“Harry had a thin face, knobbly knees, black hair, and bright green eyes. He wore round glasses held together with a lot of Scotchtape because of all the times Dudley had punched him on the nose. The only thing Harry liked about his own appearance was a very thin scar on his forehead that was shaped like a bolt of lightning.” –Harry Potter and the Philosopher`s Stone, Chapter Two: The Vanishing Glass


Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2001)

“I am what I am, an’ I’m not ashamed. ‘Never be ashamed,’ my ol’ dad used ter say, ‘there’s some who’ll hold it against you, but they’re not worth botherin’ with.”  


A harry potter esque ending to Kylux that mirrors Narcissa’s Betrayal? Where Hux cold heartedly betrays snoke without batting an eye. Where Hux lies to the most poweful Force user in the galaxy to give Rey and the Resistance a chance to fight back. Where General Armitage Hux gives up the First Order and all that he previously fought for to change the fate of the Universe. 

All because when he bent over and whispered ‘Is Ren still alive?’ Rey nodded.

Draco X Reader: Cheater

Warning(s): Um… Breakup?
    Note(s): Post-Hogwarts. I didn’t want to make this a ‘heated argument, throwing things, burning down the Malfoy manor’ kind of imagine because I like to picture my readers as calm, cool and collected, especially when it comes to baby Draco, but if you want one like that I’d be more than happy to write it :)

    You and Draco had been together since third year. Sure, he had his flaws, but that only made you love him more. You both liked to pretend the Battle of Hogwarts never happened. Since so much had happened the year before and not much learning been done, the ministry called for a ‘make-up year,’ where students could go back to Hogwarts for an eighth year and learn if they chose to. Draco didn’t want to, but you did.
    It wasn’t the same, of course, but you knew without Dumbledore and half the students there, it never would be. You became close friends with Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley. After you graduated, you went and lived with your boyfriend in the Malfoy Manor.
    Lucius and Narcissa didn’t mind you at all. Draco adored you. Your life was absolutely perfect… Until you went to lunch with Hermione and Ginny one day.
    “I’ll see you at the party tonight?” Draco kissed you on the cheek just before you left.
    “Wouldn’t miss it,” you giggled, kissing him back and Apparating away. The Malfoy’s were throwing a spontaneous dinner party that night. Usually, they only threw parties for certain occasions. Tonight was a rare exception. You met your best friends in a small muggle restaurant. The first thing you noticed was a ring glittering on Ginny’s finger and you commented on it, making her blush. She explained that Harry had proposed to her the day before in front of her whole family.
    “That’s so great. I hope Draco and I get married someday,” you muse, looking dreamily into the distance and picturing what your wedding day would look like.
    “How’s Draco?” Hermione asked cautiously.
    “Fine,” you smiled.
    “Oh no,” Ginny breathed.
    “You didn’t hear, did you?” Hermione asked. Her eyebrows knitted together and they both wore an expression of pure sympathy.
    “H…Hear what?” You asked, slightly nervous.
    “He… Um…” Hermione nudged Ginny’s elbow causing the red-head to stop speaking. Hermione shook her head.
    “You can’t tell her!” she whispered-shouted.
    “Tell me what?” you asked. “Hermione.” She sighed.
    “Draco cheated on you with Astoria Greengrass.” You felt your heart sink to your stomach as you processed this. He wouldn’t. He couldn’t do such a thing.
    “How do you know?” you asked.
    “Remember the other night, when we invited you to go to a Hogwarts reunion party?” Ginny asked. You nodded. Normally, you’d go to such an event, but you’d been struck with the influenza virus. Unfortunately, you’d already RSVP’d, and it was rude to leave the party unattended, so Draco went in your place to explain the situation to your friends. “Well,” she continued, “Draco was there and Astoria was… hanging out with him. Eventually, they left together and the next day, she went and told everyone…”
    “No,” you breathed, looking down at the table and trying to understand why he would do such a thing. Hermione and Ginny may have hated Draco, but they had no reason to lie to you about something like this. “He wouldn’t have done something like that. She must have been lying.”
    “Maybe so, but we did see her leave with him,” Hermione said gently. You tried as hard as you could to remember that night, but after Draco left, you fell asleep and didn’t wake up until morning. When you got home, you decided it would be best just to ask Draco about this. You walked into his study, where he was working quietly on something you didn’t care about at the moment. He smiled when you saw you.
    “Hello, love,” he said gently. You managed a smile back, but when it didn’t reach your eyes, he knew something was wrong. A look of concern flashed over his face as you sat down across from his desk. You came right out with it.
    “Did you sleep with Astoria Greengrass?” This caught him completely off guard and you could see him debating whether or not he wanted to lie. Your jaw dropped. So it was true.
    “(Y/N),” he said as you stood up and made your way out of the room. “(Y/N), can we please talk about this?”
    “There’s nothing to talk about,” you said. He followed you all the way up to the room you shared. You pulled your suitcase out of the closet and laid it down on the bed, unzipping it and beginning to pack. He looked shocked.
    “You’re not leaving, are you?” he asked. You rolled your eyes. Duh, you thought, what does it look like I’m doing?
    “I think we need some time apart,” you said, avoiding eye contact while throwing clothes into the suitcase haphazardly and zipping it up. “You didn’t even tell me.”
    “What was I supposed to say?”
    “Well, you could have started by saying no to Astoria that night,” you said.
    “I made a mistake, (Y/N). Come on, everything we’ve been through together and you’re going to leave me over this?” He asked. “We can get through this, I know we can. Just calm down.”
    But you’d had enough. You Apparated home and ate all the ice cream you could swallow. Meanwhile, Draco sighed, walking back to his study, though he’d completely lost his train of thought as he’d left his previous project unfinished. He sat as his desk, running a hand through his hair.
    After a few moments, he pulled a small box out of his pocket and sat it down on the desk. He knew that inside was the ring he’d planned to give to you at the party that night. He was so angry that you’d left and ruined everything that he did something he’d regret for years afterwards.
    He pulled out some stationary, ink and a quill and began writing.

