“I don’t deserve to receive it yet,
Because I have so much more sweetness to give to you…” 
(๑˘ ᵕ ˘๑)

hello hello (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。its aqsa returning with another follow forever!! there’s not much time till the clock strikes 12 (tbh i’ll probably be done with this by like 1 am watch), and it seemed appropriate to share a bit of love for the start of valentine’s day, so here i am~ though it’s only been around a month and a half since i made the last one on new years (and around 9 months since i’ve joined kpop wow can you believe that thats a whole pregnancy), i cannot tell you how much i’ve gained in such a short amount of time. i’ve also hit that lucky 777 follower count, so it’s the perfect time for a ff, no? i have met the most wonderful people, laughed and cried at the success of our boys, and overall had a way happier experience on tumblr than i’ve ever had before. this is 50% bc of the blogs that i follow that always seem to make my dash so lovely and pretty and nice to look at and 50% bc of my followers who are always there, supporting this messy af blog in all its entirety. i want to take this time to say how much i appreciate your blogs and how absolutely wonderful you all seem to be; you make me proud to be an ARMY & carat have they announced the name yet lol tick tock boys and i know i would not have enjoyed my experiences in this fandom as much as i do with you all here to make my day better with your beautiful edits, helpful info, and hilarious tags ♡ all of you deserve to meet your biases and be serenaded in their sweet voices or boss ass raps (or both if you’re a kookie, coups, woozi, or hobie stan, in which case you’ve lucked out); and that goes out to all my followers as well, i hope you know how much i love all of you; you make me smile everyday, and we should totally talk!! my ask box is always open, fyi (人 •͈ᴗ•͈) any who, since this is getting super long, i just want to once again say ty to my followers, my mutuals, and those i follow for letting me have such a nice kpop experience ^^ so, without further ado, here is the long awaited list!! 

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i always see you guys in my activity and i want to say thank you :-) most of you have been with me since the beginning and i really really appreciate you guys  ♡✧( ु•⌄• ) there are lots more, dont think i’ve forgotten about you guys!!!

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anyways, have a wonderful night!! we’re getting our name soon, so stay tuned, svt stans! and ARMY, keep watching over our idiotic children ♡ thank you!


If you’re one of the few still under a rock about how great Alyssa Gerwig’s Undertale speed paintings are, please go check out her stuff!

Sans - You’re Gonna have a Bad Time
The Great Papyrus
Undyne - The True Hero
Mettaton Neo - The Power of Neo
W.D. Gaster - Scattered Through Space and Time
Chara - Stop looking at me like that

Note: None of the works here is mine (I wish I was this good). Please support the original artist, Alyssa Gerwig.

Girls are so great

So I was sweeping the house earlier, and I started to remember something. Last year, I had to present my senior project and I was nervous af. I was in the bathroom, trying to prepare myself. Public speaking (even if it’s just my small class) always screws with my head.

I’m focused on calming myself down when I hear a squeal behind me to my right. So I turned around and see this cute petite girl there, looking at me. Once she saw that I was looking at her, she told me that I looked so cute and that she loved my outfit and hair.

Let’s put this in perspective. I was an overweight 5'6" or 7" girl with a recently shaved side of my head. Like, there was only small stubble and the rest of my hair was straightened and long. I was wearing a blackish suit with a purple dress shirt and a purple and black tie. The first word to come into my mind when I look at myself is not ‘cute’.

Anyway, back to the story. She told me that I was so cute and I started to blush. She asked me what I was so dressed up for, and I told her it was for my senior project. She told me that I was going to do amazing and that I was going to look amazing while doing it (not exactly word per word, but give me a break, it was almost a year ago.) So I’m blushing and smiling like crazy, which looked gross, I’m sure (I’ve seen my graduation pics, I looked so gross smiling) and she tells me that I should do that more!! She doesn’t even know me yet she knows I don’t smile much.

She left the bathroom, wishing me good look and left my life with a smile on her face. I walked into my class more confident and was able to do my senior project! Sure, I cried when reading my letter to my parents (which contained my coming out to them, so I also came out to my class lol I didn’t care, there was only a few days of high school left. And I got some girls who came up to me and told me I was so brave and one even came out to me).

Overall, it all went better than I expected. And I can thank a too kind girl in the bathroom who I never saw again. So, thank you, mysterious girl, I hope you have a wonderful day and a glorious life.

Last Minute Convention Prep Ideas

While I NEVER advocate waiting until the last minute to do anything, and I’m not claiming you can stock an entire table in under a week, I’ve noticed a distressing number of posts to AANI and How to be a Con Artist from first time artists who want to stock a table in under a week.  While it’s never an ideal situation, you don’t have to trudge in empty handed, and you don’t need to give up your tablespace in defeat.


