Sometimes writing fanfiction is so hard, you don’t have any ideas and you just stare at your screen for 2 hours. Then you give up and spent your whole day on tumblr.

And sometimes writing fanfiction is so easy, it just flows out of your fingers and even if you don’t know where you’re going, you keep typing and you keep having great ideas.

But most of the time, you have great ideas, but no words to describe it. Like you know where you’re going, but you don’t know how to get there.

Writing is hard, man.

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Kuroken and 44 (why is it so hard to breathe when I'm with you) please~~ I love all of your writing btw <3

Ahhh thank you so much I’m blushing <333

44) “Why is it so hard to breathe when I’m with you.”

“Bokuto, I’m going now!” Tetsurou announced as he slung his bag on his shoulder. 

A face poked from the next room. Koutarou’s hair was half spiked and he wore a small pout. 

“Have a great time.” 

Tetsurou grinned. “I’ll say hi to Akaashi if you want.” 

The other boy stepped out and he clenched his fists while scrunching his face. 

“It’s not fair that you get a whole weekend off and I have this group project!” 

“This is college bro.” Tetsurou walked up to Koutarou and patted his shoulder as if his reassuring touch would be the solution to everything. 

“I hate it! But have a good time though.” Koutarou pushed Tetsurou towards the door. “You’ll miss the train.” 

“See you later.” 

“Have a safe trip!” 

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I wasn't going to ask, but since you answered that anon's question so rudely, I will... What is the deal? Why, when creators leave, do they take their content with them? Why not kindly leave it available? Especially really great creators who have been around a long time or whatever. I don't understand AT ALL. If I made content and decided to leave my blog, I wouldn't feel like I needed to take it all down. It feels like a temper tantrum or something "Nobody can have it now! Ha ha."

I answered that anons message the way I did because they were asking me to share @avonlea‘s work without her permission, and I am VERY against breaking other creator’s TOUs.

But to answer your question, I don’t know why she left or under what circumstances. All I know is she was a very nice person and it must have taken something bad for her to leave and take her content with her. Usually when someone does that there’s a good reason not just, as you put it so rudely, throwing a temper tantrum.

When you leave you can decide what to do with your content but you can’t dictate what other people do with theirs. You don’t have to like it, you don’t even have to understand it; but you should respect their decision and not be greedy.

And that’s all I’m going to say on this matter because it’s ridiculous that this is even being discussed.

Priscilla Presley taking karate lessons, c. 1970

“I think [Elvis] was really proud of me; very few women were doing karate at that time. It’s funny, in Vegas he would embarrass me, I’d be in a beautiful gown and he would say, ‘Honey, do that cat stance [for everybody],’ and he wouldn’t even think of what goes along with it in a dress. But I found I was having a great time, it’s something I felt good at, it was something that he loved and I started getting into, and I actually loved it.” - Priscilla Presley   

i love that peggy carter + angie martinelli are in love + having a great time in LA together!!!!!

joe_extreme: Time to eat! Gooood Joe! Have a great day guys!

sext: sonic 06 might have been a really great game had they spent more time and money on it. because the game was too powerful for a wii and sega didn’t want to miss out on the nintendo audience that year, sega split the sonic 06 team to create a team for sonic and the secret rings, another game that could have been better. because sega also had a policy of releasing a sonic game every year, they didn’t adjust the release date for 06, which explains why the e3 demos of the game appeared to be more fluid than the actual game was.

Mary and Matthew had an epic romance which was cultivated over two seasons of Downton and 9 years on screen.  Fellowes threw Henry into the last episode of S5 for a couple of short scenes and then S6 more often but still no where near enough to have the viewer (in my eyes anyway) feel a strong bond with him. If the viewer doesn’t have that bond, how does Mary?  

Added to that, the character comes across as pushy to say the least.

Mary Crawley deserved better than this in final season of Downton. I deserved better than this in last year of show I have devoted a great deal of my time to.  

