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Some bakushimas loving Denks  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

As Villainous is a very trope-heavy show, sometimes @madredhattie and I like to speculate what potential tropes we might see upon the show’s final release. Our take on the token “de-aging ray/characters are accidentally kids” trope was too hilarious and adorable for me not to draw it, so here are some highlights of the “Kid’mencia” design. Flug’s set is coming up shortly! (yes that is a brief shot of him in the sandbucket) Enjoy!

PART 1 of 3 –> PART 2


So like a nerd I headed straight for the Rito village for advancing the main story of the game…they’re my favorite Zelda race (BIRD PEOPLE! WINGS!!), and I love the outfit you can buy there, it’s neat and viking-esque and cute!! ;v; I couldn’t decide which color cast I liked better though, so here’s both.

I spent all this time goofing off in the wild, I just now finished my first “Divine Beast” dungeon…it was amazing, and I’m glad to see the story side of this game certainly does not disappoint! :’D


The Terror of Death praying to whatever power in the universe to stop him from killing off the entire population of The World for their bullshit.

I’m playing .Hack//GU last recode and i forgot how much fun this game is. Haseo constantly looks like he’s about to flip even at Vol.2 lol xD  Also please, let’s make this a new meme!

Let the Naruto!AU continue … !

- Naruto doesn’t really fit Leiftan, but so many jokes could be made. I also really like Miiko, Ash, and Leif together.
- notion to change Ezarel to Orochimaru (he spends all of his time in his lab)
- no character in Eldarya could match Lee
- @kornyo reminded me of Shaitan. He needs a role.
- 1000 YEARS OF D E A T H
- Chrome as Konohamaru? Cameria as Ino or Gaara? 

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