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Charles Xavier x Reader Headcanons

Requested by: @sharknadoslut

- The two of you have a lot of mental conversations, but he knows when to read your mind and when to stay out

-Being his number one distraction but also the only one that can relax him when he gets too wrapped up with work and mutant/human relations

-Becoming friends with Erik and Raven, but not having the trust in them that your partner does.

-Dropping in on his classes and having Favorite students of your own

-Snuggling up in his lap and pressing kisses to his neck and jaw

-He tries to be serious but you can bring out a downright goofy side of him and he’s never smiled as big as he does when you’re around

-Arguments that flare up and end with the two of you not speaking for a bit, but one of you always caves because you miss each other and apologizing

-He surprisingly initiates most affection and isn’t opposed to PDA

-He gets!!! So jealous and its so cute and fun to tease him about it even though he will deny it

-Refusing to leave each other, even in life or death situations

-The safety of your partner is number one priority for the both of you and you will always make sure the other is covered

-Telepathically sending you dirty thoughts when you’re out in public to tease you

-Really cheesy stereotypically romantic dates

-Having endless patience for you and working through any rough patches thoroughly to have a healthy connection

-Having conversations until the one of you falls asleep

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Fury’s Daughter - (Pietro Maximoff x Reader) PART 1

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Part 3

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“So as I promised I have a request XO And oh I love your blog and you’re amazing ♥ But yeah my little request - Would you write something about the reader being able to teleport, and when the Avengers were sent to found you, Pietro would be amazed by your gift, basically because you teased him, by teleporting away from him when he tried to catch you. You can improvise this as much as you want tho (: “ 

Word count: 1930

Hours before her arrival was when Fury sent the Avengers orders asking them to train (Y/N) for a week.

Normally, special cases of mutants like her would be sent to the X-Men, especially since she is only 17. But Fury insisted that there was something about (Y/N) that would assist the Avengers in a very specific case, but it would take time for Fury to unravel it himself.

In the meantime, (Y/N) had to be safe at the Avengers tower or she would be put in jeopardy.

(Y/N) was brought to her room by Captain America, since the rest of the the team was training. She looked at every inch of every room and corridor she passed through, enamoured by the interior of the sleek building. Memorizing the layout in buildings was natural for her and Steve took notice of that.

“You really have a way of observing your environments. It’ll come in handy later.”, said Steve.

“It’s a habit.”, she smiled and as she put one of her bags on her bed.

A null silence passed for a few seconds before she said, “I have to confess, I’m both nervous and excited for training. I don’t really know what to expect”.

“Understandable,”, he said with his Colgate ad ready smile. “,well, training is about using your power to its advantages, but also preparing for when it can’t help you in combat.”, he continued.

“But how will … my power… not help me in combat?”, said (Y/N).

“You could be trying to stop, capture, or save someone.”, sad Steve.

“Oh, that’s true”, she said with an awkward smile. She tensed as she realized she was going to have to learn how to fight, something she was never very proficient at.

Steve noticed her tense up and walked over to pat her on the shoulder.

“There’s nothing to worry about. It will only be hardest on the first day, I promise.”, he said.

“Don’t you have any serum you could lend me? I’m sure it would be much easier. ”, she said half jokingly.

Steve responded with a laugh, then smiled at her and left the room before leaving her the training room schedule.

Later that night, (Y/N) met the entire Avengers team and they all welcomed her with open arms. Behind closed doors, they discussed and wondered why Fury had such a secretive interest in her.

Tony was completely unimpressed and disappointed with Fury’s surprise, not seeing how (Y/N) was beneficial to the team. Bruce felt the same, except, less hyperbolically about it, of course. Steve didn’t want to question SHIELD’s orders and decided to be nice to the new recruit. Natasha, although suspicious, found no harm in befriending the new girl. Wanda didn’t know how to feel about anyone since Steve asked her to work on not delving deep into people’s minds upon introduction. But Pietro?

