has a hand pulling at his belt, tugging the metal away from the leather so he can access the button of his dress pants. “Bucky, not here.” She groans, looking over to the light emitting from the busy kitchen.

People were already piling in the tower for Y/N’s coming home party and if Bucky’s being completely honest, they’re all too damn early. Who arrives at a party an hour early anyway?

Bucky just sighs, dropping his hands to her hips before hauling her over his shoulder. He’s not gentle with it and he knows for a fact she doesn’t want hint o be from the little moan that slips past her lips.

He moves fast, his cock craving some type of attention under his pants.

Reaching her door, he watches as one of her hands comes up to type in the passcode.


Bucky remembers the numbers just in case and enters the door, kicking the steel contraption shut behind him. “Bedroom.” She directs, her hair flying across her face as she hangs upside-down.

Bucky takes in her pristine room, the gold decals and decorative drapes. It’s a room for the wealthy - no doubt.

“How tall are those windows?” Bucky asks, completely distracted by the large scaling windows that scour across her living room. He’s never seen windows that big in his entire life. They’re fucking huge.

“I don’t know Bucky, go to the bedroom.” She groans, rolling her eyes as he stays in place. “I think they’re like 15 feet or something.”

Bucky shakes his head, looking at them closer. “Gotta be taller than that. I’m around 6 feet and thats way more than three of me. I mean they go from the floor to the ceiling. How tall is your ceiling?”

“Buck, I don’t know. Now if you don’t hurry up and fuck me I swear to god I will walk out of here and go to the party.” Y/N mutters, feeling Bucky’s hands sliding on her legs.

“Well who doesn’t know how tall their ceiling is Y/N?” Bucky almost scolds, blowing Y/N’s absolute mind at how he can go from a needy, grabby man to one who is interested in windows. “And you have an hour until the party, we have plenty of time.”

She groans, moving her hands to grip his hips. “I guess I’ll just have to get Steve to fuck me, huh?”

Bucky starts walking towards the bedroom, his jaw ticking at her words. She snickers behind him, licking her cherry painted lips as he slams her down on the bed.

“Steve could never fuck you the way I can, baby.” Bucky snaps in her ear, his body falling on top of hers. She squirms under him and gets her hands out from his weight, wrapping them around his shoulders.

“Bucky,” She hums, pressing teasing kisses to Bucky’s cheek. “Take it off.” She tugs at his dress shirt, watching the thin material stretch across his taut chest as he moves an arm to flitter with the buttons.

The shirts gone in a second, discarded carelessly on the floor. His belt was already undone from their earlier position, so Bucky takes only a moment to snap his button open on his trousers and tear the teeth of the zipper apart before his pants fall to his ankles.

He kisses her, teeth knocking together in a rushed kiss as he wrestles with his briefs, nearly ripping them from his thighs flexing.

Their tongues swirl together, not even battling for dominance at this point as they just want to maintain physical contact. “Take it off.” Bucky sighs into her mouth, tugging at the very dress that nearly started this whole thing.

Bucky thinks back to that damned sales associate and how if she sucked at her job just a tad more, their first kiss would’ve happened much sooner.

Bucky’s wearing far too few clothes compared to Y/N and he notices this when his cock rubs against her dress.

“Make me.” She challenges, ticking an eyebrow in his direction. As imposing as Bucky’s frame might be, she showed no sign of intimidation. He’s actually quite impressed actually.

“I could just rip it off you and call it a day, but I don’t think you’d appreciate that very much. Would you?” Bucky asks because honestly he’d love to rip the thin material from her so nobody ever gets to see her killer body in it.

He’s a jealous man, he admits that much.

“Don’t you fucking rip this.” She snaps, tugging at the base of his hair as she nibbles along his collarbones. He moves closer, lacing his fingers in the slit of her dress. “Bucky, I’m not fucking around.”

“Then I suggest you take it off, doll.”

He flicks his fingers along her exposed thigh with feather light touches, eyes melting into her gaze. She looks impatient and annoyed with Bucky’s antics but he fucking loved every second of it.

“Just fucking lift it up.”