Dear Astoria,
I know it’s last minute, but I was wondering if you could attend a dinner party at my manor tonight. I have something important to ask you.

Update: Part Two is now up!

Draco Malfoy burning pretty much everything he tries to cook after the war, too agitated to use magic properly and too sore with memories of his mother cooking with him as a child in Malfoy Manor, a place he can no longer feel safe in

Draco Malfoy siphoning blackened and burnt patches off his latest cooking disaster with his wand, frustrated tears in his flat grey eyes. Another thing he’s a failure at. Another thing he can’t do

Draco Malfoy being wrapped up suddenly in strong arms which tug him backwards against an equally firm chest. The smell of that damn Potter who never wears cologne and yet Draco could pick his scent out of a Quidditch tournament crowd

Draco Malfoy finally giving in when Harry begins to press soft kisses to the nape of his neck, closing his tired eyes to the gentle buzz of Potter’s off key but soothing humming

Draco Malfoy being a traumatised and weakened wizard after the war but never giving up or stopping trying to prove himself

Draco Malfoy who detests that he might want the boy who lived for the rest of his life and yet who is coming to realise that letting yourself be loved is really not that bad

People don't want to accept it !!!

Okay but Snape lived in a dysfunctional family in abject poverty, constantly despised, feeling less for not being pure blood and always feeling very weak for being so skinny. When he just arrived on the Express (Not even in Hogwarts!) he was treated badly for other children. Not satisfied with that, they used it as a daily target of jokes and that hurt him so badly that turned to black magic as the only method of defense. It’s understandable that you try to find a way to protect yourself after being so attached in the past, right? But unfortunately, that action led him to lose his only true friend and the love of his life, in the hands of the man who destroyed him piece by piece, year after year.

Gathering all that, those are real reasons why Severus Snape was as bad as he is in Harry Potter books. He was full of traumas of his childhood plus tons of bad moments during his puberty and adolescence.

And now we have James Potter: spoiled son of a family of millionaires. The little white rich boy. He was bred in a generation of arrogance and a family that brainwashed him to believe that he only could be respectful if he was a Griffyndor, full of courage and bravery (as real men does with their children, rising them to be manly and strong). Well that’s deep, right? It’s understandable. Now remember that James lost his parents so the weight on his shoulders was removed a lot. He was fine. James had friends. James was popular. James was appreciated by everyone, as you can see when old people talk about him to Harry. But, James pushed and manhandled a young Severus, and perhaps many more teens. Lupin excused theirselves to this despicable attitude saying ‘we were arrogant idiots’, as if that fact it was going to delete the lives they’re negatively impacted. After school, he married Lily and was happy, leaving his victim (Snape!) suffering not only by love he had lost but also by loneliness. Years after that, karma punished James with a prophecy and made his only child orphan and he was (ironically) forced to live with bullies.

How did people label him when he died?

As a hero.

