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Do you have any hard times whenever you're drawing?

Sure! I think one of the good things about this project is it’s something I can work on when I’m having a great day, and everything is wonderful - but it’s also something that I feels good when I’m having a horrible day and I don’t feel like anything is working.

More specifically (about drawing and image-making) I don’t think it’s possible to make art without making a ton of mistakes. You see my final work, but if you saw my sketchbook, you’d see a lot of wite-out and corrections.

Burr: Now Hamilton’s skill with a quill is undeniable, But what do we have in common? We’re reliable with the-

Men: Ladies!

Laurens: Ye… Yep that’s me!

Men: Ladies!

Laurens: *sweats* I love women!

Men: Ladies!

Laurens: Alexander! I don’t think I can’t keep up like this much longer!

Prompt List

Send me a number from the list below here and your ship please! Also feel free to add a little prompt plot to it. I’ll do AU’s, Modern AU’s anything! Also if you want send me a song and I’ll do a fic based on the song!

“I don’t often get the chance to talk to someone like you.”

2. "Go and live with her, then! See if I care.”

3. "Sorry, its just that I get very nervous when someone else is driving.”

4.  "There’s something I need to get off my chest.”

5. "Oh my God. You’re in love with him.”

6.  "Perhaps you’ll take me out one day - or do I have to make an appointment?”

7. “You’re insane!” “I know! Isn’t it great!”

8. “I’m sorry, I spout out random facts when I’m nervous.”

9.  “It’s okay, you don’t have to love me.”

10.  “You’re one insult away from starting a war.”

11. “I’d give anything if you’d kiss me.”

12.  “It’s not my birthday.” “It’s definitely your birthday.” “Give me a calendar, It’s not and I will prove it to- oh. Never mind, Happy birthday to me.”

13. “What letter comes after ’s’ in the alphabet?” “T?” “Oh yes please!”

14. “If we were all forced to wear warning labels, what would yours say?”

15. “It’s 3am, I swear someone better be dying!”

16. “Are you even listening?” “Yes it just takes me a while to process so much stupid at once.”

17. “No! This isn’t nothing! This is my life goddammit!”

18. “I’d rather swap spit with a llama than cuddle with you.” “I think the llama would disagree.”

19. “I’m just doing what the fortune cookie said. Who am I to stand in the way of fate?”

20.  “Dance with me.”

21. “I’m going to marry you one day.”

22. “On a scale of one to Australia, how dangerous are we talking here?”
23. “I’ve lost count of the promises I’ve broken for you.”

24.  “Well this is a nice change of scenery.” “It’s a prison cell.” “I was being sarcastic.”

25. “It may not be much, but it’s yours.”

26. “Um, sorry. That one’s not for sale.”

27. “Do you trust me?”

28. “I can’t do this any more.”

29. “Are you just going to keep walking by my house or are you going to come in?”

30. “I can’t believe I used to think he was attractive.”

31. “I should have told you this a long time ago.”

32. “This isn’t going to be a typical best man speech.”

33. “That’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard.”

34. “I thought you had him!”

35. “Sometimes being a total geek pays off.”

36. “Well aren’t you the cutest little thing?”

37. “You were in a crash. Can you tell me your name?”

38. “Forgive me if I’m misreading things, but do you want to make out?”

39. “Great. Now I’m stuck.”

40.  “I’m fine.” “You don’t look fine.” “Well then stop looking”

41. “Don’t worry! You’re knight in shining armour is here to save the day!”

42. “I can’t believe you did all this for me.”

43. “If I went back in time and killed the previous version of me would it be murder or suicide?” “It would be a paradox. Stop asking questions.”

44. “Are you cold, do you want to borrow my jacket?” “I’m not cold.” “So you’re just shivering for no reason then?” (Credit to Dialogue-prompts)

45. “I swear to god if you don’t kill that thing right now!” “Calm down it’s just a spider.” (Credit to Dialogue-prompts)

46. “You’re a fucking asshole, you know that, right?”

47. “I’m not obligated to share my dinosaur chicken nuggets with you.”
48. “Oh, shit, you’re uh, you’re crying… shit okay hold on I’m gonna grab your biggest sweater and then you’re gonna sit here while I get inside your sweater and we’ll wear the sweater together for maximum soft cuddling…. yes good….”

