my dash right now:
  • hardcore larries:frantically trying to explain this away
  • harry girls:lol, glad i'm not a louis girl
  • louis girls:making every unplanned pregnancy/baby daddy joke in the book
  • me:haven't stopped cackling since the tweet
Identifying a fuckboy part 3

Hey y'all, I’m back with more tips on identifying if the nigga hitting up your phone is a fuck boy.

1. The “I’m tired of being in the friendzone” fuckboy

This is the saddest fuck boy to let go because they were such a nice friend. Now this fuckboy is that one guy friend you have that is so chill and you’re comfortable around. Then one day they hit you with the “I like you a lot…more than as a friend. I just had to let you know.” Then when you don’t feel the same way about them in return they start to make things awkward af or feel the need to harass you with questions about why you don’t like them.
Listen honey, you are NOT required to like any one in return just because they confess their feelings for you and you feel guilty. You just lost a friend but shit, at least you still have your health.

2. This one is for all the younger girls out there. Listen girls avoid the older, “more mature” fuckboy.

The chances are they’re not mature, can’t get girls their own age and feel the need to manipulate younger girls. These are the signs that the boy you’ve met is a “more mature fuckboy”
A. The boys that graduated a year or more ago but still visit the high school every weekend, are at every high school party, in the middle of every high school drama. Hell, they would re-enroll in the school if they could…even though they barely passed the first time.
B. The boys that have a history of dating younger females and have no history of females within his own age range. I’m sorry but you tryna tell me out of all the girls in the world varying in age this nigga can’t impress one his own age? When you meet a boy like this, run baby girl. Run as fast as you can home to start your English paper which is due tomorrow at 11 am but you been procrastinating on.

3. The “come over and let’s watch a movie fuck boy”

These the fuckboys I think everyone is aware of by now but just in case you not this is how it goes. He will text you something along the lines of “come to my crib and let’s watch a movie or something. I got Netflix, hulu, Amazon prime allat.” You go to his crib and find out this nigga don’t even have Netflix, hell this nigga don’t even own a tv or a couch. He just got a little ass room with a twin sized bed he share with his cousin Pookie. Now you just standing there in your comfortable ass granny panties and mad af because you were really trying to watch the new season of OITNB.

State of Gr*ce 

* So you were never a saint,

And I’ve loved in shades of wrong,

This is the golden age of something good and right and real. 

A Drop in The Ocean - Ron Pope / State of Grace - Taylor Swift / Blue Eyed Angel - Beth Jo / Can’t Help Falling In Love - Ingrid Michealson (Elvis Cover) / The Scientist - Boyce Avenue (Coldplay Cover) / I Won’t Give Up - Christina Grimme (Jason Marz Cover) /  As Long As You Love Me (Acoustic) - Justin Beiber / Fast Car - Elizabeth Gillies / Treacherous - Taylor Swift / Somewhere Only We Know - Elizabeth Gillies and Max Schneider 

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