Lady at the shelter: Cats and kittens don’t usually chew on cords or chargers, they should be fine. 

Steve: (loves nothing as much as he loves my computer and phone and kindle chargers.)

| 08.13.15 | My ban.do planner finally came today, and I’m absolutely in love with it! I’m finally figuring out what I still need to buy before I go back to school in a couple weeks, and it’s probably gonna be depressingly expensive. But I have coffee, I just made a cheesecake, and it’s been a productive day(:

Also, you can find the August printable here

i think i just joined art club

I’m legit having the prob where one guy is super sweet and chill but I only see him as a friend and this asn* is being well not shxt but I miss him ewwwwww 

Me and my new main man The Fonse! Such a chilled out nice guy thanks for having me… Strokes one out a little too much! But hey! Each to their own…
Also @eli_falconette is alright too, thanks for having me too brother!
Loving life in PDX 👌😁😘