49. “You want a ride?” “I am not getting on that thing.”

50. “We’re not just friends and you fucking know it.”

When they’re in previews they should do a couple performances with the unaltered dialogue (aka lesbian company) and compare it to the ultra hetero atrocity they’re doing just so they have a baseline

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jimint1013(.)tumblr(.)com/post/165620877823/bts-4th-army-zip-unit-interview-suga-j-hope oh wow have you seen this??? hope you're doing well :*

Q6: Suga said J-Hope is like his personal power bank, whenever he needs more energy, he will go to J-Hope.
J-Hope: (Suga) Just…a hyung that sits next to me? *laughs* seriously tho, when I’m with Suga hyung I can clear away those negative thoughts in my mind. (Suga: that’s right I’m like a human vacuum cleaner with high suction power to clean away your negative thoughts).

TRANS: jimint1013

a human power bank and a human vacuum cleaner…… what a pair skafjnsfjfd

Adventures in Mulling Cider

So you’re interested in mulling cider! Do you have a recipe? If not, and you turn to the internet, you’ll soon find out that: 

             1) There are a hundred different recipes and they all call for different ingredients. Don’t know what allspice is? Don’t have any fresh ginger? Tough luck; you will not have every ingredient for any single recipe. 

You will then figure out that almost all of these recipes are more suggestions than actual recipes: the only real constants are the whole orange, cinnamon, and the cider. Well. You could use apple juice, but, well…don’t. It just doesn’t taste like cider. 

Once you have cider and an orange or two (a quick fix at the farmer’s market and the grocery store): 

              2) You will need cinnamon. Not the ground stuff, the bark itself. Don’t have any whole cinnamon sticks? Suck it. It’s either back to the grocery store for you or you’ll just have to face the grainy sensation of ground bark in your fancy cider.

              3) You will need various things other than cinnamon. If you’re in a place well-stocked with autumn spices, you probably will be fine. If not, check out the local discount stores and dollar stores for affordable spices that go well with cider. 

Once you have a variety of spices at your disposal, an orange, a pot, and enough cheesecloth to satisfy your pouring needs, you will then want to pour at least half of your cider into the pot (half, just in case you mess up the first batch. We’re not going for practicality here; it’s an ADVENTURE) and bring it to a simmer. You can then toss in almost anything you please. Here’s what yours truly threw in: 

  • powdered ginger (for heat)
  • powdered nutmeg (complements cinnamon, healing)
  • Cloves (complements cinnamon, warming)
  • powdered cinnamon (for love)
  • an orange, sliced thickly width-wise (for joy)

After about half an hour of trying to not let the pumpkin bread burn (another story) and the pot having only boiled over once, I kinda…just guessed it was done. Tasted nice too. 

             4) Pro tip: Don’t let the pot boil over. It’s a pain to clean and means you get less cider at the end. 

Strain it into your storage container with said cheesecloth. I took the time to dump some honey in from the same farm for sweetness, stirring it in with a wooden spoon while it was still hot. In fact, because it was so hot, I served it in wine glasses so no one would have to touch the glass itself. It made the cider color really pop. 

I don’t know why I made this post but it was good cider. Maybe that’s why.


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We're ugly we're depressed we have DID we're inscure we cant do anything right we're a failure our drawing is horrendious we're idiots we're obsessive and greedy and mean and disrespectful we're liars and theives and horrible human beings we're a wuss we dont know how to communicate properly we're lazy and a slob and discusting we're a waste of a human being we're falling drowning cutting crying shaking and too scared to trust professional help please help we just want it to stop please help us.

Hey, hey. You aren’t horrible. Look at me, yes, look at me through the screen. I love you. I love y'all so so much. It’s going to be ok, I swear. I swear. I know, you guys want it to stop, I promise it’ll get better ok. I promise.

I feel like I wanna start crying I was just thinking about,

I don’t know, how I usually prefer antagonistic characters because they have to have quite powerful motivations for doing what they’re doing, right? if you’re going to do bad things, you need to be self assured about it, you need an explanation, an excuse.

I don’t like characters that are just “inherently evil” either. Not interesting to me.

