have you seen my wife

have you seen my wife

physical description: the fabric of spacetime wrapped around the atomic blueprint of human assembly

height: varies between 4′11″ and 6′8″ depending on your plane of perception

weight: 103 MSun

distinctive characteristics: 2 eyes to strangers; 6 eyes to good friends

last interaction: told me they were going grocery shopping (”I promise I’ll stay in your observable matrix of 3 dimensions but I’ll skip to the 4th if the line is long”) like 2 days ago

botw link going up to villagers with a crudely done drawing of zelda he did on the sheikah slate. he shoves it in their faces and says, “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS GIRL? HAVE YOU SEEN MY WIFE?” he knows she’s not missing– and her location is in the castle– but he just wants to let everyone know he loves zelda.

In Your Arms - Sebastian Stan

Hello internet! Yes, I have deleted ‘Night Owls part III’ bucause it was too angsty for what I had in mind for the finale so, I’m going to rewrite it. In the meantime, I have written this because I had an amazing idea the moment I saw the gifs that you’ll be seeing in a matter of seconds. Btw, the gifs are not mine; I found them on @bucky-plums-barnes but they actually come from @thenixcat . Anywaaay, enjoy! xx

                                   SEBASTIAN STAN X READER

Summary: getting together with Sebastian at the airport after being apart for six months.

Warnings: tons of fluff, i guess. I tried to be funny, did I succeed?


Being far away from Sebastian has always been challenging, but I never thought it would increase so much. After getting married, we were definitely excited to start a new chapter of our life together, but obviously an issue came crossing our path in no time. I still remember the moment when, as we were chilling outside in the sun on our honeymoon, Sebastian’s phone started ringing and after a couple of minutes I found out that he would be leaving in a month to film for six whole months in Atlanta. Obviously I was thrilled for him but at the same time we were a little sad to have to put off our new ideas and adventures for even more time. Therefore we squeezed a lot of things we wanted to do in just one month before we gave up and decided that the best idea was to wait, then we would have been completely and happily free. We sadly said our goodbyes at the airport, promising that we would talk by Skype, Facetime and phone calls every single day and that we would immediately book a flight as soon as one of us found some time to visit the other.

And we did, we didn’t break the promise and succeeded to feel less lonely apart from each other. It had been a real nightmare sometimes to leave again after just a weekend together and with each passing day, even hanging up at the end of a phone call was getting difficult. One of the last weeks before Sebastian finally could come back home, we decided that the ultimate week apart, we wouldn’t contact each other. Maybe a text message, or if we were really really lonely, a phone call could fit in but, we thought the plan would help the excitement of seeing each other again after a long time. You know, like sleeping apart the week before the wedding to make the wedding night more special or waiting to open a present for a bigger surprise. Even if for Sebastian those examples meant the same thing on our wedding night..

Anyhow, in this exact moment, I’m waiting for Seb’s flight to land. I actually wanted this to be a surprise but my dear husband probably knows me too well to know that I’m here waiting. What he doesn’t know is that I’m quietly hiding in the back, a German family covering me from the fans that are in the front waiting for him to show up and ask him for photos. And no, I’m not wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses on the inside to “look like a civilian”.. okay, just the hat, but it’s just for fashion purposes..maybe..
When I hear over the speakers that the plane has landed, I move over a little, leaning over a wall nearby with my arms crossed. The position is perfect: I can see him as he walks down the stairs but he can’t see me. He’s looking around, searching for my familiar face, and he looks a little disappointed to not see me anywhere. Poor baby. The fans start to approach him slowly, they’re not a lot but it will take him a while to take all the pictures, and I’m sure he’s too kind to refuse. Sebastian starts talking with his fans and I slightly overhear a “Have you seen my dear wife somewhere?” with an almost sarcastic tone but I know that he’s really hoping to see me somewhere. The people around him shake their heads, shrugging their shoulders. It’s now that I decide to get into his sight.

Sebastian looks over, seeing movements behind the crowd, crossing his fingers mentally praying that I’ll show up in a matter of seconds. And he’s lucky, because I do. My figure slowly appears in the background, a few feet away, and I see everything: his brows furrowing in confusion, is it really me? Then his eyes shot open, the brightest and most familiar smile forming on his lips. I notice a few fans around him with the corner of my eye starting to record his reaction after seeing me, but right now I don’t care, what I only see is him, the world around me stopping. Sebastian starts walking towards me slowly as the crowd splits to let him pass and I mirror his actions, then his walk becomes a light jog and it’s in that exact moment that we start running, as if by looking in each other’s eyes we knew what to do. We meet in the middle with a bone crushing hug as I surround his neck with my arms and his go immediately around my waist with a steady hold, he has picked me up and my feet are dangling in the air. I smell his cologne again, feeling his face buried in my neck as a few tears fall from the both of us. And in that moment, in his arms for once more, I really feel at home.


Lately my BF and me have been obsessed with the tiny house movement. For years we wanted to find a quiet, distant place to live in, close to the water and ideally completely self-sufficient. Stumbling onto the entire topic of tiny houses was a godsend. They are cheap, environmentally friendly and movable. We talked about it and both agreed on this being the best choice for us. So while we look for a place to put our little piece of heaven in, I decided to recreate some of the cutest we found in TS4. I can’t lie, I’m in love with this little thing. 

Requested: 48. “She’s still alive, she has to be.” From the prompt list, thank you for requesting! x


Gun shots were becoming louder by the time Harry’s body hit the water. The cold temperature immediately making it harder to breathe.

“Y/N!” He shouts, his head turning in every direction in attempt to find his wife, “Fuckin’ ‘ell, baby, where are you?” He tried to call as loud as he could but the temperature of the water was slowly taking away his voice.

“Grab my hand.” a stranger shouts from a boat that had come to rescue.

“Have you seen my wife, Y/N? she’s a nurse, she has too be on here, right?” Harry says once a blanket is wrapped around his shaking body.

“I haven’t seen any nurses aboard yet, I’m sorry.” He gives a sympathetic nod before walking away to help another soldier. 

“Have you seen this woman?” He would ask strangers the same question, holding up a photograph of her, only to receive the same answer.

letting out a sigh, he takes a seat upon the front of the ship, the wind blowing through his short hair as he looks out into the distance, he was going home but not with the person he left with. He felt guilty for allowing Y/N to pursue her career as a nurse, if he had of known this was going to happen he wouldn’t have allowed for her to step foot on the previous ship.

She’s still alive, she has to be.” He whispered to himself, a single tear falling from his cheeks, “Stay strong, my love, I’ll find you.”


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