Stickers- Most WalMarts and office supply stores sell a variety of sticker papers.  You can print stickers at home and cut them out yourself.
Original pieces- bagged in page protectors- If it came from a sketchbook, please trim the raggedy edges off.
Bookmarks- If you have a laminator, now is a great time to use it.  Embellish with a bit of attractive ribbon, and you have a pretty decent little piece of merch.  If you DON”T have a laminator, Hobby Lobby sells holographic contact paper that’s pretty popular among sticker makers for its glitterizing effect.  Apply to bookmarks instead.
Assemble an Ashcan- As someone who sells ashcans, for your money and time, you are better off making stickers, bookmarks, and prints, but Ashcans are a great way to package all the sketches you’ve done over the year that aren’t finished enough to stand alone.
Print-at-home business cards- Not for selling, but for giving away, your customers need a way to contact you after the con.
At-home or copy shop prints- A staple of most beginner convention artists.  If you have a laser jet printer, you’re in business, especially if it can print large format, but if you don’t, you can go to Office Max or Office Depot with your files.  Files should be saved to a thumbdrive as JPEGS- no smaller than 300 DPI, or it will look like a pixellated mess.

Common Print Sizes:

4"x6"- These can be printed fairly cheaply at Walmart or Walgreens on photo paper
8"x10"- Time to break out the coverstock.
11"x17"- Coverstock.  

Anything you crank out last minute will end up costing you more than if you had appropriately planned for it, so I don’t want to hear complaints about cost.  The cost you’re paying now is the price you pay for postponing, or for trying to start tabling before you’re ready.  Next time, you’ll know better, and you’ll pay less because you’ll shop around and take advantage of sales.


Offer commissions (you can sketch examples while the con warms up)

For this you will need- 

  • Example pieces
  • Your pencil

  • Cardstock or other decent drawing paper
  • Inking tools IF you plan on offering inks
  • Page protectors for the finished pieces
  • Something to display finished commissions in or on.

If you want to offer color commissions, you’ll need a compact, portable color system that you can use quickly and efficiently.  Many artists use: 

Alcohol based markers- If you need recommendations for affordable brands, please check out my blog

Remember:  Something, even if you feel it is not your best, is 100% better than nothing.  You can always improve on something, but you can’t improve nothing.

Don’t forget!
Signage:  For your first con, sticky notes and a white board are a great way to mark prices.  Both options also allow you to CHANGE prices as the convention goes on and you get a feel for what moves and what doesn’t.
Those business cards we talked about above
Tablecloth- most cons do not provide one.  Get thee to a JoAnn’s (or a Walmart) and buy 3 yards of 45" wide fabric that isn’t too busy and isn’t too bright.  Bonus points if you, a friend, or a parent will hem that tablecloth so it looks a little more professional.
Banner:  It’s not a big deal if you don’t have one at your first con- but you do need signage that says A: Who you are, B: what you are C: What you sell.  If you are in a rush, you can use posterboard if that’s what’s handy, but there are all sorts of tutorials ON THIS VERY TUMBLR (check the archive) on making your own banner.
Your kitty:  No, not the cat.  The money with which you will make change.  Dollars and cents, y'all.  I personally recommend 20 in ONES, 10 in FIVES, 3 TENS to start off with.  If you can’t scratch that, at least try to get the 20 in ONES.  If you can’t make change, you won’t make sales.
Order a Square Up or other card reader RIGHT NOW.  It won’t come in time for this con (probably), but you’ll have it by the next.  If you’re willing to pay, you can hustle over to a Target- they usually sell Square Ups for $10.  You’re going to need to sign up for the service, which requires a credit or debit card.
To tip your friendly neighborhood con artist who advises you on con stuff.  Without Kiriska and myself, you would be panicking right about now.

Now go out there, learn a whole lot, take some notes, makes some friends, and plan a little better in the future!

im so jealous of dogs i want to be able to pick up a stick off the ground and all of a sudden be having a great time with my life

one of the things i talked about in that last post also reminded me how one time i tweeted something like:

when people say rena is not a yandere: gOOD SHIT

when a lot of those same people proceed to literally just reduce her to a yangire the next second: no

Karmagisa Headcanon

You guys know that Karma/Nagisa ~~official duet~~ of the first opening, right? 

Imagine this: Nagisa comes over to Karma’s house to study (his parents are away, as usual), but after studying, he doesn’t leave. They end up discussing books and comics and movies and playing video games all night, and Nagisa decides to sleep over. 

At some point, they end up doing what all people do in a good sleepover—they end up jumping around on Karma’s bed, loudly singing karaoke. 

Their final song is the first title song, and they’re just singing and having a great time, probably clinging to each other so they don’t fall of the bed from all their spinning and jumping.

And, you know those two parts where Karma stops singing to laugh a little? Those are the parts where Nagisa sounds the most happy and enthusiastic, like he’s really giving it his all… the parts where he sounds really fucking adorable.