“Now that’s not the same as being able to feel you against me as I completely wreck you. Either use the zipper or I’ll rip it.” Bucky teases, feeling her teeth nip exceptionally hard at his neck.

And god, does that feel fucking terrific.

“Oh for fucks sake.” She grumbles, pushing Bucky off of her so she can stand up fully. She lifts her hair from her exposed back, moving a hand behind her so she can grasp the zipper.

She’s take her sweet time and Bucky can tell it’s just to spite him, but at this point he only wants to be inside of her so he doesn’t care anymore.

“Okay, fine.” He snaps, pulling her down by the waist and into his arms once more, holding her under his chest as he grinds his hips down into hers. He moves the slit up her legs, watching and waiting to see her panty covered heat.

But, he’s surprised at what he sees.

“You’re not wearing underwear, I see.”  He hums while burying his index and middle fingers between her slit, running them across her slick to spread it around.

She moans lightly, tugging at his hair again. He brings his fingers to his mouth, catching a taste of the juice he so desperately craved throughout the day. She tastes amazing, so amazing in fact that it makes Bucky groan around his digits in pleasure.

“So, you were just going to walk around that party knowing very well you were one leg-lift away from showing everyone your pussy?” Bucky cocks an eyebrow at her, scowling.

She smirks up at him, biting her lip and running her hand along his aching cock. “Knew you’d come find me before the party, figured it would make for easier access.” She moans, fluttering her lashes at Bucky.

“I’m the only one who should be graced with this pussy, okay? Don’t need my girl showing it off to everyone in the room.”

“Your girl, huh?”


He finds her clit again and strokes against it, her head falling to the side as she sighs. Bucky knows he might be too territorial, as the two aren’t even together, but he doesn’t care - she’s his girl as far as he’s concerned.

She drives him absolutely crazy. Like this morning when he caught a glimpse of her in the swimming pool with the tiniest fucking bikini he had ever seen. Her pert nipples poked through the white top she was wearing and the bottoms were nothing but some string connected to a thin strap of material in the from, flaunting her entire ass to the complex.

Bucky would’ve done something had Tony not being sitting out there reading in the sun. Bucky just wanted to fuck her brains out but the fact her father was sitting there tamed the twitching his cock was doing.

He ended up going back to his room to stroke one out at the thought of her body on display like that. It was more of a hate-jack-off than anything but it was more than enough for Bucky to blow his load all over his stomach.

God, Bucky wanted nothing more than to pull her from the pool and pin her to the lounge chairs scattered along the pool yard to go down on her. He wanted to bury his face in her sweet pussy and eat her through orgasm after orgasm.

“I quite like that.” Y/N smiles, brushing a hand through Bucky’s hair.


“The fact you think of me as your girl. Possession is pretty hot.”

Bucky speeds up his metal fingers along her core, the metal kissing her folds every time he pushes against her back wall. Her teeth encase her bottom lip, eyes shut wildly.

“Fuck me.” She snaps her eyes open and demands, brows furrowed in frustration.

“Was planning on it.”

Y/N eyes flit down to Bucky’s hand thats stroking his cock with slow pulls, tugging the pre-cum from his slit. Tingles spread through Bucky’s spine, up from his core as he tugs on his cock even harder.

He nudges her thighs apart, pressing a kiss to the crook of her neck as he nudges himself against her clit. He rolls his hips, choking on a breath as he thrusts against her wetness.

“Would you just fuck me instead of teasing me?”

“Shut up.” Bucky mumbles, enjoying the feeling of her against his cock without the negative commentary coming from her mouth. “Watch the attitude of I won’t even fuck you.”

“Like that’s such a change to what you’re doing now.” Y/N gasps as he rubs against her clit.

“Be nice.” Bucky comments, watching his cock glistening with her juices and fuck, it drives him crazy.

“Fuck you.”

Bucky rolls his eyes at her sassiness, a large part of him thoroughly enjoying the exchange. He was all too used to people tiptoeing around his feelings, but not her. She would bite at him with vigor just to piss him off and he would go right back. It was the normalcy he loved.

