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Roleplay: Official Post

So, a few of you thought it’d be neat to have roleplay on this blog, and I miss roleplaying so I thought “well, why not?” 

Here are the Notes / Requests!: 

1. To start a roleplay, send me an ask saying whether you want me to answer privately or publicly, who you want to roleplay with, and your prompt. 

2. Currently, my only two muses are Dark and Anti. Here’s the note about them: they are not nice. 

Dark: is more smooth and calculated, also quite formal

Anti: more impulsive, childish, and playful, also short-tempered

3. Please be literate! Try to use proper grammar and spelling if you’re going to send something in. It’s just a pet peeve of mine. (Small mistakes are okay! I just need to be able to understand what you’re saying.)

4. I don’t roleplay smut. Teasing is fine, but I will not roleplay full-on smut.

5. This won’t just be a roleplay blog, of course! Most of the time, it’ll still be fanart, occasional asks/posts, etc. This is just another part of it.

6. The tag for roleplay is “#kayla roleplays”

everburninglove  asked:

[ ♏ ]

send me ♏and i’ll generate a number for what my muse will say to yours (NSFW)

“Tie my hands.” She held up the cord wrapped with an intricate jutsu formula. She would have been hesitant with almost any other person. Handing over something that could make her weak as a young lamb - cutting off all the doors to her chakra as long as it was tied to her - could spell truly terrible disaster.


She would have trusted Sasuke with anything.

hamathiel-sunsheer  asked:

⚰ – has your muse ever had a near-death experience?

Although Cielyah does have the tendency to impulsively jump into dangerous situations, so far one could say luck has been on her side in terms of survival. Often in such situations she finds if she fails to cast a spell, whether it is defensively or offensively, she would immediately book it out there. The only time it could be a potential life or death situation is that if it involved her phobia in which her response is just to freeze up and unable to do anything leaving her vulnerable. However, as mentioned she has been lucky enough that the only time this has happened was during the invasion of Suncrown, in which she was well hidden at the time. 


Thanks for the prompt @hamathiel-sunsheer 


Len sprawled out on the floor of the closet. Despite being invisible, Barlow had insisted on his hiding here. As if all other her other orders weren’t enough.

He could hear the clatters of dishes being washed in the kitchen. The thick smell of human food drifted into his hiding space. Some type of beef. Yes, humans killed all the time for food, and the animals were usually treated horribly. But when he offered a decadent payment in return for just one meal… He bit his lip, holding back laughter.

He shifted a little, adjusting the tapir cane in his hands. Wouldn’t be long before bedtime… Eh? What was that? A jerking motion, like someone was pulling him. He tasted something in the air… recklessness and something salty. Oh, this hasn’t happened in a long time…