Imagine Karma looking at him while they’re singing, and Nagisa’s really putting a lot of effort into it and having a great time and he just looks so cute that Karma can’t help but laugh—partly at how cute Nagisa is, and partly at himself because, damn, it’s almost funny how he’s so hopelessly in love with his best friend.

I’m definitely going to write this omf

anonymous asked:

Hey :) could you write a cute fluff fic where the reader is best friends with Finn, Poe and Rey and they have a cute sleepover together where they tell eachother little stories and stuff?

A/N: No problem! Thanks for requesting! :~)

Warnings: None

Prompt: At a sleepover, the reader, Finn, Rey, and Poe sit around and tell each other stories. 

After you had put on the softest pair of clothes the Resistance had given you, you joined your three friends sitting crossed-legged in a circle in the center of the room. You had grabbed pillows and blankets from your bed and brought them out to the group, making sure everyone was comfortable. 

You lowered yourself to the ground and smiled at your friends; it wasn’t often that you were able to have time with them like this, so you were going to make sure that everyone was having a great time. 

“So, did I ever tell you guys about the time I thought my starfighter was going to explode while I was landing?” You began, laughing a bit at the memory. Of course, while you were actually experiencing it, it wasn’t funny, but after you had survived you were able to joke about it. 

Rey’s eyes widened. “No! How did you survive that?” 

Giggling, you told an exaggerated version of the story, not sparing any of the details. After you had finished recounting your tale, Finn piped up. “Alright, how about that time that Rey and I stole the actual Millennium Falcon?” 

All of you laughed as Finn told the story, informing you all of the craziness that ensued before and after, all from reuniting with BB-8 to being captured by Han Solo. 

“I’ve got one!” Rey exclaimed as she leaned in toward the group. “There was this one time back on Jakku when I got a bit drunk at a cantina while I was visiting the trading post, and I ended up going to the house of this guy that was giving me trouble with trade, and, let me tell you: he was probably seven feet! And, drunk me let him have it…I won too!” 

All of you laughed at the thought of Rey, drunk and stumbling, and picking a fight with an outlander much bigger than her. 

“I guess that means it’s my turn,” Poe began, rubbing his palms together trying to conjure the perfect story. “There was this one time I went on a mission to a couple of really cold ice planets, and I ended up getting stranded on one…” Poe continued his story, telling you of how his communications had gone out and all the other crazy things that had happened to him before his rescue. 

You leaned back, smiling at your friends. For the first time in what seemed like forever, it looked like everyone in the group was actually relaxed and genuinely enjoying themselves. You knew that you were going to be remembering this special night for quite a long time to come. 

According to Twitter it’s “internet friend day” so I just wanted to say that I love and appreciate all of you so much!
This is my one and only blog and 99.7% of my posts are Clexa so the fact that I have 2565 followers blows my mind. So just thank you. I’m always having a great time on here with you all.
Also my ask box is always open. I love talking to you. So feel free to send me messages any time, regardless of topic.
Hope you all have/had a nice day ☺

Katsucon has been amazing so far! Thank you to everyone who has stopped by and said hi or wished me a happy birthday! Here’s a quick jewelry snap from yesterday. I layered two of the new necklaces over my @ixdoxdeclare Valkyrie dress (that I wear way too often). I hope everyone is having a great time too ⚔ #handmadejewelry #brass #bones #victorian #spinel #mourningjewelry #mourning #shopsmall #voodooodolly #katsucon2016 #idodeclare #idodeclareshop #axe #gauntlet

anonymous asked:

I've been an outside fan of Bloodborne for awhile now and I'm finally getting a PS4 and Bloodborne to play it for myself. I don't have any prior experience with the Soulsborne series and was wondering if you had any kind of tips or advice to a first time hunter?

First of all, have fun with Bloodborne! You’re gonna have a great time, and it’s best going in blind. However, there are a few things I feel I should really tell you.

1. Leveling Vitality and Endurance is always good
2. When it comes to fighting stats, for a first time player I’d recommend leveling either Skill or Strength (depending on what you prefer) to 30, and then follow up with the other stat.  
3. Bloodtinge and Arcane offer some nice possibilities, but you’ll probably play the game more than once, so you can try it out once you’ve become familiar with the game
4. Don’t underestimate the mobs! Try to lure them towards you one at a time as they can kill you quickly once they surround you, especially in the beginning.
5. Study your enemy and adapt to their moveset.
6. Shortcuts are your best friend! Always explore and try to open doors
7. The game encourages an aggressive playstyle and the regain-system is important!

These two last points are a tiny bit spoilery (not when it comes to story but to certain other aspects), so feel free to skip them!

8. You can only level up once you gain one point of insight. You either have to consume a Mad Man’s Knowledge or encounter the first boss. Farming makes no sense if you can’t level
9. There are some areas in the game that are completely optional. Access to the most important one is gained through a (not very well) hidden path in an area called “Forbidden Woods” that leads you to somewhere you’ve been before. Always explore!