He fastens his cock to her entrance, pushing himself all the way in. She curses during a whimper, nails digging into Bucky’s shoulders. He pulls out and drives in harder, setting a rhythm of rolling his hips into her.

“So fucking wet.” Bucky groans at the feeling of her warmth taking his length. He swivels his hips feeling the sloshing of her juices around the base of his cock.

Bucky lowers his lips to leave a purple splotch on her neck, only to be stopped by her fists on his chest. “So help me god if you give me a hickey before I need to go talk to over a hundred people.”

“Fine.” Bucky nearly pouts before pulling at the top of her dress, dragging it down below her breasts. He dives down, biting and sucking at her breast to leave marks all over it while his hand holds the opposite one.

“Oh, Bucky!” She cries, her thighs squeezing his hips. She grabs the side of his face to pull him in for a firm kiss, toothy and salty from the sweat between the two of them.

She’s moaning above him, almost uncontrollably. Bucky’s quite satisfied with that.

Bucky’s so much bigger than her so each thrust he takes knocks her back further on the bed. He briefly wonders what it would be like to fuck her against a wall but he pushes that thought to the back of his mind when she lets out one of the most beautiful sounds he’s ever heard.

“Oh, James!”

He doesn’t know why, but every fucking time she moans his name he feels his body still and he’s sure he’s going to cum no matter what.

Bucky goes wild for a moment, his hips thrusting hard into her so he can read places otherwise untouched. She whimpers and moans into his shoulder, dragging her nails so hard down his back he’s sure she’s going to make him bleed.

“Fuck - fuck,” Bucky groans through gritted teeth, gasping into her chest as he rockets his hips into hers. His fingers leave marks along her hips, purple and blue splotches. “Gonna cum if you keep that shit up.”

Bucky knows she’s not doing it on purpose but the sheer feeling of her walls tightening along his cock so tight he isn’t even sure how he’s moving, well fuck, it’s more than enough to make his stomach clench with pleasure.

He pinches his eyes shut, propelling his cock in and out of her while trying to prolong his impending orgasm that’s creeping up on him. he brings a hand down to rub circles across her clit, pressing the rough pad of his finger to the nub.

“Oh, oh fuck! James, fuck!” Her high-pitched noises break Bucky from his gaze on her pussy just enough so he can look at her. Her eyebrows are furrowed in near pain and her red lipstick is smeared along the corners from all the kissing. And then..he fucking feels it. God, does he fucking feel it. She comes harder than ever around his cock, so hard that her hips spasm and the pulsing of her walls force Bucky into his own orgasm.

He couldn’t even hold back if he wanted to.

So, he cums inside of her with a deep groan and a swear, then her name and another swear and another until he feels his hips finally calm the fuck down.

She swallow him up in another kiss when the calm down, sweat running down Bucky’s forehead. “Gotta get to that party, huh?”

“Or we could stay here all night and keep doing this.” Bucky tries, falling onto her body before peppering kisses along her chest.

“I’d love to, but this is a party for me and I need attention to live. So, let’s go.”

Bucky can’t exactly stop the pep in his walk as he enters the party room. He knows how he looks, like a man who just got the life fucked out of him. His ties still crooked and he knows because he couldn’t fucking get it straight, not with his shaking hands from his post-orgasmic jitters.

But, when Bucky looks beside him and sees her, he knows he’s not the only one looking different. She looks freshly fucked, despite the fixed hair and makeup. It’s all in her eyes, the eyes that show more lust than anything else.

They part ways when Bucky sees Tony and he makes his way to the bar where Steve is sitting with Clint.

He watches her though, watches how she smiles and shakes hands with people with the same hand that was grasping his cock earlier.

And Bucky’s doing good, not getting jealous from the lingering looks that fall on her or the introductions with men suitable to date her. He’s doing really fucking good.

“You had sex, didn’t you?” Steve grumbles from next to Bucky, leaning against the bar to look in the same direction. “At least you look like you had fun. Just hope she’s worth it.”

“She’s more than worth it.” Bucky smirks, nodding towards Y/N in the center of the room. His smirk falters when a man moves forward to kiss her cheek, her eyes changing from lust to caution. “Who’s that?”