Protagonists? People get lazy with ‘em.

this character is going to do the right thing and solve the problem, not complicated really. I hate that fucking, like anime thing where everyone is just super duper smart and powerful and they just need to get more powerful and that sums up all of their strengths and flaws

you know what I mean.

but Papyrus is. He’s one of those heroic type characters but he is just, everything.

he’s selfless and unabashedly enthusiastic and just sincerely cares about everyone he meets, even the meanest most cruelest people

and he’s heroic but also very measured, he’s excitable but reasonable

and he doesn’t have that brute-force thing that a lot of other heroes do

I just remember how terrified he is in the murder-route, but so fucking brave

I want to cry? I think I should play Undertale again.

(White side is me, blue side is Daddy)
Our 1 year anniversary is today! 💓 It falls on the first day of autumn; both of our favorite seasons 💕 There’s no one else that could’ve made this last year of my life so wonderful. Nobody could’ve brought me out of my shell like you have, or made me as comfortable around anyone. I still have panic attacks, but you’re there to calm me whenever I do 💖 Even when we fought, you’d still call me at night just so I could sleep more easily. That among many other things showed me how much you truly do love me.
I’ve never felt before that someone really was in love with me, but over the past year, you’ve made me feel more loved and cared for than my own family has. At times I have doubted when my anxiety filled my mind with negative thoughts, but you never ceased to say the perfect thing to make me feel your love again.
I wanted to post this where everyone could see, just because I know it’d make you blush 😹💗 Happy anniversary you dweeb.

~Update ~ : I’m still mad at you for cutting your hair off

Morgan: Well before we waste any more time I think we should get going cuz I may or may not have set you up with one of my friends so yeah. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

August: YOU WAT?!

Morgan: Hey I’m doing you a favor here pal, she’s single you’re single, I’m just here to play matchmaker so what’s the problem?

August: I could think of a few.

Morgan: C’mon I already told her a bit about you and she’s really excited to meet you. All you gotta do is talk to her and if you guys don’t hit it off then just forget about it okay? :)

August: Ughh…

Morgan: You’re lucky you have a friend like me doing these things for you. You can thank me later so c’mon let’s go.

August: I don’t wanna. :(

Morgan: [laughs] You’re such a big baby, would it make you feel a little better if I held your hand? :)

August: *nods* :)


Hey it’s autumn now so whatever you’re doing why not have some spooky mansion sounds in the background?
(this channel has some other p good soundscapes too btw)

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Is it possible that my mum is a good person despite being abusive? Is it posible that she doesnt even know she's abusive? Is it wrong for me to hate her even tho she's given her life for me before and she's been a good parent (but still abused me without knowing it is abuse)? I'm sorry if this is too much but I feel so wrong, I don't know what to do

People definitely are not black and white, good and bad. Abuse is definitely horrible, but she might not know how she’s affecting you. It happens a lot, sometimes parents just don’t understand how what they’re doing affects their children. Parents have been abusive and continue to be abusive with the idea that they’re actually helping their children. The feelings you have are a natural response to abuse, no matter the circumstances. Just because you hate her doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, it means you’re a person that’s been hurt by a parent and your feelings reflect that hurt. It’s not too many questions! It’s completely okay, this is kind of why I wanted to run this blog. If you haven’t already, and you know this is safe, talking to her about the abuse and how it makes you feel. Don’t tell her she’s abusive though because she’ll just get defensive, but focusing on how you feel and how the things she does upset you, then she might be able to understand and try to change. I wish you luck and I hope this helped 💜

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Do you ship any teachers together? Also, do you have anyone you're into? (You can use a teacher more than once if you'd like!)

Hahaha, that’s a lot. Well, here ya go the whole chart.

(7/10… I put a blank one under the cut if anyone wants to play with the cluster fuck. Good luck guessing who is what owo)

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I pay off my credit card every paycheck no problem. but the amount I charge to it is not consistent bc i don't pay any bills, so I just buy school books, food, and gas with it. is inconsistency bad, or does it not matter? sometimes it's only $100 or so, sometimes it's more like $300 if i had to buy something expensive for school

Oh my sweet cinnamon bun. You are doing everything right and you have nothing to worry about. 

As long as you’re paying off the card on time every billing cycle (which you are, you BAMF, you), it doesn’t matter how much or how little you put on the card. And it certainly doesn’t have to be consistent month to month. You’re doing a great job building good credit AND keeping your spending in check, and you should feel very smug and superior about that. 

