What I really wish guys were like
  • (new guy messages girl on kik)
  • What I Wish Would Happen
  • Me:Hi
  • Him:Hi
  • Me:What's up
  • Him:Unlike a lot of doushe bag guys, I will not respond with "wanna see my dick" because chances are you really don't want to and that's not the way to have a conversation, nor the way to get you to like me. So guess what I'm gunna reply like a normal fucking human being, that doesn't let their dick talk for them!!!!!
  • What Really Happens
  • Me:Hi
  • Him:Hey
  • Me:What's up
  • Him:Wanna see my dick, I'm super horny.

One time I made an okcupid account because I was bored and I had a genuinely delightful and engaging conversation with a guy about art museums and shakespeare but I also got a message from a different guy about wanting to stab my feet (why my feet, idk, but he was very specific about that).  So.

Call it a toss up I guess.

Khloe: OCD hits hard when I travel! Vitamin party!!!! 💊💊Note to the ones who ALWAYS have something to say…. I save the Ziploc bags. And no I don’t have a pillbox because for all the pills I take, the pill box is large and bulky. This is a space saver for ME and if you save the bags who cares what container I put MY vitamins in. Damn yall are the most negative people at times. Shout out to my loves who are here to spread love! It’s just a picture you guys. Maybe I have a chill pill in one of these ziplocs for you negative Nancy’s 😝Not sure if you knew this but the days of the week are the same every single week so you’re able to reuse the Ziploc bags. Mind blown!!!!! Lol

Time to close out the week @OmniaNightClub!!!! Let’s have a nice chill night on the Terrace!

Text (one full name + of guys/ of girls club + date) to C. 1-808-359-1212 to reserve Guestlist or Bottle Service at Omnia or any club!
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anonymous asked:

13? 14? 18?

13. Turn ons: Chill guys. I have a thing for guys near my height, who live near-ish me, and I also tend to like guys who aren’t interested in me so is that one.

14. Turn offs: People who are assholes and just want to hook up with me.

18. Most Traumatic Experience: I’d rather not say on Tumblr, nice try. Message me off anon and I might tell you.

I’m surprised someone actually did this though!