have you seen my wardrobe

The lost dress | New recruits
  • Judy: Where the hell is it? I always have it here, next to the short black one and the long red one. I couldn't have moved it!
  • Judy looks through her wardrobe again
  • Judy: Nick? Have you seen my dress?
  • Nick: *shouting from the bathroom* which one?
  • Judy: the one for Amy's wedding
  • Nick: have you looked properly? I'm sure it's in there somewhere
  • Judy: have I looked? OF COURSE I'VE LOOKED!
  • Nick: ok ok calm down, only asking. Well I wouldn't know where it is Carrots
  • Judy: what am I going to do? The weddings on Sunday and I can't find the dress!
  • Judy: nick you better not be on the toilet I'm coming in
  • Nick: NO DON'T DO TH-
  • Judy walks into the bathroom and finds Nick standing there in Judy's missing dress
  • Nick: I can explain
  • Judy: really? Go on then I can't wait to here this
  • Nick: well umm
  • Judy: well?
  • Nick: I don't know, but I do look cute right?
  • Judy: I can't argue with that
  • Nick smiles and so does Judy
  • Judy: you dumb fox
  • Judy kisses Nick on the cheek
  • Judy: *whispers in Nick's ear* I'm sure everyone at the office will love this
  • Nick: *gulps loudly* shit

30 Days of Narnia - Day 29: Best Fight Scene

Peter [Edmund and Aslan] vs Jadis

‘She was fighting with her stone knife. It was Peter she was fighting - both of them going at it so hard that Lucy could hardly make out what was happening; she only saw the stone knife and Peter’s sword flashing so quickly that they looked like three knives and three swords. That pair were in the center. On each side the line stretched out. Horrible things were happening wherever she looked. […] Then with a roar that shook all Narnia from the western lamppost to the shores of the eastern sea the great beast flung himself upon the White Witch. Lucy saw her face lifted toward him for one second with an expression of terror and amazement. Then Lion and Witch had rolled over together but with the Witch underneath; […]’ - C.S. Lewis [The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe]

Imagine having the ability to set illusion and always targeting Peter to make him crash in walls

Peter : You’re not gonna trick me this time there never was any wall he-  *hit the wall at full speed*

Y/N : Oups. I might have asked Kurt to teleported my wardrobe in the  corridor… Haven’t you seen?

Peter: hiding the wardrobe by an illusion of a wall, actually counting on the fact I’ll think it’s an illusion and nothing’s there?! That’s…

Y/N: Evil.

Peter : Twisted !

Y/N : Thank you !

Peter : That’s not a compliment !

Hank: Who are you talking with Peter? The room is empty…

fork and knife: sebi's birthday

“There he is,” Chris grins, leaning closer to the screen.

Across the world, Seb smiles back and replies, “Hi. Thank you for the flowers, you’re gayer than I give you credit for sometimes.”

Chris laughs and flushes a little, then self consciously rubs at his face.

“Flowers are nice!” He manages, making Seb laugh.  Seb, damn him, is fully smitten, despite having to red face it through a flower delivery at 8′o clock this morning. “Happy birthday, doll.”

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anonymous asked:

If you write a wardrobe post this year (which I hope so!), please, don't' forget the shoes! ;) They all look fantastic

As you have probably seen, I did not have any time to do my wardrobe post this year. However, I took a picture of my shoes for you!

So I jumped on the band wagon and downloaded the depop app to sell some of my favorite pre-loved clothing from my wardrobe! If you have seen clothing you liked from my #ootds that I post on here or my blog it’s a good chance that those items will be for sale on my depop! Find me! Me username is styleplaylist! I update with new product every day!

Depop username:styleplaylist