You’re kicking ass so hard right now, that in fact you might be ready to level up where your credit card is concerned. If you don’t yet have a credit card that offers rewards, consider getting one. It’s a great way to save or earn a little money without any effort at all, so long as you keep using your card responsibly like you currently are.

For everyone else who’s not yet ready for this kind of Advance Credit Move, here are some handy bits we’ve written on credit cards:

Dafuq Is Credit and How Do You Bend It to Your Will?

The “Best” Way to Pay off Credit Card Debt

How to Build Good Credit Without Going Into Debt

How to Instantly Increase Your Credit Limit

63% of Millennials Are Making a Big Mistake With Credit Cards

GOT7 when you’re doing homework.

[So school started and I have homework piling up so for some motivation I thought of how the guys would be when their GF don’t have as much time to focus on them with all the schoolwork that needs to get done. This got really shitty and some was shorter than others I apologise in advance.]


Jackson would be the one who knows the answer to everything but he would pretend not to just to get you to explain it to him. This plan of his would go really smoothly until he accidentally names all the capitals of the countries in Europe because he just got too excited. You wouldn’t be too surprised since you had got the feeling he didn’t do the schoolwork with you for the sake of actually learning something. The fact that he did such a thing was so sweet to you so you decide to just go with it.


Mark would understand and knows how much it means to you that you get the work done so you don’t fall behind. He wouldn’t want to interrupt you but after what seemed like an eternity to him he would toss his phone to the side, get up from your bed and without a sound come to your desk. You would finally notice him when you’d feel gentle arms around you and a breath against your ear as he whispers, “Aren’t you done yet? You’ve been working on that for at least an hour.” You shouldn’t but just a look into his puppy eyes melts your heart so you quickly finish your work and let him take your hand as he pulls you onto your bed and wraps his arms around you.


Jinyoung would take and absolutely slay the role as the sexy teacher™. Your heart and head wouldn’t be able to cooperate as he calmly explains something to you. But you wouldn’t remember what he said because his lips are just so beautiful and the way he speaks is so mesmerizing so after a good forty seconds of him just talking you have to tell him repeat himself. Of course it didn’t help so you make him leave because you just can’t concentrate with him being so incredibly hot. He would be surprised but kinda pleased with himself so he’d just shrug it off and go lay on your bed. You would have a hard time finishing the homework as you can feel his eyes on you the whole, f*cking, time. The second you’re finished you meet his gaze and let’s just say things get heated… [I can’t believe I wrote that]


Jaebum would be the lazy boyfriend who just wants you to come cuddle him and watch a movie instead of doing homework. So when you’re sitting there by your desk with your pile of books he would try a strategy where he comes up to you and start complimenting you whilst he smoothly tries to move your books to the side. “You’ve been working really hard Y/K, it’s important to take breaks, you know”. You would immediately get what he’s trying to do but that pepsodent smile is impossible to resist so you two make an agreement where you take your books to the bed so you can cuddle AND do homework at the same time.


Youngjae would be the type who lives for helping you with your schoolwork. He would happily watch you do the work and when the opportunity comes he would come up with his own ideas on things you can write about. You would appreciate his efforts but you wouldn’t for your life be able to tell him that his ideas would probably get you to fail your first ever assignment. Later when he asks you what grade you got on the assignment you would have to tell him that you didn’t get the paper back because you wrote something completely different from what he suggested.


Bambam wouldn’t understand a thing of what you’re doing but that wouldn’t scare him off. He would be really curious of what and why you wrote this or that and he wouldn’t hesitate to doodle in your notebook cute little smileys and messages to you so you can remember him when you’re in school (not that you would ever forget). He would kinda distract you from finishing the work but you have so much fun together so you don’t even care. Doing homework together would be a regular date for you two and it would secretly the favorite way to spend time together according to the both of you.


Yugyeom would find you doing your homework really attractive since you being smart is one of his favorite things about you. He would try his best not to interrupt you and would instead distract himself on the phone or something. That wouldn’t go well so soon enough he would claim himself defeated, come up to your desk, close your laptop and lock eyes with you. ”If only I would get as much attention as that assignment does” and with that gaze of him It wouldn’t last long until your legs are wrapped around his body and he carries you to the bed. Let’s just say your teacher was a bit surprised to get an only half done assignment handed in…