“Him?” Steve asks, looking at the same man Bucky is. “That’s her ex-boyfriend. Real prick that one, treated her like shit and left her crying every night. Wouldn’t doubt it if he tries to sweep her off her feet again tonight.”

Ooohhh Ex-Boyfriend drama…

negligent narration:

i was trying to wait until i had some good news to tell y’all. i like to hinge personal updates on the Next Big Thing in my life because it’s more exciting that way, and so i don’t just batter everyone with bad news. like: okay, yes, here’s all this serious shit that went down but look!! now i’m great!! and having a great time!! everyone is okay!!

but i waited so long for that to happen that months passed and now a deeply personal update feels disingenuous. so we’re gonna have to start from scratch: my name is leah williams. i’m bi. i’m a writer. my first book came out last September. i’m single. i live in texas. and, um, team mystic, hello


Hey guys, my name is Makayla. 😊 I’m super into art, animals, and overall just making people smile. I’ve never done one of these before, but I’m hoping to make some new friends, or maybe more, that I can relate to and have a great time with. My blog is @maybejustatadbitbi & if you’re cool enough, I’ll probably end up giving my snap chat to ya, too.😋💜

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ll know that I’ve been playing a lot of Pokemon Go lately. While I am yet to conquer a gym, I’m having a great time wandering around, catching digital creatures, and trying to be the very best (like no one ever was).

I made this Pokeball to help me get into character, and to lob at those boring killjoys who would make fun of me, a fully grown adult woman, playing a Pokemon game. 

Secrets and Spies, Truths and Lies (4/?)

Summary:  CIA hacker Emma Swan is paired up with MI6 agents Liam and Killian Jones on a dangerous mission to track down an ex-spy who’s hunting and killing agents from both countries.  She thinks she has all the information they need to catch the defector, but sometimes the past is buried where even her expert computer skills can’t uncover.

A/N:   We’re getting to explore more of their dynamic, more backstory, more mission information, and I’m just having a great time imagining it all. This is one of my favourite chapters, so I hope y'all enjoy reading it half as much as I am writing it!

Rated:  M, for violence, blood, and dark memories

Word count:  ~ 5,300 (~15,000 total)

Tumblr:   Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3


Chapter Four - To the Four Winds

Killian gasped awake to the terrifying feeling of being crushed.

He was lying on his side, his arm propped against him, a pillow at his back, and he couldn’t breathe, eyes closed tight as he struggled.  Every wheeze sent shocks of pain through his chest, his arm radiating agony with each movement he tried to make, and he didn’t want to even try.  He knew he needed air, he knew he needed to pull in the precious oxygen his lungs so urgently needed, but he couldn’t find the strength to force himself to go through the pain that particular movement would cause.

Liam must have noticed something was wrong, must have rushed over, because soon his brother’s familiar arm was behind his head, pulling, lifting, sitting him up at the side of the bed.  Changing positions was agony, but at least he could breathe - the short, shallow panting that was all he’d been able to manage since the night before, his right fist gripping the edge of the mattress as a lifeline.

He was sweating, unbearably hot as his body slowly calmed, Liam’s hand rubbing circles on his uninjured shoulder until he didn’t seem quite so desperate for each small gasp of air.

“You all right, little brother?” he asked worriedly.

Killian nodded, wincing as the movement pulled along his neck and shoulder.  “Will be,” he rasped, forcing a small grin.  He could already feel the sweat cooling on his skin, but there was a warmth through him that hadn’t been there the last time he’d woken.


Keep reading


Not for the first time, Maggie found herself exceptionally grateful for her friends. Even while she was rummaging through outfits with them, trying to find costumes that worked together, Maggie hadn’t been entirely sure she could muster up the courage to even leave the dorms. She’d been absolutely terrified to go back into reality, to face her fellow students and teachers knowing what she’d done. If it weren’t for Lola and Reagan constantly trying to make her laugh and push her forward, she knew she would still be face down on her bed, wallowing in her own confusion while Halloween night passed her right by. 

Instead, she was now out having a great time jumping, dancing, and belting awful pop songs at the top of her lungs with her two best friends, wearing awesome matching makeshift Alice in Wonderland costumes and laughing harder than she could remember laughing in weeks. And that was very, very good. 