When (Y/N) teleported into the room, Pietro almost thought she had super speed like him and got excited. But then he just realized, her power was better. She didn’t have to run, or use as much energy. Wherever she needed to go, she just appeared.

That night at dinner, he made sure to watch the chocolate skinned girl’s every move, and was amazed by the fact she doesn’t teleport every where she goes. He sped to the living room to watch TV with everyone else after dinner, but was surprised to see that (Y/N) walked there like everyone else.

Steve first paired (Y/N) up with Natasha during training. She showed her some sparring techniques and three hours later, (Y/N) was exhausted. It was basic mixed martial arts, just so she could some obtain some sort of combat foundation, but she wasn’t allowed to use her powers, therefore, she was practically dying. Her curly hair only got more curly and she cursed at it before pulling it into a ponytail.

“Water break.”, said Natasha. (Y/N) sighed thankfully, and went to get her water. Five minutes for water every 30 minutes, and (Y/N) was counting the seconds. It was only two hours ago when Wanda and Pietro walked in. (Y/N) felt the only person she could relate to was Wanda, who was training to learn combat without using her powers as well, but even she was a few months ahead of (Y/N)’s poor level.

Pietro was almost half as proficient as someone like Tony. He ran across the gyms several times as a blue blur. (Y/N) watched him intensely at each water break in fascination. Her eyes couldn’t keep up with the blue blur but she continued staring until her eyes could make out his body movements more and more by the second.

(Y/N) turned around and saw Natasha heading for the door.

“Natasha! Where are you going, only two more minutes left ‘till we start again?”, (Y/N) asked.

“I just got called in. You and the twins stay here. Why don’t you work on your powers with one of them? I promise I’ll be back 10 minutes.”, said Natasha.

Before (Y/N) could respond, she was already gone.

(Y/N) took a breath, and teleported in front of the moving blur that was punching a ceiling bag.

“Hi, remember me?”, she said timidly.

Pietro slowed down to normal speed, and left his punching bag in peace so he could reply.

“Yes. What is it?”, he said, the fresh layer of humidity on his skin moved with his muscles as he took his boxing gloves off.

“Natasha left, and I need to train with someone. But I want to use my powers.”, she said.

“And you think I’m a worthy opponent?”, he asked.

“Why not? You’re fast, I disappear.”, she said.

“Okay, fine. Let’s spar.”, he said before checking on his occupied sister, who was talking to Vision by the weights.

“Wait! Go easy on me please? I’m new at this.”, she said pleadingly.

A sleek smile spread on Pietro’s face as he promised to be cautious: “I promise, I will go easy on you”, he said gently with a smile.

But that promise was broken far too quickly as he zoomed past (Y/N) and knocked her over on her back.

“Agh! What the fuck!”, she said. (Y/N) looked around the room for the blue blur and jumped back on her feet quickly. But as soon as her got back up, she connected with the floor once again.

“Oh no.”, she said as she felt a bruise form on her knee. She started to get up before she teleported her body outside the training room door. (Y/N) poked her head up above the window of the door and saw Pietro slow down to a stop in the middle of the gym in search for her.

(Y/N) smiled and began running down the hallway towards a random intern holding a box of files. Before they collided, (Y/N) teleported back into the gym mid-run, where she struck her arm into Pietro’s and pushed him on the floor. As soon as she got her hit, she then disappeared once again, teleporting to the top of the gym and falling downwards before grabbing the rope they have hanging from the ceiling.

“Do I win?”, she said as Pietro tried to get back up.

“Are you going to come down from there?”, he said a little bit peeved.

(Y/N) disappeared and then Pietro tensed.”Where is she now?” he wondered.

“Brother!”, her sister called to him. “Don’t just stay still!”, she shouted.

Pietro face tensed with determination and he began to run in circles to create a vacuum, but also so he wasn’t seen. When she decided to come back, Pietro would know where she was.

