what I hate about your sign

Aries- sorry to use a stereotype but you are judgmental. I don’t think you do it on purpose most of the time, but you are.

Taurus- pull the bull out of your ass and stop being so stubborn

Gemini- woah be quiet for one second

Cancer- please stop crying and being so sensitive, it makes people feel weird

Leo- can you even sit down somewhere without taking a fucking selfie?

Virgo- chill everything doesn’t have to go your way or the highway

Libra- calm down, everything doesn’t have to be so dramatic

Scorpio- not everything has to be party you know

Sagittarius- let people into your life. you’ll find out that it’s kinda cool

Capricorn- stop annoying people for the hell of it. no one actually likes it

Aquarius- you guys have chill but at the same time none at all. sometimes you need to calm the fuck down, everyone you love will still be there the next day

Pisces- stop being a martyr yo. like for real

It’s way too hot for life and I’m drinking lukewarm hard cider that’s about 10 times sweeter than it should be and tastes like alcoholic apple juice