Time Zone Converter – Time Difference Calculator
This Time Zone Converter calculates the time difference between several locations.

Everybody’s saying they don’t know when to check various websites for various airtimes because they’re helpless at the interwebs not sure how to convert timezones. Here is a website to help.

Use New York, New York if you want to convert from NBC’s 10 p.m. Eastern air time on 11 June 2015. Region-locked folks can unblock NBC at https://www.tunnelbear.com/, I believe.

Use 12 June 2015 at Seattle, Washington at 2 a.m. to find Amazon’s (estimated) time that the episodes will go up. This is probably similar to when NBC.com will open up.

I don’t know when iTunes or other sites like Hulu (if Hulu is doing it this year, which I haven’t checked) have episodes available.

Please reblog so your international followers can figure it out.

in which my mother is there
in which my boyfriend is there
in which we all exist in the same part of America
and America has no idea what to do with all of us 
in which we do not speak
in which the ground threatens to swallow me whole the way I thought you would 
in which thunderstorms
in which lightning strikes in the same place in two different time zones
everything trembles
—  I Was Having Dreams About a Boy Who Used to Kiss Me, Kiki Nicole

ok I see that a lot of u asked how we’re sorting the groups for the feminetwork so I thought I’d explain??

basically Sissy and I half split all the applications in half, and I can’t answer for her & how she’ll sort, but for me, I’ve been splitting people into big groups based on time zones, then by iMessage/kik/twitter users, then by age & blog types/interests!! it hasn’t been easy bc there are so many different aspects to sort u guys by and a lot of groups might have some differences (small differences in time zones, ages, etc) but I rly hope all of u are happy w ur groups!!!!

We had a Reg window. You know what that means. Flight Rising Facebook!

I’m one of the admins for the Flight Rising Facebook Group and would like to extend a welcome to anyone who wants to join, including Newbies who joined in the most recent reg window! The group has over 1500 members so far, with new people joining every day!

Everything FR-related is okay to post! Art, discussions, sales threads, hatcheries, trades, etc. are all welcome. Everyone is super active and helpful, and you can gain a lot of new FR friends easily!

There’s usually an Admin on at most times of the day, and we have Admins in different time zones, so join requests will be approved ASAP! And feel free to invite any friends or family who also play FR! :)

We look forward to seeing you, and enjoy your stay in Sornieth!

It’s not always easy to explain, but my friendships that I’ve made online are the same as the ones I have with people I see face-to-face. I tell them what’s going on in my life — my deepest secrets. Some of us speak almost daily. We send each other birthday and Christmas gifts. And if I’m upset at three o’clock in the morning my time, there’s something comforting knowing that I have access to a friend in a different time zone who will be a shoulder to cry on… and I won’t interrupt her sleep.
A thank you note:

cadesama in a fanmail to me:

<3 I’m not angry! I don’t want you to think I hate you at all! I think we have a time zone difference, which is why I seemed to drop off the face of the earth. Half the time I’m on tumblr at work because my job is very slow this time of the month. Anyway, I really do enjoy debating and I don’t take anything fandom personally, but I feel like replying to your points might be upsetting to either or both of us. I do actually love the Jedi, btw, just in the same trashfire way I love Anakin.

Oh gosh, *hugs you* I knew I picked the right person. Thank you so much, Cade! I’m making this reply a post because I want people to know you’re a gracious cinnamon roll. I wouldn’t ever dare write that meta-reply to anyone else the way I wrote back to your post.

You seemed like the most reasonable intelligent person with views on the Jedi Order differing from mine, so I felt like I could write (I wanna die from the nitpicking that I did -that was so borderline rude I can’t even) back and hope you would be…idk, benevolent towards me and you ARE. And yes I know you love the Jedi the same trashfire way you love Anakin xD because I read your tags (as I always do lol) and behold what I found;

“The Jedi meant well, but they ultimately don’t end well” - your words.  