My last question is this.  If you are a Mary/Henry fan, would you feel the same way if the character were played by a relative unknown.? That is what we got with Dan Stevens.  But, the audience fell in love with Matthew Crawley before the actor. That is the difference.  

Fellowes banked on MG’s star quotient to sell this love story. Sorry, but it doesn’t work for me.

It doesn’t work for me either.  I found this via @msmenna, and it contained pictures of someone I refuse to accept or post, so I’m not reblogging the actual thread, but I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment otherwise.  Spot on on all points, and I refuse to accept this hastily-cobbled-together substitute as an endgame.  It feels like the ultimate betrayal.

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Hello lovely first off I want to say I love your blog it's so detailed and gorg ❤️. I have a quick question, this may be premature but when I go to college I would be interested in doing the Disney college program (I'm a senior in high school now) I was wondering if DCP students can be face characters? If so what is the process for that, is it different than the audition process? Thank you for your time have a great day 💖💖

Hi there!

Thank you so so much, that’s so sweet of you :D

Yep DCP cast members can definitely be face characters! The DCP offers all sorts of roles. The one catch is that you can only be a character performer and part of the DCP in WDW, in Florida. On the audition calendar (linked below) they have details of the audition, most of the general auditions say that no DCP cast members can attend that audition, the audition you want to attend is the one that says ‘Disney College Program Character Performers’ which is a character performer audition only for DCP cast members (including future ones that have been told they’re being considered for the DCP).

So I’m no expert on the DCP, but from what I’ve learnt and researched this is what I’ve gathered. What you do is fill our your online DCP application and submit it, as normal. On the application you’ll probably be asked what roles you’re interested in, put down that you’d like to be considered for a character performer/part of entertainment.

You’ll then receive some contact about what to do next, you could be told you’re not being considered, in which case you obviously wouldn’t attend an audition, or if you’re being accepted, or to wait for an update, which means you’re still being considered. 

Then at any point after you’re told you’re being considered you can attend a DCP character performer audition. Most auditions are happening around now; the beginning of the new year. If you check out the audition calendar you can see the auditions I’m talking about. In your interview you may be asked which audition you’re going to attend, you tell them and they’ll just note it down so that they have an idea of the people going to the audition (note: this is not necessary and locked in, you can change your mind about which audition you go to and it’s not a problem - they just want an idea of numbers!)

Then go to your audition (you don’t need to prepare anything or register before, just show up) and do your best! If you’d like to know a bit about the audition process, I talk about it (and give a few tips) on this post here.

If you’re then properly accepted into the DCP, after the audition you’ll receive an email with an update on whether you’re going to be a character performer or not. If not, you’ll receive other offers for roles and you can accept one of those!

The DCP is such a cool experience, I’ve heard good things about it, so doing any sort of role I imagine would be worthwhile.

Here are a few things about face characters and the DCP process:

- DCP Role Descriptions
- DCP: Character Performer
- Some FAQ’s and info about applying/auditioning for the role of character performer
- Disney Audition Calendar

Thanks for the ask, hope I could help a bit! If you ever want personal info on the DCP, there are so many lovely tumblr blogs here who are part of the DCP who I’m sure would be happy to help :) Have a magical day! x

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K. Marry Matt cause you know he's an amazing husband. Fuck Bree cause we can just smoke a bowl and have a great time. And kill Maude cause I have too. Marry Steve cause why wouldn't you marry guy with "jokes" tattooed. Fuck reina(see Bree). And kill same by default. Marry Will cause he's my fp. Fuck Phil. Or Elliot. I'm not really sure on who would die. Marry Daren cause I want to watch DVG rise. Fuck suppy cause I have bad taste in guys and kill Dani and let her be the beautiful angelic self

“Fuck suppy cause I have bad taste in guys”

I’m in fucking tears laughing I love you

petition for supergirl to have more episodes where james, winn, kara and alex spend time together and they eat ice cream and pot stickers and they have a great time together because wow i need more of that also i loved this episode so much