My fav thing about my tumblr is that I can post something on here at 4am in the morning and there’ll be people to interact with me. Not just because I have followers from different time zones but because they also have a ridiculous sleep cycle like me.

It’s 5:00 am and I’ve finally realized sleep isn’t going to happen once again so I’m going to go take a walk and watch the sunrise on the beach and remind myself how lucky I am to be able to do little things like that idk I’m sleep deprived and anxious and feeling like poop oh hey caffeine how’s it going you’re looking good this morning wanna help me stay awake all day and clean my house okay cool you’re great thanks beautiful

150218 Jimmy’s Weibo —-JMC—-


Happy (Lunar) New Year! In the Year Of The Sheep, wish everyone good luck and happiness, be happy all the time with big laughs, and hope everything will go according to your wishes. Wow! Hope you will receive money from everywhere!

(t/n: I don’t think it’s Jimmy’s real voice but just used his photo for the face.
Edit: It might be actually Jimmy’s real voice masked with a voice filter?)
Translated by xpixelatedz
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foreverbookhappy asked:

Help?!? I'm new here to tumblr and I LOVE to read, too but I'm posting to no one because no one follows me :( tips on gaining followers?

Hello! Welcome to Tumblr, haha. Here are some tips:

Be active. You can do this by posting regular updates, reblogging other people’s posts, liking things, and so forth.

Reblog. When I look at things on my dashboard, I sometimes look at where people reblog their posts from and check out that blog before following. Your followers will reblog from you and their followers will see where it was reblogged from.

Queue posts. Have a queue set up so your blog is regularly updated during the times you can’t make it online. It also invites people from different time zones to view your posts.

Have a nice theme. We can’t see another’s theme on the dashboard, but having a visually appealing theme does attract followers. Not only is it supposed to look good. It should be easy to navigate. 

Tag your posts. People who then search something on Tumblr will be able to see your post. It also ensures your blog isn’t difficult to use as things can be found quicker.

Be nice. This is rather self-explanatory, I believe. 

I’m really not that great of a person to ask since I might set a queue, but I won’t add more to it and it eventually runs out of things to post. Nevertheless, I hope you found the tips useful to some degree and good luck on your endeavours! :)

rexalexander replied to your post “rexalexander replied to your post:haiiiiiiii have a million and one…”

i’ve just done practically nothing today blargh and i have to go to bed early tonight because i work super early tomorrow.

noooooooooo :(

it’s ok, it’s a saturday

"nothing" is expected, i suppose

nananannahrld asked:

They are giving me life and even though I struggle too much with time zones atm ( I'm like in the middle - like Europe-ish) I'm trapped in the tronnor tag and I love your posts so um yeah :) ily

AW thank you!! And yes, honestly their chemistry is just so perfect they fit so well together, they give everyone life tbh even if you don’t ship it you ship it. (and i know the time zones are so hard especially now they are separated and we have to deal with 2 totally different time zones!

anonymous asked:

Hello, have you chosen the winner of your giveaway yet?

hi anon, i have and i’ve messaged them, but our different time zones are making it difficult to find a time we’re both available so they don’t have the prizes yet

ridonculoustits reblogged your photo and added:

If you’re going to keep reposting pics for…

who the fuck do you think you are, i reblogged this ONCE not like 10 times

also, i clearly said i like the picture, so my ONE reblog obviously wasnt for affirmation it was because i have a lot followers in different time zones and i like them to see the things i post too, i literally reblog every picture i post at 3am UK time for this reason

anyway, even if i did repost it ONCE for affirmation of my looks, which i didnt, (a lot of girls repost their own pictures for attention by the way and there’s nothing wrong with that), doesn’t automatically mean i’m gonna become body confident because a couple of people said i look good does it? so how am i meant to ‘heed’ anything?

leave me the fuck alone

anonymous asked:

Why are you doing a giveaway now? Isn't it like midnight in your timezone?

It is midnight, actually lol. I don’t have school for a week since I’m on break so I am taking advantage of it. I also have followers who live in different time zones who might still be up, so I wanna give them a chance too. 

anonymous asked:

Hi! So I'm from Australia, and I always get worried joining RPGs because they're usually set in EST/ in North America, and I don't want to be ignored or all alone RPing. Is it like that here? :(

Hello, lovely! I understand your concern <3 But, you’re in luck! We are very lucky and please to say that we have a 24 hour dash!! We span across so many different time zones, with so many different schedules too, that our dash is constantly moving all day and all night long, no matter where you are. We actually do have a couple Australians too, so you wouldn’t be alone at all! I don’t think you’d have any problem fitting right in :)


OMG me and my sister are livestreaming the special of OUAT right now. We have school today because of the time-zone-difference. It’s 1 a.m. in the morning here in Germany. So excited…