Tomorrow, Maggie knew she would have to face the problem she had caused for herself. She would have to figure out what she was going to do about dance class on Monday, and on every other weekday that year. She would have to decide where her priorities truly laid. But for tonight, Maggie would forget about all that. Tonight, she just wanted to dance the moon to sleep.


I’m at a really good place right now. I feel great about my body most of the time, I have a great guy who loves me, I feel confident in presenting my research in 2 weeks and I’m ready to get back to school.

It's 1:33 am

I’m thinking about you, I’m thinking about us. How much you mean to me. How truly, madly, deeply, completely in love I am with you. The past 2 years, 12 days, 5 hours and 36 minutes have been the greatest and most meaningful days in the past 20 years of my life, all because of you. I have experienced such greatness with you in such a short amount of time, which makes me so excited to spend a lifetime with you and see what greatness our lives as one will have in store for us. Thank you for all that you do, you are an amazing girlfriend, and best friend. You’re my rock and my world. You’re the calm in the sea after the storm and the breath taking streak of pink in the sunset that paints the sky on a warm summer night before all goes dark. I love you more than all the grains of sand on the beaches, all the endless leaves on the trees and out of all the stars in the beautiful bright night sky. I honestly question myself everyday, how did I get so lucky to have met the love of my life, the one forever and always at only 18? You’re perfect and beautiful to me. You are everything and more than anything I’ve ever wanted. I love you endlessly.

      This small,       relatively unsung seaside town hadn’t been Iðunn’s first choice of holiday
destination. It hadn’t been her second choice either, or even her third…        She was one to
dream big; she had Ibiza in her sights for the summer season,      having always been well-
travelled.            Those dreams fell through when her half-brother offered her a place to stay
through the entirety of the summer months: June through August.    At any rate, it was still a
far cry away from Malmö.     Some several weeks in, she was having a great time, enjoying
the beach, the ocean and the company of Thjazi and the new friends she’d made there.

                                         “Surf’s up!”

      They’d introduced her to surfing,    and she had fallen in love instantly.     There was no
more exhilarating feeling, nothing more freeing than riding the waves.            Her delighted
laughter rang out loudly above the crisp water,      honey-blond curls tossed by the wind as
water sprayed up beneath her board. She felt like she was gliding so smoothly,    catching
the waves with ease as they rolled in, crested and broke…

                                                                                          “Watch it, Gidget!” 

      Iðunn cast a glance over her shoulder,   shrieking as she dropped down to her belly on
the board, hanging on until she broke through the other side.   Paddling back to shore then,
she felt suitably exhausted.          It was only as she dragged her board onto the beach she
noticed their audience.     A smile quirked her lips, hand propped on her hip as she canted
her head. “Enjoying the show there, buddy?” she teased. 


I feel like i’m very slowly getting so much better on dealing with everything that happened, like I can finally look back without falling completely apart every time, at the moment atleast. I just read through all of Zander and I’s old skype conversations and I’m not crying, upset yes but also I feel happy and content with everything that was said and the lovely conversations. I’m pleased we had so much fun. I’m happy with everything that was said between us and that puts my heart at ease a bit. It took me so long to finally look through all of it, I didn’t have the will, but now I’m thankful I did. Great times.

How to Hatch Pokémon Eggs and Have a Great Run at the Same Time
While Pokémon Go is great for interval workouts, it’s not always easy to play while you’re on a nice long run: the app under-counts the distance you travel, and sometimes turns off unexpectedly. Don’t let that stop you, though: you can still good workout in while you hatch some eggs—it just takes a few tweaks.
By Beth Skwarecki

I love the track graphic with the egg.  Now I just need some more incubators.  Oh?

Still salty that I was “too much of a fangirl” in the eyes of my ex and that’s what apparently prompted him to outright ban me from talking about my favorite band (not an exaggeration. I was literally not allowed to talk about them with him)

Tho I’m fucking ecstatic that my current boyfriend is JUST as much of a Ghost fanboy as I am and that we can talk about them and have such a great time

What an upgrade