Are we all must forget that he was a bully, a stalker, a lawbreaker, only because in the last years of his life he tried to redeem himself by joining to a militant revolutionary group trying to eradicate a magic dictated?

I don’t think so.

James didn’t deserved the admiration of anyone, including Harry, who vaguely believed in fairy stories that his father’s friends told him about how brave he was. Being a good magician doesn’t make you a hero. Actually, for James, there was not way to being called a hero. He was a jerk.

[Conclusion: Snape was an idiot, yeah, but James was a jerk and also a bully. Lily deserved better. Harry deserved a real dad concept, not stories.]

do you guys know what i want?

i want dean thomas to be a part of teddy lupin’s life

i want him to be able to tell teddy stories about professor lupin, and how he was the greatest defense against the dark arts teacher he’s ever had who always had extra chunks of chocolate for anyone who wanted some and always made time for anyone if they needed it

i want him to be able to tell teddy stories about tonks when she saved his best friends in the battle of the ministry in his fifth year and how she was one of the bravest women he knew, to be able to play spy on the ministry for the order when her entire career and life were on the line

i want him to be able to tell teddy stories about ted, his grandfather, his namesake, who kept him alive when they were on the run together during the second wizarding war

i want him to be able to tell teddy about how brave and strong and amazing his family was because he was one of the very few who had the opportunity to know both his parents and his grandfather before

Is any fandom hiring?

My job is a good job, doing good work, but… it’s not me. I don’t know how much longer I can do this job, despite how much I want to help the children on my case load. Even worse, I don’t know if staying in this job for too long would be good for my mental health. What I’m about to say may be to most ‘Millennial’ thing I’ll ever say, but…

I want a job I’m passionate about. 

I want a job that I care about, and yet don’t burn out of. Where I want to go to work every day, where it’s something I love, and most importantly, where I’m doing my part to change the world. That’s all I’ve ever want to do. Change the world, one person at a time.

Unfortunately, the list of things I’m passionate about isn’t that long: 

  • fandom (especially Harry Potter) and the way fandom can save lives
  • books and literacy and the way books can save lives
  • LGBTQIA+ teens (in foster care, homeless, or anywhere)
  • Teens in foster care (and helping them age out/become successful)

Does anyone know of jobs in these areas? I have a double major in theatre and English. I graduated with both in four years and was very active as a techie and known as “that Harry Potter girl” on campus. I have years of customer service experience and love talking to people (about anything, but particularly the things I care and am passionate about). I’ve checked and @thehpalliance isn’t hiring, and I messaged (the VERY busy I’m sure) @melissaanelli because it looks like @geekyconblr is only needing volunteers, but the wording is odd.  I’d love to work for @dftbarecords​/ @fishingboatproceeds​ /@edwardspoonhands but I don’t think they are hiring.  @twloha​ isn’t hiring either and Together We Rise only has interns. I can’t find if the It Get’s Better project is hiring.

I want to know how @jackisnotabird got to work with the HPA, because I remember when (at least as far I knew) he was just volunteering for the HPA and making videos? Would I need to do that for a few years first? Because I started and ran a chapter of the HPA way back in 2010. I remember working on and blasting my facebook/LJ/tumblr with HPA FTW stuff back in the summer of 2010. I volunteered for Wrock the Vote in 2010 and my HPA chapter is still going strong (we hit a few rocks, but we’re still there). Real Life/being a Grown Up (with bills) happened after I graduated college and I haven’t been as active, unfortunately. But I still care.

I can, and will if someone wants me to, try to articulate why fandom, Harry Potter, LGBTQIA+ teens and teens in foster care mean so much to me, but I feel like this post/question/plea has gotten long enough. Just, please, let me know if you have an in with one of these amazing groups, have an idea of other places I can look, or know of things I can do to get these fantastic people’s attention.

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12 & 45 - are there any newer marvel fic writers you like? (I've read a lot from popular writers already. especially yours! love your fics)

15. Favorite fandom to write


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45. Pick a question – favorite newer fic writers

tbh, for the past month, I haven’t get a lot of chances to read fics unless I’ve been tagged in them or have had them sent to me, so I haven’t been able to branch out as much as I’d like…off the top of my head I can only think @captainpunk and @sebbytrash as both tag me weekly, but have only just started writing.

However, I have started a Weekly Reading List where I link the few fics I’ve had the opportunity to read and enjoy throughout the week. While I’ve only published two editions, I try to find and highlight two or three lesser known authors each week as well as those who tag me regularly in their work.

Please ask Lizzie these writer specific questions

It’ll make my day/night/life and I’ll love you forever