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When Beacon Academy Met the Branwen Twins…Hormones. Went. WILD.

So I’m just sitting here seeing all the ‘Tai is the school and team STRQ heartthrob’ posts, and I’m like ‘pfffft, he’s cute, don’t get me wrong, but the twins?! HAVE YOU SEEN THEM?!’ (of course, team STRQ is just full of hot cutie patooties but w/e)

I fully and totally believe that everyone was crushing hard on them. Boys, girls, every single student would’ve dropped everything or anyone to have a Branwen all to themselves. Or both. Both were good, too. Fights obviously ensued.

The twins find the student’s behavior odd and unnerving. At first. Qrow begins to love the attention. Throwing a 17 year old boy into a sea of hormonal girls who want his jock? Yeah, he completely took advantage of that. Little womanizer. Raven begins to find it flattering, dates and beds a few of the boys, but find them disappointing.

Raven and Tai’s relationship blossoms within this time and they mutually fall for one another. Hard. They are the schools popular, hot couple and make everyone mutually jealous and happy for them.

Summer and Qrow take a decent bit longer, and she tries to be supportive during his one, longer relationship (as much as it kills the poor girl inside), but as you all know, they eventually confess their feelings and become SECRET AF sweet, diabetes-inducing, romantic lovebirds.



I keep coming across these, “I wonder if he moans as pretty as he looks.”, with Matthew/Spencer. Which made me think back to this photoshoot and what happens at 37 seconds in. If you haven’t already seen this yet, it’s worth the watch. Even if you have seen this already, it’s still worth the watch. He’s such a cutie. I think somebody found his sweetspot. 😉😚❤

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i don't know if this was asked yet, but if possible, how would the RFA (+ v and saeran if you could) react to an mc who is trans/nb and coming out to them for the first time? it could be a teary come-out, a slip up, or a "oh hey btw im trans lol", whatever you think suits each character. thank you ^^ have a nice day

hey, love💛 I hope you have a nice day/night too ^^ I hope you like this! And I hope I did it justice ^^; 

im cis so i can only hope;;;; plus i’m, uh..feeling..some kinda way today. so i thought i’d start with something cute


  • mc was not in the mood today
  • for anything, really. they would much prefer to stay in bed all day
  • especially because they really did not want to be misgendered today, as they were bound to be 
  • even by zen, who was as cheerful as everyday, but he didn’t know
  • maybe they should just tell him 
  • “hey, babe” zen said, walking back into the bedroom. “I have breakfast ready, would you like some?” 
  • “…no, i’m okay.” they said from under the blanket. zen pouted, “princess, you know you have to be healthy..”
  • the nickname made mc cringe - and not in the usual ‘zen’s being cheesy’ way
  • he felt mc shift under the covers. “are you alright, hun?”
  • “yeah…” “mc, tell me what’s bothering you.” “zen, I said nothing-” “i can tell when something’s wrong, princess, just tell me”
  • and tbh, they couldn’t handle it anymore
  • “that’s what’s wrong!” mc said, uncovering their face from the blanket. 
  • zen jerked back in surprise, looking at them. mc was tearing up as they spoke again
  • “I know you mean well, god, I know you’re only trying to be good to me. and you are, you really are, I mean that. but I- oh my god- I can’t handle that nickname.”
  • “mc…can I ask why?” now mc was crying. 
  • out with it then, mc. there’s no going back now.
  • “I-” they sigh, “I’m not a girl, Zen. I’m nonbinary.”
  • he was honestly confused, he never heard of that before
  • so the day was spent explaining and being in bed. 
  • zen listened, wiped their tears, brought in that breakfast for both of them. he asked questions, mc answered them. and he understood, in the end
  • “well. now I need a new nickname!” “isn’t ‘babe’ enough?” “no! i want to shower you in adorable nicknames for being an adorable person”


  • it was an accident. 
  • mc ordered a binder and it came in when yoosung checked the mail
  • he saw what was on the package and asked mc about it
  • “hey honey, there was a package for you. something about a binder?”
  • mc froze. oh no.
  • it’s ok mc, damage control. just make something up, it’s fine. he doesn’t need to know what it’s really for.
  • “oh, thanks, honey! I didn’t expect it to come in yet.” “I put it on the bed, okay?” “yeah, of course.”
  • nice save, mc. 
  • “why did you need a binder shipped to you, though mc? can’t you just buy one at the store?”
  • mc laughs, “sure, honey. just buy a binder at the store. I wish I could, so at least I can try it on before buying it. It would help a guy out, you know?”
  • ……….. wA I T
  • “what?” yoosung asks. mc flushes. “oh, um…”
  • “not…that kind of binder, than.” mc freezes again and looks at the ground
  • yoosung stands up and walks over, putting a hand on mc’s cheek 
  • “honey…it’s alright. you can tell me.” mc looked up at him, seeing a soft, warm smile.
  • “…I’m trans.” mc says. yoosung smiles wider, but it looks nothing like a teasing smile. “I’m a guy, yoosung.” 
  • he hugs mc tightly. “you’re the best boy I’ve ever met, honey.”


