Lady at the shelter: Cats and kittens don’t usually chew on cords or chargers, they should be fine. 

Steve: (loves nothing as much as he loves my computer and phone and kindle chargers.)

| 08.13.15 | My ban.do planner finally came today, and I’m absolutely in love with it! I’m finally figuring out what I still need to buy before I go back to school in a couple weeks, and it’s probably gonna be depressingly expensive. But I have coffee, I just made a cheesecake, and it’s been a productive day(:

Also, you can find the August printable here

I see so much people complaining about some fanart of Garnet being white and I mean, yeah it sucks but people do the same by making white character black, it’s just something they did for fun, what are you gonna do, yell until every black character is black and every white character is white ?

i think i just joined art club

I’m legit having the prob where one guy is super sweet and chill but I only see him as a friend and this asn* is being well not shxt but I miss him ewwwwww 

Me and my new main man The Fonse! Such a chilled out nice guy thanks for having me… Strokes one out a little too much! But hey! Each to their own…
Also @eli_falconette is alright too, thanks for having me too brother!
Loving life in PDX 👌😁😘