(Y/N) then teleported into the middle of the circle to try and trip him, but found herself deprived of air in the vacuum. (Y/N) fell to her knees on the floor with her hand clutching her chest, her lungs in excruciating pain.

When Pietro saw her struggle for breath, he immediately stopped and ran down besides her. “(Y/N), are you okay? Are you okay? I am so sorry! Breathe!”, he said as he knelt besides her, his arms around her pale body.

Natasha walked in mid jog, and said, “What the hell is going on? What did you do to her?”.

“I don’t know I was making a vacuum and now she’s about to pass out.”, he said.

(Y/N)’s coughing slowed down and she spoke quietly, “Help me…. get up…. “.

Pietro put her arm around him and tried to help her stand up straight, but then she disappeared from underneath him.

“What the hell…?”, Pietro said, feeling very deceived. Suddenly (Y/N) appeared behind him and gave him a final shove onto the ground and a kick (with all her force) in the stomach.

“You almost killed me! You almost suffocated me!”, she shouted at him as he coughed from the kick in the stomach. Wanda and Natasha just laughed, and even Pietro couldn’t help but smile.

As Pietro stopped coughing, and sat up he spoke: “Je taká zlatá.” to Wanda with a smile, as he got up on his feet in super speed.

“What?”, said (Y/N).

“He said you’re being cute.”, said Natasha with her arms crossed.

(Y/N)’s face grew uncomfortable and all she could think of saying was:

“You’re not allowed to compliment me after something as traumatizing as that!”, she said stomping her foot lightly on the mat.

“Oh come on láska moja [my love], I’m sorry? Forgive me?”, said Pietro.

“Yeah, whatever. I’m tired.”, she said with a smile. Pietro wrapped his arms around her and gave her a side hug as a truce, and (Y/N) returned it.

Suddenly, the doors of the gym just burst open.

“(Y/N)! Come here.”, the loud booming voice filled the room, and (Y/N) ran over to Nick Fury to give him a hug, and he kissed her forehead.

“I see you have all become acquainted with my daughter.”, he said.

“Daughter?”, Pietro choked out in shock. The rest of the team followed in behind Fury.

“I honestly don’t see how you can be so shocked.”, said Tony.

“My daughter’s presence at Stark tower wasn’t really an aid to the team, more of a new mission. And I’ve finalized exactly what it is I need you to do.”, said Fury.

“You mean a favor? You’re asking us for a favor, correct?”, said Natasha teasingly.

(Y/N) stared at the ground indifferently as her father’s voice echoed with bass inside her head:

“Your safety is in jeopardy.”, he had told her before she came to the Avengers.

As Fury led the team to a meeting room, (Y/N) couldn’t help but feel Pietro’s stare on her back. She hoped he wasn’t upset with her, or saw her differently now, she was hoping they would become great friends. They had already got off on a great start.


I’m ending this here, I’m not even sure if I will turn this into a series. I’m just going to stick Part 1 on the title because I added way too many sub details to (Y/N)’s character to end it so quickly. It’s also not even fluffy enough to be a one shot for my standards. I hope whoever reads this liked it! I feel a weird need to to apologize for this because I wrote this during a bad writers block and yeah it feels kind of shitty. Please let me know what you think in my ask box, or tell me what you want to see happen next between (Y/N) and Pietro if I continue this!

Part 2

Part 3

Let’s go along with X-Men: Days of Future Past’s conceit that Xavier won’t enter Mystique’s mind and force her to step down. None of us are telepathic mutants and we can never fully understand their ways and customs. But … couldn’t he ignore Mystique and just go into the mind of Trask himself, then incept away all his mutant genocide thoughts?

You’re already in the comments typing this, but the plot tries to account for it by starting the movie with Xavier’s powers being broken. Except they don’t stay that way for long. A few minutes after, you know, trying, he’s mind-controlling people like crazy. He could have gone right up to Trask, shook his hand, and made him devote his life to, say, breaking the dildo-sitting world record.

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