  • this was also an accident, but this time, it was on jaehee’s part
  • she didn’t know how to tell mc, especially since she just figured it out herself too
  • mc was a normal girl..and jaehee was nonbinary
  • but she would accept jaehee. of course she would…right?
  • guess she was about to find out
  • mc got home that day and jaehee spoke, “I need to tell you something, love. come sit with me?”
  • mc nodded, taking her hand and following her to the dining table. “I actually need to tell you something too, jaehee”
  • oh now jaehee was nervous
  • they sat down next to each other and jaehee took a deep breath
  • “you go first, hun.” mc said. jaehee nodded.
  • “mc, i’m…i’m nonbinary” jaehee waited for her reaction
  • mc kept quiet for a bit, staring at her and blinking
  • “…love?” “are you serious?”
  • oh no, there it was. mc was going to break up with her
  • “um, yes-” “i was just going to tell you that I’m trans!”
  • “wait- what?” “I’m a transwoman, jaehee…i couldn’t handle hiding it anymore..”
  • jaehee just pulled mc into a hug. “oh, i love you.” she let out in relief
  • mc chuckled, “i love you too.”


  • ok ok ok we can do this, mc
  • jumin won’t mind, he’s repeatedly told us he loved us for who we are, not for what we look like
  • ….but what if who we are isn’t.. 
  • oh, just do it….no no no don’t
  • the door opens and jumin calls out, “mc, I’m home!”
  • oh no
  • “hi, love! how was your day?” “busy, as always..but I’m glad to be home.”
  • mc, don’t wait any longer, do it now!
  • “um, I need to tell you something, honey bun..” 
  • jumin looked up at them before going to take his shoes off. “go ahead, my love.”
  • before mc could speak, though, they started tearing up
  • they were nervous. too nervous to say anything
  • jumin looked at them again, stopping what he was doing as soon as he saw mc crying
  • “my love, what’s wrong? are you hurt? did someone hurt you or-”
  • “no, no jumin that isn’t it, I’m sorry..” “don’t be sorry, my love. what’s wrong?”
  • “I just…I don’t know how to tell you.” “You can tell me anything, mc. I love you and I trust you.” he’s getting really worried now
  • “I’m..I’m trans, jumin. I’m a male.” 
  • he stops for a second process, but automatically moves to wipe mc’s tears
  • “oh, my love. you scared me…I thought you were really hurt..” 
  • “you don’t mind?” “of course I don’t mind. You are who you are, and I love every bit of that.”

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • he called mc after he signed them into the rfa
  • “hello? is this the new cutie in the rfa?” 
  • “have you really seen pictures of me?” mc says, making him laugh
  • “straight to the point, then. yeah, I have.” “then you know..”
  • “you’re cute, and I do mean that.” “…i am?”
  • “the cutest girl in the rfa! well, there’s only jaehee. but there’s me sometimes too.”
  • “..what?” “i’m genderfluid. but anymore about me is a secret~” 
  • “huh, alright. then I guess I can just say it.” “if you want to practice with me, sure.”
  • mc smiles. 707 catches it on the CCTV. “I’m trans.” 
  • 707 smiles too, though she can’t see, “atta girl.”
  • the conversation doesn’t stop there, of course
  • the two of them talk for a while, about how they relate to each other, how the rfa reacted to him coming out 
  • he assures her that the rfa is very welcoming, but she can take all the time she needs
  • they confide in each other, which only adds to why they get along so well 

v / jihyun

  • it was so casual with jihyun, actually
  • like, mc couldn’t explain why, it just felt so easy to just say it 
  • the two of them were laying on the couch, legs intertwined while they both read a book
  • it was quiet and V was focused, but mc kept getting distracted from their book and kept glancing at him
  • he noticed, but didn’t say anything.
  • it was actually really hard for him not to smile 
  • “hey, jihyun?”
  • “yes angel?” he said, looking up from his book.
  • “i’m nonbinary.” 
  • v smiled and sat up, leaning over to kiss mc’s forehead
  • “alright, my love. i’m glad you decided to tell me, thank you for putting that much trust in me”
  • mc blushed and sat up to kiss his cheek, “you’re so amazing, V. I don’t understand”
  • he chuckled and shook his head, leaning back to his original position
  • “you are mistaken. I’m a simple human. you, however, are an angel”
  • “jihyunnnnn” mc whines
  • “what? it’s true! angels are nonbinary too.” “who told you that, jihyun?” 
  • “every story I’ve heard of them. Plus the person right in front of me right now.”


  • honestly, saeran just had to be taking questionnaires right now
  • and mc was too used to making this damn joke
  • “full name.” saeran says
  • “don’t you know that?” mc answers
  • “true, alright. birthday?”
  • “saerannnn, you know all these things about me. why are you doing these in the first place?”
  • he fills out mc’s birthday before shrugging. “bored. we’re not sending these out anyways”
  • “fine. what other questions are there?”
  • “the usual for now. next is gender”
  • “alien.” mc says 
  • saeran looks back at them. “what?”
  • “i’m an alien, saeran.” “no, mc, like…male and female”
  • “i have to pick??”
  • oh wait, mc, saeran doesn’t know- 
  • “…can you explain?” he asks.
  • “um…i’m nonbinary?” 
  • saeran also needs a little explaining. he has more questions than zen, too
  • but he’s totally understanding
  • “…they should make an ‘alien’ option.” he says after their talk
  • “honestly.” mc says
  • he draws a circle near the ‘male’ and ‘female’ options and marks it as ‘alien’ before filling it in. “there.”

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So I’m finally doing this top 10 bias thing that I got tagged in and I want y’all to know I feel #stressed #exposed. I’ll tag @ichibabe21 @kpoppantydrop Kia and Rae @pocinamedia @melaninstoryteller @kpoppocmoodboards and @givemesomeseoul

1. Yoongi & Yongguk. If you thought you were going to get me to chose you’re wrong. Both rappers, songwriters, producers with gummy smiles that have been brave about their mental illnesses. What’s not to love?

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