To all things-Jedi! And to you! For being a gift to the fandom.

nironwrites asked:

Australia is racist all over too, and homophobic D: its slowly getting better (heres hoping) and yeah.... Our Prime Minister is A Lizard :P the US has some many different time zones D: Do you have work now?

In about… 40 minutes. My work starts at 6:30, I just get up ridiculously early to check Tumblr and do my makeup. :3

With Marina gone the three days the island usually holds it’s summer festival, she’s making it up to the demigods by having a Beach Day. Taking place along the shore of the undeveloped area, the beach will have various food booths and even some canopies for those that want a little break from the sun. 

Islanders are welcome to volunteer their time to help set up. Those that decide to do so will need to be in front of the area by 8AM. From there, every two people will be provided with a golf cart to transport themselves to and from the beach. 

Those who are not helping with the event and only attending may start arriving at 11:30AM. There will also be live music, provided by the islanders themselves. One may sign up to perform solo or with others. After the sun sets, the bonfire will be lit and sweet treats will be available. 

More information under the cut.

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As a follow-up to that post, here are the few circumstances in which I may not have posted a reply to you:

  • I’m in a different time zone and i’m sleeping when the Northern Hemisphere is up and about.
  • Sometimes Tumblr eats messages because of some sensitive syntax (eg. if you use one too many periods in a row, it’s interpreted as spam).
  • I accidentally deleted it (but i’ll usually DM that person or post something asking anon to send it again).
  • It’s bad-mouthing someone else I know on Tumblr, re: something that doesn’t relate to me, and i’m not interested in involving myself in your personal conflict.
  • The ask is hostile with no context or purpose and i’m not rewarding that shit with attention.

Otherwise, that ask box is for you and I only get out of it what you put into it. I hope it’s one place where you can feel free to speak frankly and know the response will be the same.

anonymous asked:

Please do post the Q&A on here or yt or something b/c I love you & your blog (I'm literally your biggest fan) & I'll probably miss the live livestream b/c work :( X

Don’t worry, I will definitely try and film it and post it on either YouTube, or on here, or possibly both, but don’t worry I definitely will try my best to record it so those of you who have work, or are in a different time zone will be able to see it! :) 

wolve-girl said: Time zones are really weird and annoying, especially when you have friends in different ones Also the reason why I am still up~

On the bright side, if you have followers from lots of different time zones, then no matter what time you’re online, you’ll always have someone to talk to. :)

Hey guys! Please, please, please make sure you’re responding to the replies you get on your starters. I’m starting to see some that will have 5-8 notes but no responses from the original poster. That’s on you, not on the admin team or on other players. If you want people to keep responding to you, you need to reply back. 

We do have several people in different time zones so definitely be aware of that. No one wants to feel left out because they live on the other side of the world from you! Go back through your activity page and reply to things.

Plots! A lot of you have been posting in the OOC about wanting plots. Message people. I can make a list if you want me to but I’ve seen at least six or seven people post in there about wanting plots so there are a ton of options!

baileyjorge asked:

Like it tells me that I have different risings is it because of my time zone? Because different charts have different things

Your birth chart should give you the same information as long as you’re consistently putting in the same information. Time zone does have an impact on it but I’m not too sure why you would be getting different results. What results are you getting and how is it changing?

helios-aurelius asked:

OKAY. What did you think of today's SU episode? IMO it was a tad creepy, with the whole... Thing. Trying not to spoil anybody. :P



mikuba-chi replied to your post “I think i’m at 63. After the game vs inashiro. When I saw all of the…”

Oh damn help me. But yeah tetsu breaking down got me good. I’m really enjoying it though. I will probably catch up pretty quickly lmao

ok ok ok but hurry and catch up tho because then you can be on the same page as me and we can have daiya mondays and i know the time zone is different but i expect you to live blog with me

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Lana's birthday is tomorrow

Oh I apologize , I saw a few posts on insta about it being her birthday and I knew it was near the end of June , they must have just been in a different area or time zone but thank you for telling me 🌹